:) JFL Hidden Camera Gags: Flying Saucer – thanks to B :) . . . Please viralize this! We all need a good laugh! ~J

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2011

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This prank is one of our craziest. A realistic looking flying saucer has crashed on the side of the road, as you would expect drivers driving by can’t help but stop to take a look. Watch their reactions when the hatch opens to reveal our new masters… the chickens!

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8 Responses to :) JFL Hidden Camera Gags: Flying Saucer – thanks to B :) . . . Please viralize this! We all need a good laugh! ~J

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  2. Moose says:

    I waited half my life for this day and I feel so depressed and let down after the 21st. Thanks I needed a good laugh.

  3. Larisa says:

    Poor hen! Stupid video and stupid all who laughs. I wish those who created this video to feel one day what that poor helpless creature feels being placed inside with no escape.

  4. Reblogged this on JourneyToAscension2012 and commented:
    Need a GOOD LAUGH to start your day?…find it here…MAJOR LOL!

  5. debbymanynations says:

    Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.

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