Ben Fulford: The New World Order has been defeated but the Old World Order is still fighting, December 24, 2012

There are growing signs that the Bush/Nazi New World Order Nazi faction has been defeated but that the Rockefellers and their allies in the Old World Order faction are still fighting to preserve their power. It has also now been confirmed that the new Japanese government headed by Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party was put in place via a disguised military coup d’etat, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. This implies the Rockefellers and their minions are being forced out of Japan, a CIA source added. This means 66 years of hostile foreign occupation of Japan may be about to end. There is still secret fighting going on though.

The gnostic illuminati faction in the West, for its part, is claiming victory and saying that “President Obama will leave the White House hanging by his neck from a helicopter.”

Of course the jury is still out on all this and only actual events and not talk, will determine if what the various sources are saying is true. However, it looks like it will be a Merry Solar New Year (even the pope now admits Christmas was not Christ’s birthday), and the power of love and friendship is winning over the forces of fear and hate.

There is also strong evidence emerging that the new Japanese government is planning to end the cabal’s monopoly on the creation of money by government money or Japanese greenbacks. Doing this would allow the Japanese government to write off its entire debt with the stroke of a keyboard. This plan is no longer something mulled on internet “conspiracy” sites but is actually the subject of discussion at major government sponsored conferences.

The IMF, for example, issued a report in August calling for government currency creation.

That report stimulated a recent conference of top policy makers in Japan who proposed their own version of this plan. The notes of this conference (in Japanese) can be seen at this link:

One of the lead economists behind this plan in Japan is Kaoru Yamaguchi, who says he worked with the authors of the IMF paper and that academic and government economists in Japan, the US and Europe are abuzz with talk of the concept of government created currency. Not only that, Japan’s military, yakuza and most police also support such a plan meaning that men in black sent by the Rockefellers etc. are not going to be able to stop it.

However, it is clear that there is still some fighting going on in the back-ground. Yoshinori Watanabe, the former head of the Yamaguchi Gumi Yakuza syndicate was killed earlier this month, according to Yakuza sources. Japanese newspapers reported the cause of death as illness but Yamaguchi, who retired in favour of Shinobu Tsukasa, the current head, was killed and that revenge attacks are being carried out.

Yamaguchi was forced to retire after former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi cut off his government funding and money he earned from the meat business. However, despite the loss of funds he remained very influential and was working against the cabal.

The North Koreans are also now saying they will stop working for the cabal in Japan and in North Korea. However, they have been cut off from their “super K” CIA forged money as well as from the amphetamines business and need new sources of legitimate income to replace these important sources of foreign currency. They are asking for Japanese help. The White Dragon Society has suggested that a tunnel linking Japan to Korea would be a good way to help North Korea because a rail link from Tokyo to London, via the Korean peninsula, would cut freight costs from Europe to East Asia and provide legitimate income to North Korea.

The North Koreans also want to build a pipeline to ship Russian LNG to South Korea. The new regime in South Korea is likely to be amenable to this sort of proposal.

In any case, the cabal is running out of thugs for hire in Japan and that means they are losing control of this formerly lucrative enclave of theirs. Time to pack your bags Michael Green.

There are also signs that something is changing within the Japanese royal family. In specific it is being said the current crown prince may not inherit the throne, according to a royal family source. That is because he was forced to marry princess Masako, the daughter of Rockefeller stooge and International Court of Justice judge Hisashi Owada. This is the opposite of the conventional story being put out in the media and on the rumour-mill that he forced Masako to marry him. The reason the crown prince was forced into the marriage was because the Sabbatean mafia wanted to substitute a cabal family member as his heir and take over the royal family of Japan. Of course, as with anything connected to the Japanese royal family, information from anonymous sources needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

It is clear though that the Abe government in power is a military regime and it has already taken on emergency powers. However, Abe will not provoke Korea, China or Russia because they are not the real enemies. He will also work closely with the Pentagon white dragon sympathizers. The Pentagon good guys already won kudos by seizing a Nazi nuclear device, destined for Tokyo, from a submarine in the Indian Ocean. Events over the coming days will make it clear exactly how much Japan has really changed.

However, we are also hearing that a fundamental sea change has happened in England as well. It turns out that a lot of the gold in the vaults of the Bank of England has been stolen and replaced with tungsten laced bars, according to an MI5 source. The theft has been traced to the Bushes and to funds that were used to finance the Euro. For that reason the English are now openly talking about leaving the European Union, the MI5 source said. Tony Blair is also going to be taken in for rigorous questioning on his involvement in all this. Jacob Rothschild and James Sassoon will be too.

The situation is less clear in the US but it seems that the Sandy Hook murders have provoked the exact opposite reaction from what was intended. The inconsistencies in the official story, the videos of laughing actors suddenly turning into “grieving parents,” the reports of multiple gun-men etc. have outraged military and law enforcement types. It was, as a gnostic illuminati leader put it, “a fatal mistake.”

However, many of these dangerous and desperate criminals are on the loose and can still carry out other atrocities. That is why we must keep our powder dry and stay alert so that we can make sure to finish the job.

Nonetheless, it looks like the tide has turned and the coming new year will be happy. Merry Christmas and solar new year.

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33 Responses to Ben Fulford: The New World Order has been defeated but the Old World Order is still fighting, December 24, 2012

  1. GodKiller says:

    Rockefeller has had his hands on Japan since the restoration period and Meiji government. I hope the Japs nuke America…

  2. Johnie bear says:

    Yes iam in Canada ..Thank you .and its getting stronger and stronger here with first nations…Whole world is waking up to this….This is part of the eagle meets condor prophecy …Huge changes ….keep sending your prayers for all to come to peace…This doc is free until Jan 15th then it accepts donations….
    Please watch if you have time…

    Idle no More has been under the works under ground by the woman /clan moms since 1992…There is no stopping this…huge movement..Masi cho friends..

  3. ringels says:

    I have to make this link viral. Will anyone help, Please ? I just discovered this yesterday & i am in utmost
    This is the homepage of it & so full of info totally mind blowing =

  4. Danny Boy says:

    Canada i wish you the best of times.

    But what i am thinking is what happened to Operation Santa Claus? Does Ben think we have forgotten?

    Love, Dan

  5. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    I apologize to my readers for the repulsive statement from the “gnostic illuminati” in Fulford’s message today, but had to share this one anyway as I was delighted to see two commenters to the post sharing info about Idle No More and Chief Theresa’s hunger strike, and how solidarity is going to win the day for ALL of us, indigenous or not. It’s been a rough couple of weeks watching from afar, praying and trying to share info despite facebook and wordpress being especially hard to use whenever trying to post about IdleNo More-even worse than their usual slow loading, crashing etc on dialup. It is such a relief to see alternative news sources like Common Dreams picking up the story and regular people sharing info and raising awareness around the internet. The worst thing for activists is being invisible-that gives the bad guys free reign to harm us. The higher the awareness the more gets accomplished, AND the greater the safety for those putting their lives on the line literally on the front lines at protests and marches etc. So if you read Ben’s posts because you too want to see the cabal/illuminati new and old word orders kicked to the curb in favor of the People, please keep sharing info and raising awareness of Idle No More and the indigenous/First Nations struggle in Canada right now.
    Much Love and Solidarity,

  6. Johnie bear says:

    Here in Canada lots of events are unfolding with in the first nations of the Americas…Prime Minister harper refuses to meet with a chief woman who is on a hunger strike for 14 days now..if she dies seems like there will be war…Harper is a bush man Cabal Oil sucker and is selling Canada off by the second…Huge uprisings are happening and lots of cultures are n full support of the first nations while harper hides….The chiefs even stormed parliament see how frightened the people were there..You can google all this…For the first time in Canada im seeing true uprising from the people who are tired of our politics and corruption..Our whole government is criminal,,illegal ,fraud and commit treason by the second….Things are heating up in Canada…

    • LoveNow says:

      Johnie bear, thank you highlighting the situation in Canada. I was not aware of it. First Nations standing up as sovereigns is a very positive development. Because of your post, I spent the morning researching the issues and the uprising and have shared the information with others. Namaste

      • Jean says:

        Wonderful! Hugs, ~Jean

      • ohnwentsya says:

        Thank you both for sharing the info on this! I’ve been trying to get the word out for weeks since some activist friends of mine started telling me about it. I have a page set up for updates so anyone who has info can post comments and I will post info as I get it-please feel free to post info and links to other sites with news.

        I just got word that there is an Idle No More protest coming on January 8th in Flagstaff AZ at 10 am on the lawn of City Hall-posting about it now (well trying to, wordpress and dialup are not good friends;-/ another reason why I am asking people to share directly in comments, as an alternative to facebook for spreading info and raising awareness)

        I am so grateful and relieved to see more awareness on this-when I first tried to share about it with non-First Nations Canadian friends people just dismissed it, or ignored me;-/.

        When we act in solidarity we will quickly create change; the fragmentation of us, of our efforts and our awareness are the cabal’s greatest weapons.

  7. charles kafka says:

    Merry Christmas Ben, and all who posted this.
    of course it’s not over until we have abandoned the cabel’s debt based money.
    so it’s not over.
    but if it comes to that, we have a new world to build.

  8. marinaalbin says:

    Thank you for the updates 🙂

  9. Franz Glaus says:

    I don’t get how ANYBODY has anything good to say about the CIA manchurian, Barry Soetoro, a total front man for the Bush cabal. Get real, people! And, if you couldn’t see through the Sandy Hook theater, then you really haven’t been paying attention to these things, have you? EVERYTHING is not what it seems.

    • lecox says:

      I feel similar. I just don’t think the current President has very much power. So his personal beliefs don’t end up changing things that much. My impression is that those who call the shots think he’s a better choice to be their front man than any of the other obvious choices were, and that’s why he’s there. I would like to give him more personal credit for having made it to the Presidency, and in his work to distance US policy from Israeli policy a bit, but I really don’t see the evidence that these things were his own doing. Same goes for the drone program, NDAA, even “Obamacare.” I think the only thing he’s really left his mark on in Washington are his own two children.

  10. eagleaz says:

    Great news! Thanks Ben!

  11. Phillip Julio Long says:

    Excellent job of reporting from a differnt angle and perspective. Transporting material such as natural gas though North Korea is a good first step, but from a defensive military position an undersea tunnel between North Korea and Japan would not í be a wise move. A nuclear bomb has already been detonated undrground in a tunnel that resulted in an earthquake that was felt as far Washington. The brave soldiers that gave their lives to thwart A NUCLEAR BOMB TERRORIST ATTACK on NEW YORK CITY died in the underground nuclear bomb blast that incinerated them instantly. Considering the history of Japan at Hiroshima and Ngasaki the possibility of NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION OF MONEY by North Korea is a very high probability for a cash strapped adversary armwd with NUCLEAR BOMBS, a topic that the majority of Japanese are particularly sensitive about.

  12. Reblogged this on All About 2012 and commented:
    An anonymous response to Ben Fulford…

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  14. Nancy C says:

    Does anyone know who Ben’s referring to when he talks about the “gnostic illuminati”? He makes it sound like they are “good guys”. I thought all illuminati were cabal, although David Wilcock has written many times that many members that were born into illuminati families would leave if they could. I don’t agree with Ben’s negative take on Obama but it’s not necessary to agree with everything any source writes. Pick and choose what resonates with our inner selves and leave the rest.

    Fulford writes: “However,, it looks like it will be a Merry Solar New Year…and the power of love and friendship is winning over the forces of fear and hate.”

    Here’s a lovely 6 minute video by David Icke, “The Future beyond 2012”.

    David says there will continue to be some “manufactured events” here and there but it’s essentially over. For the first time, I am able to go into “observer” mode with events such as Sandy Hook. Strange that I could accept that there are evil people doing evil things from high places for some time now. So why did it take me so long to realize there are also good people and forces in high places doing loving things. Perhaps it took the “tipping point” for me to see it.

    • lecox says:

      Here is a definition lifted from
      Posted by: “MolochSolomon”
      (Banned Member #35407)
      The Gnostic Illuminati
      The gnostic illuminati are a secret society of intellectual warriors who funded the French and American revolutions. They are the supreme guardians of “the age of reason” also known in the modern era as the “aeon of horus” . Their religion is an inherently luciferian philosophy based on a new age collection of knowledge. The reason this group was created was because they identified that the “God” of the torah was Evil. If you examine the actions and feelings of the God in the torah, you can clearly see he is a jealous, wrathful, mass-murdering psychopath. The basic concept that fuels this group is the belief that the God of the abrahamic religions is the Devil.

      I would guess that Ben’s understanding of this group is similar to this.

      • ohnwentsya says:

        I’m not getting why a supposed good guy group would give a blatantly racist and horrible message like what was posted by Ben above tho? It made me physically ill reading it so I assumed they were bad guys until reading these comments. Sometimes it looks like the whole kit and kaboodle are bad guys if you are not white tho;-/

        I’m not sure that identifying a nutter like that particular god as bad would justify throwing out all gods at the same time tho-the whole age of reason deal has been a pretty complete bust for indigenous folks everywhere-but then the age of non-reason that preceded it was fairly awful too.

        Perhaps I am just confused today;-/ but that comment from the supposed gnostic illuminati lot above really disturbed me. Whatever they claim to stand for that comment lets me know they are not good guys.
        (to lecox-this is posting as a reply to you but it is a general reply to the thread about that comment, not directed toward you specifically-so if my usual lack of communicating skill is in action I definitely am not meaning to irk you at all!;-)

        • lecox says:

          In life on this planet “good” and “bad” are not black and white concepts. Even if you judge something “good” in a rather rational way such as “what results in the greatest benefit to all aspects of life” you will still get differences of opinion.

          And to label a single group, or even a single person, as “good” or “bad” is highly adventurous and probably never 100% correct.

          To have our President gruesomely killed, as JFK was, would send one message to his secret supporters, but quite another message to the public in general. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go around assassinating public figures, no matter what they’ve done. It is a mockery of the rule of law. Yet it happens rather often, considering this is also a planet dedicated (in writing at least) to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

          So we all do what we think is right based on the data available to us at the time. My one major complaint is that too many wear blinders that prevent them from seeing data that I consider vital. I am hoping that I can do something to remove some of those blinders so that more will be making decisions based on fuller understandings.

          • ohnwentsya says:

            Absolutely-everyone only sees the part of the elephant he or she is currently groping;-) I try to use techniques (such as those explained in Prometheus Rising by R.A.W.) that allow me to grope more parts of the elephant or get a broader and less biased view of “reality”). I agree that removing as many blinders as possible will help people overall to improve things on Earth.

            I was just taken aback by the blatantly racist tone of the comment “hanging by his neck” since it is race baiter code for lynching and absolutely a reference more to his skin colour than to whoever may or may not be supporting or backing him. It does not send a message to the his supposed elite backers, but to those of us who are not enjoying the “white privilege” that allows such messages to breeze by un-noticed. I felt a strong sense of threat and negativity when I read it and I did not feel that whoever made such a comment could possibly be working toward getting rid of the enslavement of humanity since they were referencing a technique of enforcing enslavement as something they planned to do. (and appeared to be proud to announce!)

            I know opinions differ for many reasons on all sorts of things, but if we are talking about ending the enslavement of humanity and healing the Earth, I would think that anyone who wants to put certain groups down and cause them distress (ie referencing lynching is all about keeping some of us “in our place”) would be grouped with the “enslaving humanity” set rather than the “fighting to end enslavement” set.

            I am persistently amazed at how vast is the territory hidden by the particular blinders of “whiteness”. Tho it does confer tangible benefits, it seems to me to be a horrible trap overall.

            People take whiteness as “normal” and what matters is what appears to that worldview to matter but in reality we are all connected and dismissing the concerns of non-white people as peripheral, distractions, or divisive is limiting and harming the so called “white” or mainstream as much as it is those who are so summarily ignored or dismissed.

            The cabal and the colonizers are the exact same groups, yet most “lightworkers” are currently chasing the illusory “prosperity funds” and other money based “solutions” which are still firmly in the middle of the colonized/cabal promoted worldview that relies on money to control all of us. Yet they are at the same time ignoring, dismissing or not noticing the indigenous uprising that is rapidly becoming a global uprising that may actually be THE key to removing the cabal for good.

            Because this uprising is based on the worldviews that do not view money or colonized hierarchy as at ALL significant; It is based on the power of the people and the protection of the land and waters and all living things-including human rights, it is the logical start to the new “5D” world that we have all been discussing and waiting for. I thought when it began that people would be overjoyed to join in, that *right on time* the changes were beginning, and WE were creating them just as we have been told we would-but instead I have been shouting into a padded sack it seems;-(

            Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem at the same level of awareness at which it was created-therefore until we let go of the level of awareness where grasping after money and perceiving money as significant and a key to anything is central, we will not be able to solve the problems of the cabal, environmental destruction, human rights abuses, war etc.

            How can we bring this awareness to light so that people can use it? Being autistic humans are an utter mystery to me anyway, but this is even more perplexing than they usually are-I thought that lightworkers at least would *get it*.

            HOW to help others get those blinders off seems to be the 64 million dollar question at this point!!

          • lecox says:

            ohnwentsya: You do make some good points.

            I should point out that I did not copy the entire discussion I found regarding the “gnostic illuminati” and have no personal knowledge of the accuracy of the part I did quote. But the rest of the discussion was NOT complimentary. It does characterize them as “intellectual warriors” and this does not translate in my universe to someone who is necessarily “good.”

            My group has its ways of coaxing people to put down their blinders. Sometimes it works. The basic idea is to help them with some aspect of our technology and hope they respond by wanting to know more. A lot of people have a hard time getting past Dianetics, and this has always been a problem for us. Dianetics deals mostly with the mind. Some of the early books even refer to it as the “brain.” So this presents a subject that is real and acceptable to a lot of people. The rest of our materials deal with the being – or the spirit – and lots of people have a harder time with that. We try to be patient, but it’s not always easy to be patient.

            I don’t know if this information gives you something you could apply in your situation, but in a nutshell, that’s about it.

          • ohnwentsya says:

            Thank you, lecox! You have very wisely reminded me that we cannot help anyone escape their blinders, we cannot change another being-all we can do is work on ourselves and hope that whatever good we have managed to do there will radiate, demonstrate or model something that inspires others to reach beyond the box their culture has built around them.

            You are very right that patience is the hardest part! I see now why even the Dalai Lama spends so much of each day in meditation and prayer; it appears to be the only way to maintain that strongly grounded connection with the foundation of being that allows one to transcend concerns that distract. The most direct way to maintain that open flow between ones self, and the Field/Source-the only thing that can really bypass cultural conditioning and touch a being to inspire that reaching beyond.

            Thank you for being the change you wish to see! I saw after I wrote the comment before how being so inspired by certain things gave me an attachment-which built my own box/bias/blinders in some ways. I am grateful that you did not point out my limitation but instead reminded me to trust the process, do what I can do and be patient.

            I find it fascinating that the Church of All Worlds and Scientology were created due to a bet between two enlightened beings. While obviously Hubbard won the bet;-) it appears to me now that the two are like the two sides of the yin-yang symbol-each path is designed to lead to basically the same end, but each attracts different people, and takes a very different set of tools and choices to create those paths.

            It is very likely that we need all the paths, that perhaps from a further view they weave in and out creating beautiful patterns like a tapestry. Those who cannot hear or be inspired by something you or I find useful and important are very probably going to hear and be inspired by something else, that will be useful in a different way.

            Perhaps it is more important to remind myself of patience, to hang a tapestry to remind myself of the threads all around me meaning that I can’t see the whole picture;-)

            Much thanks and blessings to you, Lecox!

  15. mtjoeng says:

    a likely scenario, if no actual shooting at the Sandy Hook ‘staged incident’, has occurred,

    .. ‘It is extremely likely that the children were stolen and sold on the slave market.’
    (http : // http://www.jimstonefreelance . com @ ‘final conclusion’)

    and of course this should be read as;
    ‘there is the serious possibility that the children were kidnapped into the satanic Illuminati milieu, destined for slave MKUltra submission and, or, ritual slaughter’

    not good & the matter of fact in present occult reality

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  17. debbymanynations says:

    Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.

  18. Raine says:

    Okay, I am confused …..did the CT shootings really happen? Why were there laughing actors being filmed as grieving parents….I’m confused….

    • eagleaz says:

      Raine, this information along with videos have been all over the web for over a week. Put Sandy Hook in your search engine and you will find everything you need to find.

    • lecox says:

      This is not a confirmed fact, but seems possible when a certain video of a “grieving parent” is watched. This is possible, I suppose, because of who controls these press conferences and who they may take orders from. An actor could conceivably be introduced as a parent and everyone not in on it would be fooled, even if he “laughed” in the wrong places once in a while.

  19. Ilex says:

    With events like Hurricane Sandy, CT shooting, Aurora shooting,fires, etc., all controlled by the cabal, the only event that is good so far is Hillary is gone. She should be held accountable and be forced to testify as to what actually went on in Benghazi. Everyone involved with these heinous crimes needs to be held accountable. Time for a WH petition!!!! A document with all the names and whereabouts of remaining cabal members needs to go viral then the people in mass have some fun, with love of course.

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