Important Document Released 12-25-12… “Official Announcement from The One People’s Public Trust” – by Freer Spirit

This arrived in my email this morning from Freer Spirit. I’ve had a look at it, but I can’t make any sense of it. I post it here for you all. It doesn’t seem too important to me, because of its lack of clarity. If we are meant to understand this, it seems its purpose would be simply and clearly stated, which for me it is not. Maybe I’m not excited, because I’m not looking for pie-in-the-sky anymore. If anyone can help us to make sense of this, I’d welcome the information.

Thanks and hugs,

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Important Document Released 12-25-12… “Official Announcement from The One People’s Public Trust”.

Freer Spirit | December 27, 2012 at 10:04 am  URL:

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30 Responses to Important Document Released 12-25-12… “Official Announcement from The One People’s Public Trust” – by Freer Spirit

  1. Gayle says:
    about the second hour Winston said this was NOT a good idea and I agree completely.

    • Jean says:

      I do not think Winston is at all genuine. He may know the Accounts, and some of what he says may be valid, bu I would choose to do my own thinking. In other words, don’t swallow whole what he says. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. DrinkDeep says:

    Hi – slipping in a quiet update here, but as it turns out, Heather LOST her foreclosure suit (summary judgement)…the story is that she learned how to streamline the process by doing this, but as yet no one has found any Successful cases that she’s filed. It’s falling apart fast – Removing the Shackles has stopped posting anything relevant, stopped responding to the blog posts, cancelled a scheduled blogtalk appearance on Monday. Kabuki is still updating, but I’m not sure if he’s just posting the zipped file as individual docs or if these are new?
    Here’s the post (from RTS) that kind of blew the lid off – one guy asked several times for the outcome of the case, and then ended up paying for it:
    9 January 2013 16:46
    Well you’re in luck. I didn’t buy the filing, but I bought the case. $200 lighter my nearly empty pockets are now. SHE LOST – the PLAINTIFF was ordered to pay $11,785 in sanctions to the bank for wasting everyones time with “baseless claims”, “riddled with non sequiturs”, “unsupported legal conclusions” “being impossibly vague” putting forth “strawman arguements”.These are a few quotes from the defendant’s motion to dismiss. So what did the court have to say about it?


    The Court Finds………………………………………………

    1. There is no dispute that the bank lent money to the Plaintiff and her husband through a line of credit secured by the Property at issue, and that they accessed those funds.
    2. Plaintiff can not challenge the foreclosure on her property because she failed to enjoin the Trustee’s sale
    3. Plaintiff has failed tostate a claim for fraud againsed U.S Bank.
    4. The documents Plaintiff recorded purporting to cancel the Deed of Trust, Notice of Trustee’s sale, Trustee’s deed, Appointment of Successor Trustee and Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit are without legal force and effect, and are invalid.
    5. Plaintiff has failed to state any cognizable claims againsed U.S. Bank, and U.S. Bank is entitled to dismissal of all claims with prejudice.
    6. Plaintiff’s filings in this action have been both baseless and wre made with an improper purpose

    BASED UPON the above finding, it is hereby ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that:
    1. Defendant U.S. Bank’s motion for summary Judgement is GRANTED
    2. Plaintiff’s Complaint is dismissed without prejudice.
    3. U.S. Bank is entitled to an award of sanctions the amount to be determined at alater hearing

    You’re all welcome, peace.

    “9 January 2013 17:48

    D, D, D, – please answer me these questions three.

    I ask you valid questions but you never respond, I don’t press you on them, and I stick up for you because I think you’re doing your best. Then you pop up to answer a superfluous question that doesn’t amount to anything more then speculation, skipping over many more pertinant questions from other people, why is that?

    Why didn’t you do some due diligence with regard to the TUCCI – JARRAF foreclosure success story? I asked you “did you read the case” – No answer, so I bought a copy myself. Read the ^court ruling I posted above^.

    Why did you promote her story as a template for other people to follow when you didn’t read it?

    If you are a genuine person as I thought you were, you will at least do me the mild courtesy of responing this time.

    P.S. That goes for Obi- Wan, Brian and KP.

    P.P.S. Heather is probably in a trance, she may actually believe the garbage she spouts, that’s why she is incapable of answering a direct question, not because she’s in the 5th dimension. That’s probably why the mind – control video was put out. Do you get it? Am I jumping to conclusions? Are you going to answer me now -ARE YOU FOR REAL?”

  3. rose says:

    Also, what is your opinion of the American Kabuki blog?
    Jean, Thank you for ALL your information & Amazing sources for making people AWARE! It takes tremendous Integrity & Courage~

  4. Suzy says:

    This is actually HUGE! It’s ELEGANT! It’s not about giving everyone millions of dollars! Woof! The amount was determined by the equity value of each human being and is to be used to fund the new system. Abundance flows from all the marvelous changes to come. Listen to the interview with Heather, the Trustee, of the People’s Trust. You have been given a spotless, non-rebuttable legal foundation for freedom. You will want to participate so follow up and spend time to understand what it is about.

    • Jean says:

      I think this Trust is not about reality. I don’t see how it can be. There are too many unanswered questions . . . I hope I’m wrong. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  5. DavidG says:

    New information published today here on this subject

    I was initially skeptical but I am seeing now how this could work.

  6. DavidG says:

    After studying this material on KP’s site 2 glaring statments jump out.
    They denounce the works of Neil Keenan.
    They would be happy for Obama to take the helm.
    Looka like a last minute last ditch hijack in my oppinion – let us see!

    • John says:

      At 8:22 pm DavidG wrote:
      “…Instant redistribution of wealth to this scale would be balanced by massive inflation so you would still have to go work…”

      David: I believe, not just “massive inflation”; rather: nearly instant incredibly massive hyperinflation like the world has never seen before. Yes, you would still have to go to work — because adding $35,000,000,000,000,000,000 to the world’s money supply would accomplish nothing except a few days of chaos, after which everything would return to what it was; i.e. within days everyone would return to their jobs no richer than before. Some of the lucky ones might have managed to purchase a few extra things in those few days.

    • DavidG says:

      lol yes.. we actually agreed from the start of this muse 🙂

      • John says:

        Obviously our conversation has dealt narrowly with the practical results of an incredibly massive and sudden money supply increase, rather than the overall issue of the veracity of yet another fantastical claim that incredibly massive amounts of “money” are about to be handed out to everyone on earth.

        Continuing the same narrow focus of practicalities, I had intended to comment on your earlier comment regarding funds being held in trust and dispersed gradually, which I believe has much merit, considering the potential to substantially obviate the hyperinflation issue.

        Considering just the USA:

        $833 extra per month (i.e. $10,000 per year) each and every month guaranteed for life would substantially improve the lives of most people in the USA, even with its high cost of living.

        With 239 million USA adults, that amount to each adult would total $2.3 trillion per year. But even that small amount is significant, considering the entire GDP is $14.9 trillion.

        So I wonder how much of even $10,000 per year to each adult would be lost to inflation.

      • DavidG says:

        I don’t think funds of this nature could ever be dispersed gradually or otherwise to the general populas. We can only survive as a species by overcomming money entirely. When we start appreciating each other, whoever or wherever as more than money then we are getting somwhere. The concepts of a monyless society bring all kinds of issues rubbing against the ordained brain, like where is the incentive to work? Well if the work is benificial to others and self then there will always be people working.

  7. John says:

    FINAL 2 PARAGRAPHS OF COMMENT ABOVE (somehow it was truncated):

    Would anyone care to guess how much a loaf of bread would cost if everyone on the planet suddenly had $5 billion at their disposal?

    Don’t believe there would be any super hyperinflation? OK then, would you care to guess how long before all 400+ nuclear power plants would melt down because all their operators are out purchasing yachts instead of going to work? Or….

    • DavidG says:

      Yachts would start circa $50 billion, the power plants wouldn’t be troubled, utilty bills would be 5 million per month.
      Now perhaps the plan is to hold this heritage in trust. Perhaps this is further slight of hand to confuse and distract.

      • John says:

        Experienced nuclear power plant operators earn slightly less than $100,000 per year. So $5 billion is as much as an operator would earn in 50,000 years. Where is the incentive to go to work?

        Regarding the basics: Who is going to get up at 4 am to go to their $30K per year bakery job when he or she has just been handed the equivalent of 150,000 years worth of salary? So everyone would have a net worth of $5 billion but there would be no bread (or anything else) available to purchase.

        The point is: in whatever means these absurd amounts of “money” are distributed, $1,000,000 bills would be worth pennies in purchasing power within days.

      • DavidG says:

        I think you are looking at this the wrong way round John. Instant redistribution of wealth to this scale would be balanced by massive inflation so you would still have to go work. I don’t think that is the plan here but what we should really be looking at is who, what and why.

      • John says:

        [David: this is a reply to your 8:22 pm comment — there was no ‘Reply’ option for that comment]

        Actually, on further reflection, I believe I might be optimistic in thinking $1 million would be still worth pennies within days. Were I to redo my 7:41 comment, I would substitute this paragraph for the third and final paragraph:

        Nearly all consumer goods on the planet available to purchase would be purchased within a few days, and there would be very little resupply, because only a small percentage of the workforce — those who truly enjoyed their jobs (which, not incidentally, would tend to be mostly non goods-producing jobs) — would continue working. With nothing available to purchase, whatever of the $5 billion anyone had left after a few days would be worthless or nearly worthless, and the world would return to what it was before the $35,000,000,000,000,000,000 ($5 billion x 7 billion people) had been “released.”

      • DavidG says:

        it is amusing to consider this scenario but I don’t think we need worry about it actually happening – but if everyone suddenly recieved 5billion then inflation would be instant and universal so everything would continue as is but with an instantly far higher price tag.

  8. John says:

    Alex wrote:
    “…A cheese burger would cost 5,000.00 as inflation flee off to Jupiter…”

    Alex: You are hopelessly optimistic. 😉

    In 2009, Zimbabwe introduced a $100 trillion dollar bill; at the time, a loaf of bread cost $300 billion. ( ).

    One can now purchase those $100 trillion notes on Amazon for 69¢ US each.

  9. marinaalbin says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  10. lecox says:

    Re: Originator of this document:
    “People’s Trust 1776”
    Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is listed as owner of a trucking business in Gig Harbor, Washington.
    She has also been involved in legal actions and may be a lawyer.
    Hollis Randall Hillner is listed as owner of a trucking business in Hawaii.
    Per the bond on this website, Caleb Skinner lives in Oregon.

    The website has nothing but legal documents on it, and I have not studied most of them, nor am I particularly qualified to do so.

    This appears to be an attempt to use legal means to force various officers of government to live up to their responsibilities. But it is a shame that it is so hard to read and understand, and that no explanation in layman’s terms seems to be available. This failure to communicate in a manner that can be duplicated by others is not a good sign to me.

  11. lloyd murphy says:

    Oddly, this could be generically true and correct. However, there are several (minor) errors of grammar and syntax that cause me to conclude the document is phony. The coincidental date of 12/25 seems contrived, also. Let’s not nitpick the math. I’ll wait for the real NESARA disclosure, but thanks for tantalizing me — it was fun. I send love to you. L

  12. Alex says:

    Pure poppycock! If this were true and everyone got 5 billion… who would work? A cheese burger would cost 5,000.00 as inflation flee off to Jupiter. Please…. Jean your discernment hereis correct.

  13. Laurie says:

    Several blogs have posted this document, but no one seems to know quite what it means. Anyone have a clue?

  14. thomas says:

    This is a perfect example why we need to do away with the present legal system word wide and also corporations,company’s,LLC ,trust ,foundations,etc,etc,etc and have a legal system in which all seven billion people of the world,
    can understand the legal system !!!!! there for their is no need to have any lawyers and all people that own a business would be personaly responable for their actions (civil and crimally ) not hide
    behind a corportion ( who do you think came up with the present system ? the same people that started
    the federal reserve, The bankerster of the world )

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