911 Dr Judy Wood Presentation Part 3

I’ve already spent time in the past with Dr. Wood’s ideas, but here is a brief presentation for those of you who are only recently becoming aware. You can do a Search on my blog for further info. . ~J

Published on Nov 18, 2012

17 Nov 2012 Northampton – Part 3 of 5 parts

Virtually no debris left after the buildings disappeared – but there was plenty of unburnt paper – but nothing else.

We are told all the steel was shipped to Asia – Would insurance companies really allow the evidence to be shipped away?

A Very compelling presentation which dispels the thermite and nuke hype theories.

Dr Judy Wood’s Website: http://drjudywood.com

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2 Responses to 911 Dr Judy Wood Presentation Part 3

  1. Happy NEW Beginnings Love & Light as we all enter a new year one in the beginning of the Aquarius Age , everything that happened over the last 3 years or more was truly needed in all shapes and forms to wake humanity up…… THE Occupy movement of 2011 was the spark that was needed and WOWEEEEE did’t that flare up big time as we all saw the police using mighty force on none violent people in that New York Park …… YES it is new beginnings as of New Years Eve where Billions of humans worldwide will be bring in 2013 and saying thank you 2012 the year that was the turning point for over all Humanity . Love & Light to you Jean and family and may 2013 be the best ever in over all good health and joy and many blessings , from Mr Lorne Johnson & Family up here in Northern Ontario Canada .

  2. Bob says:

    I’m pleased to see that folks are starting to pay attention to Dr. Wood. As a retired firefighter, I had read most of the books out there and thought I understood what happened. After reading Dr. Woods book, and then going back and looking at photos and videos I had seen a number of times, I now have a completely different perspective. Look at the evidence without any preconceived ideas.

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