IRRADIA Couple from Russia

This info came to me via James Gilliland. Kerry Cassidy shares this on her blog: The information contained in this video is vital to understanding the increasing radioactive environment in which we live.  It can help you process and learn to increase your ability to deal with the changing energies.

I have contacted this couple via email and hope to do an interview either via Livestream or radio shortly.

Highly Recommended.

Published on Dec 20, 2012

It is rare when something you would only hear about in science-fiction comes to life. But, in this story that you are about to see, fact is stranger than fiction! Please listen to this incredible couple as they describe their life with radiation and discuss their hardships with authorities. They need all the help that can be given. Imagine what benefits to mankind that they could provide if given that chance.

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7 Responses to IRRADIA Couple from Russia

  1. Sounds like their first priority is to be in a position to get out of Russia – but will they be permitted?


  3. nadiasta says:

    new age religion, what is the name of that cult?. If the russian gov, ignored you the others will do too. You nwant the real science read Vernadzki

  4. Cheryl says:

    I found the references to the violet protecting rays very interesting as I am studying the violet flame of transmutation and have begun using the decrees. According to my info, repeating these decrees or invocations is of vital help in the healing and setting free of all life. They have power beyond description in the service of the Light.
    Just google decrees of the violet fire of transmutation and then research on the sites that pop up, especially:,, and the book The Gnosis and the Law.

  5. Mono Erudito says:

    These people do not have good intentions. They are offering their support specifically to military intelligence, and seem to be wearing Illuminati pendants.

  6. indigodaffodil says:

    I just finished listening to this. Absolutely fascinating! I have an awake and aware Russian friend who I just talked with, that may volunteer to re-translate the English subtitles, as they are difficult to understand fully.

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