Bearing Witness to the Cosmos – from Andrew Cohen


In order to understand what the interior, or spiritual , dimension of evolution is all about, you have to pause and stand back for a moment. Stand back and dare to bear witness to the majesty of the creative process as a whole—the miracle that emerged from nothing in a burst of light and energy 14 billion years ago. Bear witness to the glory and inconceivable creative power of this cosmic process that ultimately gave rise to the conditions that made it possible for you to have the experience you are having in this very moment. And then pay attention to the experience of being alive when you step this far outside the normal narrow sphere of your daily awareness. Realize the enormity of what it means to exist from this expanded perspective. What you will notice is that inherent in the vastness of it all is a powerful driving ecstatic urgency. That ecstasy and that urgency is the felt sense that the entire creative process is moving. It’s going somewhere all the time.

—Andrew Cohen

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2 Responses to Bearing Witness to the Cosmos – from Andrew Cohen

  1. Andre Kairouz says:

    It’s my opinion; Andrew Cohen has in the best possible way described the indefinitely grandeur of God!

    Thank you Lorne Johnson for posting this video clip.

  2. Jean there is no other way I can get to you other then your Blog to give you a video to see first hand, On Face Book I am friends with Mr Ron Van Dyke and he posted this video on face book of a Blue grass band sing a song and out of no where a wild Bird landed on his guitar , and You will see the lead singer stroke the little bird while singing the rest of the song. I just had to share this with you and your fans who tune into your Blog each day , as it will touch your inner souls most dearly that i bet people will post this video on there computers for there friends to see as well Jean. Here is the link…. (; ) enyoy Love & light.

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