GaiaPortal – Two Gaia Energy Messages, January 10 and 13, 2013

Coalescence of Diverse Energy Patterns Begins…

Coalescence of diverse energy patterns (structures) commences as of the 1-13-13. Unique opportunities for Gaia harmonization in particular occur at the 1:13 and 13:13 points. Higher Guidance directs operations at those window points.

To the outer eye seeming unrelated events coalesce to recognizable Higher Symmetry structures, leading to awakening to Higher Purpose for many of the previously human-only (small ‘h’) individuals.

Galactic Gatherings occur more readily as time lines converge and dissolve.

Hue-manity notes the significance of this 1-13-13 portal.

Persistence of lower energy forms is diminished, as Higher D grids strengthen

Persistence of lower energy forms is diminished, as Higher D grids strengthen.

Discernment and Selection of thought seeds becomes increasingly paramount. All of Gaia now guided and directed via Higher D (frequency) grids.

The overall effect is rapid exposure and dissolution of lower thought forms.

Seeking the intellect-guided, leaves emptiness within, as Higher D energies do not support the intellect.

Seeking the Higher Intelligence aligns Higher Hue-Self with the upgraded Higher D grids.

Higher Sun, now strengthened after the 1-3-13, connects inner Hue-person with Cosmic Integrity, Cosmic Understanding, Cosmic Ascension.

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