Poofness Update: A Promise is a Promise, is a Promise, January 13, 2013

Greetings and Salutations;

I have stated, ‘they’ came and asked me to help out in the late 80′s just after ‘they’ fired up in chicago. I got the over all plan but not the bloody details. But, I did get a ‘disclaimer’. Don’t expect the bad guys to throw up their arms in defeat but rather fight til their last breath. They are on their ‘last breath’. Some private people reached Mr Reagan when he was president and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Thus, the reagan/mitterrand protocols were created. To assist the process, appointments were made, trustees along with ambassador wanta, to bring all of this to fruition. Mr Reagan didn’t realize his actions would earn him a bullet. He went after the sacred cow, the federal reserve bank, attempting to get the constitutional treasury making our money again, which had been frozen after the depression of 1929. Just because congress ratified the federal reserve act, didn’t make it legal according to the constitution. So, when you hear, the US debt has gone bye bye understand this was set up a long time ago and not ‘presto-chango’ magic tricks.


There have been a lot of ‘legalities’ that needed dug thru and gotten rid off, just to get these global settlements done, changed from ‘intention’ to hard cash, for the people of the planet. A few years ago, the formula was to start a war to cover your money losses, handled, the tell ya it was the ‘patriotic’ thing to do. How many bodies were shipped back from vietnam with their bellies filled with ‘china white’, yea, we were fighting communism to keep america free. In a pig’s eye! This fight has been about folks’ come uppance coming to them and they having no where to hide and avoid their prosecution. Deep earth bases, not with standing. As I have said, I will watch my mouth and not name any guilty parties, that protocol goes to folks above my head, then it won’t be a conspiracy story to be fluffed off in disbelief. They’ll tell you so it’s never repeated in this country again. You might even hear the howling from them first, before you hear the announcements.

Man, you folks are going to crap yourselves, when they start preaching the word. A whole lot will just sit for a moment as it all gets dumped. The history books will be rewritten. Many laws will be dumped into file 13 as unconstitutional. Don’t worry women will retain the vote….lololol Watch the video as your next few weeks will feel like i


Southern Rock and Roll


Consultations until that knock on the door.

Love and Kisses,


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7 Responses to Poofness Update: A Promise is a Promise, is a Promise, January 13, 2013

  1. dolphins says:

    i love that rollercoaster ,i wondered how he got off ,if there wasnt any brakes,

  2. Tina says:

    ….and who is Jeff Opdyke? Never heard of him before, or his newsletter, The Sovereign Individual (although we have heard everything he spills in his “advertisement” ad nauseum verbatim for awhile now). For the low low price of $49, you can learn how to manage money that may not exist in the near future, and get FREE tips on where to escape the continental 49 and live happily ever after!

    Call me crazy, but if this was for real and this guy was “of the light”, he wouldn’t be charging for his “knowledge”. I have to question why Poof would link to that….

  3. Raine says:

    Poof always “quits” and is back the next week…..and yes Susan I am tired too…..I don;t come to this site as much as I used to….I am going to create my reality and not read all of this drama…..I see people all around me doing it, and they don’r read this stuff……time to move on….

  4. Nobody Special says:

    Didn’t “Poofie” quit last week? This current missive doesn’t sound like the Poofness we know… the one who never said anything intelligible. I am worn out with all this cloak-and-daggar nonsense. Who are ‘they’, Poofness? For that matter, who are you?

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  6. susan says:

    I have always loved Poof’s messages but I’m just tired…. tired of being told it’s here, wait til this week, tomorrow, etc… etc…. we are deep in it now… it’s clearly up to us

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