Why Dead Children Don’t Matter, and How they Can: What Billie Combes and Moloch still Teach Us

Posted on January 11, 2013 by itccs
by Kevin D. Annett
Thanks to N.

I don’t remember a lot of my dreams, but last night’s was stark and unforgettable. My murdered friend Billie Combes came and spoke to me.

He looked as sad as ever, but his eyes were sharp, like his tone. Billie barked at me,

“You’re forgetting about all the children, Kev! They’re still waiting for you. They’re waiting to come home. They want to speak. Don’t fail them! Don’t!”

As in life, so in death. Billie never forgot the children. Whenever he stumbled into the studio of my radio program in Vancouver, he’d break down on the air and sob about the horror he refused to let go of: the memory of watching children be slowly tortured and killed, and then buried in secret by catholic priests at the Kamloops and Mission “Indian residential schools” during the mid 1960’s.

“They stretched one little girl on that rack and raped her until she died. I heard her scream and scream for help, I’ll never forget her screams. She got buried with the rest of them at Kamloops, in the orchard. I saw Brother Murphy dump a bunch of those little stiff bodies into the same hole one night.”

Billie Combes was a conduit for the screams of those lost and betrayed kids, like any prophet is, crying out the only note he could to a deaf and blind world. His refusal to do what a guilty society orders and requires, and “have closure and move on” kept the crime alive.

That made Billie a risk to those responsible, and so it led to his own murder by lethal injection, on February 27, 2011, in St. Paul’s catholic hospital in Vancouver.

Maybe my failure to save Billie causes me to still dream about him. I know that my sleepless nights come, too, from my own refusal to “heal” and allow those mass graves to become snugly out of mind. But the bigger truth is that my friend’s appearance last night was meant for more than me.

Consider ourselves.

How easily hundreds of us will flock to protests about abstractions like aboriginal treaty rights, but never demand with equal passion the return of those small bones, and the prosecution of their churchly killers.

And how  is it that not a single aboriginal “leader” will do what tradition and justice demands, and honor the dead by opening up the soil over the mass graves of their own relatives, killed by church and state?

Why am I alone in this active concern? Where is the “grassroots movement” to hold a Nuremberg Tribunal for Canada’s War Crimes?

And why, o why, do the survivors of Canada’s Holocaust continue to beg for morsels or acceptance from the Church Psychopaths who sodomized and sterilized and electrocuted little boys and girls for pleasure, or profit?

Does it matter to you? Do you too hear the screams that never stop?

If you don’t, then stop reading this, right now. But if you do, then you already know that there can be no relief for you except to do the justice that the dead children are crying out for.

One day, if you believe the Bible, a big fight broke out among Jesus’ friends and followers. They couldn’t agree about who and what mattered the most on earth, and in the “kingdom of heaven”.

Jesus cut through the hassle with a simple action. He took a small child and placed her in the midst of all the squabblers, and said to them,

“Here is the one who matters most in heaven”

Being a complete realist, Jesus didn’t add, “and on earth too”, for he knew that then, as now, children are the chattels of others, and are always the first to die.

Reminding us about who really matters is what I and a few others keep trying to do over the years. But the child we are placing in front of all of you is not just the one who is blood-soaked and unmoving. She is also the one who suffers tonight, towards whom we are equally as heartless: the living and tortured children of a Canada that is a world leader in child rape and trafficking, and in the official and legal encouragement of both.

In 2007, Delmar Johnny, a Cowichan friend on Vancouver Island, told me,

“Before the whites arrived, our people used to kill anyone in the village who harmed a child. Just like that. No second chance. Because we knew that if our children were damaged and broken, our people had no future. But now, after residential school, our children don’t matter anymore and the child rapists sit on our band councils”.

What can Delmar expect, after all, from a Christian Canada that still teaches that the world and our children are born depraved and incomplete, and are in need of forcible “correction”?

How can any of us survive a deliberate corruption that is so powerful that it dulls and destroys our most basic instinct: the urge and ability to protect our young against all who would harm them, including those in power?

Child rapists in Canada do on average less than one year in prison before being released to destroy another young life. More than a million kids are trafficked every year by the government, many of them into the homes of violent offenders. And in 1999, UNESCO named Vancouver, Canada as one of three major centers in the world where organized child trafficking goes on “with unofficial police and judicial protection”.

And so it’s small wonder that Canadians don’t care enough about the mass graves of residential school children to unearth them and ask who put them there.

In the land now called Palestine and Israel, a people called the Canaanites worshiped a great Fire God they called Moloch, who thrived off the sacrifice of new born Canaanite babies. All of the law-abiding, religious folk back then dutifully tossed their kids into the flames to insure a good harvest and keep the system working.

Some things never change.

Apparently, the Canaanite parents had the option of handing over their children to professionals to immolate, sparing them anguish and doubts about the system. In the same way, Canadian parents hand over their own children at birth to a Moloch system to register, process, “educate”, care for and ultimately use those innocents like cattle, including by routinely culling and slaughtering them.

I was going to say that none of this crime has to be. But of course it does. The violation of our innocence and our children is a cornerstone of a corporate hierarchical society. For in the words of the founder of modern public relations, Edward Bernays,

“Is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? Is it not the case that only by crushing and re-forming the will of the majority at a tender age that a small ruling class can direct millions of otherwise independent people?”

Don’t think for a moment that all of this suffering and exploitation of children is some big accident or failure of the system. On the contrary: it’s how the system works. And that’s why none of it will ever stop until that system and the spirit and attitude behind it comes crashing down.

Perhaps, one day, our latent capacity to fight and die for any child and thereby ensure our future will indeed become “Idle No More”.

And yet, the mass refusal of Canadians, regardless of their pigmentation, to win justice for 50,000 dead Indian kids is their honest acknowledgement of this hard fact about how their society works. Children are raised to be expendable. For that to change, our very thinking and daily life has to be uprooted in the manner prescribed by Jesus himself: by bringing down the mighty from their thrones, and raising up the lowliest among us.

So let’s stop putting off the inevitable confrontation and begin dismantling all that enslaves and destroys us and our children.

Bring home the innocents who have died and lock up their killers and those of church and state who helped them.

Stop paying taxes and obeying the laws of a child-murdering Canada and the churches it shields.

And pull the still-living children out of the schools and social services and economic system that is indoctrinating them to become tomorrow’s faithful killers.

Know, however, that as with Billie Combes, doing all this will likely cost you your life. But if the life of a single child isn’t worth such a sacrifice, then ask yourself: what is?

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9 Responses to Why Dead Children Don’t Matter, and How they Can: What Billie Combes and Moloch still Teach Us

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  2. ohnwentsya says:

    I’m not sure why he says that First Nations people involved in IdleNoMore are NOT addressing this issue because my friends are and have been for many years.

    They are not separate issues-colonization is the process of forcing the insane top-down violence based power structure on the sane people who can see how crazy and useless it is. Raping and murdering our children is part of the same process that C-45 is part of-the raping and poisoning of the land and waters (and consequently our LIVING CHILDREN who are currently being harmed and made ill and dead from it-which is why it gets MORE attention than the issue of the ones who can no longer be helped, by the way)

    Fighting back against the abrogation of treaty rights is necessary-the forcing of children into those schools was also an abrogation of Treaty rights-had it been addressed sooner less children would have suffered and died.

    Fighting TOGETHER now against what is currently harming living children(and adults) makes more sense than throwing temper tantrums that your personal issue is no longer center stage.

    It is no longer about me, or you, it is not about our egos, our nightmares or our trying to right things that are already OVER, it is about coming together in Unity to make this living world-RIGHT NOW in this moment-the very best and most beautiful livable and loving world we can make it.

    I don’t know a single indigenous person who is not hurt by the residential school issue, who doesn’t know someone or related to someone who was personally hurt, or died but much like the people throwing fits about Dauchau and Bergen Belsen while similar human rights abuses take place right now-its all about priorities because living human beings only have so much energy.

    Many of us are also very ill from the poisons (ie tar sands, GE Battery factory near Mohawk territory, Mile long pile of uranium tailings along the ONLY water source for Navajo people etc repeat ad infinitum for every reservation, reserve or ghetto in North and South America)

    So we have to be careful with our limited energy and do what we can to make this world better right now.

    There is nothing wrong with fighting this issue, it s an important issue-but it is insane and pointless to create division among those who seek to end the very system you decry in this article.

    Those who refuse to stand together, tend to fall apart.

    If you care about living indigenous(and non-indigenous) children as much as you do about those who were harmed and are now safe from ALL harm, then it behooves you to stand WITH the People who are rising against the injustice, the poisoning of the land and waters, the rape and murder and “disappearance” of First Nations women and children in Canada, the constant attacks on the Treaty rights and the HUMAN rights of indigenous and non-indigenous people in both of our countries.

    To be effective we must HEAL our own wounds, which is not to stop caring or fighting for what is right but it IS to heal ourselves so we can be rational and effective in fighting for what is right instead of acting on our TRIGGERS and reacting to our own inner demons from our own abuse and suffering rather than on what is truly best for those who are suffering NOW.

    It appears to me the writer of this article is a victim of abuse, identifies with others who were abused and cannot seem to get past his own triggers and emotions to a place of peace where he can act in solidarity with those who AGREE with him instead of attacking them for not simply following him, but instead doing what they feel is right and necessary.

    We’ve all been there-its no fun place to be, but it will pass and then the actions of others may be seen more clearly as working for the very same ends.

    It does not help those who were harmed to bring up and relive their suffering to draw emotion and suffering in others-it helps to stop the suffering of those who are suffering now.

    Why feed the monsters that thrive on suffering? Let us join together to starve them instead!

    PS it is striking to me that this I thought this article was about the dead children in CT that are disregarded in all the hype over who benefits from their murders and why and by whom it was done-all the ra ra yay guns folks seem so unconcerned about those dead children-I guess dead children only matter when it suits the political goals of the person bringing up the dead children, a pretty sad and disgusting commentary on the people doing the discussing, I think.

    Because whether you love guns or hate guns, whether you are a racist who spits on Natives, or an Indigenist activist, the bottom line here is that innocent children are suffering because the so called adults can’t seem to rein in their damn egos long enough to make this world a better place for those innocent kids to grow up in.

    ( without being poisoned by tar sands or mining run off, without getting leukemia from Uranium mining, or lupus from nuclear trigger manufacture, without being gunned down-whether as a false flag or by a mentally ill kid with a lot of guns, or by being raped, molested or otherwise abused)

    All I want to know is WHY NOT? Why is being “RIGHT” so much more important than actually getting something done?

    • Zarathustra says:

      I like your reply. ‘Tis quite right.

      My answer of why being “right” is important is because what if your action is wrong? What if you do something, and end up causing more harm than good? This has actually happened quite a lot in history. (I will point out that Albert Einstein discovered nuclear power for the purely harmless, good intention of creating a new source of energy – not for seeing it used as a WMD)

      Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes being “right” takes too long. Sometimes what was deemed “right” does end up wrong anyway. Most people have a tendency to ignore doing things simply because it takes time, money, and effort. People are selfish.

      Then again, you did put the word “right” in quotation, which brings up the issue of what is right and what is wrong. What you believe to be right I might consider wrong. I’m not saying what happens to these innocent kids isn’t good, however; life isn’t always sunshine. Such things have happened literally since the dawn of humanity. The difference between then and now is that at least now we are starting to see the suffering. We still don’t act much, but nobody said this was a Utopia, and it will be many more years until humanity can actually end it all.

  3. ron says:

    To Huggie Vietnam vet. Everyone is human. They take on the appearance, but they have no souls. That is why they despise humans. Those who fled to Canada from the US to avoid the draft, are cowards. It would not surprise me at all if a large percentage of them are the pediphiles that have continued to plague the people of Canada.

  4. ron says:

    The Government of Canada is part of the Devil’s NWO. I am ashamed to be included in this group of people who allow it to continue. But what can I do, as all I owned has been taken by this corrupt system of government. I am over 50 , so I have a long future here. I know what is said in this story to be true. If the law refuses to do anything about this matter, they are complicit. They too must be made to pay for their transgressions. Canada is a sanctuary for pediphiles. That is why they come here. To prey on the innocent.

  5. debbymanynations says:

    Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.

  6. The bible Jesus had noting to do with any Church or book he gave mass out door’s. And he he is not going to save anyone.The Catholic Church is just a tax free bank that is into drug money and stealing.History tells us they did this all over the world Romans called priests is all they are.HE never said he was coming back to save the bank did.Would you think Wells Fargo is going to save you? you have to learn from the Indians of the world we were seeded from the stars. 100000 years ago not at all what the black book says. Stand up for the Indians they are or people we are all one.

  7. Dead Children do matter and this won’t go away trust me on this are children.It is a crime on all of us. Canada your a sick country shame on you stand with people justice must be done. what is going on is every one not human.


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