Calling Bank Of America SUPERVISOR on Blocking Guns and Ammo Purchases VIA boa Cards

I‘m pulling the original video, which is contained in this one . . . thanks to C. 

Published on Jan 15, 2013

1-800-432-1000 This is not to 100% Debunk this but I did Call Bank of America and got to talk to a SUPERVISOR about the word that’s going around that they are now blocking guns and ammo orders via their bank of America cards. This is what they said. sorry no video because I used my digital voice recorder to record audio as i was calling with my cell phone.

@fstemick has posted a video calling boa where they tell her orders are being blocked. use discernment

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7 Responses to Calling Bank Of America SUPERVISOR on Blocking Guns and Ammo Purchases VIA boa Cards

  1. I just thought I should let the people here know that I just popped over to Drake’s site just to see what new fear-porn he’s promoting this week, and yet again, I was not disappointed. I found it very interesting that he wanted to put THIS video (the one that I’m going to give you the link to) as well as this posting on his website WITHOUT perhaps coming here and looking at what Jean posted. The posting is:
    2nd Amendment ALERT!!! I just called Bank of America… you have to hear this!
    Posted By: Steve [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Wednesday, 16-Jan-2013 11:35:4
    What ever your stance on gun control, I think the time has come when all BofA customers should close their accounts now.
    When a bank tells you what you can/ can’t spend your own money on – its no longer a bank.
    The video link is:
    For a fellow who seems to pride himself on doing his homework, Drake certainly seems to be taken in by information that goes along with what he thinks VERY easily. True, we don’t KNOW exactly what BofA is doing, but drawing conclusions like this without all of the facts? That’s VERY shoddy investigative work. Oh, and by the way, Drake has taken down the link to the site where he has (or perhaps HAD) his bi-weekly broadcasts from. VERY interesting, indeed.

  2. Sorry, I meant BUT the case may be that they’re not.

  3. Now, there is the chance that BofA could be blocking purchases like this, because the case may be that they’re not, and this COULD be an overreaction. However, it’s been my experience that BofA is an EXTREMELY untrustworthy bank (as are ALL Fed controlled banks) that steals your money. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. I wouldn’t put it past BofA to try something like this.

  4. kibitzer3 says:

    So okay with this info; but something curious: Your first post on this story, awhile ago, titled 2nd Amendment Alert, would not come up with access to either ‘more on this story’ or to the ‘comments’, if any; in both cases the attempt went/goes to a site that says ‘Not found’. Has this curiosity been reported to you, Jean??

    • Jean says:

      Apparently, you missed my statement at the beginning of this post: I pulled the original post because it has been proved untrue, and a large part of that post is included in this one. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  5. js says:

    Interesting !
    the video link says the vid is – “personal”
    Thank You Jean-Good Info

  6. Thank you for the quick retraction.

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