Obama “Gun Address” Misses Real Terrorism Threat

Military Sources Confirm Sandy Hook Suspected Foreign Terrorist Attack

Sandy Hook Memorial

by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Source: Veterans Today

Despite attempts to blame a seemingly endless group of lunatic mass murderers for the equally endless number of devastating mass killings now plaguing the United States, our government, our “protectors” and, most damnably, our president, are failing to react to real terror attacks that are becoming an almost daily occurrence.

Ambassador Susan Rice was “sacrificed” for failing to cite the Benghazi attack as terrorism.

However, when something worse, when a dozen “somethings worse” happens, not in North Africa, but here at home, our schools, movie theatres, military bases, college campuses, the use of the term “terrorism” is forbidden.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

The answer is simple, the answer is painful, the answer challenges our oligarchical criminal elite, the masters of our masters, as it were.  America has a real war on terror, one we are losing, one based, not on Islam or politics but rather economics and fear.

Terrorism is about fear, as Frank Herbert, author of “Dune” had told us decades ago:  “Fear is the mind killer.”

When we are afraid and our minds are dead.  Thus, we have allowed very real foreign death squads to murder our children and we play our parts like dogs lapping up vomit.

Discussions with members of the senior military community, operations and intelligence personnel, regarding Sandy Hook and other recent “lone gunman events” has led to startling revelations.

Fear can totally immobalize you – yet using it as a weapon is not a crime.

The US Army has recognized a pattern of terrorist activity in several of the recent mass shootings, based on timing, type of target, control of media, lost evidence, poor investigations, a pattern that shows signs of the involvement of a military type operation against “soft targets” in the US.

Sandy Hook, we are told, is a total failure as an “false flag” terror attack, having left too many “loose threads.”  Some are listed in the video below.  In truth, there are hundreds:

Initial suspicions led investigators to extremist groups in the US, the National Socialist Movement, the US Border Patrol and the Hutarees.

However, investigations found these groups to be both almost entirely inactive or with a majority of members FBI informants.

If only we were kidding.

Looking overseas, only two potential “actors” were looked at, Iran and Israel.

Each was examined, the resources they had in the US, but moreover, their ability to manipulate media and influence or control police and prosecutorial authorities.

Despite charges by the Newsweek organization and New York Times that Iran was the perpetrator at Sandy Hook and articles in the National Post of Canada, an Israeli based publication operating out of Canada as a “Mossad sockpuppet,” many began looking at Israel.

The issue there was motive.  Intelligence groups in the US knew relations with Israel were rocky, Netanyahu’s hatred for Obama, his fear of Chuck Hagel and the bashing the UN had recently given Israel on both nuclear weapons and Palestine.

The question came down to this:  “Would they do it?”

Very privately, the answer was more direct:  “Only if they thought they could get away with it.”

Who would really do such a thing…and Why?

Then the question came down to this; what kind of person would kill twenty small children and put together such a childishly lame cover attempt that anyone could easily see through it?

Sandy Hook, of all terror events, 9/11, the Tucson shootings, Aurora, Ft. Hood and more, Sandy Hook is pure “hubris.”

Israel has actively denied involvement and been as clear as possible.

The problem with that is that Israel has also attacked and attempted to smear anyone asking for a broader investigation, has clearly interfered in internal American police issues, just as they had interfered in the 2012 elections.

Still, outstanding, is motive, need to punish the US for some reason, a private threat directed at the Obama administration or something else?

If Iran were responsible, wouldn’t the US have attacked?

Sandy Hook is terrorism but unlike 9/11 or a dozen other attacks, those responsible have not gotten away with it.  It isn’t necessary for one to read this or watch the short video to know what has transpired or to guess, perhaps with a high probability of success, who is at fault.

Would the US attack Israel if they murdered twenty children?

This is where the issue of protection from terrorism comes in.  There seems to be no realistic methodology within the US government to deal with the possibility that terrorist acts could be politically or economically motivated though such things are par for the course.

Without the government accepting what real terrorism actually is, often our friends, our banks, our own industries, our elite or our phony “only democracy in the Middle East” backstabbing “allies,” we can expect to die like the pigs they believe we are.

Editing: Jim W. Dean

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9 Responses to Obama “Gun Address” Misses Real Terrorism Threat

  1. People it is simple if your light goes out do you 1 call the power comp.our 2 change the bulb?

  2. Yes it is some group that want to disarm us but.BLAME some out side the us works every time. we are not a army yet but soon we my have to be. Iran nor Israel wants or guns what we are going to swim over there? This is are leaders ask any 6th grader and they will the same thing.Are we smarter than a 5th grader?

  3. Energy Doctor says:

    Obama and the liberal government and media were already to talk gun control the minute Sandy hook was reported. The facts of Sandy Hook are murky and don’t make sense. All of our local law enforcement and the medical people would have to be playing along with them. I read jim Dean and gordon but their constant emnity for Israel doesn’t connect with me when trying to connect it with sandy Hook.
    I can’t see our government linking with another country to create a false flag and have all of our local law enforcement playing along. But then again, who knows.
    All of us know we are being played so to watch it from above and not get wrapped up in who could have done it but to just let it play out is our best course. But there is no doubt, it was all for gun control. Some group really wants America disarmed.

  4. I have been told that most of the missing children are also tied to the elite. Can any one tell me if this has dropped from 2011 to 2012?

  5. Nine says:

    Rogue elements of our own government along with the Mossad did this horrible crime.

    I did a search on the Mossad and here is some lite reading:


    It seems to me that “O”s orders are nothing in the big picture as to gun control. He knew what it was yet the average American simply can not handle this truth. I advise extreame caution in getting upset about guns. Lets wait and see what they do next.

    I showed this evidence to my dear wife and she said how could this be and wept….you see normal people will react to this kind of thing in this manor. The folks who perpetrated this crime are not normal human folk….

    We have to understand that it appears to be a civil war among our top folks in the shadow government and I just love what Lecox had to say about maintaining a strong spiritual higher purpose and not submit oneself to fear….

    That is my plan of action since I can do little else at the moment…

    Jean, thanks for your thought provoking and excellent blog…..


  6. People it is elite vs elite east vs west back and forth back stabbing to see who gets the prize.What prize you ask ? Us the slaves there masters have been taken out and they all want that spot.The thing is who took out there masters? I know if they are smart they should know so they must have a death wish. Are they so ego dumb they think they can win maybe no I don’t think so.Can’t wait to see this play out.

  7. lecox says:

    For some reason, Gordon has chosen Israel to be our global villain. This doesn’t even make sense to me. What does he mean by “Israel?” Countries don’t commit terrorist acts, people do, in the name of causes or countries, or whatever justification they can dream up.

    I have recently finished watching the “Untold History” episodes up to the most recent one posted online. And I became very unsettled. I saw a long line of Americans using their wealth, their political influence, their positions, their resources, even their creativity to conduct a campaign against, mostly, the third world that could very easily be characterized as genocide. Most people of Europe, as well as many people who live in the old European colonies, have amongst them individuals with vivid memories of warfare on their own soils. And this was not the old-style warfare of earlier centuries. This was whole cities being bombarded. This was neighborhoods being combed by security police for “dissidents.” This was more like some form of tyrannical terror campaign than warfare. And yet we here in America, for the most part, have no memory of such an experience or even know anyone who does (except for a few who have opened up their whole track recall).

    So we still have the luxury (rather amazing in this context) to sit at our computers and discuss this, anticipating that we will never actually have to confront these experiences ourselves. But we will have to confront these experiences. If not this lifetime, probably one quite soon up the road. And you’d think all this information would lead us to demand change, at least in ourselves. But only a very few, from what I can tell, are really doing this. It’s not like it’s an easy thing to do. So I can understand.

    I am writing this from Pullman, Washington. It’s a little town out in the middle of farming country that has been the host to a very large state university for the past 120 years. You’d think things might be okay out here, but they’re not. I see a lot of empty shops. I see people being a bit careless, acting a bit purposeless, letting their moral boundaries slip away. I am witnessing a culture in decline, I think.

    I began to realize that “fighting tyranny” or “fighting communism” as I had just witnessed our nation doing in this history series, gives people a higher purpose. All a good leader is remembered for is the purpose he got his group to rally around. The leader thinks of this as a necessity for getting people to cooperate. But I have begun to realize that it is also a necessity for life above the level of the animal.

    Criminals hate higher purposes and try to destroy them at all levels. From the little kid who wants to become famous to the company that wants to make a superior product to the nation that wants peace, justice and an end to tyranny. They are all shot down, in their turn, by those who come from fear and can see only fear as a means to control others. Or replaced with “purposes” that only lead to war and destruction. The answer to those attacks is to rekindle your true higher purposes. It won’t necessarily keep your body alive, but it will help to keep your spirit alive. And once you find one, the only thing you have to guard against is it being stolen from you. With it, life has meaning and direction. Without it, life can become pointless.

    In this context, I know why I take the time to write on the internet. I hope that others who do will take a minute to make sure they are still on their true higher purpose, and did not somehow get diverted along the way. It does make a difference.

  8. I was in grade school at the time of J.F.K. shooting I did not buy that. In the 80’s drugs were us air force base OSI AGENTS bust C-130 ten tons of cocaine from south America CIA black opps.LOCAL NEWS PAPER REPORTS OF IT.Later paper reports 10000 dollar fine on transport aircraft co. End of story sounds funny but true .This has gone on for my hole life its time it stops.I could wright a book on just the dumb things that the Media has sold people.People you have a two party that is really a one party Congress and have for 60 years. GET IT?

  9. Nancy C says:

    Gordon Duff writes that Newsweek and the New York Times have named Sandy Hook as false flag and fingered Iran instead of Israel. The New York Times and Newsweek are both established mainstream news outlets with an established bias for Israel. But what surprises me is that I wasn’t aware that any major news outlets had even outed Sandy Hook as false flag? Does anyone know what Gordon is referencing?

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