PressTV: Global resistance close to a major breakthrough

This writer’s English is not very good, but I think the points he makes are very valuable to those of us who are watching events. . . ~J

Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:4PM GMT

By S. S. Salim

Of course, what I am talking about comes in different nature, in the likes of revolutionary forces converging on a wounded regime forces from different approaches, or like a boxer who places well pointed hits at his opponent, and the wounded opponents (here, the western imperialists) are feeling the hits, and as a result their seeing themselves for the first-time in history losing (bout or war) to their opponents.”

While most of us were either asleep or preoccupied with what the general popular western media are instead trying to engage us with and away from actual events of importance, that pre-occupied with the either less relevant or those just distracting events which literary take us away from the most dynamic systemic events that are already unfolding and as a result weakening the western imperialists grip of the entire international system, i.e. the rest of the world (the western media need not to accept or to let you know about, since it will undermine the still-in-power lie).

Of course, what I am talking about comes in different nature, in the likes of revolutionary forces converging on a wounded regime forces from different approaches, or like a boxer who places well pointed hits at his opponent, and the wounded opponents (here, the western imperialists) are feeling the hits, and as a result their seeing themselves for the first-time in history losing (bout or war) to their opponents.

The question, while I am putting a hope of smiling again (that from coming freedom from western imperialism and dominance or subjugation), is what will be the next wounded-beast move? What are the chances of these new efforts’ successes or failure? And what might the resistance keep doing right?

You see, while we were caught on other global events, few most dynamic of all just passed us by with a serious capacity to really shifting global power base from the west to truly and finally to the east (it’s natural seat).

First I am talking about the discussions going on within the BRICS to institutionalise it’s own Development Bank; which if it were to succeed it will be the resistance’s most dynamic and strategic victory ever (none come close to this in the history of global affairs).

However, the US Pivot is a clear form of a ”counter-solution” efforts to making sure that this never happens. As nefarious forces beneath the shadows are rather pushing for inter-conflicts within the South East Asia, especially between co-members within the BRICS, namely, China and India, rather than pushing for a peaceful mediation and relations.

The relations between the two, India and China, appear, especially to the average person, to have somehow have taken unexplainable and unexpected sudden change of course away from amicable co-operation and more towards old animosities, fed without a doubt by these powerful behind the shadows forces working for Team West; this is the application of the text-book old classical strategic advice: first make sure you alienate the parties within your enemies alliances.

India and China are the major two parties within the bloc that are hampering further successful progress towards a full institutionalisation of an alternative, and at time a much needed, parallel international financial and banking system, free of western dominance and freedom to sanction or command others actions and behaviour (by withholding funds or feeding funds).

This is the first most dynamic systemic event to watch out for.

The second is perhaps close to us all, Iran. The west appears to be beating their heads against the walls at the present, in the sense of self-persecution and blaming as a result of their most fatal mistake; classical strategic advice two (which appears to have not been well remembered):

Never Ever Under-Estimate Your Enemy, or Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy, and within a thousands battles you will never lose. The west lost as a result of under-estimating Iran, actually, lets revise it, the entire world seemed lost in appreciating Iran’s rather (I am not going to hide my admiration) masterful brilliance (two top-up words in the ”praising dictionary” defining one thing or actor, wow!) diplomatic sophistication.

Iran’s, though seemingly energetically taxing but worth it, activities across the region and the peripheral of the world in marshalling allies, sympathisers and new supporters, while at the same time ”defeating the western plans” by extending the time-action time-scale has meant the loss of support for western ”hyper” activities against Iran, and at the same time Iran has, like a parent keeping busy the children, denied the west and her ”allies” a total focus and freedom of initiative on Iranian Issue by cleverly keeping the west busy across the region and the peripheral— Bravo Iran— A pure master-class.

Now just don’t let your guard down, as you just found your strength, the asymmetric approach to dealing with, and countering, western designs against yourself to be the key to defeating the west’s plans against yourself.

What advise one might provide for Iran at this junction? Probably, since the war is already in place, Iran should so intend to pull a ”Napoleon” without declaration of war, as her enemies are doing.

What is a ”Napoleon”? I refer to a ”Napoleon” as a military strategy that seem more suited to contemporary warfare especially against big powerful western forces, which is founded on Napoleonic core principle of war: Do Not give your enemy a chance to slaughter you by concentrating your force, and thus allowing her to do the same (bigger and powerful battalions are always god’s favourites, so goes the military warning).

To sum up on Iran. Iran has actually proved a much cleverer opponent than the usual ”idiots” across the Middle East, but it still has a lot to do. But again keep doing what your doing at the present, because it is somehow working very well!

The western counter-Iran efforts are already in play. In the North, it is Azerbaijan, though not without some problems but this to my personal knowledge and advice I will say is the most likely threatening venue for the state of Iran, since the Azeris have their own agendas, and ”affairs to settle” with Iran, as well as their leaders are the most corrupt and very enthusiastic to please their western ”friends”.

This applies on Turkey as well; if the Turks kisses you with the lips, the teeth will also be waiting a good time to bite you (that is the sad character of the Turks: even the west must watch out, today a friend tomorrow the Turks will turn the weapons provided by their ”western allies” against these friends).

In the south, the constrains are too many, and one might really see not much of a threat unless the west want to piss-off the Chinese and Soviets new naval thinking, as well as the economic issue and the Hormuz strait effect. However, again, one might not rid any possibilities out, as the probable least for you might be the probable best for your opponent.

In the east, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the west are using ”anti-Shia” proxies (or lets call these for what they are western-state-sponsored terrorists: the ”good terrorists”, as one commentator once stated here). In the west, the west are beating themselves for Iraq War which brought Iranian regional power to a much bigger strength rather than weakening it.

With Al-Nouri in power and in the South the militias in full control, the west are re-instigating ”Shia-Sunni” hatred to divide and to seemingly overthrow a democratically elected leader (reminiscent of Iran and Mossadegg).

While in Syria the west seem unwilling to accept the end-game and are playing to win, though not with Iran, Russia and China still in play too in support of the regime.

In short, Iran has done wonderful things, but it is still facing much more. What is intriguing in this account is that, contrary to what we all thought, including myself, that Iran is ”in need” of external great powers like Russia and China support, it actually looks like Iran is standing admirably on her own feet very well, a very intimidating and disturbing thought and prospect (behaviour) for western powers.

These two, BRICS initiatives and Iran counter-strategic manoeuvres, are the most dynamic systemic events taking place which most of us are unaware or entirely missing, and even the protraction of Syrian conflict in itself is another critical event that is converging against the soon-to-be-ancient western imperialization of the world.


S. S. Salim is a specialist on defense, geopolitics and security/intelligence affairs, with primary regional interests being the West, Muslim world, Africa and Sino-Russian political and security affairs. Salim is a graduate of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth with a BA and MA in international politics and military studies. He has also an MA in terrorism, international crime and global security from Coventry University.More articles by S. S. Salim
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