Stop Anthrax Experiments on Children! (VIDEO)

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Published on Jan 15, 2013


Watch the video, take the action:

And children have the right not to be used as experimental lab animals for dangerous “research” which offers no conceivable benefit to them and carries substantial risk to their life and health.

That is precisely what the US President’s Commission on BioEthics is debating today: how to justify using an Anthrax vaccine in previously healthy children that the FDA approved warning label says causes life-threatening or lethal reactions in 6% of the people who receive it and is known to cause the devastating auto immune condition known as “Gulf War Syndrome”.

I believe that once we know that this is happening we have a moral obligation to stop it.
How? By a sufficient outcry to make it clear that not only is this illegal under US law (it is) but that it constitutes a Crime Against Humanity under International Law as well.

Go here to take action now:
and go here,, to read more.

Then share, LIKE, Tweet and forward as widely as you can.

Think about it: if they were confident that they could get away with this, the US Government would already have done so. This is a perfect place for pushback: enough voices WILL stop this.

After all, first they will use the children. Then they will use you. Now is the time to stop this!

Recall, if you are tempted to inaction, that the Journal of the AMA ran a piece suggesting that people be compelled to participate in experimental drug and vaccine trials because it was getting hard to fine participants.

Remember: first they will use the children, then they will use you.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

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  1. js says:

    Try this link-
    Save my life:

  2. js says:

    Thanks Jean- here is another:

    Whooping Cough Outbreak Involved 90% Vaccinated Kids:

    Experimental Vaccines-Home Page:

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