The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed! – Video

This video now has a cautionary youtube warning concerning the topic. I suggest you take the time to watch it because it may be removed. I’m publishing this in the hope that the children are still alive and may be recovered. I think we should not let this story die, particularly with the present push for gun control. ~J

Published on Jan 13, 2013

The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed!

If the News Stories are hard to believe,you’re a Free American and entitled to know the whole truth. It is your duty to affirm the information given, before giving up your freedom for new policies that police you! Politicians never lie when running for office????

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12 Responses to The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed! – Video

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  2. D Neihardt says:

    Well, here is another one for you.
    Just a few days after Joe Biden’s recommendation of gun control at gun shows,and Obama threatening to use bi-partisan en-actions (another-wards, not going to congress, or the senate to have a bill passed, but passing it with ‘his presidential’ powers’) 2 firearms happened to ‘accidentally discharge’ at gun shows. The first was a shotgun that ‘accidentally was dropped, causing it to discharge, shooting buckshot., injuring 4 people. The second was a pistol that a ‘professional’ gun collector happened to ‘accidentally squeeze the trigger, cause the weapon the discharge, injuring 1 person.

  3. Actually says:

    Here are some more details:

  4. Jean says:

    This is not acceptable language here. . .

  5. Tactical Fatty says:

    This is a lot of evidence that people would call circumstantial, the kind of evidence that is coincidence in the eyes of the law. BUT The saving grace of all of this circumstantial evidence is that There is so much of it that you cannot deny the fact that the inconsistencies are more than marginal, The facts do not line up, and their is only the word of the press (Aside from this video) to show us what happened Because seemingly no one there wants to talk about what happened. Makes me wonder. Tactical Fatty out.

  6. A Pre-Incarnation Agreement for one is not the same as for one as another.It is ones self not everyones.Light workers know this so Kathy I am not attacking you.But just think you should know. love to you if you are a light worker or not.

  7. Light workers no matter what you believe light workers never shoot there messenger. love and light to all and love to all that don’t see thing’s as me.I am also just a human but messengers is the most important at this time.I am old been around seen allot learned allot and Jesus was a messenger and that was allot of light. Thank you so very much jean

  8. Kathy are getting payments from any one or do you work for one in connection with this? You must be to attack Jean on this one. And we don’t as of light worker’s don’t see it like you so give up elite it’s over the debunking don’t work. Nice try

  9. Kathy Kelley says:

    You know what Jean, the lightworker Community is a small one. When the truth comes out, all will know EXACTLY what you have done and whose side you represented, you have no idea the price that comes when a lightworker refuses to honor their pre-incarnation agreement. I promise you this, you will wish you had chosen differently later. The good news is that it is not too late to change it. The window of opportunity to STAND WITH THE PEOPLE is closing faster than you think. I am extending my hand in love, forgiveness and friendship. You are me and I am you. Please honor your own divinity and stand with us. Sending you all the love, light, acceptance and joy within my being

    • Jean says:

      Kathy, again you are judging me. How can you do that? If I lose the lightworker community because they refused to accept me because I stand my beliefs, right or wrong, then they clearly aren’t a community in which I am interested. They are clearly not lightworkers. Don’t threaten me, Kathy, with this sort of lowly tribal stuff. I’m simply not interested! You’re trying to tell me I must shut up and go along with you, or pay a terrible price. I think this is childish and foolish on your part. I’m not buying!

      Now, if you keep on trying to post here, I’m going to have to go to the extent of having you prohibited from putting up a message. ~Jean

      PS You also have NO idea whose side I am representing, because I have been very clear that there are things I am not telling you . . . you jump to conclusions, Kathy!

  10. kibitzer3 says:

    Thanks for this, Jean.

    Something very fishy about this whole thing. Definitely needs to be investigated in depth.

    I’m reminded of all the ‘loose ends’ regarding the 9/11 caper: a pristine pure passport of one of the alleged hijackers found on the street; a ‘live feed’ image of the second plane going into its tower, but – oops – the nose coming out the other side, whereupon the picture instantly went to black, and the cover story then droned on…

    Nothing to see here, folks. Except what we want you to see.

  11. susan says:

    This would be totally laughable (the actors and total inconsistencies) if it wasn’t 😦

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