Bugger The Bankers – THE OFFICIAL VIDEO . . . :) :) :)

Published on Dec 2, 2012

A SONG FOR OUR TIMES – Now all you good people – by popular demand, you can now download Bugger The Bankers (full track or karaoke backing track so you can sing along in your own styley) for just £1 here: http://theausterityallstars.bandcamp.com/
Also, go to our fb page (Bugger The Bankers) for lyrics and chords.

Yours with Love,

The Austerity Allstars

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5 Responses to Bugger The Bankers – THE OFFICIAL VIDEO . . . :) :) :)

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  2. maurburns says:

    Really Great, thanks.

  3. js says:

    Wonderful Jean-
    Thanks a Lot !!

  4. Stardust says:

    LOL!!!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!! Go Brits 🙂

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