Financial Intel – from Drake . . .

Financial Intel

Posted on 01/22/2013

HUGE assets and MONEY from the imperial families are in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Specifically, China, Japan, Indonesia.

The new China Government is to change it all in 8 weeks time (?) so people are moving stocks…

JP Morgan is having a huge issue as all their customers are moving their Gold (AU) now QUICKLY…

All the families mentioned above and Morgan included are very nervous because everything they have falls under the Xing Dynasty.

The Real Buddha, The Empress of the Xing Dynasty Empire is nearing return and showing all parties that the thievery must stop now!

She is responsible for the rightful arrests of those in Hong Kong involved in the outright theft of the Xing Dynasty Royal Assets and the firing of many top Chinese Officials.

She is very fair in her ways and she is going to take the course that her ancestors took of assisting the people of the world.

She will stand strong and be unshakeable against those who test her will.

Finally Asia will get rid of the demons they have allowed in and those inside that have become evil themselves

The assets JP Morgan is trying to dump now in Hong Kong are well known and belong to the Xing Dynasty. They are watching every move they make and with whom.

The traders, players, and frauds think they have eight (8) weeks left (?) to play and get rich but get this, BUT, there is no eight (8) weeks, as it has already begun.

The Empress is on her way to her rightful home now, to arrive before you expect it…

HSBC close your 13th floor right now they are watching you after hours because they know this is when you do your illegal trading. Things have started.

~ Drake

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17 Responses to Financial Intel – from Drake . . .

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  5. Di, Cerrillos, NM, USA says:

    One doesn’t judge a soul but the actions of the soul. This helps one to avoid stepping in a big pile of dung. We have been manipulated by ones cherry picking Bible quotes to support their fraud and to victimize us. Stop falling for it. Shift is ongoing until completion. Stop trying to shake off the dung of 3D. Our 5D shoes are new and shiny clean.

  6. Don’t judge people check on them do your own home work every thing is out there. It was out there when J.F.K.was shot and they said we were nuts then.I saw it in school and told my dad it was a inside killing. He said yes it was and I was right he worked high up in the space world.

  7. I find it very curious that people such as lainski1 would be so judgmental as to say that people who disagree with people like Drake are weak. If people such as Drake are encouraging this type of 3D thinking (i.e. name calling), I am only more encouraged now, more than ever, to avoid Drake. I also found the first sentence of lainski1’s posting very interesting. When lainski1 said “sitting on your rump and meditating does not change things”, I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe lainski1 is very familiar with David Wilcock’s work (a person lainski1 professes to trust). David Wilcock has mentioned, I believe in his book Source Field investigations and elsewhere, that mass meditation cut down the world terrorism rate by roughly 70%. So, it would be greatly appreciated if the people who come to this website would remember not to make disparaging comments about people who meditate. Considering that the time is coming when the “shift” will occur, I believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to leave this 3D mentality behind and to work on a higher density mindset.


  9. lainski1 says:

    sitting on your rump and meditating does not change things. it just makes it easier for you to tolerate what has not happened. I love Drake and his heart is definitely in the right place. Let’s put it this way NONE of the prognosticator’s have been right thus far but that does not mean that it will not come together. It is childish to blame people who are trying to help because they get intel that does not materialize. I trust Drake, Keenan, Wilcock, Tman & Fulford as they have all risked their lives to do what they are doing and awaken the enslaved. They are doing their part. Those that do nothing tend to criticize those that do. It’s always the braveheart’s who are attacked by the weak that do nothing.

  10. BongGonged says:

    …”The Real Buddha” – anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of Buddhism would laugh at that relative ‘Asininism.’ Drake needs to learn how to edit his meanderings at the very least. Perhaps he means ‘Green Light Buddha?’ Or is it the Parsae Syntax Buddha? Who knows and who cares what Drake says?

  11. pleiadiance says:

    Well put Ricky & EO.. after months and months of so called intel and divisive fear based propaganda which never materialize (thank God ) – what I find surprising is why anyone would repost his intel ~ if there are still people who like to keep up with his ongoing monologue , after all he has his own site and talk show I believe. Why clutter what could be otherwise an interesting read ~ just my 2 cents.
    We should all follow our own inner guidance – certain pages are good reads along that process, but ultimately our own discernment and action is what will guide us ~

  12. At this point, I believe Drake to be getting quite desperate to not only keep the loyal listeners that he currently has, but also to get as many new people as he possibly can listening to him. He knows that people are getting tired of his disinformation. He probably also knows that his (possible) cabal handlers are not happy about this. Now, I’m not saying that Drake doesn’t get his information from insiders…he probably does. However, please keep this in mind…there are insiders working for BOTH sides. He may not even realize that the insiders that he gets information from may be with the cabal. I either feel sorry for Drake because he doesn’t know, or I still feel sorry for Drake because he DOES know. Either way, I believe Drake’s broadcasts should be avoided. I also firmly believe that we should all be concentrating on our own inner work and working (or at least trying) to work on getting our minds to a place of 4D or even perhaps 5D consciousness. In my opinion, this sounds like a MUCH better use of our time, does it not?

    • kibitzer3 says:


      Well put, EO.

    • Bjorn says:

      Wholeheartedly disagree.
      Do I think Drake is promoting the most probable future scenario? No.
      Do I spend some of my time meditating to enhance myself and possibly my surroundings? Absolutely.

      But. I see here what I see other places. The game changers argue more within themselves than against the real enemy.

      Drake has in some of his article a very sobering attitude stating that sitting on your bum meditating will get you nowhere, as long as the government is the only part doing any physical action.
      So I sit on my bum and meditate, but I make allowance for his doubts as well…

  13. Ricky says:

    Why does Drake get so much credibility? To date, nothing he has predicted or talked about has come to fruition and the people who were working alonside him have left and formed another group.

    • Cork 1 says:

      People who know things do not speak. People who do not know, always talk. Sometimes the cabal likes to spread dis-info to make you hopeful and then nothing happens and you get disappointed. Great tactic to keep you in fear and dis-empowered.

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