PressTV: Pentagon lifts ban on women in combat

A female soldier serving in the US military (file photo)A female soldier serving in the US military (file photo)

Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:32PM

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has removed the military’s ban on women serving in combat, rescinding a decades-old policy which prohibits women from frontline roles.

“Women have shown great courage and sacrifice on and off the battlefield, contributed in unprecedented ways to the military’s mission and proven their ability to serve in an expanding number of roles,” AFP quoted Panetta as saying in a statement on Thursday.

“Not everyone is going to be able to be a combat soldier. But everyone is entitled to a chance,” he added.

The move could open hundreds of thousands of frontline positions and potentially elite commando jobs to women.

The Pentagon chief made the announcement after a review by chiefs of all the armed services who unanimously endorsed an incremental change to be phased in over the next three years.

The joint chiefs “unanimously concluded that now is the time to move forward with the full intent to integrate women into occupational fields to the maximum extent possible,” Panetta said.

Military chiefs will be asked to report back to the defense secretary by May 15 on their initial plans to implement the new policy.

President Barack Obama issued a statement, hailing the lifting of the ban.

“This milestone reflects the courageous and patriotic service of women through more than two centuries of American history and the indispensable role of women in today’s military,” Obama said.

“Many have made the ultimate sacrifice, including more than 150 women who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan — patriots whose sacrifices show that valor knows no gender,” he added.

The decision overturns a 1994 rule barring women from being assigned to small ground-combat units, and follows years of calls for a fully inclusive military.

Some jobs may open as soon as this year, while others, such as special operations forces, including Navy SEALs and the Army’s Delta Force, could take longer.

In November, four American female military officers, who had fought in US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, sued the defense department over the ban on women in direct combat duties, saying that it was unconstitutional.

Women make up 14 percent of America’s 1.4 million active duty personnel, or about 204,000 service members, according to the Pentagon.

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5 Responses to PressTV: Pentagon lifts ban on women in combat

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  2. Energy Doctor says:

    This policy is wrong. Women were never meant to fight in battle unless their home or country are under attack, even then, only at the extremes.
    It’s so wrong in so many ways…the cabal only does this to find one more way to control, subjugate, divide us.

  3. In reference to this article, I do find it rather gratifying that women are finally getting their chance to be on the front lines. This just demonstrates (once again) that women are just as capable as men. It’s not their fault that they’re being used as puppets by the cabal. These people are a whole lot braver than I am. To put their lives on the line like that, they deserve SO much better than to be treated like cannon fodder by the cabal.

  4. Message to Jean:

    It may behoove all of us that come to this site if you perhaps made a rule in reference to peoples’ comments actually making sense. If someone has something to say, that’s fine…I believe that that should be encouraged, and I’m not referring to people that speak broken English. They are doing the best that they can. What I’m saying is, if you can speak English, it would be greatly appreciated if your posts were understood by everybody. I certainly hope that you are in agreement with that.

  5. Aww I was rather fond of that decade old policy. I mean, hand to hand or knife to knife, whichever it is, a woman going up against a crazed terrorist with no guilt in his eyes stands little chance. You can’t deny that.
    Guys are big, lets face it. Especially crazed terrorists who were brought up in violence.
    I’m a believer in women’s rights and equality, but when it comes to certain things such as brute muscle violence, equality gets a little blurred. They are also responsible for all their fellow squad members if one were to fall injured.
    But of course, choice should always be given. It’s just that if a fresh faced little 18 year old girl were to be jettisoned into live combat with killer mercenaries hiding in the bushes, she sounds more like a liability. And whats worse, there is rape! Something far more brutal than death.
    I say lets keep woman as snipers. We have a killer dead-eye! But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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