Are There Soulless Beings In Human Society? – by Cameron Day

Source: Ascension Help Blog
September 27, 2012
Thanks to L. 

The ruthless corporate CEO, the despotic dictator, the serial killer – We examine people like this and often say that they have no soul.  But is it true?  Are there actually humans that lack the fundamental essence of being that we call a soul? This is a very important topic, and one that is difficult to convey to others properly.  The very idea is repugnant to many people, and it can easily lead to a judgmental or falsely superior attitude if a person interprets this information in the wrong way.

When asking the question, “Are there “Soulless” humans in our society?” the answer that I will tell you is “Yes and no.” This is because in order to truly understand the question, we need a deep foundational understanding of Universal and Soul evolution, so I will do my best to convey these concepts as clearly and concisely as possible while answering this question.

The Hero’s Journey of Consciousness

Put very basically, the journey of Consciousness in the universe of duality and illusion is to go from total awareness to almost zero awareness, and return to total awareness once again, having gathered a treasure trove of experiences along the way.  We need to understand a basic outline of the early stages of this journey so that we can know how a soul is developed.  The framework that I will use in this explanation is a model of the levels or “densities” of consciousness.

Using a model of the levels of the universe that is divided into an origin point with 7 “densities” beneath it, we can look at the lowest level, first density, as the mineral kingdom, which includes rocks, the elements in the periodic table, as well as some very basic plant life.  The transition from 1st density of the mineral kingdom brings consciousness into the 2nd density of plant and animal life.  3rd density consciousness is where humanity currently resides, and we get to interact with and manipulate the densities lower than ours.

For the 1st through 3rd densities to be experienced, Consciousness needs a suitable planet to support those densities.  Planets like Earth are highly evolved beings that support a myriad of life in multiple densities for Consciousness to evolve through.It is through the journey in first three densities on a planet like Earth that Consciousness grows into an “individual soul.”

In order to explain just how a soul is grown on a planet, we need to look at how consciousness experiences and moves through the first three densities. The energy of Consciousness exists within 2nd density as large energetic “pools” connected to a particular plant species or animal group the 2nd density consciousness chooses to animate.  I call the 2nd density pooled consciousness energy “soul pools” and it is from these pools that an individuated soul can emerge and take on its “hero’s journey” back to total awareness.

When Consciousness has had the experiences that it desires in 2nd density, it will begin to branch out into 3rd density, incarnating into human bodies. Many in metaphysical circles call these types of people “new souls” and while this term is often hotly debated, it is fairly accurate.  However, they aren’t “newly arrived from heaven” in the sense that is often depicted.  Rather, they are newly experiencing 3rd density, when their previous experience had been 2nd density.  A slightly more accurate term for these “new” souls would be “candidate souls” because they are candidates for further evolution in 3rd density, but are not guaranteed to attain permanent higher density experience.

The Importance of the Life Review

At the end of a candidate soul’s life, they go through a life review, where their actions are reviewed and the character of their soul is evaluated for its potential to evolve, learn from experiences in future incarnations and eventually ascend all densities of the universe to return to total awareness. This is a serious set of criteria that have to be met.  If the candidate soul is determined to have not developed sufficiently to undertake this journey, it will be returned to the 2nd density “soul pool” from which it emerged.  The pooled Consciousness energy will simply absorb this “unsuccessful” soul and incarnate another candidate soul into 3rd density.

If the candidate soul has developed well enough in their initial incarnation to be eligible to reincarnate and continue evolving as an individuated aspect of Consciousness, it is essentially granted “immortal” status as an individuated aspect of Consciousness.  This soul will then reincarnate and have more experiences in their subsequent lives, hopefully growing more aware of their inner Spirit as their true identity in each lifetime.  When the soul has reached maturation and understood its true identity is its Spirit core, and has polarized sufficiently towards Service to Others (hopefully) or Service to Self, it is ready to “ascend” to the 4th density.

In summation, the process on a normally functioning planetary sphere goes like this:  Universal consciousness engages the illusion of separation and journeys down to 1st density consciousness, largely forgetting its original identity.  Consciousness inhabits a planet that will help it to grow into 2nd density, where it forms “soul pools” that incarnate into the animal kingdom, growing through the experiences of the animal species that it develops through.  Later, aspects of this “collective soul” incarnate into human form as a “new soul” or more accurately, a “candidate” soul because it is not yet fully individuated. At the end of the candidate’s incarnation, their life is reviewed and if they meet the criteria to advance into the stage of an “Immortal Soul” they will reincarnate and continue to develop the individuated soul they now possess.  If the candidate soul does not meet the criteria for individuation, it will be returned to the 2nd density soul pool from which it emerged and be re-absorbed into that collective consciousness.

With all of the above taken into consideration, we can safely say that there really aren’t “soulless” people on the planet, only “soul candidates” who are seeking to evolve into higher levels of being.

Properly Functioning Planetary Spheres vs Our Current Experience

On a properly functioning planetary sphere, the number of candidate souls is usually a minority of the total population, and it is the sacred responsibility of the further developed souls to show these candidate souls how to attain sovereign individuation through Service to Others.  It is also the responsibility of the highly advanced souls to help educate the individuated souls that are in earlier stages of their progression.  On these planets, the more advanced 3rd density souls easily communicate with Service to Others 4th density beings in order to learn how to be the highest version of their Self, and also learn how to smoothly transition into higher densities when they are ready.

One of the problems we face on this planet is that the Service to Self ankle-biters (please never call them archons icon wink Are There Soulless Beings In Human Society? ) have completely hijacked the natural progression of Consciousness on this planet.  I have seen this hijacking take two distinct routes.The first route is that the candidate soul, no matter how well it has grown, is returned to the soul pool from which it came at the end of its life.  This prevents the normal advancement of Consciousness through matter, and keeps that Spirit/Consciousness energy trapped in 2nd to 3rd density, creating many opportunities for energetic feeding by ankle-biters.

This keeps candidate souls being generated over and over on the planet, which is an advantage to ankle biters because these “new” souls are more easily compromised and manipulated by the ankle-biter consciousness to act out of ego-based, primitive (even animalistic) modes of being. These “un-evolved” (candidate) souls are used to stir up conflicts, anger, resentment and various energy-sucking dramas, which provide significant energetic sustenance for ankle biters.

The second way that soul evolution is hijacked is through endless 3rd density reincarnations. After a candidate soul becomes individuated and reincarnates through many lives, eventually it will desire to ascend from 3rd density and experience 4th density.  This option has been blocked by these 4th and 5th density Service To Self beings, who have trapped souls on Earth, forcing them to continue incarnating with the excuse that that they need to “fully learn their lessons.” The trapped souls are forced to keep experiencing many of the same dramas over and over, lifetime after lifetime, all the while having their Spirit energy harvested by ankle-biters as they experience hardship, anger, stagnation, judgment, and all of the lower human emotions.

The ankle-biters, through many thousands of years of practice on this and other planets under their control have figured out that a 50/50 ratio of new souls and trapped individuated souls sets the stage for the most low-frequency energy to be generated, because the new souls are easily manipulated into bad behavior, war-like expressions, etc. So our current mode of experience on this planet is that roughly half the planetary populace are individuated souls who have been forced to reincarnate in 3rd density instead of being allowed to advance on their evolutionary journey.  The other half are newly formed “candidate” souls hoping to attain individuation so that they can eventually progress to through the levels of consciousness.

One important point here is that the current ankle-biter controllers usually force candidate souls to be “recycled” into the “soul pool” that they came from, UNLESS they exhibit a strong tendency towards Service to Self behavior. These candidate souls are allowed to reincarnate in order to push the balance on this planet further and further towards Service to Self.  This is important to understand for those of us who are baffled by the insane levels of selfishness exhibited by people who “should know better.”  It is one thing for an immature person / candidate soul to behave selfishly, but for a mature, rational, self-aware person to exhibit chronically selfish and domineering behavior, this is an indication that their soul has chosen the Service to Self path.

Not An Exact 50/50 Ratio

The ratio of candidate to individuated souls is not exactly 50/50, because there are two more important types of incarnated humans that we need to be aware of:  Star-seeds and psychopaths.

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15 Responses to Are There Soulless Beings In Human Society? – by Cameron Day

  1. Janimari says:

    A PERSON WITH NO SOUL is also an individual who was conceived outside the normal means of copulation between a man and a woman the way God intended it to be. If someone is a test tube baby by IVF or other artificial means, THEY HAVE NO SOUL. If someone is conceived as in Genesis 6, by fallen angels mingling with human women to produce Nephilim, THEY HAVE NO SOUL. Any life or resemblance of life created by scientists or mankind or fallen angels in a manner not intended by God, does NOT have a SOUL. THEY ARE SOUL-LESS! A soul is only imbued into the being by God Himself if life was created by God. If not, there is no soul in that creature. In fact, God calls them abominations–monsters—no matter what they look like to you and me, and remember, God destroyed the entire earth by Flood for this reason. He also commanded the Jews throughout the Old Testament to annihilate races of Nephilim (with a variety of tribe/clan names for themselves) for this same reason…..Personally, I want to know myself exactly how we can physically identify them just by looking at them. In these end times, we will need to know that.

    • Jean says:

      I don’t know where in the world you have gotten this information. I can’t believe that Source, which is all about love, would in effect dam a person because of how they just happened to be conceived! Hugs, ~Jean

    • lecox says:

      Janimari, you are telling us a religious teaching, not a fact of life.
      A human being, and most large animals, have a very difficult time staying alive if they are not animated by a “soul.” Several different lines of study have shown us that when the soul leaves, the body dies. That also means that when the body is born, a soul usually arrives to occupy it. If no soul arrives, chances are the baby will not survive.
      In the distant past, souls existed capable of operating and inhabiting machines (like robot bodies). Such beings may still exist. It is more likely that we will err on the side of assuming there is no soul present when there might actually be one.
      Most of us assume that modern robots are “just machines.” But it is in theory possible for them to become inhabited!
      Furthermore, the presence of an animating being in (or near) a body does not guarantee that the person will act like you would expect a human person to act. Souls arrive here on many different paths, and some of them arrive very distorted.

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  7. lecox says:

    I want to know whose teachings these are. How did Cameron get this data? Why should we accept it as the best explanation of the way things are? Is a way to handle the endless reincarnation cycle postulated or tested?
    Hubbard’s teachings aren’t that different form what Cameron is talking about, but for his data I have a teacher who is identified, a research methodology which is explained, and a strategy for handling the situation.

    • Jean says:

      In my opinion, no one teacher has all the answers. There are many paths because people are very different, and eventually they will all lead us back to God. Hugs, ~Jean

      • lecox says:

        Jean, whether one teacher has “all the answers” or not is not my point. I want to know where a person is getting his information. Is it coming from formal research, a teacher, or is it just a feeling he has? I want to know, and I think anyone who tries to tell us how things “really are” should be willing and able to identify the sources for the data he/she is providing.

        I appreciate your faith, but what if there is more than one God and they never agreed on everything?

  8. zero2525 says:

    A soulless person I think not some of the greatest tyrants among us came from loving family’s history has shown this again and again. Somehow at an early age a child may get the idea that he or she may need to own things to be important in life, This can cause the person to feel out of balance in the present tense, this keeps the mind in the imaginations of the future or the ghost of the past. Only in the present tense is there a foundation of truth that one can work from. I have no use for ownership or its concepts the more one owns things the more ones intent is placed outside of the body into things owned it is a form of slavery to things, I dont even own a car. Inward thinking is my goal in life a little food and water a roof over my head it simple one can be happy and peaceful with less. I dont feel I have to fix everything in the world because I cant The spirit of the Chi is out there working on things out of my control so I have no need to worry.

  9. nicholas Fowler says:

    there is a lot of truth here but also some misunderstanding. he makes no mention of those souls who are incarnating on Earth in 3rd density for the first time on some kind of mission, not so much for their evolution, but to help the planet. i suggest this person,, cameron Day reads dolores cannons works for a better understanding of soul evolution through incarnation and karma. his thesis above is highly suspect in its accuracy IMO

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