Headlines from Citizens for Legitimate Government, February 19, 2013

Pa. school district streaming 130 cameras to police 

19 Feb 2013
A western Pennsylvania school district is about to begin sending images from 130 surveillance cameras in its buildings to municipal police cars. Murrysville police Chief Thomas Seefeld says the system in the Franklin Regional School District was in the works long before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings [aka false flag] in Connecticut — but that police believe the system could help them respond to such an event [?] in this district about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh. District officials tell the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review the system should also deter vandalism and other crimes.


Bradley Manning Faces 1000th Day in Prison

19 Feb 2013
This Saturday, February 23rd, will mark the 1,000th day in prison without trial for PFC Bradley Manning, accused of releasing classified military documents to Wikileaks. Among the documents was the Collateral Murder video, which shows the 2007 murder of over a dozen people in Baghdad by a U.S. Apache helicopter. The murdered included civilians and two Reuter’s employees, photojournalist Namir Noor-Eldeen and his driver Saeed Chmagh. Manning was also alleged to have released the Iraq War Logs, comprised of nearly 400,000 military logs recorded from 2004 to 2009.

Obama Administration Finalizes Polar Bear Extinction Plan — New Rule Shrugs Off Dire Climate Threat to Ice-dependent Animals

19 Feb 2013
After months of high-profile statements about climate change, the Obama administration today finalized a special rule that fails to protectpolar bears from greenhouse gas pollution under the Endangered Species Act. The new regulation is modeled on a previous Bush-administration measure excluding activities occurring outside the polar bear’s habitat — such as carbon emissions from coal plants — from regulations that could slow Arctic warming to prevent the bear’s extinction. The special rule comes just days after a new report from 12 leading polar bear researchers urging governments to begin planning for rapid ecosystem changes that could send key bear populations into abrupt decline. Without help, more than two-thirds of the planet’s polar bears, including all the bears in Alaska, will likely be gone by 2050.

Venezuela celebrates Chavez return after surgery

19 Feb 2013
President Hugo Chavez made a surprise return to Venezuela on Monday, 10 weeks after leaving for cancer surgery in Cuba, sparking celebration among his supporters. VTV, the government television station, said he arrived at 2:30 a.m. and was taken to the Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital in the capital, where he will continue his treatment for an unspecified form of pelvic cancer. “We have arrived again in Venezuela,” said a post at 3:42 a.m. on Chavez’s long-dormant Twitter account. “Thank you, my God! Thank you, beloved people! We will continue treatment here.” It was the first message on his Twitter account since November.

Airspace Breached at Obama Vacation

18 Feb 2013
U.S. fighter jets intercepted three small planes and a helicopter that entered restricted airspace over the weekend near the Florida golf resort where President Barack Obama was vacationing, according to a military spokesman. After the intrusions–including one on Saturday by a single-engine Cessna that initially failed to respond to Air Force warnings–all of the aircraft safely departed the off-limits area, said Army Lt. Col. Mike Humpreys, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

US to play active military role in Mali: US Senator 

19 Feb 2013
An American Senator says the United States is likely to play a more active military role in Mali, where a French-led war is raging, after the West African country holds elections. “There is the hope that there will be additional support from the United States in these and other areas, but… American law prohibits direct assistance to the Malian military following the coup,” Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE), the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Africa, told journalists in the Malian capital, Bamako, on Monday. The US has been providing intelligence, transport and mid-air refueling to France since it started its military campaign in Mali last month. US law prohibited direct assistance to Mali’s armed forces because of last year’s military coup,
 led by a US-trained Malian army captain, who toppled the country’s elected government.


Anonymous dumps US State Dept database

19 Feb 2013
Anonymous claims to have hacked the United States State Department website and captured a database, which has now been published on the Internet. The data dump by the hacktivists contains the names and email addresses of State Department consular and careers staffers and in some cases, their phone numbers and date of birth. Usernames are also found in the database dump. Searching state.gov and other sites shows that several email addresses and other data match State Department staffers in the United States and legations around the world.

Hundreds march near Mission Bay to protest proposed Keystone XL pipeline project

17 Feb 2013
Hundreds of San Diegans marched near Mission Bay on Sunday, joining a nationwide protest to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project. A huge protest occurred in Washington, D.C. on Sunday to send a message to President Obama about the long-term effects of the pipeline on the environment. A similar message was heard from hundreds in San Diego.

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3 Responses to Headlines from Citizens for Legitimate Government, February 19, 2013

  1. adriane says:

    Rebecca, if you look up “Idle no More” at Wkipedia you will find a short history of the movement.. But as with many movements that rise up suddenly like for example the colour revolutions in eastern Europe and the near East, one has to be very sceptical as to how these originated and who is actually funding those.

    At the moment ” Idle no More” was born it happenend to be very convenient for the Canadian government to have this movement distract and attract attention away from several serious issues that needed to be addressed. It is very likely that this was a set up…which could also be the reason why we do no longer hear much about this ‘movement’.

    True, Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nation stopped her hunger strike…but, as usual, not much, to be honest nothing has been accomplished for the Native peoples. I only see things significantly changing when non-native Canadians also take up this fight and stand up for their neighbors……

  2. Jean, it has been several weeks since we have heard a thing about the “Idle no more” movement in Canada. Were they silenced by the Canadian government or what. Please let us know. Thank you.

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