Writers, artists, musicians… They are the shamans of the modern world.” —Peruvian shaman Arcani, from The Shaman in Stilettos by Anna Hunt

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Anna Hunt with shamans in Peru

The greatest art we can create lies in the act of living itself. Yet none of us have been educated in how to live. We negotiate our way through the world by relying solely on our intellects, frightened of listening to our hearts, ignoring our bodies unless they stop working, and belittling our intuition. Disconnecting from all that we are leads to stress and unhappiness. This situation is worsened by the demands of modern life that lead us to compare ourselves both to others, and to an idealised image of who we should be – a career powerhouse who rakes in the cash, a domestic god / goddess, a glam fashionista, a loving partner, a yummy mummy or daddy, etc.

Retreat from the chaos and stress. Take a breather, slow down and learn tried-and-tested spiritual practices that have been around for over 40,000 years to reconnect to your complete, authentic self.

Excerpt from The Shaman in Stilettos
“‘Diamonds symbolize the DNA, the root of everything, who we really are….’ he pauses. ‘I am talking about self-expression Annita – how you express yourself in the way you live, the way you work.’

“My thoughts turn to my dreams. ‘So, are you saying I have problems with expressing who I am?’ I ask hesitantly.

“Maximo smiles at me. It’s impossible for me to stop myself smiling back. ‘Most of us do princess,’ he says gently, chucking me under the chin. ‘That is what our life’s journey is all about – learning to express who we are when all the personas and expectations are stripped away. ‘That is the secret of real happiness, isn’t it?”

Join Anna Hunt online on 24 February 2013
Adventures of a Modern Day Woman in a Mystical Tradition
9am Los Angeles • 12pm New York • 5pm London • 6pm Paris

Register Now   Suggested donation €15

The program will be recorded so if you are not able to join the live session you will be able to watch at any time that is convenient.

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2 Responses to Writers, artists, musicians… They are the shamans of the modern world.” —Peruvian shaman Arcani, from The Shaman in Stilettos by Anna Hunt

  1. zero2525 says:

    A real shaman or the sage avoids the world of men, they are not men or women of desire or want, in fact they have learned that in order to submit their will over to the spirit world, they must give up the concept of ownership. Did not the Christ tell the weathy merchant to go and sell all that he had, than give the money to the poor than to follow him, in order for him to be saved. But these days with organized religion if your not well to do you cant get through the door. People just cant appear on Sunday give a 100 bucks and think that Gods in the pocket. Oh organized religion will always tell folks everythings OK as long as the moneys right, and one has the appearance of righteousness everythings OK! Try being spiritual it’s not easy, in fact its hard work at first, as time goes by it does get easyer. The Rule of Power Absolute power in the Time of Absolute Need.

  2. debbymanynations says:

    Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.

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