Two videos concerning the Gulf of Aden vortex. . .

I cannot find the video that I posted on my site a very long time ago. While these videos are not very good, they do indicate that such a vortex could well exist. . . ~J

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2010

Gulf of Aden Mysterious Vortex Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe Ancient Eye of Ra has been awakened. Report by Admiral Maksimov of Russia’s Northern Fleet.

Uploaded on Dec 2, 2010

before and after are seen on the site before showed nothing like this you can check yourself info — FROM DOD HUTCHISON EFFECT PAPERS ;; ok rf operators are not the cause but open up this instead threw rf Gp=c2+k+mlr=V2
Vallee does predict a depletion of energy in the structure of space in the vicinity of an earth sized concentration of mass of 57000 megajoules less per cubic meter of intersteller space .
if this is so and the potential does exists , the energy available to produced the observed effects would be on the proper magnitude , assuming less then 100% converstion effciency of our apparatus , and given the dimentions of our target specimen “RE IN THIS CASE A ALUMINIUM METAL BAR “. this being the case, we we can assume that the more massive a target specimen, the greater potential energy flow .
no 15 from this paper goes on to say.. Serious consideration should be given to the idea that exceeding a certain crital mass of any relativly pure materiel may result in a reaction that that is not self quenching

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6 Responses to Two videos concerning the Gulf of Aden vortex. . .

  1. I feel ancient but It was the base it took a long time to take out thats why the weapon looked like a star gate.I was a very large base yes beings in all of the bases they have been there for 1000s of years. One more bit of info are moon is hollow it came here 12000 years ago it it an old Draco Mother ship they left it. Thats why it is the only moon that for some reason don’t spin think about that.It has a side we never see it has buildings and old domes on it.One item that is 7 miles high do you see.I will tell you one thing nothing were told on history is true get it nothing.The Earth is not flat but it is hollow.

  2. I was ancient base maybe 11,000 bc or older. Around Summer area in the Bible is the biggest portal it is used by the Reptilians. Mount Shasta is one the Human ets use there is also one in China. The Draco first came here first around 800,000 BC . The area from Cuba to the east coast known as D T is one that was the center of Atlantis fell in a war between ETS thats why its crazy there. It was a Human portal at that time. When they saw space ships in ancient times some people think star gates.A Draco base is also in New Mexico gone as of 2012.It was 3 to 5 miles under ground.Are Government knows this look for small military base and you will find that one.I could go on all night giving info on ETS and ancient Gods.30 years of research I have done and help from people in the know.I also had a high clearance in the Military if you know what I mean.

  3. As far as I remember, I have read that Aden vortex is an ancient portal or Star Gates that were used by Evil extraterrestrials for a long time…

  4. Living in fear at this time. They said in 2000 they had until 2003 to leave the Planet and the Moon. They have a big ego as they have powerful weapons but in 2012 they got hit and hard. Are Elite also has to big to fall egos we will see.

  5. If I am right I think this was one of the under sea bases of the Draco and Hydra Reptilians.If so it was a weapon being used to take it out from a space ship. All the under sea bases of the dark have been taken out by the Procyon people. Some under ground have been taken out they are all gone. They are not here any more Thanks to are star family. And the world leaders and the dark know this.That is why all the ships went to watch to see the power the light has.Thats why the rats are living i fear at this time.

  6. hellen says:

    i guess that the vortexes are finely opening up around the world due to climate and solar seem there is alot changes happening.hellen

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