!!!!! Important Announcement by the Keshe Foundation: Signing of the world peace treaty and World peace conference

Source: Keshe Foundation
Thanks to JK.

The Keshe Foundation made a promise that it would release a request and information on its forum today about the next step in the release of its technologies for bringing peace and equality for Mankind.

The following four PDF documents below in this link are important and need to be understood individually and then collectively as one unified paper.

We have not suggested a place and/or venue in our invitation letter for the peace conference, as we thought that mankind’s choice would be the most appropriate.

This peace conference can be held in Tehran, UN offices in New York, Beijing, Moscow or any another place on earth in a location that is acceptable to all.

The point is not the venue, but to achieve world peace for Mankind.

The date of 21.1.2013 for release of these documents is chosen for its importance and now mankind has 60 days until 21 March 2013 ( see the PDF letters) to set the scene to achieve what his forefathers could not do for thousands of years, by signing himself into accepting peace in its true sense individually and collectively.

As a race man now has the technology in hand to enforce world peace and man collectively has the determination to achieve it.

To be able to achieve world peace and see the process through, the Keshe Foundation is moving its headquarters to a new location and out of its present prison of Belgium, which has been enforced on it by international political pressure for the past nine years.

The Foundation will soon announce where it will make its new home so that we can see this treaty through safely.

In this way all political restrictions and press restriction on the Keshe Foundation will be removed and we will collaborate with all citizens of the world to make sure that the world peace treaty day can be realised.

Please collaborate with the Foundation and let today be the day when man starts a new chapter for humanity. Our goal is for every man on this planet to accept and sign themselves into the world peace treaty with their deeds, their hearts, their soul and in their words.

The Foundation calls upon world citizens to do what they have done in the last twelve months and as individuals to become a MESSENGER OF PEACE for your home, city, nation and mankind, and take the messages in these four letters to all world leaders, world ambassadors, mayors, religious leaders, your neighbour, brothers and sisters.

This can be achieved by putting these four letters out everywhere, be it on the net, media, social media, home, work place, palaces and parliaments, and by encouraging your governments, leaders of communities and individuals to sign the treaty and to organise and attend peace conferences organised by you and your nation.

Please do with this message as you did with encouraging your governments to accept the spaceship technology USB key.

I thank you for your support and hope we can achieve together in the near future what has eluded mankind from the beginning of time.

It is time to start a new chapter in the life of man on earth, where peace and serving humanity becomes the centre and focal point of every man and not the false materialistic life of today which has brought about so much misery for man from his inception on this planet.

I cannot imagine that any true man of peace or world leader will refuse to sign and to act upon what he has committed his nation, his faith and himself to by signing this treaty.

PDF An Insight into the Future of Man on Earth


PDF The Status of Scientists

PDF Signing of the World Peace Treaty and World Peace Conference 

M T Keshe

The Founder of the Keshe Foundation

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87 Responses to !!!!! Important Announcement by the Keshe Foundation: Signing of the world peace treaty and World peace conference


    • Kevin says:

      You believe in Keshe and his honority? Ok, here goes:

      Keshe has offered a “health device” to a poor victim for – hold your breathe – 4500 Euros and accepted that the woman pays in two tranche, the first being 1700 Euros.

      The victim payed and then – nothing.

      Keshe does not respond to EMails and nothing is delivered (how should something be delivered which does not exist?)
      Here goes the last EMail of the victim:

      ” Mr Keshe,

      As you have not replied to my e-mails enquiring about the whereabouts of my treatment equipment, I must assume that I have allowed myself to be deceived. I am not usually stupid, but desperation drove me to seek treatment outside of the normal medical routes.

      I have no power to retrieve my donation, but I would like you to know that you have driven me into debt and have also greatly worsened my condition by the stress you have caused me. I am totally inconsolable.

      All I wanted was a life. I had very little life before being introduced to your organisation, and now I have even less will to live.”

      Mr. Crammond, Mr House. how do you like the behaviour of your “prophet”? We don’t like it and we have informed the police and prosecutor in Brescia, Berlin and Ninove. We hope the will act accordingly, if not, we will do all we can to stop that disgusting scammer.

      Anybody who reads this, please forward the message as a warning to other potential victims. KESHE HAS NOTHING, all his claims and promises are lies. DO NEVER EVER pay even a single cent

    • Hi to William and others at this site:
      Here are a few facts about the situation, as I see them…

      In response to the entity (group) that calls itself “Kevin”: The problem with the case he/it discusses about Mr Keshe has already been corrected. I, Rick Crammond (…and that is my real name “Kevin”!) have contacted Mr Keshe personally about this case.

      Mr Keshe says, “The lady concerned has written a letter of apology to us, and the case is gone through Paypal, and it is for them to sort out. We have given the donation back and the receipt of shipping to Paypal, and we are waiting for the outcome to see how they have stolen systems through the post.”

      Give it up, group entity called Kevin. You hide and make false accusations, behind false Facebook names like “Heinrich Kleistinger” and “Kim Thorsen”, (who has only one friend, “Kumaran Sanmugathasan”. Kumaran admits to schizophrenia, and has been harassing Keshe for years.)

      “Kevin’s” constant demeaning harassment of Keshe on Facebook, and other sites, simply makes him/it look foolish. The last response from a visitor who simply asked a question at the Keshe Facebook site, following mean comments from Kim Thorsen and Heinrich Kleistinger, was,”may i know what the fuck you guys are on about and how is it relevant to what i asked?”

      So, enough is enough.
      “Kevin”, Who do you really represent? What is your true agenda?
      What does Mr Keshe threaten in your life, that makes you want to “get him”, so badly?

      In the five years I have known Mr Keshe, I have never heard of anyone who was swindled or deceived by him. Yes, due to a mixup, there was a woman who didn’t receive a couple of books. That was resolved personally by Mr Keshe, as described in a previous post here.

      Sure, Keshe’s new non-radioactive reactor/generator has taken time to develop, and folks are anxious to see it in action. Mr Keshe is intensely involved with work on that reactor now.

      Any one of the 150 or so people who have a 500 EU deposit for a reactor, can get the deposit back at any time they wish. I have never heard of a complaint from any of them, as they are informed about the nature of the situation.

      ” I volunteer for Keshe Foundation because I want a better world.”

      • Kevin says:

        Mr. Crammond:

        “Mr Keshe says, “The lady concerned has written a letter of apology to us, and the case is gone through Paypal, and it is for them to sort out. We have given the donation back and the receipt of shipping to Paypal, and we are waiting for the outcome to see how they have stolen systems through the post.”

        No problem, Mr. Crammond. Tomorrow we will contacht Paypal and confront the people there with Keshes accusation. We will as well ask the lady for what she apologized and if she has received the money.

        Mr Crammond, we think that you are a honorable man and that you will use the 3000+ Euro donation for your work on a reactor prototype as designated. It is not your fault that the reactor will never work (yes, we _know_ that.. Other than Keshe we have a profund knowledge in physics, measuring techniques and scientific work). We are sure that you are able to fix almost everything which is broken. But you cannot fix something, which is based on an impossible concept.

        And now please stop whining and, if you can, provide explanations for all the ridiculous claims and failures of Mr. Keshe, like:

        “Can somebody please tell me, what PHOBOS is” (in a NASA forum, where he tried to promote his ideas about terraforming Mars).
        “So at a humidity of about 50% we can extract about 300 liters of water from a ton of air”
        (In an interview on YouTube)
        “Do you know the friction between magnetioc fiedls creates heat and Thermo— are the consequence of interaction of magnetic fields.”
        (Per E – Mail to a friend as response to the question if he is familiar with the first law of thermodynamics)
        “Iran brought down the drone using MAGRAV technology”
        (In several places in the web)
        Measuring the output of his “Coke bottle reactor” with a DVM where the probes are connected to the wrong inputs.
        (In a YouTube video)
        Verifying a “Graphene” coating on the electrodes of same “reactor” with a misused diamond tester.
        (On his homepage).

        Finally to your question about our agenda:
        If somebody is credulous and perhaps greedy enough to pay money in advance for a “reactor”, based on an ordering form which is written totally amateurish and has conditions, which will never ever pass examination by a court, than it’s this persons fault.
        BUT if someone takes money from a desparate sick person for a bogus “treatment” and the not even responds to mails, then we act on behalve of that victim. And we don’t give up and your deletes and bans won’t help.
        Not only that – at least in the EU carrying out medical activities (treatments) or promoting drugs or healing devices which are not approved is illegal and in the US the FDA has a close eye as well on such activities.

        Btw – Dirk Laureyssens obviously disappeared, as well as KPV and Suzanne. we do hope, that they are OK.

      • Kevin says:

        Mr Crammond?
        We had such a nice discussion.. 😀

      • Kevin says:

        Mr Crammond, instead of running away you should notify Keshe, that his time is running out quickly. He has only 3 workojng days left to deliver evidence that he payed the 1700 Euros back to his victim.

        We have prepared a facts – presentation prepared which we will submit to prosecutors in Belgium, Italy and the UK, if we receive no definite and verifiable reporting until next Wednesday.

        We have also submitted this:

        >Mr Keshe says, “The lady concerned has written a letter of apology to us, and the case >is gone through Paypal, and it is for them to sort out. We have given the donation back
        >and the receipt of shipping to Paypal, and we are waiting for the outcome to see how >they have stolen systems through the post.”

        To Paypal and waiting for their response.

        Hurry up, Mr Crammond.

      • Kevin says:

        Hi Mr. Crammond, forget that bullshit….

        “There have been some doubts raised about the video weight system and use of electronic scale used.

        As usual with our work and to follow the same research after setting of new systems with modifications which are done, we have already started the same procedural loading with the new reactor modification and for the past three days are re-tracing the same procedural and loading sequence with slight changes.

        This time everything has been changed from the electronic scale to computerized load-cell, motors, bearings and seals have been changed not to lose plasma and other problems we faced with the original systems tested.

        Once we have completed our tests fully we will report and release videos again.

        The Foundation is strong enough to stand criticism and correct its research. ”

        …. and tell Ca$he to hurry up with the payback and the confirmation. Wednesday is deadline. And furthermore tell him, that he can fool a layman with that “computerized load-cell” blah blah., but not a computer engineer and developer with 45 years experience.

        The message to the prosecutors go out in two days if there is not a plausible confirmation of the payback. Take it or leave it.

      • Ok, “Kevin”, here is the information you wanted…

        This is the response from the Postman investigating where the lady’s parcel from Mr. Keshe went…

        Hi Mehran,
        I have located your parcel.
        A postman in the Uk attempted to deliver the parcel to the address at 15:04 on the 8th August 2013.
        There was no answer at the address: Postman left a card, telling the addressee to collect the parcel from North Pole Road post office.
        No one has yet collected the parcel.
        The parcel is still at the post office in …………. Road, London.
        Please advise your customer to go to the ………….. SPSO with ID to collect her parcel.

        Interestingly, “Kevin”, who says he is “out to get Keshe”, filed the complaint on the 9th of August…just one day after the post office delivered notice that the package had arrived and was ready to pick up!!

        Hmmm, Kevin, I smell something very rotten with your sour attitude. You will have to dream up something better than preying on women for your next attempt to defame Keshe.

        Now, the tables have turned, and perhaps we will see what your laws say about you hiding behind false accusations and defaming others…


      • Kevin says:

        Baby, you are a liar and your sermon does not help:

        Quote with coments

        Ok, “Kevin”, here is the information you wanted…

        >>fine 🙂

        This is the response from the Postman investigating where the lady’s parcel from Mr. Keshe went…

        >>Which parcel, Dude? an empty coke bottle, wrapped in christmas paper?

        Hi Mehran,
        I have located your parcel.
        A postman in the Uk attempted to deliver the parcel to the address at 15:04 on the 8th August 2013.

        >>Dude, we don’t believe you. Just provide evidence: Name and phone number or >>EMail address of the evil “postman” – or is he, as usual, under NDA?
        >>We just suppose, that you are a shameless liar, Mr Crammond 🙂

        There was no answer at the address: Postman left a card, telling the addressee to collect the parcel from North Pole Road post office.

        >>Aha, like the evil delivery service which did not deliver Syllys books
        >>Why not from the main post office on Phobos, that’s still more likely.
        >>Mr Crammond, try harder

        No one has yet collected the parcel.
        The parcel is still at the post office in …………. Road, London.
        Please advise your customer to go to the ………….. SPSO with ID to collect her parcel.

        NDA, of course, but you, from the XXXX, of course have the information. ROFL

        Interestingly, “Kevin”, who says he is “out to get Keshe”, filed the complaint on the 9th of August…just one day after the post office delivered notice that the package had arrived and was ready to pick up!!

        >>The post office delivered notice exactly to whom (in this context “whom” is correct, >>Mr Keshe)?

        Hmmm, Kevin, I smell something very rotten with your sour attitude. You will have to dream up something better than preying on women for your next attempt to defame Keshe.

        >>No problem, hundreds of visitors have in addition to my group, already debunked >>Keshes weight reduction bull. And the Co2 – conference has removed Keshe from >>the list of speakers

        Now, the tables have turned, and perhaps we will see what your laws say about you hiding behind false accusations and defaming others…

        >>Try and you will see 😀
        >>We demanded evidence from Keshe. You call that “evidence”? What are you >>smoking? Keshe did not provide evidence, _that he has returned the 1700 Euros_, >>that was, what we demanded, thus the presentation on facts to the procecutors >>goes out tomorrow. The rest is up to the authorities.


        Cheers to you. And next time try harder. You are just a victim of Mr “nuclear engineer prof dr.prophet and interstellar ambassador Keshe”, so we have nothing against you.

        HTH. HAND 😀

        • I’ve had it with your nastiness, “Kevin”. Sorry, i’m not into abuse like you are. Your group is no longer worth my time to address you. I’ll let the good folks in this blog judge Mr Keshe and you accordingly. I’m outa here. 😉

        • Oh, Kevin, if you really must embarrass yourself with more details of the case you have been ranting about, here is a tidbit from PayPal Protection Services Department. You want truth and details? Here it is, direct from Mr Keshe and Paypal :

          Dear Keshe power cell technology,
          PayPal has concluded our investigation of the following Buyer Complaint:
          Buyer’s name: x… i ..ia
          Buyer’s email: k…..@hotmail.co.uk
          Transaction ID: …………74690C
          Transaction date: 12 Jul 2013
          Transaction amount: 1 741,00 EUR
          Your transaction ID: 9……….90254NP35
          Case number: PP-00- ……..813-114

          Thank you for providing the requested information in a timely manner.
          The shipping information you provided has been verified. The claim has been
          closed in your favor.
          Thank you again for your cooperation with our investigation.

          PayPal Protection Services Department

          end Quote from PayPal

          Kevin, if the above is true, then an apology from you is appropriate…to Mr Keshe, and to the people here who may have been mis-led by your statements.

      • Kevin says:

        Mr. Crammond, you owe me a keyboard, because when I read your funny message I spilled a good deal of coffee over it.

        Do you have some mental problems? We request a confirmation and you (or Mr prophet Keshe) send a Paypal confirmation, that the lady HAS PAYED THE 1700 Euros? Thank you and Mr Keshe for delivering evidence, that the lady is really a victim.

        So, and now we want to see the transaction in the opposite direction, we give the “prophet” another three working days to send a _real_ proof that he has returned the money.

        And, Mr. Crammond, don’t run away like a coward, it will not help and it will surely not add to your credibility.

        • Score Fuxxon says:

          Lol, he didn’t just run, he dematerialized from the site completely. Hopefully through the use of some dysfunctional prototype transporter-tech of Keshe’s 😉

  2. ian savage says:

    it would be interesting to see if nitrogen can be used in the reaction

  3. Ashamed says:

    Absolute comedy gold this website, who would have thought that the more advanced version of a “cowboy” scam artist would take the form of a “claimed” nuclear scientist! I’ve seen 5 year olds on youtube with more believable crap than this chump! Fair play to him though, he’s managing to live off people even more retarded than he is!

    • Kevin says:

      Everybody with an IQ of slightly over 1 Keshe (1 Keshe is roughly equivalent to the IQ of a fried turkey) must until now have recognized, what a stupid scammer and liar Keshe is.

  4. James says:

    Apart from the multitude of incidents of cancelled, obviated, veiled and deleted information, you have the clear evidence of lying from the face of the man himself. Watch this video and study the facial behavior. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piT7Vgc9sCw

    As the old saying goes, every good lie is 80% truth. When he is talking about people, places, common scientific principles, theories, and conversations he’s had, you can clearly see him accessing the visual and auditory memory part of his brain. When it comes to the tech and the space travel you will notice several distinct lying behaviors. You will notice them just a second before, or while he is mentioning the tech and travel, them being:

    1. rapid eye movement from left to right
    2. rapid blinking, usually 2 or 3 fast blinks
    3. rubbing the nose or touching the face
    4. looking down to the left

    I would put these actions down to chance but for the fact they are most pronounced in his discussion during the points in the talk relating to the two subjects in question.

    It seems evident to me that he is conscious of the facial body language and tries to train himself to constantly look up to the right throughout the entire interview, more so than would be normal in this situation. The problem for Keshe is that some of the information he chooses to reveal forces him to recall what he made up, and the instant he does that it is obvious where the story is coming from.

    World peace, great idea, but to me this is a book selling deal that will fade into history like so many before. I’d recommend Dr Steven Greer if you want to bring us into an age of enlightenment. Look up the disclosure project and the Sirius movie.


  5. Kevin says:

    This is also for Sally Nye:

    Hi Sally, no problem. Rick ^Crammond or Mr Keshe shall (not “should”) provide the exact date of shipment and the delivery organisation and either the shipment company will be obliged to refund your money or to deliver the books. If you have the choice, choose the refund – the books are not even worth the shipment costs,

    Anyway – I don’t believe Rick Crammond, because when such a company does not find you at home they leave a message in your postbox and normally give it at least a second try. We will see. If Keshe declines to provide date and company we know, that the story is one of the zillion lies Keshe has broadcasted.

    and we will act accordingly.

  6. This is in response to Sally Nye:

    I volunteer for Keshe Foundation, and have looked into the problem you had with books ordered from the Keshe Foundation.

    Mr Keshe is is now personally looking into the situation, and he expects to have an answer about it by next week. (end of March 2013)

    So far, the current information is, “these books were shipped correctly but – says the delivery organization – that Sally Nye was not at home when the delivery happened. The email she used mtkeshe@keshepowercells.com, is only a Paypal email account and not monitored for mail correspondence. The webmaster is not involved in book problems.”

    Hopefully this info will be useful to you, and some resolution forthcoming.

    Personally, I have received six Keshe books, and know of two others who have received six more, all in a timely manner without issues, during the fall of 2012 time period.

    cheers, Rick

    • Kevin says:

      Btw Rick, now, that Keshe made his Pamphlet public he must be very careful. What he has written about religions, including the Islam, might provoke some action from a fanatic and – as Salmon Rushdies case shows, this might end up as a “sentenced to death” by one of the extremist organisations.

      And the he has really a reason to run…

  7. Mark House says:

    Galax, the forum post by my “master” was directed at the forum members. Mehran Keshe’s note to the world will no doubt be vetted and proofed before release and in perhaps all languages. Do You lot have the resources to do all you expect of a simple man? Drop the superiority rants, please. If you reject the racist “mace” then accept your own inabilities to allow others to communicate as they wish without the lame criticisms.


    • Lethe says:

      He is the founder of an organisation that has/had? a center in Belgium, another place with a research facility (since that is not located at the center in Ninove) and is moving to Italy now I think, he must have people working for/with him on his projects but he cannot spend a few hundred Euros on a translator? (Or have a native speaker work for him).
      Why are our resources important? I am not claiming to be able to solve all problems of the world (by providing free energy, water, healing of all kinds of illnesses etc.) so my situation does not compare to his anyway.
      And what superiority rants? I myself am not a native speaker and sure make lots of mistakes but for important things I get help because I think grammar and spelling is important.

    • Jean says:

      Well said, and thank you. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Kevin says:

      “accept your own inabilities to allow others to communicate as they wish without the lame criticisms.”

      When the “others” communicate in public and some of the communication is suspect, hen there is no way for the “others” to prevent public criticism. Face it. No way.

  8. Lethe says:

    I would consider it polite to address someone in proper english (or whatever language I want to address him in). He should have the means to pay someone for proofreading. And something written in proper english would be taken more seriously, that´s not racism…

    • Jean says:

      I would suggest you consider running your life, as well, in a foreign language, and see how much proof reading you have time to do, or to get done. Better still, learn other people’s language so that this is not a problem for you. Perhaps I sound sarcastic, but I think taking the time to be judgmental in this regard is such a waste! What about the content, the heart of the matter about which these people speak? It’s always easy to call the shots from the sidelines, but how many of us whose mother tongue is English actually write the language correctly. People, let’s get serious here and talk about serious and important things. When we don’t, what sort of people does that show us to be?


      • Lethe says:

        I learned another language…english is not my mother tongue…and I´m living in a foreign country where english is my best shot until I learn more of the language that is spoken here.
        When I have to write something important in english I find the time to do proofreading and ask native speakers to help me . No one is complaining about the comments on his forum or everyday talk but if someones writes to the president of the United States he should find the time to proofread or spend a few Euros on having someone doing it for him. In my opinion this shows respect and if I expect the other person to invest time in reading it I should invest time and effort in writing it.

      • Galaxion says:

        I perfectly agree for everyday matters. I have a multitude of foreign friends from countries all over the world (including Iran, by the way) and it would never come to my mind to judge them for linguistic mistakes in conversations, letters, emails and and anything else without legal importance. In contracts, treaties, and similar matters however, minor mistakes can create huge problems. The magnitude of these potential problems grows with the importance and the scope of the issue dealt with. So, with all due respect, I see the criticism in this case not unwarranted.

      • Kevin says:

        Keshe is not running for life, he is rinning to escape the debunking of his delusions.
        And now, after that ridiculous “world peace treaty” there is not much free space left for running.

      • Kevin says:

        Jean, there is much more to it.
        Quack medicine for example. Have a look at the following (from Facebook . It contains a link to the original Keshe announcement:

        Bernhard Gladmüller
        Ok, and now let’s talk health care.

        This is my only and last message as a speaker of a group of people who are not willing to tolerate medical scam.

        The Keshe Foundation is illegally carrying out alleged “medical treatments” and promises, at a high price, to heal several serious diseases:


        You are used to taking tablets but with the space health program you only have to drink 1 to 1.5l of water per day from your designated supply and for about half an hour per day breathe air through the system that we provide.
        Since the water and air are part of your body’s natural constituents, you heal without any side effects.

        Thus as the body controls the healing process itself,
        it is safe, natural and permanent.
        Since the water and air are part of your body’s natural constituents, you heal without any side effects as your body regulates the healing and there are no chemical changes as with conventional medicines and their side effects. Thus as the body controls the healing process itself, it is safe, natural and permanent.
        As our records from many years of trials show, these processes once set in motion in the body bring about permanent change and there is no need for any further processes or medication from other sources. (Quote end)

        Especially the last sentence: ” bring about permanent change and there is no need for any further processes or medication from other sources. ” Is a proof, that this announcement tries to sell or has already sold quack medicine. That the Foundation, which has no medical license or education whatsoever, advices potential victims (“volunteers”) “that there is no need for any further processes or medication from other sources” makes this quack extremely dangerous to desparate or gullible patients.

        Imagine that you have a 5 year old daughter who has got a relative benigne type of cancer, which can easily be healed and is very unlikely causing rezidives or metastases and such a quack promises to heal her miraculously.
        Yor daughter dies because the quack has adviced you, that no convetional medical treatment is necessary. And after her death you must discover, that she could be alive and healthy. What would you feel?

        We give Keshe foundation 14 days from now to completely remove all announcements for healing and medical treatment, furthermore to announce in public that there will not be any such treatment offered or carried out in the future and to refund patients, who have already payed for a treatment or “study” the whole sum they have payed.

        We have already notified the Belgian ministry of health, a copy of the notification is filed at a lawyers office together with the same notificaton in different languages and ready to be sent to the ministries of all EU – states if, after the 14 days, the Keshe foundation health department is not completely shut down and all payments refunded or if some mysterious mishap should happen to one of the members of the group.

        Furthermore we will right now publish the above text in all available media.

        There will be no further warning. If the health department is not shut down within 14 days we will act without further notification.

  9. Mark House says:

    Making fun of Mehran Keshe’s English in speech and writing is childish. Check your racism at the virtual door, please. Thanks, and please sign the World Peace Treaty petition.

    • Galaxion says:

      Oh, the political correctness mace. That’s a nice one. Your master has the nerve to send a proposal to the world’s leaders without getting it proofread before, and critizing that is “racism”? And if the leaders don’t sign it (which of course won’t happen) then:

      [F]rom 22nd we will […] take new steps to enforce the peace treaty […].

      What a joke.

    • Kevin says:

      “Making fun of Mehran Keshe’s English in speech and writing is childish. Check your racism at the virtual door, please. Thanks, and please sign the World Peace Treaty petition.”

      No need – he makes plenty of fun himself. And he lies most of the time. Didn’t he tell us, that the foundation _has_ already moved to the new home in Italy? and now the signing of the peace treaty happens at the Keshe foundation centre in Ninove?

      What about the sealings for the years postponed delivery of the “reactor”? Delivery date is near again. I tell you something: The delivery will never come because Keshes “invention” is a delusion. And please do not mention the “graphene” again – I have never seen such a childish fake before – my 12 year old son can do much better.

      If you want to see some better quality fakes, have a look here:

      What about the allegedly confiscated “flying car”? Unfortunately it never existed. Keshe is not even able to recognize, that all his claims can be easily falsified – you know, we live in the aera of worldwide communications.

      Mark – in the US 41 people have signed the two pwtitions. How many signatures can Keshe expect for his ridiculous “world peace treaty”? Face it – Keshe is a loser.

  10. Mark House says:

    New today
    ” The Keshe Foundation in the past month has taken deliberate and clear distance from getting involved in any move in how to push for the world leaders to sign the peace treaty, and left this in the hand of the world citizens to do what and how they could see correct to approach their leaders for themselves.

    As far as we are informed, a large number of ambassadors and their leaders around the word have received the peace treaty and these have been sent from their embassies to their governments for decision making by their respective governments and their leaders.

    As in the procedure with the technology transfer with USB stick, we allowed the governments to receive the information without interference from the Foundation and as they started the research in the new technology independently, then we have started the procedure for teaching and releasing and developing of the technology with others as organisations, companies, groups and individuals and we will do the same with the world peace treaty.

    Now in the same manner with peace treaty we will keep our silence and position until 21.3.2013 and then on 22.3.2013 we will declare our point in respect to how and why the present wars are mainly instigated and in whose benefit and how world citizens can instigate world peace through their newly gained knowledge and their actions.

    I request those whom are following us not to stop the process of informing your leaders even after the 21.3 2013.

    Then from 22nd we will move forward for mass signing of the treaty and take new steps to enforce the peace treaty and we will make our position clear.

    Those whom have chosen to be bystanders until now, they will soon have to make decision to be involved in the movement of changing themselves to be part of the peace treaty by not to be afraid of losing their position and nether to be fashionable, but to be able to create the change through their own personal conducts that collectively as the race the man accepts peace and peaceful coexistence as a natural way of life and then the race of the man in short time will be ready to join the universal community as a whole.

    In my Open letter to be releasd on 22.3.2013, which was written to be released on the 28.2.2013 and for clear reasons due to circumstances and its contents, this letter was withheld to be released until that we could be as open as one could be to explain the reality about how peace has been kept away from the race of the man by deliberate acts of some of the so called world leaders and in turn after its release we expect positive reaction from these leaders in facilitating the world peace treaty signing and commitments for it by their governments and its implication.

    As I promised I have delivered my peace treaty documents to the two more influential politicians of the present time, firstly to my president His Excellency president Ahmadinejad and secondly to His Excellency president Obama.

    We are waiting to know as they have signed it by their public word, if they will announce and commit themselves to it in writing according to their past talk for desire for peaceful coexistence and world peace.

    I have delivered the package of the world peace treaty to the office of my nation’s religious leader His Imminence and Holly be His name the Grand Ayatollah Imam Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei thought the right and appropriate channels in Iranian government apparatus.

    At the same time I have given the peace treaty documents in the same manner to the men close to previous Pope before his resignation which was not delivered to him due to his sudden resignation and the same package will be delivered to new elected His Immense Pope Francis as he is not sworn in to office as of yet for him to receive the package of peace treaty too.

    Now we see if the leaders of politicians and religions can come to agree to talk and enforce the act of peace.

    Our offer of peace to our friends as some tell me, it has been responded to in positive way as we see in the news that for the first time positive moves have been made, we wait and see if the same leaders will commit themselves to peace treaty too in public soon.

    I Hope that the Canadian prime minster will sign his treaty as he has received his and we forgive him for his evil acts of the past as forgiveness is needed if the world peace has to be among all men and at the same time our African presidents will follow the same as I have personally delivered the package of the world peace treaty to their representatives.

    After the 22.3.2013 we will work towards one goal and that is the implementation of the technology to achieve world peace.

    Those who want to join the world peace treaty need no excuses to hold back and those whom need to see miracles before they believe in it then will have to make it themselves to happen.

    The peace will not be handed over through wage packets and social security payments, or by the birds as a child, but through believing, acting and informing oneself that what the word peace treaty dividends shall be for the race of the man as a whole.”

    M T Keshe


    • Kevin says:

      😀 😀 😀

      It seems President Obama saw it fit to give a speech in Israel today rather than sign the World Peace Treaty. I am disappointed but I hope that he will see reason at some point when your technology really starts coming out in to public knowledge.

      Love, a supporter from the US.

      Ich vermute mal der Tenor der Reaktionen war so:

      Obamas personal secretary:
      “Sir, here is an important anouncement from some foundation (no idea what the are doing)”

      “Oh no, this iranian crackpot again. Please put that bull into the waste paper box. No wait, this must be treated as special waste..”

      Путины личного секретаря:
      “Сэр, здесь важна Извещение от некоторого основания (не знаю, что делают)”

      “О нет, это иранские ненормальный снова. Пожалуйста, поставьте, что бык в поле бумажных отходов. Нет, подождите, это должно рассматриваться как специальные отходы ..”



      And so on
      Und so weiter….

      Anyway – Keshe gave the world a good laugh.

  11. Mark House says:

    Such defeatist arguments defeat yourself.

    The real purpose of the coke bottle demo..

    Room temperature production of graphene

    • Galaxion says:


      1. Even in the Elektor article from 2007 you linked to, the sequence is stated this way:

      He also had a plastic cola bottle […], and this bottle carries the secret of the world’s future energy supply. As a side effect, the bottle also provides a solution for the CO2 problem, as well as an inexpensive way to produce nanomaterials and a spectacular way to transform a length of ordinary stranded wire into a multi-conductor cable.

      (Magazine Elektor 4/2007)

      Apart from that every single claim of these is nonsense (for which one clear sign is, that nothing of this materialized in the real world outside Keshe’s universe since 2007 — not because it has been “suppressed”, but because it never had any substance to begin with), the “energy supply” is named first, and the “nanomaterials” (oh my …) are named third.

      2. On Keshe’s own website the sequence is stated this way:

      One of our simplest static plasma reactors is the cola bottle. This is equipped with a number of electrodes, from two to five. In this cola bottle reactor we achieve several outputs of voltage and current, we create atomic hydrogen and simultaneously we obtain deposits of atomic carbon on the electrodes.

      (Keshe Foundation, Dynamic Reactors: http://www.keshefoundation.org/new-horizons/dynamic-reactors.html)

      “Outputs of voltage and current” is named first, alleged “atomic carbon” is named third.

      3. In Keshe’s central, failed patent application EP1770717 the sequence is stated this way:

      As we have show in our simple reactors, like a cola bottle, a lunch box and a photo-film container. These plasma reactors deliver voltage and current, and can simultaneously separate carbon from the plastic of the bottle and deposit this carbon on copper electrodes under the form of atomic carbon (sp2 and sp3).

      (EP1770717, Description, 09/01/2006)

      “Voltage and current” is named first, alleged “atomic carbon” is named third.

      You’re trying to retcon the actual story, because more and more people become aware that the tiny amount of electricity generated by the “coke bottle reactors” obviously stems from ordinary electrochemical processes. So the “graphene” is the last resort to save the whole “coke bottle reactor” story.

      I will handle the “graphene” next (I will post that soon above as an addendum to my original comment).

  12. Kevin says:

    Come on Mark, the next step _must_ be, that Keshe fulfills his promises. Withe the reactors he is years behind schedule and all he has shown up to now are stupid excuses.

    He had never a reactor, his “experiment” with a coke – bottle and a cheap DVM are so ridiculous, that not even a 10 year old schoolboy would believe him, his near followers try to save Keshes course with absolutely ridiculous “evidence” (just think of the amateurish faked “Raman diagram” or the Foto of the experiment with the “Graphene coated” wires, a 9V battery and a christmas toy.

    As Galaxion mentions: Keshes knowledge in physics and chemistry is far below that of a ten years old grammar school pupil, he has no knowledge whatsoever about orders of manitude (see his brilliant explanation how much water can be extracted from 1 ton of air or his calculation of the volume of a sphere), he sends a peace reaty invitation to the president of the US which is written in such a horrible English, that it is since 3 weeks not on Obamas table, but in the presidents waste paper box.

    At least the American people seem to be clever enough not to fall for his great and empty words. Remmber the two petitions in US? 41 sigatures both together – one got 11, one got thirty.

    Better give up and leave the sinking ship…

  13. Mark House says:

    Additional information on the “plasma magnet” approach to plasma rotation

    Remembering the “plasma magnet” method of generating rotation, from my first video, below one can observe the animated magnetic fields of such an arrangement. I found it particularly impressive because I had not anticipated that the rotation would be so smooth(the field is literally rotating!):

    Animation shows two coil pairs perpendicular to each outer. They work at the same frequency but out of phase.

    Notice the magnetic dipole rotating outside the perimeter of the solid circle.

    While this type of configuration can be run at millions of cycles/hertz this does not directly translate to plasma rotation. However even if effectiveness is 25%, plasma rotation would be faster then by any other conventional method(and relatively problem free). I think it would be most effective at the heart of the reactor.

    For details on how the electrons/ions(outside circle) are reacting to such a field configuration please visit: http://www.ess.washington.edu/Space/PlasmaMag

    Regarding the use of inductively coupled plasma

    I’ve just been reading about its use in the Tokamak – a single coil version working on the same principle:

    This 4 coil version is used as is, in the “Rotamak”

    Link to image(posting is limited to 4 images)

    The “Spheromak” employs a similar configuration as I have shown:

    Notice here the similarity with Mr. Keshe’s reactor.

    The next stage is to compare the environment of the Keshe reactor to the environment created by these configurations, to see if they are at all compatible; the primary motivation being the physical simplicity and rotation potentials of ICPs.

    To this end attributes of the Keshe reactor will need to be considered systematically and tabulated – in the very least this will reveal which ones we are missing.
    I will be turning my attention to this task next.

    Additional remarks:
    In view of all these fusion reactor designs (I don’t think there are any others), it’s important to notice the originality of` Mr. Keshe’s approach. Many similar methods exists, but non have the unique combination of 2 or more layers of gases, rotating at different rates, with a focus on low-energy methods for ‘excitation’.

    In my judgment this fact should increase confidence in the claims made by Mr. Keshe; it also exposes the actual motivations of his detractors/opponents who have no scientific precedent to base their claims.

    To finish on a liter note: I have been wondering whether the “Keshe Plasma Dilution Reactor” should be shortened to Keshemak – what do you think ?

    (Note: This will by my last post for several months until I complete a business project. By making this statement I would like to avoid offense to anyone with questions or comments that warrant a reply)


  14. Pingback: Important Announcement by the Keshe Foundation: Signing of the world peace treaty and World peace conference | Road To Armageddon And Beyond

  15. Doreen Agostino says:

    Since Mr. Keshe emailed me some time ago, about mis-treatment by Canada Customs, I emailed him to ask why he did not align with Foster and Kimberly Gamble, who are working on ‘free energy’ globally, and with co-authors of the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty to ban space based weapons, transform the military industrial complex into world peace, and re-direct military money, personnel, and technology, to heal us and the planet, to which Mr. Keshe did not respond.

    As I understand, no one has actually seen Keshe technology, including people who attended the 21 September 2012 Keshe Foundation release of the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) systems it developed, to scientists around the world for production and duplication. The link to this event is no longer active.

  16. "Kindness is Power" says:

    Sally Nye,
    Have you contacted Keshe regarding your book order?
    Has it actually been 6 weeks since you ordered?
    If not, please do not let fear mongering make you jump to conclusions.
    I too await the physical release of this wonderful new technology.
    It is understandable in this “age of deception” that many question the truth behind claims that have not yet been manifest into their current lives.

    However I wish to point out what is self evident. For the new systems to come online and become available to the masses, the old system must be dismantled. Now the masters of the old system are fighting for survival, but this technology makes all of their threats of physical force and military technology obsolete. They can attempt to wage WW 3, but in doing so they will find their military technology disabled and unrepairable. So instead they resort to threats, and fear mongering using non technology arms to continue terrorizing us. However even these actions are dependant on their ability to finance these actions. As their funding is cut off even these acts of agression will decrease.

    I ask you to to dicern truth by looking at the intentions of an action.

    When I look at the intentions of the Keshe Foundation I feel a real sense of hope for humanity and their clear transparency.

    When I look at the intentions of the above blog I feel a real sense that this blog may unintentionally extinguish a readers hope for humanity. Without judgement the writer maybe innocently and unknowingly stuck in one of the three phases of discovering a new truth. Phase one = disbelief. Phase two = complete denial and pursucusion of all who believe. Phase three= Acceptance.

    I realize to most, “seeing is believing”, but not yet seeing this technology in action does not disprove it.

    You ordered the books, so it is self evident to me that you are in the process of Phase three.

    Please do not let other’s levels of truth affect yours.

    Call the foundation, inquire where your books are and be patient as they are clearly very busy and could be understaffed.
    Patience is a virtue, it is everyones right to believe or not believe.
    There is a very real energetic accounting done to the Soul who causes harm to another Soul.
    The writer as well and Mr. Keshe and all of us are subject to the very real energetic accounting that influences our Soul evolution.

    Step gently forward in your journey of discovery and have fun, while always remembering to be careful to never cause harm.
    Blessings for humanity,
    “Kindness is Power”

    • Galaxion says:

      Kindness may be power. Gullibility is not.

      • Sally Nye says:

        Galaxion, thank you so much for replying to my comment. I understand perfectly well where you are coming from. I believed in Keshe & would still like to believe in him. I also recognize the negative forces trying to discredit him. In my case, however, he has discredited himself. I paid for my two autographed books on Sept. 15, 2012. Since that time I have sent three eMails to mtkeshe@keshepowercells.com and one or two eMails to their webmaster. None of the eMails bounced nor have I been granted the courtesy of receiving a reply from them.

        I don’t mind offering them a donation for their research …but being taken advantage of is a different matter. At this point in time, I have to believe the books are not being shipped. It’s been 6 months with no word.

        I’ve even requested a refund but nothing has shown up in my PayPal account …it’s too late to file a transaction complaint because 6 weeks are long past.

        The money is a loss but I will survive that. The REAL loss is my disappointment. I truly wanted to believe in this man with his technology.

        Again, thank you for caring enough to reply to my note.
        Love and Light

  17. Sally Nye says:

    Thanks for all the comments. I can see that I’ve been duped! Keshe has my money and I have nothing. I should have realized when I placed my order for two autographed books …they said to wait at least 6 weeks for delivery. Well, after 6 weeks, you can no longer file a complaint with PayPal. They knew what they were doing. I’m out $238.82 but am a wiser person!

  18. Links to Keshe’s actual distributed Patents – http://is.gd/mX4cpt. Results for the actually produced Proof of Concept (you can make one too, instructions are on the net!) – http://is.gd/2iuzUR.

    This means that either you’re paid by someone to trash him. Or you’ve just done really poor homework. Which is it I wonder.

    • Galaxion says:

      Wrong on both counts.

      1. Keshe exploits the ignorance of many people concerning the difference between a patent application and a patent. Keshe doesn’t have any patents. He applied for some patents, and the applications were effectively rejected (actually he stopped paying the fees after the impending rejection was obvious). Your link above — the one Keshe usually provides — hides this fact (obviously intentional in Keshe’s case). It links only to Espacenet, a subsidiary service of the European Patent Office, and allows only access to the application documents, which “look” for most non-experts like actual patents. But they aren’t. The link I provided links to the European Patent Office itself and gives full access to the legal status, the event history, and the entire correspondance concerning the applications. Designating a patent application as a patent is fraud.

      2. The ridiculous “Coke bottle experiment” is only a proof for the gullibility of many people. It produces some millivolts (thousandth of a single volt). If you switch a voltmeter to a millivolt range and put the probes anywhere not completely dry you will nearly always measure some millivolts. Simple electrochemical processes. Anyone interpreting more into this is simply falling for “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

      • Thank you, I took a look at Espace – which by the way Keshe does not control, so I wonder why you persist in villanizing him – but I do stand corrected; as best as I can tell there’s no “international patent”.

        Meanwhile, I do invite (those with curiosity instead of a predilection for ridicule) to consider that:

        1.) dismissing Keshe’s patent does not dismiss the numerous points of science emerging from him AND all the other researchers (see my blog) doing work related to “low energy nuclear reactions”, plasma physics, and tesla / scalar wave dynamics – information that is worth trying to understand – and – 2.) the mean-ness of sarcastic name-calling, (ex: story-teller), hostility (“had the gall”) and hiding behind anonymity, all makes for a poor vehicle for representing any valuable information You may be trying to convey. Many of us could hear the content and substance of your perspective more easily if you did it with more kindness and invitation to investigate and less vinegar. Maybe you’re really frustrated. That would be worth giving care to, but doesn’t justify or warrant ridicule-ous behavior against others.

        Meanwhile I appreciate your intense desire to spread awareness, and I will return to my studies-based-in-curiosity and invite you and others to the same!


      • Galaxion says:

        “Story teller” is far from sarcastic name calling in this case. It is a dry assessment of the actual situation. You obviously still have only a very minor idea how much of Keshe’s empire is actually built on smoke and mirrors. And I’m not alone designating Keshe this way. After years of supporting Keshe, the well known Sterling Allen of PESN finally concluded at the beginning of this year:

        Other technologies that I expect will likewise crash and burn this year will be Keshe. […] People (including me) are starting to realize that he is a story-teller with nothing truly substantive […].

        (Sterling Allan, http://pesn.com/2013/01/02/9602258_2012_in_Review–2013_Free_Energy_Predictions )

  19. Kevin says:

    “Those whom make decisions are the ones whom make the difference.”

    That hurts …. 😦

  20. debbymanynations says:

    From the Keshe Foundation:
    We have delivered the peace treaty for signing by His Excellence president Obama directly through the same channels as the transfer of technology was requested for by the government of USA.

    We have confirmation through the same channels that: The peace treaty has been on the table of the most powerful man on Earth for the past three weeks.

    Your Excellency President Obama;

    The world is waiting for your call.

    Man of peace or war; please declare your position not to the Foundation but to the world.

    Mass consciousness will take over the actions of weak presidents and Kings as we have seen in so called the spring uprisings in the past years.

    Those whom make decisions are the ones whom make the difference.

    We are waiting for your declaration your Excellency.

    Your Excellency you can sign it in the White house, UN offices in New York, the office of The Keshe Foundation in Brussels, in Haifa in the house of worship or in Tehran amongst your friends.

    Please choose the time and the place; to be in the next two weeks and we will respond, on behalf of the US nation, the world, the world faith, the Foundation, or the Iranian nation respectively.

    Your Excellency, your nation through your office asked for the USB Key for the spaceship program; with respect and honor we responded to your call and gave you and your nation the technology as a gift as we gave it to Iran, china and Russia.

    Now with the receiving this technology come the responsibility and that is the responsibility of implantation of peace.

    Your Excellency president Obama; the channels of reply can be through the mass-media or through the same channels as we delivered the technology to your nation on your personal request.

    With deepest love and care and respect for you and your nation.

    M T Keshe
    The Founder of the Keshe Foundation and world citizen

  21. Galaxion says:

    Peace is one of the most important things in the world. But you can’t build peace based on gullibility, ignorance and lies. And unfortunately, this is the kind of peace Keshe offers. His peace efforts rest upon his “technology”. And his “technology” … doesn’t exist.

    Keshe is a story teller, nothing more. He is making announcements since about 2007, and there is still not a single credible witness who has ever seen a working “Keshe generator”, his “flying car”, or anything comparable from his long technology list. Every single announcement to tangibly show his “technology” (like the big technology demonstration announced for December 14th last year) has always been postponed or canceled.

    It is an easily verifiable fact that Keshe blatantly lies when he talks of his “patents”. The documents usually referred to as Keshe’s “patents” are nothing more than meager attempts to secure patents, that failed years ago.

    Keshe stopped paying the fees to uphold the patent applications after the assessment of the patent examiners of the European Patent Office made it obvious that the nonsense Keshe had fabricated hadn’t the slightest chance ever to be approved. Patent applications that are not paid for anymore automatically get the status “deemed to be withdrawn”.

    Don’t take only my word for this, but go check it yourself at the website of the European Patent Office (this is a different link than the one Keshe usually provides): register.epo[dot]org/espacenet/smartSearch?lng=en&searchMode=smart&query=Keshe (the entire correspondence is respectively available under “All documents”).

    Concerning the “USB stick handover” to the Italian embassy in Brussels, that Keshe describes so histrionically in his Forum (“Italy the latest nation joining the Spaceship program”), there exists an official statement by the Italian government (banchedati.camera[dot]it/sindacatoispettivo_16/showXhtml.Asp?idAtto=62130&stile=6): Keshe turned up at the embassy without an appointment, imposed his USB stick on them, and they took it out of politeness. The video recording, which Keshe designates as “according to diplomatic protocol” is deemed “abusivamente” by the Italian government, which is somewhere between “without permission” and “illegal” with a tendency to the latter. Keshe’s claims concerning any “space partnership” are sharply rejected. Very probably the other (15 or so) “USB stick handovers” happened similarly.

    From December 15th to 17th last year Keshe toured Italy. The disappointment spread when he again only told stories instead of showing something substantial. A well kown Italian blogger subsumed it aptly (22passi.blogspot[dot]it/2012/12/keshe-tante-parole-nessun-fatto-post-di.html): “Keshe: tante parole, nessun fatto” (= Keshe: many words, no facts).

    Keshe even had the gall to post in his forum afterwards “The first public show of Magravs space reactor”. What did he actually show? A lousy video from — according to him — 2009, where you see some spherical thingy with some measuring devices around. Some digits change on the measuring devices. Nothing more. Ridiculous.

    Some examples of Keshe’s announcements:

    After nobody took him serious 2006/2007 on the NASA spaceflight forum, he sulked, and claimed that he had now given his “technology” to the Chinese:

    Within next few month, Chinese space scientists will complete the development of the first gravitation , magnetic field shielding system.

    This will allow colonisation in real term and without the need for all these shuttle game business .

    This technology will put the chine’s space program in one leap some 50 years ahead of NASA.

    (Keshe on 06/22/2007: forum.nasaspaceflight[dot]com/index.php?topic=8416.msg154349#msg154349)

    Nothing happened.

    In the next few days we will announce the first lift and flight presentation of the system for public. These presentations will be held in one city in each continent over 5 month.

    (Keshe on 07/17/2009: peswiki[dot]com/index.php/Directory:Keshe_Foundation)

    Nothing happened.

    Mr. Keshe is a “nuclear engineer”, and he is sure that his insights will spark a revolution in energy, transport and medicinal technology. The mentioned Elektor article [a previous article from 2007] concluded with “time will tell”, and according to Mr. Keshe’s opinion the time has come now. Next year [2010] there shall be some spectacular demonstrations of his technology and insights.

    (Magazine Elektor from 08/13/2009: elektor[dot]de/elektronik-news/begegnungen-mit-neuer-technologie.1041431.lynkx; translated from German by me)

    Nothing happened.

    Keshe’s announcement of his “world peace conference” on 09/21/2012:

    On 21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) systems it has developed, to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication.
    From that point on, international borders will cease to have any real significance.
    The energy crisis will be resolved at a stroke, and once the technology is put into practice the powers that control energy supplies and through them the present financial structures will find their hands empty.


    A comment by the participating, well known Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl from Germany:

    Apparently the opinions differ materially on what “releasing” means. Mr. Keshe explained to all participants that for him it means “education”, i.e. he lectures about his significant and futuristic technology. He claims to be the sole originator.
    Any kind of peer reviewing is superfluous and strictly refused by Mr. Keshe.
    Albeit a rigorous scientific examination of the theoretical foundation and the practical implementation seems strongly advised.
    If you would have expected a practical demonstration or even a construction plan from the announcement of a “release” you would have been severly disappointed on September 21th. No one of the participants has seen a flying car or any other application advertised by Mr. Keshe.
    The announced demonstration of the “Keshe technology” is not canceled — only postponed until December. With this cheery message everyone went home.

    (energiederzukunft[dot]org/forum/5-allgemeines-forum/241-aw-ankuendigung-der-keshe-foundation?limit=6&start=12#308; translated from German by me)

    Postponed until December?

    The 14.12.2012 presentation is canceled because the Belgian authorities, on the instruction of the government, have officially and in writing forbidden our nuclear research activity.

    (Keshe on 11/25/2012: forum.keshefoundation[dot]org/showthread.php?731-Next-step-in-the-Foundation%92s-teachings-and-development&p=4022#post4022)

    This was not the only severe disappointment for Keshe’s fans last December. Originally in April 2011 Keshe had announced his infamous “3-4kW generators” (for which many poor chaps paid 500 EUR deposit):

    The Foundation submits for sale as of today for delivery early next year [2012] the following:

    Portable 3-4 KW power systems on DC and AC 24 hours a day supply for the value of 5000 euros.

    (Keshe on 04/11/2011: forum.keshefoundation[dot]org/showthread.php?194-Our-dream-is-a-small-fusion-power-generator-in-each-house&p=1257#post1257)

    Later he postponed the delivery from early 2012 to December 2012. Throughout 2012 he repeatedly confirmed this date, until December 21th:

    [W]e have redesigned and corrected a number of systems in the reactor in order to comply with all international laws with respect to the use and safety of the systems.

    Because of these adjustments, we have to delay the delivery of the systems by 45-60 days from 31.12.2012.

    (Keshe on 12/21/2012: forum.keshefoundation[dot]org/showthread.php?931-Announcement-about-the-delivery-of-the-Foundation-Generator&p=5446#post5446)

    Of course he didn’t keep this date either. He couldn’t. His theories are utter nonsense, and it is impossible to build any working technology based on that. This, and only this is the reason why there is some “problem” each and every time he promises to actually show or even deliver his “technology”:

    Due to delivery from suppliers for some parts of the new [vacuum] seal systems we are behind the testing and releasing the generators.

    Once we receive the newly manufactured parts in the second week of March from the manufactures: It will take us another 15 to 30 days to test and finally release the generators.

    (Keshe on 02/26/2013: forum.keshefoundation[dot]org/showthread.php?222-Sale-of-Keshe-Foundation-3-4-KW-power-generator&p=8799#post8799)

    Yeah, the “vacuum seals” are the problem. Surely. Is there really any moron left who thinks that Keshe will deliver anything — except from more hot air — in mid April?

    Finally an excerpt from an article of a well known Italian Keshe critic, the astrophysicist Gianni Comoretto from the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory in Florence:

    [N]umerous scientists from the following scientific institutes have evaluated Keshe’s technology in detail, entirely independent from the government:

    – Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica [National Institute of Astrophysics]
    – Isittuto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare [National Institute of Nuclear Physics]
    – Dipartimento di Chimica dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze [Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence]
    – Scuola Normale Superiore [An elite university in Pisa]

    I cite only people with whom I had direct contact, the list is surely MUCH longer.

    The opinion was unanimous: Keshe is at best a person who has not the slightest idea of what a scientific theory is, his theories are words without meaning, and his “patent” drawings are scribbles on a sheet of paper, absolutely useless for anything (and therefore rightly rejected by the European Patent Office). In the worst (and most likely) case he is a con artist.

    (giannicomoretto.blogspot[dot]com/2012/12/scienza-parallela-2-bis-la-risposta.html; translated from Italian by me)

    These are approximately the same conclusions to which I came after intensely studying the large amount of material available on the web from and about Keshe.

    Enough? I can go on for a long, long time …

    [I replaced the TLD dots of source links respectively with [dot] to appease the WordPress filter]

    • kibitzer3 says:

      Thank you, Galaxion.

      Excellent rundown.

    • Galaxion says:

      Keshe often deems himself a “physicist”. Some of his followers, impressed by the many scientific words he uses, even address him as “Dr. Keshe” or “Prof. Keshe”. Actually he has nothing more than a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering (as independently confirmed by Steve Blackwell from the Academic Registry of the Queen Mary University in London). Engineering is not physics. Keshe’s understanding of physics is not even mediocre. One of his collossal blunders:

      In an interview Keshe talks about a planned device to extract water from air humidity. Nothing wrong with that in general. It gets however very strange when Keshe talks about actual numbers:

      The driest space on earth carries 15% moisture of water, in European countries we are over 50%. So, if you can extract or suck in, let’s say, 1 ton of air, you can get at least 100, 200, 300 liter water out of it.

      (www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzTCh8yLdNk @1:05:40)

      The air in European countries contains over 50% water? Even a schoolchild should notice that there’s something wrong with that. Under specific environmental conditions (mainly temperature and pressure) air can absorb only a certain maximum of water. The percentages typically used to quantify air humidity (e.g. displayed on hygrometers) are relative to this maximum. I won’t bore you with the actual calculation, but at room temperature and under normal atmospheric pressure this maximum amounts to about 14 liters per ton of air. An air humidity percentage of 50%, like Keshe mentions, means that one ton of air contains about 7 liters of water, and not “at least 100, 200, 300 liter” as Keshe claims. If you measure air humidity in a steamy bathroom, the percentage can easily go up to 100%. According to Keshe you should be drowning now. Keshe confused relative air humidity with the absolute water content of the air. A mistake not even a schoolchild should make.

      This was just one example of Keshe’s “genius level” understanding of physics. Let me repeat from above: Keshe’s theories are utter nonsense. It is impossible to build any working technology based on that. There was never a single working (in the sense he advertises it) “Keshe generator”. He has never achieved any kind of antigravity. All his corresponding claims are fantasy stories.

      In the introduction of his website you can read (“static plasma reactors” are “coke bottle reactors” and “dynamic plasma reactors” are the kind of “reactors” he describes in his patent applications):

      At the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 several static plasma reactors were built to confirm the theoretical principles of the technology. These static reactors all work at room temperature and at normal atmospheric pressure, and provide voltage and current.

      Since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of dynamic plasma reactors specifically designed to achieve lift and motion have been built and successfully tested.

      Keshe filed his two original patent applications in October 2005. After the negative verdict of the patent examiners of the European Patent Office from March 2009 he wrote several letters trying to change their mind. Among other things he makes the following request:

      [W]e request the Examining Division […] to accept our proposal to to a basic test with a static plasma (bottle) reactor in front of the Examining division of the European Patent Office.

      (EP1770715, Reply to communication from the Examining Division, 07/14/2009, https://register.epo.org/espacenet/application?documentId=EO23T9GJ4443472&number=EP05447236&lng=en&npl=false)

      So in the introduction on his website he claims that he has “successfully tested” reactors of the kind described in his patent applications since the beginning of 2006. But in mid 2009, desperately trying to save his patent applications, all he has to offer to the patent examining division is still only a “coke bottle reactor”. Draw your own conclusions.

      • ian savage says:

        compressed air, probably catalysis ie minus nitrogen he tends to talk generational,

      • Uatu says:

        @ian savage: A ton of air is a ton of air, no matter whether you compress it or not. And no catalyst can extract more water from air than it contains. He doesn’t talk “generational”, he talks nonsense.

    • Galaxion says:

      One of Keshe’s most fundamental claims is that his infamous “coke bottle reactors” are able to deposit “atomic layers” of unusual materials like graphen or diamond on the used electrodes. I will discuss the “diamond” case first. Keshe claims:

      We have proof […] that our systems deposit diamond-like crystals on various types of conductive materials, where the electronic diamond tester indicates the presence of diamond. The professional diamond testing device used is the Diamond Selector 2 of the Culti brand.

      (Keshe foundation, Diamond layering, www.keshefoundation.org/applications/materials/diamond-layering.html)

      First of all, the Culti Diamond Selector II is by no means a scientific instrument. It costs, depending on where you buy it, between US$ 25 .. 100, and is very specifically directed at differentiating diamonds from most (but not all) diamond simulants (for example cubic zirconium and white corundum). For this purpose it may be an acceptable choice.

      Like most cheap diamond testers it works simply by measuring the rate of heat dissipation from a heated metal tip to the test item. Based on this rate the thermal conductivity of the test item is roughly determined. Diamonds have a very high thermal conductivity (higher than all metals), while most (but not all) diamond simulants have a far lower thermal conductivity. The result is displayed and used to decide if the test item is a diamond.

      It is important to understand that this device only determines the thermal conductivity of the test item. It can in no other way “recognize” diamonds. A relatively imprecise measurement is sufficient, because the difference in thermal conductivity between diamonds and the group of diamond simulants this device is designed to recognize is quite large (20:1 and higher). This is the reason this device can, for example, not distinguish moissanites from diamonds, because these have a thermal conductivity much closer to diamonds than most other diamond simulants.

      Therefore anything with a thermal conductivity even remotely similar to a diamond will be tested positive by this device. This applies especially to many metals. The manual of the device explicitly warns of this:

      The thermal conductivity of the metal is very high and can give the same indication as a Diamond with most Thermal Probes.

      (Culti Diamond Selector II, Manual, www.savebase.com/infobase/downloads/diamond_tester2.pdf)

      So metal can give “the same indication as a diamond”. And what is Keshe measuring? Metal items. Therefore all these “measurements” are utterly worthless.

      Even apart from this a device which works based on the rough measurement of heat dissipation is utterly unsuited for measurements of extremely thin layers of material anyway.

      If we, in favour of Keshe, rule out that this is a case of purposeful deception, the only other possibility is a complete lack of understanding of the simple scientific principle on which the used measuring device works. Instead he obviously used wishful thinking that this device is somehow “magically” able to recognize diamond structures.

      I will come to Keshe’s often mentioned “Raman spectroscopy” next (although this may take a little more time). Fortunately someone recently found out, that the mysterious “Raman spectroscopy” document (the whole document, not only the one diagram some people may have seen) that Keshe seems trying to hide (for so far unclear reasons) since 2006 is actually easily — and legally — accessible.

    • Galaxion says:

      Even more outlandish than Keshe’s claim of “diamond-like” deposits on his “coke bottle reactor” electrodes, is his idea of “graphene” deposits. Graphene is a special form of carbon (like diamond is another special form of carbon), and has several highly unusual and interesting properties. The known processes to produce significant amounts of graphene are complicated, and none of them resembles even remotely Keshe’s “coke bottle reactor”. The buildup of graphene on the electrodes would be hard to explain within the framework of established science, and seems therefore highly questionable. It is difficult to thoroughly analyze the chemical and electrical processes in Keshe’s “coke bottle reactor” because he never revealed the composition of the “Kt liquid” he uses for this purpose. However, based on the color of the deposits it seems far more likely that they simply consist of ordinary copper(II) oxide or some similar copper compound.

      Since Keshe is making an extraordinary claim here, it is his obligation to deliver extraordinary proof. This alleged proof is a “raman spectroscopy” of the deposits on one of his “coke bottle reactor” electrodes. Raman spectroscopy is an advanced analysis method, and can, among other things, be used to characterize materials. It is generally a feasible method to detect the presence of graphene.

      Keshe claims that this raman spectroscopy has been performed in 2006 by an “independent laboratory” and that the results have been released in a confidential report. The first thing quite dubious here is that Keshe is very reluctant to actually name the institute which has performed the analysis. He mentions the raman spectroscopy often, but nearly always the institute remains nameless as an “independent laboratory” or a “leading nano institute”. Even more secretive is Keshe about the report itself. In 2007 he writes:

      We can not release the findings of the report, but we are allowed through lawyers and long negotiations to release the Raman spectroscopy graph of the report to confirm the correctness the findings.

      (Keshe on 07/11/2007, forum.nasaspaceflight[dot]com/index.php?topic=8654.msg160380#msg160380)

      Keshe published the small diagram he mentions here (which indeed seems to confirm the presence of graphene) on several occasions, but he stopped (for unknown reasons) making it (or any publication containing it) available on his website some years ago. The value of the diagram alone without any context is of course extremely limited.

      As far as I know, nothing except this diagram is so far generally known about the actual raman spectroscopy report from which it originates. And to this day Keshe has declined all requests to make it available. However, he overlooked something (or he hoped that nobody would ever find out). When he filed his patent application EP1770717, he subsequently filed this report as an annex. Therefore the European Patent Office published it (which is part of the normal process) when it published the patent application itself in 2007. So here is Keshe’s mysterious raman spectroscopy report: https://register.epo.org/espacenet/application?documentId=EKXR3ZUF8560513&number=EP05447221&lng=en&npl=false . Note: The EP number is different from the one I mentioned above because the European Patent Office uses two different numbering schemes for different purposes. You can also access the report from the main website of the patent application via the link in my original comment above under: “Amendments received before examination”.

      The document (6 pages), is a technical report from the Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC), an acknowledged research institute in Belgium, and dated 07/06/2006. Beginning here, however, things get very strange. The whole document mentions Keshe, his foundation, or anything else even remotely reminding of Keshe not even once. There is no description or any other information about the nature and origin of the sample that is analyzed, apart from that it has “dark areas”, “light areas” and “darker areas”. The “Purpose” is simply stated as: “Raman experiment on a sample whether there are sp2 or sp3 clusters” (sp2 and sp3 are special forms of carbon). Do me a favour and look over the document yourself (it’s only 6 pages) and tell me if you find any evidence that this document has anything to do with Keshe and his “coke bottle reactor” electrodes.

      It gets stranger. There is a “Figure 1” in the document with the description “Position where spectrum S1 I taken, dark area on the sample”. This “Figure”, which obviously should picture the sample, or a part of it, is blackened out. Initially I pondered whether the darkness could be the result of a very dark photography, but a quick check confirmed that it is completely black.

      It gets even more strange. All pages of the document are marked as “IMEC CONFIDENTIAL”. The distribution list is remarkably short: “IMEC: Stephanie Teugels, External: -“. This is obviously an IMEC internal document that was at least at the time when it was written not intended for Keshe or anyone else outside IMEC. There is no mark on it that the confidentiality has ever been lifted.

      This document is, without any further explicit confirmation from IMEC, utterly unacceptable as “proof” for any of Keshe’s claims. Altogether the serious oddities in relation to this document raise the severe suspicion that it has nothing to do with Keshe and his “coke bottle reactor” electrodes at all.

    • Galaxion says:

      News: Keshe got disinvited from a new energy congress in Germany in May. The organizer (the swiss Jupiter-Verlag) had made it a nonnegotiatable precondition for Keshe’s presentation that he must practically demonstrate one of his “3-4kW generators”, to which Keshe had originally agreed. Since he promised to deliver about 150 of these generators in mid April, it should be no problem to demonstrate one in mid May. Many German Keshe fans had high hopes for this congress. Two days ago however, the first inofficial notice appeared that Keshe’s presentation had been canceled. Yesterday someone in a German forum inquired of the organizer whether this is true and got a confirmation. Keshe had withdrawn his consent to practically demonstrate a generator and got accordingly disinvited.

      Draw your own conclusions what this means for the generator delivery in mid April.

    • Galaxion says:

      Some time ago Keshe threatened to “enforce” world peace:

      [F]rom 22nd we will […] take new steps to enforce the peace treaty […]

      (Keshe on 03/17/2013, forum.keshefoundation[dot]org/showthread.php?1484-Signing-of-the-world-peace-treaty-and-World-peace-conference&p=9272&#post9272)

      In his new “open letter”, that he published today, he reveals how this is going to happen:

      We will allow the nations that have the USB stick to show how amateur the current and the most advanced weapons technology and defence technology of the West have become, […].

      (Keshe on 03/25/2013, forum.keshefoundation[dot]org/showthread.php?1909-New-Era&p=9491#post9491)

      So, if nothing happens, it’s not his fault. Apart from this he seems to have overlooked the slight logical problem, that several western nations (notably the USA) also “have the USB stick”. Not that it would actually matter.

      I’ll leave another excerpt from his “open letter” without further comment:

      It has been raised in private and in public and on the forum of the Foundation if I am the prophet or a promised one and if my peace treaty document about the status of scientists makes me a prophet.


      The answer clearly and irrevocably is: Yes.

      (Keshe on 03/25/2013, forum.keshefoundation[dot]org/showthread.php?1909-New-Era&p=9491#post9491)

      • Kevin says:

        Open letter to Mr. nuclear engineer (BSc) Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, presently residing near Brescia, Italy

        Dear Mr. Keshe,

        Our sincere congratulation. After only 40 years of intense research you finally have found the answer to the question about life, the universe and everything.

        Unfortunately (yes we know, that math is not your strongest side) you got the math (again) wrong. But don’t worry, we can and will help you.
        Our chief mathematician, Ms Cathy TenFingers, 9 yraers old, bu a real genius, has developed a method, how we can help you getting the mat right in a few simple steps:

        1) Take your pocket calculator and swich it on
        2) Type a “6” (six). The display should now also show a “6”
        3) Hit the “*” key. This does not change the display
        4) Type a “7”. (seven). The display should now also show a “7”
        5) Hit the “=” key.
        6) Done. The display now reads “42”. Congrats, you have the correct answer now 🙂

        You see, that was much less challenging than connecting the probes to the correct inputs of a DVM or to use a diamond tester correctly. If you have trobles with that our chief engineer (a little bit older than Ms. TenFingers, he is not such a genius) BurntFingers is ready and willing to help. Just drop us a message at Ashtar@sirius-automation.glx

        Kind regards

        We wish to thank Mr Douglas Adams for developing his great scientific paper.

  22. Sally Nye says:

    I hope it’s OK to post this matter on this forum about Keshe Foundation. I believe in them! However, I order 2 autographed books 15 Sept, 2012 & never received them. The money of $238.82 US dollars was taken from my PayPal account. I’ve send numerous eMails with no reply. Now asking for return of funds. NOTHING. Does anyone know what I can do to either receive the books OR my money? Thank you

    • Kevin says:

      You may want to give them another fortnight as the last date of delivery. Make this with a registered letter to the foundation centre in Ninove. If the centre in Ninove is not existing anymore you will at least get a message from the post office.

      If there is no response, the only possibility will be to file a lawsuit against the foundation, but that will only make sense if you have a good legal expenses insurance. The centre of the foundation is presently unsure – according to their own homepage they are moving to Italy or have even already moved (no address given) and even if you have the actual address, the foundation will find an excuse why they could not deliver.

      I have requested a registration information, but because in Italy there is no central registration authority, it is difficult to actually get some information. However, if I receive an actual address I will publish it here.

      With my best wishes

      • Kevin says:

        Obviously the centre still exists. At least Keshe has indicated it as one location for signing his “world peace treaty”
        Again a dubious situation, because two weeks ago he anounced, that they had already moved to Italy because they had to leave Begium “because of the pressure from high politics”
        Just read through the forum and you will see what’s going on….

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Sally, have you already got the books or the refund (including the transport costs) or the name of the shipment organisation?
      Keshe has now 8 days to react, if not, we will file a lawsuit against him and against the foundation, so please confirm here the receipt of either the books or the refund or the name of the company.

      • Sally Nye says:

        Hello Kevin, I received the following note 28 March. I didn’t respond because I don’t know if it’s valid. After all of my emails to the same eMail address with no replies, seems odd to receive this now ….however, could be legit. I’m holding tight to see what happens next …allow time for delivery …don’t want to get my hopes up again. Thanks for your concern …Sally

        Subject: Apologies
        Date: March 28, 2013 5:25:25 PM EDT
        To: sally@fancarversworld.com

        Dear Sally

        I was told by Rick cramond that you did not receive your book.

        I have checked and you are correct.

        Our previous distributor did not post your books at all.

        I do apologies for this.

        I have asked today our new distributor immediately to send your books.

        I hope you accept my deepest apologies.

        Yours faithfully

        M T Keshe

        • Kevin this is none of your business and besides your belittling, sarcastic and caustic remarks, you have no new information and nothing to add to the matter. I have been in touch with Mr Keshe, and now he has personally responded to the legitimate complaint of Sally Nye. The situation is being resolved. Relax and have a whiskey. 😉

      • Kevin says:

        Rick, you are not the least in a position to use strong words.
        Keshe has a new distributor. Aha. And the old distributor did not at all deliver the books, which of course have been handednover by Keshe. Smells fishy. Smells even more fishy given the strong words Dirk Laureyssens used in a comment in the facebook group and furthermore given the fact, that Sally wrote several mails and even requested a refund – without a reaction. This can definitely not be blamed on the distributor.:

        “Dirk Laureyssens Some people claim that their book(s) were not delivered, but they forget to say that they were not at home when the delivery happened, and they never followed the instructions from the delivery service to collect the book(s). So it’s easy to blame KF, for their own failure.”

        Ok, Keshe has apologized, now we will wait and see if the books really arrive in time, it can not be a problem that they arrive within 8 days from now (remember the deadline we have set in the facebook group)

        And, finally – it is in no way to decide, what our business is. We don’t just talk, we take actions if necessary. Face it.

      • Kevin says:

        Sally, thank you for the information – please let us know if the books arrive within the next 8 working days. If yes – Keshe has apologized and the excuse he gave does not matter. If the books arrive, we will close this case. Ther are more complants about ery late delivery and probably also about no delivery. We hope, that your case will help to dramatically improve Keshes business – policy 🙂

        Good luck, I am out now, one of the members of my group will take over beause I have some important work to do within the next days 🙂

        • Sally Nye says:

          Thank you, Kevin and Rick, for your support in trying to help resolve this issue. You come from different places, however, from my perspective, you’re both trying to help me …I appreciate that! I truly want to believe in Mr. Keshe. We all know that the brains/inventor of the product usually does not know what is happening throughout the organization (ie: Nikola Tesla) I want to believe that Mr. Keshe was behind the apology to me …time will reveal …I will let you know if/when the two autographed books arrive.

          There are probably others that paid for items that were never received. The reason I say that is because I listen to Universal Blog Talk Radio. Several months past a person asked Drake if Keshe was legit. Drake said he didn’t know …people placed orders and didn’t receive the product. It was a few weeks after that that I placed my order because a friend wanted Keshe’s book …she doesn’t work online so I offered to do this for her. THEN I felt very stupid when what Drake stated seemed to be true.

          I find it strange that Keshe organization is so unorganized. It is their reputation at stake!!!

          I’d also like to thank JEAN for allowing this conversation to go forth. I posted because I couldn’t make contact with Keshe. When his name appeared, I was hopeful someone could advise. Jean, I know your blog is not to be used in this manner. Actually, I was surprised this conversation transpired as it did. I appreciate all of the work you do for all of us and the information you post in such a timely manner. My very best to you …and also to Kevin and Rick.

        • Sally Nye says:

          I received one autographed book from Mr. Keshe today. It was delivered just before 6:00pm. My original order was for two autographed books. I thought Mr. Keshe would just sign his name but he personalized the book to “Sally Nye” …so I cannot offer it to my friend whom I placed the order for in the first place. I replied to Mr. Keshe, thanking him for the book …also asked if the second book is being shipped separately. This all seems very complicated (sigh) …wish he had a reliable staff.

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you for the information. We do hope, that you will receive the second book within a reasonable time. Please keep us informed.
      Have a nice time 🙂

      • Kevin says:

        Sally, you’d better try your best to get the second book as quick as possible. Because of other reasons (his med scam) we have taken action and the foundation is on a steep ramp downwards. In a few weeks, we think, there will be no more chance to get what you have paid for.

        • Sally Nye says:

          The second book that I ordered from Mr. Keshe was just delivered. THANK YOU for your help! I think if I had not posted on this list, I would not have received anything. I’d tried to contact them numerous times with no reply from them. My note to this group and your response seems to have triggered something on their end. I appreciate you replying to my post. Good luck with your endeavors.

          • Kevin says:

            Glad to hear that 🙂
            With the best wishes for a lucky future:
            May you keep turning the pages. And may the book never end.

          • Sally Nye says:

            What a neat comment. Think I’ll steal that from you …may you keep turning the pages …may the book never end …Same to you 🙂

    • I’m happy that things finally worked out for you and Keshe Foundation. I have friends who ordered a total of 12 Keshe books about when you did, and they all arrived in a timely fashion, so I believe your problem was an anomaly in the Keshe book delivery system. It’s true their communications could be better, and they are working on that. Thanks for your patience…this has been an interesting way to resolve a complaint!

      • Sally Nye says:

        Thank you, Rick. Good luck to Keshe Foundation and your research. Yes, this has been an interesting way to resolve a complaint. Hope this doesn’t occur very often …not good press.

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    Get behind Keshe…

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