PressTV: Look out! The ‘BRIIICS’ are coming!

Look out! The ‘BRIIICS’ are coming!

Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:40AM GMT

By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare

The importance of the BRICS summit cannot be overestimated partly because it represents new countries beginning to take power and partly because it heralds a new world coming into being.”

Yes, BRIIICS, with three “I”s. That’s because to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (which have just held a summit in Durban, South Africa) will soon be added Iran and Indonesia.

Iran is a stalwart moral and political leader. It stands up against Zionism. It has huge natural resources. It is making extraordinary technological progress. It will soon be a BRIIICS member.

And so will Indonesia, which has the world’s fourth largest population, a fast developing economy (around 7% per year) and, again, huge natural resources.

Already, the present BRICS have 40% of the world’s population, 30% of its land mass, and 25% of its GDP with the latter being a sharply rising figure. Other countries, like Venezuela, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and Malaysia, are certain to join in.

Much more important, however, is the BRICS decision to set up a new development bank for long-term infrastructure. This is intended to rival, indeed, outclass, the Western-backed institutions. The underlying rationale is simple: the BRICS are determined to challenge Western political and economic dominance and, in particular, to break the dominance of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which have not served the development needs of poor countries and have generally served only to put them into ever-increasing, un-repayable debt.

All of which is excellent news. The West has exploited emerging and poor countries and everywhere has been financially and militarily aggressive. Put simply, other countries are fed-up with the West: they have had enough.

The new bank, however, has more purposes than just being a development bank. American aggression, for example, is ultimately dependent upon the US dollar being the world’s reserve and main trading currency. The BRICS are going to end that by establishing a new reserve and trading currency.

Indeed, the situation can be put even more clearly. The West has long exploited and oppressed everybody that it could but now the boot, in the traditional metaphor, is on the other foot. Political power is shifting away from the West; economic power is shifting away from the West and its moral authority has almost completely disappeared (torture, assassinations, the creeping genocide of the Palestinians and the deliberate furtherance of a vicious sectarianism have seen to that).

Significantly, the BRICS are objecting to sanctions and war threats against Iran and are strongly opposed to Zionist Israel. It will not be long they declare that Israel is a pariah state.

Perhaps the most significant outcome of the BRICS summit is the proposed creation of an optic fibre cable linking all five states (with relatively easy extensions to Iran and Indonesia). Indeed, it could be that the BRICS are constructing an independent global optic fibre internet system or at least an extensive one over which they will have complete control. The BRICS are intensely aware that the USA, denying the evidence of its own sixteen intelligence agencies, is pursuing a Zionist agenda against Iran which includes excluding Iran from the SWIFT international banking system and other banking transactions. The new cable should put an end to that.

The BRICS are raising the flag of independence and are telling the West that its abuse of others has gone so far that the others are going to make their own way in life. And that will really matter because more and more Non-Aligned Movement nations will be joining the BRICS in various ways which will particularly include regional, economic, financial, military and technological agreements. An example is that China and Brazil have signed a currency swap deal under which they will be using their own currencies for half of their mutual trade i.e., the US dollar will not be involved. For a while the US dollar can be expected to remain the main trading currency – until suddenly it isn’t.

Furthermore, Africa, for example, long exploited solely for its minerals and resources with no concern for the lives of the inhabitants, is simply going to turn to those who can provide the one big thing that Africa needs – industrialisation.

The importance of the BRICS summit cannot be overestimated partly because it represents new countries beginning to take power and partly because it heralds a new world coming into being.

However, a new world is not necessarily a better world and the BRICS, becoming the BRIIICS and much more, must be careful not to incorporate, without realising, assumptions and practices stemming from corrupt old Western institutions, thinking and practices. Chief of these is thinking that it does not matter if there is huge rich-poor division. This is at the heart of corrupt Western ‘trickle-down’ economics and is a complete breach of fundamental market principle, which says that producers and consumers must be the same people i.e., real productive (and therefore consuming) power must be spread to everyone in society.

Another corrupt assumption is that interest is necessary for the spreading of real productive capacity. Interest is not necessary: it is an unnecessary tax imposed by the global financial elite merely for its own benefit. The BRIIICS must ensure that the commercial banks are controlled so that they can only lend their own money (which they can then waste, if they want to, or charge interest on it). But the main money supply, for the spreading of the real economy, must stem, interest-free, from the national bank (although it may be administered by the commercial banks making only a fair administration charge).

Jalal (making a comment on the Press TV website) writes: “This is the best thing that could happen to the world. A new power that will not let the ex-colonials have the big cake to themselves as usual. This could also be the right path to finally new world order that will contribute to free human being and lead mankind towards a more balanced and harmonious world.”

Quite right, Jalal.

Prof. Rodney Shakespeare is a visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement, a member of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. His main website is Shakespeare is also Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain. More articles by Rodney Shakespeare
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24 Responses to PressTV: Look out! The ‘BRIIICS’ are coming!

  1. Antonio Palena says:

    Share and Save the World, this is the only to Peace and Justice, the off shoot of this is Trust when we share we generate Trust, then miracles happen, when we Share we recognize that divinity within each other it is the only way.

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  3. Jack Rogers says:

    Soooo Happy to hear this news..Money has been a strange idea????? This info/comments help unravel the mystery thanks all

  4. Guy says:

    Such good news on this Easter Sunday morning.As a Canadian ,I am so proud to see this new monetary banking system established.It is TIME that the bully be exposed for what it is.
    Money at no interest is the best way to help other nations in need and to help bring up their standards of living vs the status quo.Please see “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.
    I wish them well .Gods speed.

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  7. Raine says:

    Wonderful to see other countries thumbing their noses at the West….the bully is about to be taken off the playground, and I think all of us are ready!

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  9. Soo Kiat, Tan says:

    I do not agree that Turkey be admitted, as a Chinese. Turkey is a Euro member, and this makes Turkey a double headed snake.Even in the middle East Turkey is snaky.

  10. JKat says:

    Maybe in the new world, on the new planet, this will all work out just fine. Not here, not now, not with the man/women of today. Lending money at a fair or minimal interest rates sounds great. But who determines what a fair or how much a minimal rate is. Bartering doesn’t work. Why do you think money was invented. If you’re a goat farmer and I’m a carpenter, you need a gate built to keep your goats in their pen, yet, I don’t like goat meat, there’s nothing I’m going to do for you. I think the Prof. is so smart he forgot what the common man is like. I wonder if he would be willing to educate me to this new way of thinking, if I were to pay in goats?

  11. John Turmel says:

    Jct: BRIIICS is a couple of hundred million more people getting off the IMF! Har har har har har har.

  12. Ann says:

    This is what’s needed , it’s great to think that this could happen , much love and peace to all mankind

  13. Mike Hutchinson says:

    Look how these world leaders look genuinely happy. That’s the remarkable thing to me…

  14. No JOJO says:

    Wouldn’t last long. Like political new parties–once elected copy the previous crooks. If to succeed,NoJews in high positions.If that happens-history will repeat itself–in no time. Every wondered why Jews are so successful? They stick together.Once one gets a hiring foothold in any operation/organization–Only Jews need apply, BRIC be careful in allowing mole countries–like Turkey :^(

  15. Money is “a promise to complete a trade”. This is obvious by studying it’s genesis as an efficient improvement over simple barter. If you return to barter you see in that instant when a good moves from one hand to another there is a promise to complete a trade. The instant before, it is a trading promise in the making. The instant after it is a promise kept.
    All that money does is allow that promise to occur at different times; over different periods; and at different places; and for intermediate goods. These promises are “certified” and then take on value themselves and are freely traded. When the trade is completed, the trading promise is extinguished and and certificates (money) representing it are extinguished with it.
    To properly manage any Medium of Exchange (MOE), the controlling relation is:
    Proper management entails:
    o measuring DEFAULTS of trading promises
    o collecting INTEREST equal to DEFAULTS
    o thus maintaining INFLATION at zero for all time and in all places
    o assuring a free supply of certificates for trading promises at all times in all places
    Characteristics of a properly managed MOE:
    o INFLATION is zero at all times and in all places
    o Money circulates freely and is universally accepted
    o Money is always in free supply
    o Responsible traders enjoy zero INTEREST
    o DEFAULTERS pay INTEREST but can recover from the defaults
    o There are no runs on banks
    o There is no business cycle
    Money is debt, that is true… but that is not a bad thing any more than making a trading promise is a bad thing.
    Gold, silver, and any other good is not money. It is simply a good exchanged in simple barter.

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  17. Donny Carlson says:

    All is well and will be getting better, Love and Light

  18. Warren Nelson says:

    I do not understand why it is so hard to get an answer on things, when one feels it;s important. I need the email about bugout, by Maj. Ed Dames and his trip to Mexico looking for abandoned mines etc. the OLD AMPARO MINE.



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  20. Tom says:

    does Jalal understand the phrase “new world order” has been poisoned?

  21. machholz says:

    Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    About time the world woke up !

  22. nikholas101 says:

    Great news, yes great news, I can see light, begins to dawn, thank you so much

  23. Things are looking better all the time people help speed it up when ever you can. We are one is taking hold at last and it is so good. Love all HUGGIE

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