Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Forecast for April 2013 – in written form for those who don’t choose to watch the recently posted video. . . ~J

Astrology Forecast for April 2013 – Fusion Reaction

Astrology Forecast for April 2013

Fusion Reaction


Since December, the charts have been about individuals wrestling the world into more livable shape.

March’s chart asked us to adjust our most important personal bonds to better suit economic realities and our own long-term financial needs.


In April, there is an intense energetic focus on the 6th house. Generally speaking, the 6th house governs those relationships that make life economically possible, for us and those who depend on us.

In April, our aspirations for a better future will collide with the realities of today’s workplace, and vice versa. We will need to make fateful economic decisions in turbulent and confusing circumstances and act upon them.

Troublesome Stellium in the Sixth House

Chiron, the Vertex, the Arabic Lot of Accusation, Neptune in Pisces, and Nessus in Aquarius are all in the 6th house. Chiron and the Vertex are closely conjunct.

The 6th house supports the clear, practical mode of thought required in the workplace. “Clear” and “practical” is not how I would describe the influences affecting the workplace in April.

Pisces and Aquarius at Work in VirgoPisces sets on the cusp of the 7th house but occupies most of the 6th House.Pisces governs our connection with Spirit. Spiritualizing Neptune governs Pisces and is presently in spiritualizing Pisces.Such an overwhelmingly spiritual force will create highly problematic conditions in the normally practical, down-to-earth 6th house.

Mercury, Chiron and Virgo, at home in the 6th house, like well and carefully defined terms with a dash of inspiration. They help maintain the needed balance and order in a place that is prone to imbalance and disorder. Chiron adds the inspiration that keeps it all from becoming drudgery.Pisces and Neptune, by contrast, render things abstract, idealistic, otherworldly and indistinct. The inspiration they provide tends to be of the unrealistic variety.People will yearn for escape from the rigors of work. Work relationships will lose clarity and transform in ways that are difficult to understand or to control.April’s eclipse will nonetheless render decisions made in April irreversible.In some workplaces, April will bring chaos, in others it will reset the balance between management and labor, between work and home. Overall, it will remind the world of its need for labor unions to represent the interests of the working people.Aquarius is on the Cusp of the 6th House, home of Virgo, Mercury and Chiron.Aquarius instills ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood and the motivation needed to realize those ideals. On the cusp of the 6th house, Aquarius will intensify the idealism instilled by Pisces, further disrupting the atmosphere of the workplace.

This Aquarius/Pisces/Virgo energy is conducive to reform. But it also inclines us to unrealistic thinking.

Material and Spiritual Foundations Shake

Aquarius, Pisces and Virgo (ruler of the 6th house) make for a highly paradoxical energy combination. Spirit confronts matter directly, throwing our world view into disarray.

We experience spiritual and material turbulence and a clash of economic and spiritual needs.

Our willingness to take risks for the sake of a better life will peak. Nothing will seem as obvious or clear to us as it once did.

Point by Point in Pisces

Chiron is in Pisces in the 6th house.

Chiron breaks down barriers between the personality and the Soul and builds connections between them.

Chiron transforms through the power of insight and inspiration or through illness and injury.

Chiron is placed in a house where it is strong (the 6th), but a sign in which it is weak (Pisces). Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign. Their dynamics are in direct conflict. Hence, Chiron will manifest strongly, but not always in the kindest, gentlest or most efficient way.


The Vertex is in Pisces closely conjunct Chiron, in the 6th House, placed near the Descendant, a very sensitive point in the chart.

The Vertex is a catalyst. It ‘synergizes’ events that trigger needed adjustments.

The Chiron/Vertex combination in Pisces is so strong it is unlikely that we can avoid disruptive, uncomfortable encounters in the workplace.

The Ghost of Misdeeds Past Haunt the Workplace

The Lot of Accusation (point of substance) is in Pisces in the 6th House, close to Chiron and the Vertex on one side and Neptune on the other.

The Lot of Accusation marks a point of great personal vulnerability or karmic liability. It can bring accusations, blame or suspicions that we find upsetting, hard to deflect and must confront alone.

A feeling of personal responsibility for past wrongs will affect our judgment and spark ‘adjustments’ in relations at work and with those who depend on us economically, or vice versa.

Economic misdeeds that negatively affect working people will be revealed, again.

Emotional Minefields

Neptune is in Pisces in the 6th House.

Combined with Chiron, the Vertex, and the Lot of Accusation, the influence of Neptune appears ever more dark and complex.

Their influence will combine with Neptune’s to dredge up shame, embarrassment, guilt and suspicion. The Vertex can create events that give expression to these troubling and potentially dangerous feelings.

Shared Guilt

Nessus is in Aquarius on the cusp of the 6th House.

Nessus points to serious culpability or karmic debt forged by collective misdeeds. This guilt can manifest as bad conscience, chronic illness or, for example, protracted legal difficulties.

Here, Nessus triggers consequences of past failings at work or in our dealings with those who relied on us financially, or on whom we relied. And it makes everything we just said about Chiron, the Vertex and the Lot of Accusation more so.

All Told

Essentially, then, April brings us a collision of expectation and reality in the workplace. It also dredges up bad feelings from the past – old grievances, old guilt.

There will be difficult and revealing emotional confrontations on the job.

Labor and management relations will become increasingly problematic. More workplace tragedies are possible.

A Point of no Return

There is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th.

The lunar eclipse will trigger both long-awaited and unexpected crises. Economic decisions made and actions taken during this turbulent and confusing time will be fateful and irreversible.

In my view, this eclipse will further strengthen progressive voices as it moves us further beyond the conservative-friendly planetary placements that dominated the last years of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

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  1. Dee says:

    Having this in written form is so nice Jean, thank you. It makes it easier to refer back to as the months progresses (instead of watching the video again or taking notes). xoxo Dee

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