Published on Apr 1, 2013
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Environmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life.

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  1. talila says:

    All movies has been removed

  2. kertnekd says:

    thez spray it in north in winter IN ORDER TO MAKE IT WARMER. AS THE NIGHTS ARE LONG AND THE DAYS SHORT WHEN THE HEAVEN IS CLEAR IT CREARTES EXTREME COLD… WITH CHEMTRAILS THE WARM CAN NOT ESCAPE IN THE NIGHT consequence is that its a warm winter. They should at least only spray in summer in north.

    • Edward Snowden says the madmen in charge of this Geo-engineering-chemtrails-HAARP ionosphere heaters-secret weather manipulation program, has screwed the planet up so bad, their solution is to ramp up the program and do more! Snowden says he learned the scientist at the top believes that if he’s shut down, North America will burn up in just a matter of months.

  3. kertnekd says:

    i am searching for the real true truth? Anyone seen the real true truth please?

  4. sb says:

    Jean, check this out.. (from one of your followers)
    **(the tenth comment down.. :)**
    You have followers all over !*
    Aaaa…also.. we are warming Not cooling….

  5. Brice Gunderson says:

    Tribes living in South America, Himilayas and in Africa have more freedom and experience to get thru all this, This same thing that threaten you has been done to them by US for the last 100 plus years, while the 1st world Westerners became lazy militaristic during the Reagan years are having a collective nervous breakdown. Stick to oral knowledge and pass on info and by all means avoid avoid avoid the rabid mad paranoids. They are just looking to make a buck off all this.

  6. mzhalhazmi says:

    Who is doing this. ? For twelve years I used to hear about Chemtrails . Nobody said who is doing this other than THEY or THE GOV. or THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAl COMPLEX ,, etc. I want names of people involved in planning and researching to invent this evil . Real Proper Names of Real People not establishments or committees or the like .

    • Michael says:

      Search YouTube for “A C Griffith Power Hour” or click

    • Melanie B says:

      Here are some names for you: Kissinger, The Rothchilds, Rockefeller, Chairman Maobama, JPMorgan, Citibank, Bank of America, The Royal Families, Queen Beatrix, Donald Rumsfeld, Bohemian Grove, Bildebergers, freemasons, etc, etc, etc. Nobody is going to give you specific information, they will get killed for it. Just look at what they do to whistleblowers, they call them traitors and enemies of the state like Bradley Manning and Ed Snowden. Then they buy off countries so that no one will give people like Snowden amnesty. The question should be: who CAN afford to send planes up everyday and spray the environment? The answer is obvious: ONLY the military or the government can do this, with OUR tax money. I suspect they have destroyed the environment with their atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, nuclear bombs, and who knows what else. Or maybe it was the plutonium they sent into the sun years ago just to “see” what it would do…The best you can do is accept reality and educate others, prepare a secure shelter for yourself with food and water so you can “bug out” when Chairman Maobama declares martial law which could occur as soon as Zimmerman gets acquitted and then we will have another Rodney King race riot which is exactly what they want, they want us to kill ourselves off so that they can save the bullets. Think!!! You aren’t in Kansas anymore…

      • Petra says:

        excellent but don’t forget Bush, Clinton and Obama dog! There must be leaks about this stuff that hopefully Snowden or someone have and will release to the media to blow this whole evil empire of imperialist fascists into the open. A global protest against all western Govt’s that are involved, and they all are knowingly poisoning the people and the planet.

    • Ryo says:

      The U.S. Military and DOD, have conducted such in verified accounts–who is really responsible? You’ll have to do your own research.

      For verified cases for spraying chemicals on American citizens, etc, research the spraying of chemicals over St. Louis in the 1950s and 1960s. Also research:
      Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage)
      Operation Dew
      Project 112

  7. Melanie B says:

    I live in Southern Colorado. We had 6 fires going on two weeks ago and then another 15 fires were going on simultaneously last week. I personally had to evacuate from one of the fires that was only about 2 miles away from me. I was one of the lucky ones, I still have a cabin to return to. Thank you God for your protection. Steve Quayle’s site has posted statements from people who are seeing people throw out incendiary devices into the forest and then drive away in their black SUV’s. I can’t say that I have seen that but I am concerned at the way the people in authority have “handled” their responses to these fires. At times it looked like no one was fighting these fires, they were being allowed to just burn and burn and burn. Hundreds of homes were lost in the Black Forest Fire. The reason I am writing this is because of the videos above about the chem trails. While the fires were going on, someone was still spraying the chem trails over the top of the fire. It is my belief that these chem trails are killing the trees, they are killing the bees, killing the wildlife, killing us. The chem trails have aluminum and barium and flu viruses and who knows what else. It is time to put an end to this genocide by chem trails. I dare each and every one of you to send a letter to the governor of your state and demand they end this practice of chem trail spraying in your state. Another application of chem trail spraying is weather modification. “They” are moving the jet stream around and now they are causing drought and extremely high temperatures here, in the 100’s where I am. Are we all going to just sit here and wait for our demise like little mice or are we all going to get involved and demand an end to this chem trail crap. Please use your voice and educate those around you about what is going on. Now please write your letter to the governor of your state and I will write one to mine, Governor HIckenlooper. Thank you.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Melanie, for your heartfelt plea. I hope all this suffering that everyone seems to be experiencing now will soon be over. . . Love and hugs to you, ~Jean

    • Petra says:

      The Obama admin is trying to start a panic, their Marxist stazzi police will enforce marshal law as soon as everything turns to custard – cannot be too far away. I can’t understand why the military have allowed this treasonous A-hole to run the US into the ground, what more evidence do they need to see that he is a terrorist and murderer…

      • Brice Gunderson says:

        Seek help Jewdy… Your rabid attitude is what causes problems. You don’t have a problem with the military, they’re not terrorist or murderers? I guess they’re ok when then protect and die for you? Convenient. but you yack about Marxist stazzi police. Police ain’t military too? .The U.S. is just fine. As long as folks like you stay away from the microphone.

    • Grazyna Samborska says:

      Chemtrails from above and fires on the the ground – all set on purpose. O, fluoride and arsenic in drinking water, the list goes on. Wake up Americans!

  8. Melanie B says:

    Jean, I just wanted to say thank you for letting me dispel some of the myths about freemasonry. Only men are allowed into freemasonry. I personally regard it as the bane of our collective existence. I suffered 30 years of masonic discrimination while I worked at ATT. I was a token female and was routinely held back, held down, not trained and prevented from receiving upgrades or promotions, even though I had more education, more experience and more time with the company. They are only interested in a few white men to do their work, preferably masons. I remember one time I came to work and the entire garage, I mean everyone, was receiving some advanced training that everyone needed, including me, and I was told that I could not attend or receive the training. Discrimination does not get any more blatant than that. I guess that is why I am so adamantly opposed to freemasonry. The masons are behind almost all of the strife and war and revolution and manipulation that is going on in this world today. They are doing the prep work for their real leader, the antichrist. Just look at the back of the one dollar bill. The all seeing eye of the antichrist is on top of the pyramid. The dollar bill itself is shaped like one of the stones of Solomon’s Temple which masons worship because King Solomon was the chief magician. Also Solomon’s horse stables were kept in Megiddo where the coming Armageddon will take place. Coincidence? I think not. Again, thank you, Melanie.

    • Jean says:

      Melanie, thank you for having the courage to speak out! It is ‘real’ life stories that I hope will make the difference and help people to see the ‘real’ truth of our collective imprisonment in a very sick world. Love and hugs to you, ~Jean

  9. Melanie B says:

    Randy, you still have completely avoided the obvious, that your own books and fellow masons admit to following Lucifer. You have written an exhaustive reply but you go off on tangents that have nothing to do with the point as stated above. I suggest that the next time you go to your masonic meeting with the “good old boys” that you start asking them who the God of your temple is??? You must be lower than the 13th degree. When you reach the 13th degree of freemasonry you have to renounce your belief in Jesus. Do your research Dude, it could save your soul. And by the way Benjamin Franklin was a pedophile as was Albert Pike and who knows how many others in the names you listed were as well. Is that evil? Is that how the devil rewards his workers? Is this what you want to happen to your own kids? It is also rumored that mason George Herbert Walker Bush was/is a pedophile. Most masonic temples have black and white tiles inside, like the Capital building in Washington DC. White to masons represents the good magic and black represents black magic. They use both sides of the coin to achieve their ends. They don’t care. They hide their black evil deeds with white. They bring out the Shriners to show how beneficial they are to society by helping burn victims, but then they hide the evil manipulations and wars they cause in the background. Men in the past aligned themselves with masons because they wanted to be on the side of perceived power and they were able to realize business benefits and get money in their pockets. They did it for security and money, bottom line. The problem is, gradually you sell your soul to the devil. You have to take repeated oaths to “conceal and to never reveal the secrets of freemasonry” under penalty of death. Look at the movie “Skulls” and see how this is done. The masonic group Skull and Bones picks 15 young men from Yale each year to achieve their nefarious ends, just as the movie “Skulls” showed, they gradually buy these kids with money in their checking account, new cars, and new status as well as the new job with the top notch Lawyer firms so that the masons can get what they want. They buy influence through their affiliations. Take a look at the Alex Jones movie about Bohemian Grove where the masons worship Molech the owl because he can “see” in the dark and then they engage in their “cremation of care” ceremony where they literally try to put an end to empathy or “caring” about their evil deeds. Or how about mason Walter Cronkite’s infamous quote where he admits to following Satan. By denying the truth about masonry, you are engaging in cognitive dissonance, a deliberate attempt by your conscious mind to not allow disturbing information into your awareness because you will have to deal with it and may have to make changes you don’t want to make. And you are right, no matter how many “good” things you state about masonry, I will always view them as wayward men who worship the dark side in their unnamed god, Lucifer. Again, seek out masons higher than the 13th degree and ask them the name of the god of freemasonry. There is a good book written by Jim Shaw who was a 32nd degree mason who finally had an epiphany and realized what he was involved in and got completely out of masonry, in spite of all of his former masons who did their best to mind control him back into masonry. I am talking about your soul here, Randy. Do you really want to spend an eternity in hell with Lucifer? It is incumbent upon you to start asking questions so that you can save yourself and your family from this kind of hell. Did you happen to read what I said to Nana about JFK? JFK was a masonic hit job, it is obvious to anyone who looks at it. The eternal flame as I said to Nana, is the masonic reminder to everyone that they claim responsibility for his assassination. I suspect they did the same to RFK and MLK. Can you imagine how this world would be totally different if these three non masonic men had been able to live out their lives for positive change instead of the totalitarian, communist, Marxist future that we now face. There is a lot more at stake here than just the name of your masonic god, there is the future of humanity at stake. Your fellow masons are the ones who placed the Georgia Guidestones where the anonymous mason paid for it.These guidestones clearly state that the population of the earth must be limited to 500,000 people. How are they going to accomplish this? They are doing this with chem trails, vaccinations, gmo food, mercury fillings, abortions, wars, robots trained to kill us (that is coming soon), fluoridated water, chlorine in the water, smog, high fructose syrup, mammograms, birth control pills and on and on and on. They are polluting our food supply and our world so that they can reap the fruits of their evil deeds. These are the masonic “men” that you have aligned yourself with. Like Carola said in an earlier post, the masons dole out information gradually while they buy your soul. It aint worth it, my soul aint for sale. No matter what the price, it isn’t worth it to lose an eternity with God. That is what the real God, Jesus gives us believers, an eternity with Him. Praise God almighty. I sincerely hope this puts an end to this dialogue. And by the way, why not take a trip to Washington DC and look at the Masonic Museum. I did. It clearly displays the progression from each masonic degree and before you know it, you are worshipping Lucifer who masons regard as Jesus’ brother. Don’t sell your soul brother to the least highest bidder you will soon regret it like you cannot believe. Amen

    • Melanie B says:

      Correction: The Georgia Guidestones in Georgia were paid for by mason R.C. Christian (whatever that means – an obvious pseudonym) and they, the masons, want the world’s population to be held at less than 500 million people, preferably with zero Christians. Interesting that Randy has not bothered to reply to my previous statement, maybe he got the message. The evidence is out there if you want to find it, and it overwhelmingly supports my views as stated. Seek ye the truth, for the truth shall set you free. I rest my case…

      • MHZ says:

        You are absolutely correct. I, too, have studied this ad nausea and have been forced to the very same conclusion.

      • Zjoz says:

        R.C. Christian? Christian Rosenkreutz (14th century) perhaps, but as they do with everything, 180 degrees turned around, R.C. instead of C.R.?

    • MHZ says:

      Amen is right! There will come a time in the not too distant future where these same people will cry “for the rocks and the mountains to fall on them”.

    • Brian Parent says:

      Funny how nobody mentions “Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison A.M. 1798.” The Illuminati were once known to have infiltrated the Freemasons. They led people to believe that they worshiped Satanism. However, after initiates would obtain their status to where they were to find out about Satanism, they were brought into a new type of Christianity. The Illuminati were known for New World Order. That was basically their main objective. Sub-objectives included establishing secret lodges in the United States, taking control of media, robbing people of their property, taking children from their family especially from those who aren’t worthy, infiltrating Civil Offices, non profit educational programs, religious factions, etc…etc.. Basically, they are controlling our educational system, Federal Reserve, government, , DOJ, and media. As for religious factions, they would infiltrate all religious faction: Islam, Muslim, Christian along with all sub-divisions, etc.. One thing many don’t realize is that the Illuminati were behind the formation of Communism. Communism wasn’t started by Karl Marx in the mid 1800s. There is also the Anti-Mason Party that President John Quincy Adams started in 1832 to combate the rising threat of the Freemasons. Of course, many don’t know about George Washington writing a letter about the Illuminati in the early 1800s either. Nobody looks more into the Navy Seals Barracks in Coronado, CA that was Commissioned in 1944. The Barracks at the Nacy Seals Comblex was built in the form of a Swastika. Only one local news station reported on that story when it should have been seen across the country. Ask yourselves why they aren’t divulging that information to anyone? Of course, there are other things they don’t mention! Message by…com

      • Jean says:

        Brian, I am aware of the info you share, and perhaps I should have posted it. It has great value. There is so much to learn, however, from the last 100 years, that I guess I let this info pass me by. It is extremely important, and I would ask that anyone with time and interest read your comment carefully.

        Have you got a link to your info? That would really be helpful to others.

        Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Melanie B says:

        I think I will run for President under the Anti-Masonic party, just to get the word out. If I should win, I will eliminate the electoral college and will overturn all of the crap that our current illegitimate president enacted. It is all null and void because he was not legally elected nor was he legally qualified to run. He is just a black Alfred E. Newman, just like Bush. And we better worry…

    • Robin Small says:

      Excellent sister …
      Well said Melanie … Freemasons are hoarders of knowledge and work in the direction of VRIL or entropy or destruction .. by ignoring the Source of all Creation they place themselves in Sources place …

      What the Mason’s overlook is that the Source has created this Universe of polarity in a very musical manner with a baseline of Love and Compassion … that if you deviate from will cause a pendulum swing to reestablish that baseline of again … Love and compassion and all the virtues ….
      We as humans can connect to source and Jesus showed us how by ” asking and seeking and knocking … ” not waiting for some priest or pastor to show us how …

      Church needs to tell people to go to nature and recharge and reconnect like Jesus did to Source and then bring that LIRV or creative energy back into the church and build community with it . The church by omitting the self connecting part is in essence denying an individual’s intrinsic connection right that they are born with …. and this hoops people and the Mason’s love it ! The RCC made this doctrine in 325 AD . This is how Church as a white square is used as a black square !

      Freemason’s are arrogant and love to hide things in plain sight to prove it.

      There are white knights that love knowledge and humanity!


      Robin Small

  10. Carola says:

    Dear Nikki – I respectfully disagree with you. CHEMTRAILS do not reduce temperature, they increase heat. Global warming is a ruse.

    The “Aresol action” you write about is the purposeful installation of chemicals – heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, virus, etc. into the atmosphere to harm the earth, its inhabitants, animals, water, soil – you name it – intentionally.

    It IS a conspiracy. Chemtrails are pooh-poohed by the media, when the media relate to them at all – and are played down. In fact, they have been experimenting with chemtrail emissions now for decades. These are what cause high humidity and much more intense heat.

    Chemtrails cause myriad illnesses.

    Chemtrails to me are the biggest worry of all. If there are no crops – we starve. If the water is polluted we thirst. But if the air, which is wholly saturated with metals and miniscule sickness causing particulates, is not fit to breathe, death is bound to be painful, pitiful and slow.

  11. Carola says:

    Dear Randy, it IS a conspiracy. In a nutshell, it is satanic perversion of this world. It is the overturning of morals, ethics of God´s Order. It is the NEW WORLD ORDER, which is no order but chaos. It is conterfeit, like the essence of evil.

  12. Carola says:

    Dear Jean, I have only read snippets of what has been written.

    from what I have been able to gather MANY pastors of churches in the US are paid to preach upon certain topics and to leave others alone. This has to do with the fact that many seminaries – especially Southern Baptist ones – have been influenced by Rockefeller money and infiltrated by their minions. Also, churches have a tax-exempt status and so must comply with atheistic government edicts.

    The thing about freemasons is that they have been that is – are being – inducted into a system where “knowledge” is revealed gradually, upon pain of torture and death if revealed to “non-brothers”.

    Since Jesus is the only saviour of this world, others do not have to die in the name of “knowledge”. Since Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, there is no need for cult induction: the Holy Spirit tells us the truth, which is more than just “knowledge”. Knowledge is carnal, truth is spiritual, and therefore, everlasting.

    Otherwise many ex-masons have testified that the knowledge of Luficer is disclosed to them during their “ancient rites” – worldly knowledge, which is deceptive. We all know what happened in the Garden, and this Luciferian cult of masonry is its rapid outgrowth.

    It is widely reported that masons actually worship the phallus and that many of them practice sodomy. This is evidently also the case for those few “elect” involved with the skull & bones (which imho goes back to Nimrod). This is obviated by the fact that masons and skull & bones are phallic worshipping cult, as is mormonism, which was spawned by masonry as well.

    The Knight´s of the Garter is rumored to be patronized exclusively by “royals” practicing sodomy, which is strictly forbidden by God – and the God of the Bible.

    It all has to do with the perversion of good in this world overrun by wicked people. Therefore: child sex, abortion, sodomy, which have all gradually become accepted. This is the beginning of the tribulation.

    • MHZ says:

      As in the days of Noah . . . Lot . . ., etc., It won’t be long now! The cup is full to overflowing.

    • Melanie B says:

      Thank you Carola for your support and added comments. Randy is going through an epiphamy regarding the masons. He thinks that because I am female I cannot possibly know anything about masonry. That is a little like saying that a mechanic can’t know anything about engines because he/she is not an engine. Right… I don’t know about you but I am pretty darn tired of masons running everything, in the darkness of night. I was 11 years old when JFK died. I think now that was the start of my own journey into the truth. Also thank you for your info about the Knights of the Garter, did not know about that one. Can you imagine the degree of perversion and depravity these “people” engage in? People like you and me have to educate those who know nothing about masonry. It really is an evil that should be ended like the anti masonic party wanted to do back in the 1800’s when the masons killed Captain Morgan who tried to tell the public about what the masons really do when all the lights are turned off…if people knew the truth about them they would be run out of town on a rail…

  13. The great secret IS: We are all one consciousness split up into infinite possibilities, expanding from the eternal energy source. to call oneself mason, jew, mormon, Jehovahs witness, catholic, protestant or any other tag is to caused violence to ones soul and spirit.

    Do you think the great God and Father, the very creator of life itself is concerned with tags? We do violence to our spirit and eternal life by separating ourselves from each other. I was never babtised nor christened by any organization and I appreciate the divine creator for do so with me.

    This earth is beautiful but there exists a darkness that surround the vicinity of the earth and it corrupts anything it comes into contact with, this is the case with all secret societies, the case because they have dark secrets to keep of there ways of control. In order to control many, much death and murder has to happen because people inherently want to do what their own heart tells them to do. Most people do not even consider that there exists creatures that are outside of our visible light spectrum that can influence our very actions, because we have neer been told that other things exist, we fear them instead of conquering them.

    In the bible there are mentioned many names of gods, some good, most bad. I mean sacrificing children to ba-al is bad, considering fi you was the child being sacrificed. this is were humanity fails so badly each and every day, there exists an element of separation in humans, the motto to divide and conquer, the only thing they forgot is that in order to divide they need human resources that are at the same knowledge level as they are, the people who control are vying for control off of each other, their house is divided and like some body on here has already said, WE WIN IN THE END, they lose EVERYTHING.

    I KNOW there exists a power force of what the bible calls the Holy Spirit that teaches me everything i need to know at the right time. The bible is the mark of the beast and any who rely upon the bibles power to speak is relying upon uncanny power, a form of idolatry. Jesus sent the holy spirit to teach us all because he knew that there was deceptive people on earth working for the darkness to bring in a new world order then, they called in babylon or city of confusion which the word BABYLON mean.

    Tags are violent, get out of babylon the great, Who spoke the first WORD?

    Peace and love.

    • Jean says:

      There is a joke that I do not tell well, but i think you will get the idea: Columbus, or some other explorer, stood on the shore and spoke to the indigenous people, as he held the Bible up prominently for these ‘simple folk’ to see. He said, pointing to the Bible: “This is the word of OUR God!” The shaman looked at him and replied: What! You can’t talk to your God?!”


  14. ClaudeA says:

    Responding to your reply to Mellanie, Jean . . .

    Melanie, I do hear you, but I’m not sure that the God of the Bible is the God we want to worship, either. God is within us! We are all aspects of this God we are learning about. We are God experiencing itself through us. . . Many aspects of God in the Bible are good, but IMO the cabal has distorted so very much! Hugs, ~Jean

    Jean, obviously Mellanie knows about Bible things you’ve rejected without complete research. To speak the same lie Serpent told Ishah(Eve) that she would be a god, when exactly the opposite was the reality, is to teach people to repeat the very same deception.

    Please, instead of repeating what some nice-sounding soothe-sayer told you or a friend, actually research Hebrew Scripture to discover the facts of humanity, Creator, and Life. Yes, it will reverse your living, but the joy you will gain is available nowhere else.

    • Jean says:

      Claude, I know of that which I speak because I live it every single day. . . There is much good in the Bible, but there is also much deception, put there on person . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • God's Ambassador says:

      Claudia, I believed such as you for 8 years, I was very much of New Age thought. It made total sense to me and I loved it. However 10 years ago, God and the Holy Spirit changed my heart, he opened my eyes and ears to the truth and I was born again of the Spirit. I hated the bible before that, so I KNOW God changed my heart and He converted me. I tell you this because before we believe, we are deceived. I feel mercy for you when I see what you write because I was once there. Time is running out and anyday the good Lord may take us, and then, there we are before Him giving an account. We can either continue to deny Him, or we can cry out and tell God we don’t yet believe, but want to, but don’t feel it in our heart, Please God, reveal to me who you are. then repent of your sins, acknowledge you are a sinner.
      I tell you this, because the truth will set you free, as it did me and I was the BIGGEST New Ager there was and lived all over the world, hung out with Shamans, read new age books and talked the talked.
      Please, Fear the Lord, and go to Him…. then all this worldly stuff, though awful, wont matter because God will reveal to you in your heart, we don’t live for this world anyway.

      I will pray for you as someone once did for me.

    • MHZ says:

      What you are claiming in your first paragraph is Pantheism.

  15. marg says:

    Dear Randy; life should be free. we should be free.

  16. I wish it were possible to distinguish truth from deception but that must be my pipe dream. I am near 72 and in all my years, I don’t remember such insincerity, untruthfulness and outright lies we are exposed to daily. I cannot for the life of me explain how it was that Obama was able to be elected without a minimum of background research and real documentation. In speaking of the “End of the Age (Age of Grace)”, His first words were “…take heed that no one deceive you.” Matthew 24:4b NKJV. Of course there has been lies and deception for as long as man has existed but it seems more “in your face” withholding of truth such as the destruction of the World Trade Center. So many questions have been suppressed or spun to confuse that knowing the truth may never be possible. It gets to the point where one just gives up and eats the cake as did Alice. I ask many, seemingly intelligent men and woman what can we or I do with regards to this deceitfulness and all I get are blank stares. One did suggest that “Term Limitations” is the answer but I question if currently elected individuals would indeed vote to limit their time in congress. Would that really change things? Perhaps when Pelosi said that “we must sign the Obamacare law so we can see what was in it” defines who we are today. Chris Matthews reported a “tingle” up his leg when Obama won election. I think this is all a long prophesied period and few understand what that means.

    • Jean says:

      Bowen, I really appreciate your honest expression of what you are going through. I can assure you that you are not the only one. My personal belief is that the truth is coming out for everyone to ‘see’ – if they choose to, and it’s going to happen very soon. I’ve long felt that everything hinges on ‘the money’ and whose got control of it. I’ve been on my own personal journey for over 17 years, and I started investigating the financial situation over ten years ago now. No one was standing over my shoulder telling me, instructing me – and actually messing with my brain. I was on my own. Then a couple situations arose where I decided to stand in my truth. This happened sometime before the crash in ’08, and I was laughed at. These people soon found out I was right.

      I’ve learned the hard way that each of us is going to have to arrive at our own decision of the ‘real’ truth by following our own path. For some of us, that will mean investigating the science of the times in which we live. For others, it will begin with a spiritual journey. Still others will get captured by the situation with the ETs, and others with the politics -oh-so-corrupt – at the moment. What is happening, however, is that the vibrations on the planet are rising – a provable fact, and those with negative vibrations are being exposed as they fight to survive the higher vibrations. Theirs is a lost cause. The outcome is, I believe, certain. We make it through, if only by the skin of our teeth, but we do succeed.

      So where are we when all the confusion sorts itself out?

      We are on the doorstep of the Golden Age, the long-prophesied Golden Age that is talked about in all our spiritual traditions. It’s a scientific fact, but nobody is telling us about it – yet. They don’t want us to know this ‘real’ truth.

      How humanity chooses to move into our new life will make the difference. Will we struggle and scream, or will we get to work and start recreating the way we live on this planet of ours. I happen to believe we are an incredible species that has survived some terrible situations, and as survivors I think we’re going to come together and do a really great job. Those who won’t work with us, simply won’t make it through . . .

      I hope you’ll be on board with us!


      PS Don’t be hard on yourself. I’ve been reading and studying for years, maybe because I have an incredible curiosity – and I had the time that most haven’t had. You can’t learn it all overnight, so be very gentle with yourself in this regard. Bit by bit, we will all get there. One step at a time . . . each day, simply learn a little more. . .

    • Melanie B says:

      Obama is an imposter. He is a total fake. His birth certificate is totally fake. Glenn Beck is about to expose this imposter. The masonic hierarchy elected him not “we the people”. On election night, Romney was ahead and would have won but the networks stopped counting at Ohio and declared Obama the winner. Obama is a Marxist and Communist and is doing everything he can to destroy our constitution and country so that everything will go to the one percent. Obama was selected not elected. And 911 was a black ops operation, it was the government bombing their own buildings so that they could push through their new bills and now every time you fly you get groped and felt up, how disgusting. I don’t fly anymore. Obama has 4 different names and was born in Kenya where his brother still lives in a hut. We are completely deceived. Wake up before they inject you with their biochip and can remotely “suicide” you and make it look like a heart attack. Listen to Rick Wiles at and hear what Rick has to say about this imposter.

      • MHZ says:

        Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament

        It is mind boggling how quickly those outside of main stream media are able to ascertain the truth about the Obamas. Boy oh Boy! She really did not mince words.

    • Matt Briers says:

      You could not have put that any better! :o)

  17. Melanie B says:

    It is up to us to overcome evil with good, not to let evil overcome us with slavery. I was born free, I will die free. I will never succumb to their not so new world order. In the end, God will destroy those who destroy the earth. We all need to realize the effect of secret societies on all of us and to begin the process of eliminating them. It all begins with the Boy Scouts who are led to believe that nothing matters but getting the “badge” and going onto the next level which prepares them for Freemasonry and the Military. Pay off your debt, get out of Babylon, raise your own food, collect rain water, get out of the mind controlled grid, think twice before bringing children into this prison planet, and question authority at all levels. Don’t forget that you and I have the power over them, not them over us. They are the one percent, we are the 99 percent. You have the power to bind and rebuke, use it. Read the back of the Book, in the end WE WIN!!! Praise God, He is the Truth, The Light and The way out of this madness. This is the great division, as GW said: “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists…”, in other words, you are either with those who believe in God or you are with those who believe in slavery and control. Be the strong individual, don’t be the weak follower. Amen

    • Randy says:

      You are delusional!
      I was a Scout. My son, an Eagle Scout. My father, 2 Grandfathers and 1 Grandmother a member of the Mason’s and so am I. I am also a Veteran. I am a God fearing Christian also. What you said in the first half of your post is so offensive to me I felt compelled to reply. You have displayed a height of ignorance of what your spouting off that is astounding. There is no “immoral” programing in Scouting or Masonry. Until the Scouts allowed for Gay’s the two of them both were fundamentally based in Christian belief. The Scout pledge includes the requirement of Reverence. Reverence to who or what? God! The “secrets” of Masonry in truth are silly but go back to the days of Solomon an the building of his temple and wasn’t “silly” then. They saved lives by stopping the different class’s of brick masons from killing each other to gain a higher income. You HAVE TO BELIEVE IN GOD to be a Mason so explain the evil in it to me. The secrets are there to prove that someone like you, who does not know what there talking about, is not a Mason to someone like me, who is. It’s as simple as that.

      As a Veteran of the US Army I stood up for my belief in God and this country that was founded on the belief of him and the freedoms given by him to each of us including you. I did not do it for our Government and certainly not for money as I got less than $1000 a month for putting my life on the line for people like you so you can to continue to run your mouth about things you know nothing about and live a life full of resentment and hatred for people you should love because you feel you should have been dealt a better hand. I feel so sorry for all of you young uns who think you have it so bad.

      I have worked all my life, mostly for very little. In my start minimum wage was $3.25 an hour but somehow I managed to survive. I have been just days from being homeless, went 2, 3 and 4 days at a time without food for over a year of my life. Experienced love and the loss of that love and my unborn child to drunk driver. Survived 6 years in the Military and 2 bouts with Cancer. Believe me when I tell you, your life can always and most probably will get worse. But, like me, you will survive. You will use the trials and tribulations of life to learn and grow and become, hopefully, a better person in the process. I am also not rich by any means but I have worked hard and now in my 50’s earn a decent living.

      Life is not free. Nor is anything in life free. It’s not suppose to be. You are required to work and earn your way up the ladder just like everyone that came before you. It can be and often is hard but it is worth doing if for no other reason your own self respect. There is no sin in working and earning and if blessed and you worked hard enough to have something to pass on to your children. If you become one of what you refer to as the 1% as a result, good for you. You should be respected for your labors but you people want to resent and demonize them for it and somehow feel they should give it to you for doing nothing to deserve it aside from being born. You should be ashamed of yourself for your words and world view of life.

      • Jean says:

        You, sir, are a perfect example of the rage that many, many good people experience when they first hear these stories, which I prefer to call ‘truths’. Good people find it almost impossible to believe the amount of sick depravity that exists at the deeper levels of what is going on. It took me many years to find my way down the rabbit hole, and each time my view of reality was so disturbed that I went into a kind of shock. After it happened a couple of times, I came to know it would last about two weeks and then gradually I would come back to center as I made my decision about whether or not to believe what I’d read. During that time, I was reading and reading and trying to prove it wrong, and when I finally realized that for myself I could not and this was more of the truth – truth I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW, I began to settle down.

        Randy, there are Masons and there are Masons, just like there are Catholics and there are Catholics, and there are Mormons and there are Mormons, and there are Jews and there are Jews. This list could be extended, I feel sure. There are very corrupt insiders at the top who are running the show. Good people have no idea that this is going on, and that is exactly how those at the top want it. Your reaction is to be expected and is quite normal. It is one of complete rage!

        Those at the top are as corrupt as you will ever find. It is tough to discover this, but I invite you to prove this information is wrong. If you can, you will be happy, but if you cannot, then you will have to make a choice as to how you want to move forward in your life. You may imagine how others are going to feel when they discover some of these truths, and you could be someone who will help others through the changes that are imminent, so imminent that I think I can say these changes are only at the most a few short weeks away. It is your choice, and I am not trying to influence you one single bit. It is too serious a situation, too serious by far to try to do such a thing. Each person must reach their own conclusion.


        PS Let me share that I find you are extremely articulate and I thank you for speaking out. I have talked with many people who have friends who are now having your experience, and they often have difficulty with similar responses. Our exchange may be helpful to them as they realize this is now beginning to happen over and over again, many times a day now.

      • Randy says:

        Throughout the history of the world there is no doubt both good and evil in every class of people, in every religion, in every government, in every city, in every state, in every country, in every organization, business, school or even written literature. However, to lump everyone involved into one single, evil faction due to the misunderstanding of this truth leads to hatred, discrimination, resentments and ill advised words designed to attack anyone and everyone in that group. To bring fear and emotional detachment into the equation so that rational and logical thinking is repressed in order to attain the goal of oppression were in the end, only the good are oppressed. While there are people who are Mason’s, Catholic’s, Jews, rich or poor and so on that are bad people that in and of itself is not justification to wipe out or demonize the entire group. There will always be both good and bad and then the truly evil in everything including your 99% as you call them.

        Life is not without it’s atrocities anymore than it is without it’s miracles. To open one’s ears is to hear this truth. To open ones mind is to be able to discern the difference. To open one’s eyes is to see the reality that those that are bad or evil are that way due to the empty void they have inside them that no matter what they do, they cannot fill so they hate the world and everyone and everything in it and would see it all destroyed. The path that Melanie B is on, judging by her comments can only lead to the dark side and seemingly, already has. While she included reference’s to biblical teachings her overall message was one of resentment, oppression and discriminant hatred aimed at everyone rather than the few that actually may deserve it. This is contrary to biblical teachings.

        You speak of some rage I must have felt from this story. I feel no rage. I fill sadness as I see evil play out in ever increasing scales. If I feel any rage it is aimed at our Government who not only allow such things to go on but are behind a great deal of it. A government that seeks to oppress open thinking and freedom of opinion. A government that is systematically wiping out our Constitution and Bill of Rights so that they can operate with impunity to suppress any indifference to them imposing their will upon us. A government that has for years used the media in every format to shape the minds of our youth and adults alike so that they will loose the will to revolt against this tyranny and simply accept and conform with little or no resistance. And the saddest part is, they vote for those responsible time and time again allowing these parasites to continue to feed and become rich from the misery of those they seek to oppress and control. I read once that the true definition of “crazy” is to continue to do the same things that do not work and expect a different outcome even though there never is. If this is true, over half of the people in this country are in need of psychiatric care. But I digress.

        Opinions tempered with understanding attained by real knowledge in the subject matter attained by seeking said knowledge from multiple legitimate sources that include both sides of the argument and based in facts are the only way one can discern the truth.

        • Jean says:

          Randy, your response delights me! I think I misunderstood you and did not realize your response was to another specific statement. Thank you! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Nana says:

        Jean, you are a Saint! I want to thank you so much for this incredible service you provide to help those such as Randy to begin to awaken. It isn’t about the Scouts, or the Freemasons or the military . . . as you pointed out there are good people in all of those organizations who are completely clueless about our true history and how we have had our country, our sacred Constitution and our freedoms stolen from us. One day, Randy will look back on this and say “how could I not have known . . .” or hopefully, this will cause Randy and those like him to begin to educate themselves. Thank heavens for the internet because it enables the “Randy”s of the world to learn the truth, if they have to courage to do so . . . because it does take courage. This is not the way Melanie B or I would like to live our lives or believe. It is the simply truth and knowing is the only way we will get through this.

        Chemtrails are but one small example of what is being done to us–you can add fluoridation, vaccinations and I could go on and on. BTW, Gene Mallove was murdered but my recollection was it involved his work in free energy sources. Anyone who does not believe that the world we live in is controlled by a very few individuals (banksters, Cabal), who control all of our industries, is in for some kind of a major shock! We are awakening and we will get our country back. I may be 70+ years of age but I am not dead and I will NEVER give up until this happens.

        Thanks again, dear Jean, for your work and service on our behalf. In our new world, service will be the most important thing that we do. Know that many of us do not post but are here, reading, sharing with others and AWARE.

        Big Hugs!


      • HeatherC says:

        Who wants to just survive? Why let fatcats use us as pawns to line their own pockets? Let’s start with an easy one. OIL. Gas and heating oil is expensive, no? The oil industry profited $20Billion last year. So why, oh why, are we also giving them our TAX money? Because government says to. And then guess what, the filthy rich owners and invenstors of oil companies pay less percent in taxes than the boy who makes $3.25/hour. And How is ANY of this fair? Why are we supposed to live with this? This is only one tiny example. War. Another industry. Who profited? Haliburton, my friend. This country is OWNED by big corporations now. Government puts them in charge. Government is now the middle man, the front. I woke up after researching our agricultural industry for the last 2 years. A CHEMICAL company now owns agriculture. Being in the military I believe you have you heard of Agent Orange. AO is just one of them chemicals now in all of your corn and soy (which makes up 80% of our food supply). Who thinks it’s a good idea to have AO, glyphosate, BT-11 and other cancer causing items in our FOOD? Chemical companies who make tons of money and whom now also RUN THE FDA. Google it!! And guess WHAT? We also give THEM, who make even MORE money than oil, our tax money. Not to small organic farmers anymore. It is insane. I love my country, but not my government. Heard of Separation of Church and State? It is time for Separation of Corporation and State.

      • Melanie B says:

        Thank you so much for your verbal abuse, it only supports my views. Please answer the question: Who is the God of your Masonic Temple? Is it Lucifer? Or perhaps you do not know the answer…as a Mason you are deliberately mislead about your own fraternal order. If masons are so wonderful, why is it secret? Why don’t you allow females into your wonderful fraternity? You have displaced your loyalties. Your loyalty should be to the God of the Bible not to some Masonic organization. Read Tex Marrs, he will expand your limited views and maybe it will enlighten you to the truth. I say again, the Boy Scouts are the training ground for Masonry and the Military. You are an example of all three. The truth hurts, but it is the truth that will set you free. Save the vitriol and read a book…the purpose of life is to realize God not settle for the likes of his imposter, Lucifer. Wake up Dude!!!

        • Jean says:

          Melanie, I do hear you, but I’m not sure that the God of the Bible is the God we want to worship, either. God is within us! We are all aspects of this God we are learning about. We are God experiencing itself through us. . . Many aspects of God in the Bible are good, but IMO the cabal has distorted so very much! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Randy says:

        The god of the Masonic Temple is God the creator of all things. The God of Moses. The god of Solomon. The God of Adam and Eve. The one and only true God. God the father of Jesus. Good enough for you? Probably not because you are so sure since you read a book that you know more than someone who is actually in Masonry. Whatever. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how misinformed, hateful and delusional it is.

        There are many books out there that profess to tell some truth about Masonry. Sadly, most of them are only written to make a name for themselves and a heap of money. You won’t do that writing the truth because it’s boring and goes against popular conspiracy theory’s such as yours. Also, they do let women in. As I said my grandmother was a Mason. Their version of it is called the Eastern Star. They meet in the same lodge but on different nights. Further, I told you already why the secrets but maybe in your furor you missed it. I’m sorry but your theory about the link of the Boy Scouts, Masonry and the Military is in my opinion, is just, well, lets just say it’s way out there in left field. I joined the boy scouts because my mother and father divorced when I was 4 and he was never in my life after that. I did it and my mother encouraged it so that I could experience some of the things I may have experienced had my father not run off with another woman. The outdoors, camping, learning things about the outdoors etc. I joined the Military because as I said in an earlier post I was near being homeless and was more or less starving and had few other options and decided to do take something bad and turn it into something positive. There was no work in my little farm town and I was on my own with no one to turn to as they were struggling also. The Masons, out of curiosity due to my family connections to it and I don’t regret it. It is nothing at all as you want people to believe. So see Melanie, no so called progression from one to the other due to some evil influence that began in Scouting.

        Lastly I want to address what you said at the end. I can think of nothing more vile or hateful than to judge a total stranger as someone who worships the devil. Who are you to judge me in such a way? You read a book so you are now the leading expert and can deem me as dammed? Thus I say to you Melanie, you are of no mind or mouth to make such Judgments except to look into the mirror and judge yourself. Judge not least thee be judged Melanie.

        • Jean says:

          Randy, I think this is your view – your opinion, and while Melanie may have judged you in a way she would have been wiser not to, I know there are many who have come to believe exactly as she has. I would not let your anger at the way she seems to have expressed yourself become a means to avoid looking at the truth. I happen to agree with her. Are you aware that there is another Mass Casualty Terror Drill Planned for July 2013 During Boy Scout Jamboree . . . link: Because this is being publicized, it will hopefully not develop the way so many of these other events have developed.

          Please do your research: there are hundreds of well-researched items on my blog . . . I think I did not really misunderstand you, Randy, and I realize the shock that what you have come to believe in such a deep way may not be true at all.


      • Melanie B says:

        Randy I am replying to your post of June 16, 2013 at 11:07 pm, there was no reply button there for me to access. You and I will never agree. You are the one who is deluded. You are completely brainwashed to your conclusions by Masonry and the Military. Your own Morals and Dogma states that the God of your Masonic Temple is Lucifer not Jesus. You are the unwitting worshipper of the dark side. Read what Albert Pike has to say about receiving the “seething powers of Lucifer”, he was one of your Worshipful Masters…You need to come out of Babylon and partake not of her evils. Masonry is Mystery Babylon. You say you are a Christian and a Mason. That makes you double minded. You cannot serve two masters, for you will love the one and will hate the other. I am not judging you, I am trying to open your mind as to what you are involved in. Other than that I cannot continue to throw pearls your way when you step on them and disrespect what I am trying to tell you. It is your choice entirely. We are all coming to a crisis in our lives, we are all going to have to choose Jesus or Lucifer. If you don’t actively choose Jesus, then you will default to Lucifer. This is the great culling of the population by the Masons. It is also the harvest of God, Holy Jesus, the only God who was crucified and then rose from the dead. As for me and mine I choose Jesus. Now go find a copy of Morals and Dogma and read about who you really worship…and then pray for salvation. Amen

        • Jean says:

          Melanie, what is going on between you and Randy is tough for me, because while I agree with you more than I do with Randy, I also don’t totally agree with you, either. In my opinion Jesus is not to be worshiped . Jesus was a great teacher like Buddha and many others. He came here to leave the message in our collective consciousness that we are all the sons and daughters of God, that we can (and will) do what he did, and mostly that everything we do must come from love. There is nothing else to his teachings. They were so simple, but ‘religion’ has distorted them and done so very cleverly. We were not to find God inside ourselves, but to listen to the dictates of others outside – in the Church, who largely in my searching have never had a personal experience of God.

          They live on hearsay only.

          Since my awakening, I have asked every ‘religious’ person I know, clergy and otherwise, to preach on the aspect of Jesus teaching that I have painfully learned to be the most important – the part about loving ourselves, so we can then love others. Not one single clergy has ever even been willing to discuss this topic with me – or preach about it, and I have come to think from their personal behavior that they have no absolutely understanding of what it means. So how can we, who speak so easily about love, really love anyone else, if we do not know what it means to love ourselves?

          Where are we to learn this?

          Anyway, I do not think that Jesus, per se, is the choice we must make. I think we must also make the choice to learn about love, to heal our wounds so that the pathway to our hearts is open and clear. Our hearts have brain cells, they are more powerful energetically than our brains, and they do not lie to us. They will guide is with clarity every single time. Our fall from the so-called Garden of Eden was really, IMO, about the accident that happened in Atlantis 13,000 years ago that caused us to fall from our hearts to our brains – and now with the help of many on both sides of the veil, humanity is gradually preparing to return to our hearts, which is where the indigenous people already live.

          We have been taught to denigrate the indigenous people, but does anyone ever ask why? Could it be that the matrix knows they have the answers? From my experience, they clearly do, and they are part of the key to humanity as a whole getting through what is rapidly coming at us. They are wise far beyond anything our scientists now know. They know – and have known – more about the workings of the heart than our scientists know. Our scientists are just now beginning to figure things out!

          Ascension means ascending as Jesus did. Some will also resurrect. We are moving into Unity Consciousness, a heart-based level of living. It is sometimes called Christ Consciousness, but in no way does that name imply that we are to ‘choose Jesus’. This is my opinion, but it is based on a lot of personal experience and a lot of knowledge. Yes, we each have a choice to make, and it is whether or not we want to ascend at this time. Not everyone will choose to do so; it is a very personal decision that each human being will make. Eventually, after we have reincarnated enough to learn all our lessons, everyone will ascend, because I believe that is Creator’s intention, but there is no force applied and we have free choice.


      • MHZ says:

        Why hide things from the light of day and consign same to the dark of night? Secret societies, by their very definition, place themselves in the realm of suspicion. That, IMO, makes them targets for all kinds of things. (I find it interesting that Freemasons will defend Masonry to the bitter end (in accordance with their Oath) while those who are not members will vilify the order.) If Freemasonry is so pure and good (not to speak of Godly) would it not make sense to share it with the rest of us ‘un-illuminated’ mortals so that we might become more pure and good? Common sense dictates that things hidden must have a reason to hide. I can’t think of too many folks or instances where good deeds and pure thoughts are hidden from the world. Everybody still likes a ‘pat on the back’ for their good deeds. Himmler, Mengele, Hitler, Stalin and more, too numerous to mention, were ALL members of Freemasonry (mostly 33rd degree Masons) and hid these facts from the whole world. WHY would they do that? Makes no sense. I remember Hitler bragging about the Volkswagen. Why not brag about his association with Freemasonry? You, Sir have been imbibing Kool Aid!

      • Dave Wilbur says:

        You can not be a Mason and a Christian at same time, Jesus said “no man can serve 2 masters” but you need to know what the highest Mason In American history said on pages 104 and 819 of Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike said the higher Masons mislead lower Masons who deserve to be misled. I copied those 2 pages and have them on disk.
        When The Word Is Given by Louis Lomax, the Muslim Elijah Muhammid was interviewed and he said: “There are 3 and 1/2 million indirect muslims in this country, those higher Masons called shriners. When one reaches the 33rd degree in Masonry, one is no longer a Mason. One is then called a Muslim son and comes under the teachings and prayers of Islam. We in Islam do not ascribe sonship to the almighty God. we are his spiritual Children but God has no son.”
        “He who denieth the father and the son is antichrist,”–1John 2:22

    • Melanie B says:

      Clarification: GW is with them and their ilk, not with God…

      • MHZ says:

        I have done MASSIVE amounts of research on Freemasonry. Jesuits founded these societies. And Jesuits give their allegiance to Lucifer. The Pope is a Jesuit. That fact became common knowledge when Francis was elected just a few short months ago. Has anyone read their Oath? And, according to the RCC philosophy and outright statements, “the church does not change”. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded in order to address issues in our world that, according to their timelines and goals needed correction. Some societies were disbanded after the desired results were achieved. New ones cropped up as new needs arose. i.e. Many Masonic Lodges were started (and thrived) in the Middle East. As the Rulers, Sheiks and Princes were inducted their wealth and stature were increased. Find me a Sheik who is poverty stricken AND a Freemason. Thereafter Briton came in and built more Lodges. The whole Royal Family are members of one secret society or another. As is virtually everyone in power. From Bill Gates to George Washington. Some may not like these facts but they are, nevertheless, the truth. Secret societies are the tools (invention and ideas) of the Papacy. I, personally, have read Bulls and articles over the signature of Popes and Archbishops, belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, etc., etc., as well as from books and records from their own archives, news clips and from THEIR OWN WEBSITES, BOOKS, RECORDS AND WRITINGS that this, is in fact, the truth. I’m not the one saying this. This is not of my own conjecture, this is directly from “the horses’ mouth”. Difficult to argue with that. This world is almost finished. Read, research and learn from the Books of Daniel and Revelation. It clearly gives the prophecies which are to fall on this world. Soon. When listening to the news it becomes clear that the things prophesied in these two books are coming about now. There WILL be a NWO. In order for the biblical King of the North (mind set of a Religio-Political System) to fulfill the prophecy in Daniel he must vanquish the King of the South (a Secular System). The Religio-Political System was in place from 538 AD to 1798 (1260 days/years. Familiar with the Inquisition? Napoleon/France, when he captured Pope Pius VI, decreed the Papacy null and void and freed the citizens of Rome from the iron grasp of the Church, This is world history based in fact which, coincidentally, matches what’s in the Bible, after which time, a Secular System was put into place (the Goddess of Reason in France) worldwide. It is now time for the King of the North to re-assert himself (like a ‘whirlwind) in this world because this is the final chapter to take place as prophesied in the Bible. The Battle of Armageddon is a battle for your MIND. There will be a distinct mark. That “mark” is keeping the commandments of God and the Sabbath as He commanded or keeping the commandments and the Sabbath of man as the Papacy demands. No Brand of 666 on the body. No RFID chip. Nothing. But, nonetheless, everyone must choose and there will be consequences to the choice. There will be no ‘sitting on the fence’. In the past 15 years the Papacy has made some interesting comments regarding its position and expectations in the world. Is it not ironic that virtually every nation, ruler, prince and king bows down before the Pope and kisses the ring? Does not “all the world wonder after the Beast”? From Buddhism to Islamism to Protestantism and Judaism. All give their allegiance to Mother Church.. Why? Because it is written.

        • Jean says:

          MHZ, I will not give any allegiance to Mother Church! It is not so written! Prophecy is a warning! Humanity has the power to change prophecy! Our intention is one of the greatest powers on the planet. Another one is LOVE! Please, wake up!!!


          • MHZ says:

            I agree with all you are saying. Prophecy IS a warning. And each and everyone of your statements is correct and spot on. I am awake. And I am aware. I am not speaking of “We the people”. I am speaking of systems. I am speaking of things that have transpired by subversion of truths and in the dark of night. I am not advocating anything except that people use their intellect to research facts and truths (be they founded or unfounded) BEFORE making decisions which will affect their life. Yes, of course I agree with the fact that love can change the hearts of men. Of course I agree that intent is a primary drive and that it is the nucleus of any outcome and result. If you felt that I was saying that you give allegiance to “Mother Church”, please forgive me as that was not what I intended to convey. I am not judge. I am merely stating historical facts which are supported by many, many venues. Nothing in my previous post was intended to be internalized. It was intended as information which folks could (if they so choose) research for themselves. It was not my intention to offend anyone.

          • Jean says:

            Well said, and thanks for clearing up any misunderstanding. Hugs, ~Jean

          • MHZ says:

            Hello Jean;

            I was born in East Germany JUST after the war. My Father, Mother and I escaped to West Germany when I was 4 years old and were finally able to immigrate to the USA when I was in my teens. English is not my first language and sometimes, the way I express myself leaves a lot to be desired. My sentence structure is sometimes odd and may leave readers wondering what I’m actually trying to say. I must say that I need to apologize to you for any type of writing which may have led you to think that I was being judgmental. Believe me, I’m not and I have tremendous respect for you and the passion and dedication you so obviously feel regarding this Blog. I know how nasty many folks can be sometimes and that can’t be easy for you. Kindest regards and respect, MHZ

          • Jean says:

            Let me say your words are well chosen, and you are very articulate! No need to apologize, although it’s nice to meet someone who can! We all need to be willing to learn, to realize our mistakes are not awful things to be ashamed of, but to realize they are simply opportunities to learn! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • Nana says:

      Bless you, Melanie. I am not sure that I am with you on the Scouts but the rest that you say is unfortunately too true. You will offend many but it is time for us to awaken to what is going on around us. I raise my own chickens, vegetables, etc., have my own well, solar, etc. and have to contend with neighbors who consider me a nuisance. So be it! We must be strong and our only hope is to educate our friends and families. You go girl!

      • Melanie B says:

        Nana, thank you for your support. I am new to this blog thing…did not realize how nasty people can be in their responses…I don’t think people realize how many Presidents were masons and that Obama is a mason, a member of the Prince Hall group for Blacks. Most of the men in office and in the cabinet are masons. JFK was one of the few Presidents who was not a mason, wanted to end the FBI, return us to the Gold Standard, and warned us of “secret societies”. He was assassinated because of it in a masonic hit job, why else would there be the eternal flame on his grave? It is a reminder to us of who did the job, the masons. The masons follow the light of Lucifer, the eternal flame is a symbol of Lucifer. The Boy Scouts use the Fleur De Li as their symbol. The Fleur De Li is the Flower of Light, the Light refers to Lucifer, who is the “God” of Freemasonry. It is the freemasons who are united into one “hive mind” that will give their power to the anti Christ. The masons by their “religion” are members of the anti-Christ. They use the Bible not to follow it but to rebuke it. If you think I am kidding please read about it. Tex Marrs has some excellent books on the subject. And by the way, the head of Freemasonry is Prince Phillip, grandfather to Prince William who some say is the anti-Christ. David Icke also has some very interesting things to say about the so called Royals, they do some very wicked things to small children…very sad indeed. The Masons use the pentagram as their symbol, the same pentagram as in Satanism. If you are a mason you are preparing for Satanism. But you are not told this until you “progress” to the 33rd degree, which few masons ever reach. Most masons are in the Blue Lodge and only reach the third degree and are told they are “Master Masons”, which only serves to deliberately mislead them into thinking that masonry is just a “good old boy” organization. Rubbish. I spent 30 years at Pacific Bell/ATT. ATT is a total masonic corporation. I could not stand it anymore and got out. You have only to look at corporate logos to identify who the masonic corporations are, they are plenty and they are the ones who are taking down this country. May God come quickly and restore this world to health and sanity.

      • MHZ says:

        Good for you Nana! Wish I lived in a area where I am not prohibited from doing the same.

    • Randy says:

      (sigh) I was waiting for the Albert Pike reference. Sadly, it came and shows your truly are misinformed and just a bunch of Mason bashers. So, here we go…
      No discussion of anti-Masonry would be complete without an extensive mention of Albert Pike. The flyleaf of a biography written by Mason Jim Tresner describes him as “…a pioneer, a crusader for justice for Native Americans, a practical joker, a reformer, a journalist, a philosopher, a prominent Washington lawyer, and a Civil War general.” For many years, he was leader of the Scottish Rite in the southern United States and he was the author of Morals and Dogma published in 1871. The title in and of itself has led to much confusion since those who are NOT Masons seem to assume that his book sets forth ‘dogma’ for Freemasonry. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Let’s clarify right at the outset: the vast majority of those who become Masons have no idea whatsoever who Pike was. In fact, most Masons throughout the world become members and will eventually die without ever encountering either him or any of his works. Of all the Masons world-wide, it’s likely that fewer than 2% will have ever even SEEN (much less read) a copy of ANY of his hundreds of writings, most of which have been relegated to the dustbin of history. Of the few who have, what they’re familiar with – almost without exception – will be Morals and Dogma, a book that anti-Masons delight in holding up as the ‘Bible’ of Freemasonry. The reason this book seems important is two-fold: first, it was found in a number of Masons’ homes (as explained in the next paragraph) and second, because it had something many books of its day did not: an exhaustive index. It was NOT important because it was a ‘guide’ or ‘rulebook’ of any kind in Freemasonry. It was, simply, the sometimes jumbled thoughts of one man.

      The Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry? NO!

      For about 60 years Morals and Dogma was given as a gift to all who joined the Southern United States jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry. It is NOT Freemasonry itself! While all Scottish Rite members are Masons less than 25% of Masons have ever been Scottish Rite members. When the Shrine was formed right around the time of Pike’s death, being a member of the Scottish Rite was a requirement to join the ‘Playground of Freemasonry’. In the United States, the SR degrees were offered in a theatre setting over the course of as little as one or two weekends so those those who wanted to become Shriners would join the Scottish Rite rather than joining the York Rite which would take much longer. Consequently these books wound up in a number of houses where they would sit on a bookshelf for decades – unread.

      In the earliest printings there was an instruction that it was to be returned to the Supreme Council in the case of death of the owner. This request was not because the book contained anything of a secret or concealed nature. It was simply because books were expensive and this ‘recycling’ (at a time long before that word became part of our lexicon) kept costs down a bit. Of course there was no way to enforce that request and in a majority of cases it was unknown or ignored. (Hey: if the book wasn’t read, nobody would have seen that request!) As book publishing costs came down, later editions did not contain that request. There have been those who’ve suggested that this REQUEST was for some nefarious purpose but the reality is that it was NOT an ‘order’ in any way and was quite impossible to enforce. It also ignores the reality of the times.

      We’d guess that of the few who actually begin reading this ponderous 850+ page tome only a very small percentage actually finish it. Of those who do finish it, the great majority will admit that they could barely understand it. (Lately, with the advent of various book comparison online venues, it would seem that far more NON-Masons have read the book than Masons!) Despite the fact that only a miniscule number of Masons have read this book (and then, only those who read English!), anti-Masons and the unknowledgeable continue to claim that Pike and his works exert significant influence over Freemasonry today. Let’s be clear: the book was NEVER given to all Masons and it has NEVER, EVER (not once, anywhere, anytime – can we say NO in any other way?) been used as a ‘textbook’ or ‘instruction’ for Freemasons.
      Morals and Dogma is a philosophical work, created by an individual who was an extraordinarily prolific writer even for an age when prolific writing was the norm. It was also fashioned in the style of Pike’s time when public speaking was a high art form and Pike was known far and wide for his skills in this area. Morals and Dogma is not a manifesto (i.e. public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions) for Masonry or even for the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction. It is, rather, an attempt by Pike to provide a framework for understanding religions and philosophies of the past. Pike believed that without knowing the history of a concept, one couldn’t grasp the concept itself – and thus his lengthy explanations of various religious beliefs, consistent with knowledge of those beliefs in the mid-1800s. And it’s NOT a matter of this book being relevant in “one jurisdiction and not another” as some religious intolerants sometimes claim: this book was NOT written for ANY Masonic jurisdiction: it was written for a totally separate organization in which less than one quarter of Masons have held membership at any point in time. That Pike had the time, interest, and financial ability (remember that well before he became a Mason he was a businessman and lawyer who had a pretty fair amount of what we today would call ‘disposable income’ and that he ultimately served as a General in the Confederate Army and more. He wasn’t poor by any stretch so the writing of a book by a person who had money and a passion for reading/writing doesn’t mean that his work is Freemasonry’s doing.
      Because of the writing style used by Pike many of the explanations he seeks to provide about his thoughts on history, religion, philosophy, and more, are totally lost on current day readers. Pike felt that unless one understood the complete background of a philosophy he could never expect to understand any part thereof. As a result he tried to put everything he’d read, learned, or ‘knew’ into his prodigious writings.

      In the case of Morals and Dogma, it’s sheer size alone keeps most people today from reading, much less understanding it. Don’t believe it? Use our Reality Gauge and get a copy from your local library or from the web. Then READ IT! Don’t just browse and look for offensive passages which you might find if you use the index; actually READ THE BOOK! We can pretty much guarantee that you’ll not be that 1% who understand the darn thing – and even if you are you’ll see that Freemasonry today is SO far removed from all of that turgid prose that it’s incomprehensible as to why people would bother to quote Pike on ANYTHING!

      Grabbing quotes out of context (and this was, after all, his written discussion of various world religions and philosophies), it’s quite easy to find things which will make Pike sound just awful. In context – and particularly when one considers that this is one book by one writer – Morals and Dogma simply has no relevance to the actions and activity of Freemasonry. And it should be noted that Masonophobes (anti-Masons) also ignore the hundreds of thousands of Masons who have explained – in books, talks, and on the web in videos, blogs, websites and more – that Pike’s book is NOT any type of ‘ruling guide’ or ‘handbook’ for Freemasonry.
      How did Morals and Dogma gain such ‘notoriety’?
      For many years, the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States’ Scottish Rite gave those who received the 32nd Degree a copy of this book. It was a tribute to a man who had done so very much for their organization. For many Masons who joined after World War I or around the Great Depression in the US or during/after World War II, it might have been the only book they owned which related to Freemasonry! Hundreds of thousands of copies of this work were published and given away. They have collected dust on bookshelves for decades ever since.

      For those who sought to learn Freemasonry’s supposed “secrets”, this tome seemed to be a ready reference. A cover with an apparently ‘Masonic’ emblem; reference to “all” the degrees (so they thought), and a book which had been in their house since they were old enough to remember. A phrase was plucked from here and there – and suddenly Masonry was an all-encompassing satanic group in their mind.

      • Randy says:

        I suppose all these people were disillusioned evil devil worshipers too.

        Benjamin Franklin1 of 13 Masonic signers of Constitution of the U.S. John Hancock1 of 9 Masonic signers of Declaration of Independence David G. Burnett1st President of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston2nd & 4th President of the Republic of Texas Mirabeau B. Lamar3rd President of the Republic of Texas Anson Jones5th President of the Republic of Texas Gene AutryActor Ernest BorgnineActor W.C. FieldsActor Clark GableActor Arthur GodfreyActor Will RogersActor Peter SellersActor John WayneActor Oliver HardyActor – Comedian James BowieAlamo Colonel William B. TravisAlamo Ransom E. OldsAmerican automobile pioneer Sugar Ray RobinsonAmerican Boxer Roy RogersAmerican cowboy and screen star David CrockettAmerican Frontiersman and Alamo fame Charles C. HiltonAmerican Hotelier Andrew T. StillAmerican Physician who devised treatment of Osteopathy Edwin L DrakeAmerican Pioneer of the Oil industry Rogers HornsbyAn original member of the Baseball Hall of Fame Geoffrey FisherArchbishop of Canterbury 1945 – 1961 James HobanArchitect for the U.S. Capitol Edwin E. AldrinAstronaut Virgil GrissomAstronaut Elliot RichardsonAttorney General Walter P. ChryslerAutomotive fame Charles LindberghAviator Earle Bryan CombsBaseball Hall of Fame Ty CobbBaseball Player Dr. William and Charles MayoBegan Mayo Clinic Lawrence BellBell Aircraft Corp. Winston ChurchillBritish Leader George M. CohanBroadway star Lowell ThomasBrought Lawrence of Arabia to public notice George PullmanBuilt first sleeping car on train. Simon LakeBuilt first submarine successful in open sea. Richard J. GatlingBuilt the ‘Gatling Gun’ Father Francisco CalvoCatholic Priest who started Freemasonry in Costa Rica 1865 John W. TeetsChairman and Presiden of Dial Corporation John MarshallChief Justice U.S. Supreme Court 18 1 -1835 Joseph BrantChief of the Mohawks 1742 – 18 7 Joseph Fort NewtonChristian Minister Jacques Etienne MontgolfierCo developer of the first practical hot air balloon Robert LivingstonCo-Negotiator for purchase of Louisiana Territory Darryl F. ZanuckCofounder of 20th Century Productions in 1933 Charles F. PapstCoined the term ‘Athletes Foot’ Bob HopeComedian General Douglas MacArthurCommander of Armed Forces in Philippines General Henry ‘Hap’ ArnoldCommander of the Army Air Force Wolfgang Amadeus MozartComposer Jean SibeliusComposer (Finland) Duke EllingtonComposer Arranger and Stylist Roy ClarkCountry Western Star Harold Lincoln GrayCreator of ‘Little Orphan Annie’ Felix SaltenCreator of Bambi John Joseph PershingDecorated American Soldier Frederic A. BartholdiDesigned the Statue of Liberty William WylerDirector of ‘Ben Hur’ J. Edgar HooverDirector of FBI James W. MarshallDiscovered Gold at Sutter’s Mill California 1848 William H. DowDow Chemical Co. Leland StanfordDrove the gold spike linking the intercontinental railroad Booker T WashingtonEducator and author W.E.B. BuBoisEducator/scholar Irving BerlinEntertainer Harold C. LloydEntertainer Red SkeltonEntertainer Charles ‘Tom Thumb’ StrattonEntertainer William ClarkExplorer Meriwether LewisExplorer Al JolsonFame as the first ‘talking picture’ the Jazz Singer General James DoolittleFamous Air Force Pilot Paul RevereFamous American James OtisFamous for ‘Taxations without Representation is Tyranny’ Gutzon & Lincoln BorglumFather and Son who carved Mt. Rushmore David SarnoffFather of T.V. Stephen F. AustinFather of Texas Cornelius HedgesFather’ of Yellowstone National Park Louis B. MayerFilm producer who merged to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Samuel ColtFirearms inventor Elmo LincolnFirst actor to play Tarzan of the Apes (1918) John H. GlennFirst American to orbit the earth in a space craft Robert E. PearyFirst man to reach the North Pole (19 9) Matthew WebbFirst man to swim the English Channel (1875) Admiral Richard E. ByrdFlew over North Pole Robert E. B. BaylorFounder Baylor University Daniel Carter BeardFounder Boy Scouts Norman Vincent PealeFounder of ‘Guidepost’ George SchoonoverFounder of ‘The Builder’ Jean Henri DunantFounder of the Red Cross Dave ThomasFounder of Wendys Restaurant Frank S. LandFounder Order of DeMolay Andre CitroenFrench Engineer and motor car manufacturer Christopher ‘Kit’ CarsonFrontiersman scout and explorer Alfred Von TirpitzGerman Naval officer responsible for submarine warfare King C. GillettGillett Razor Co. Arnold PalmerGolf Pro DeWitt ClintonGovernor and founder of Public School System (NY) Eddie RickenbackerGreat American Air Force Ace Nat ‘King’ ColeGreat ballad singer Eberhard FaberHead of the famous Eberhard Fabor Pencil Company Samual J. Ervin JrHeaded ‘Watergate’ committee Florenz ZiegfeldHis Ziegfeld’s Follies began in 19 7 Buffalo Bill’ William CodyIndian fighter Wild West Show Josiah HensonInspired the novel ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ Sir Alexander FlemingInvented Penicillin Richard M. HoeInvented the rotary press revolutionizing newspaper printing Antoine Joseph SaxInvented the Saxophone (1846) Edward JennerInventor – Vaccination James NaismithInventor of Basketball Joseph Ignace GuillotineInventor of the ‘Guillotine’ John Theophilus DesaguliersInventor of the planetarium John FitchInventor of the Steamboat Louis ArmstrongJazz Musician Lloyd BalfourJewelry Jr. BlairJohn Supreme Court Justice Paul WhitemanKing of Jazz’ John Philip SousaLed the U.S. Marine Band from 188 -1892 Simon BolivarLiberator’ of South America Jose San MartinLiberator’ of South America Harry HoudiniMagician Samuel L. ClemensMark Twain – writer Fredrick MaytagMaytag Omar N. BradleyMilitary leader Audie MurphyMost decorated American Soldier of WWII. John Paul JonesNaval Commander Melvin JonesOne of the founders of the Lions International William ‘Count’ BassieOrchestra leader/composer Patrick HenryPatriot Henry FordPioneer Automobile Manufacturer Harry S. NewPostmaster General who established Airmail Franz Anton Mesmerpracticed Mesmerism which led to Hypnotism Sir John J.C. AbbottPrime Minister of Canada 1891-92 Benito JuarezPresident of Mexico James BuchananPresident of the U.S. Gerald R. FordPresident of the U.S. James A. GarfieldPresident of the U.S. Warren G. HardingPresident of the U.S. Andrew JacksonPresident of the U.S. Andrew JohnsonPresident of the U.S. William McKinleyPresident of the U.S. James MonroePresident of the U.S. James Knox PolkPresident of the U.S. Franklin D. RooseveltPresident of the U.S. Theodore RooseveltPresident of the U.S. William Howard TaftPresident of the U.S. Harry S. TrumanPresident of the U.S. George WashingtonPresident of US 1st Governor George C. WallacePresidential Candidate who was nearly assassinated Sir John A. MacDonaldPrime Minister of Canada 1867-73 & 1878-91 Sir Mackenzie BowellPrime Minister of Canada 1894-96 Sir Robert L. BordenPrime Minister of Canada 1911-192 Viscount R.B. BennettPrime Minister of Canada 193 -35 John G. DiefenbakerPrime Minister of Canada 1957-63 Karl A. MenningerPsychiatrist famous for treating mental illness Jack KempQuarterback Buffalo Bills Congressman Leland StanfordRailroads & Stanford University James C. PennyRetailer Aleksander PushkinRussian Poet Douglas FairbanksSilent film actor Jack DempseySports Albert Abraham MichelsonSuccessfully measured the speed of light in 1882 Marquis de LafayetteSupporter of American Freedom Henry BaldwinSupreme Court Justice Hugo L. BlackSupreme Court Justice Samuel BlatchfordSupreme Court Justice Harold H. BurtonSupreme Court Justice James F. ByrnesSupreme Court Justice John CattonSupreme Court Justice Thomas C. ClarkSupreme Court Justice John H. ClarkeSupreme Court Justice William CushingSupreme Court Justice Willis Van DevanterSupreme Court Justice William O. DouglasSupreme Court Justice Oliver EllsworthSupreme Court Justice Stephen J. FieldSupreme Court Justice John M. HarlanSupreme Court Justice Robert H. JacksonSupreme Court Justice Joseph E. LamarSupreme Court Justice Thurgood MarshallSupreme Court Justice Stanley MathewsSupreme Court Justice Sherman MintonSupreme Court Justice William H. MoodySupreme Court Justice Samuel NelsonSupreme Court Justice William PatersonSupreme Court Justice Mahlon PitneySupreme Court Justice Stanley F. ReedSupreme Court Justice Wiley B. RutledgeSupreme Court Justice Potter StewartSupreme Court Justice Noah H. SwayneSupreme Court Justice Thomas ToddSupreme Court Justice Robert TrimbleSupreme Court Justice Frederick M. VinsonSupreme Court Justice Earl WarrenSupreme Court Justice Levi WoodburySupreme Court Justice William B. WoodsSupreme Court Justice Robert Pershing WadlowTallest human on record being almost 9 feet tall Sir Thomas LiptonTea Robert BurnsThe National Poet of Scotland Tom MixU.S. Marshal turned actor. Stared in over 4 western films Joel R. PoinsettU.S. Minister to Mexico who developed the flower: Poinsettia Sam NunnU.S. Senator Robert DoleUS Senator Jack WarnerWarner Brothers Fame Sir William S. GilbertWas the librettis for ‘Pirates of Penzance’ Rudyard KiplingWriter Sir Walter ScottWriter Edward GibbonWriter – Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Italian Adventurer Casanovawriter and entertainer Carlo CollodiWriter of Pinocchio Sir Author Conan DoyleWriter- Sherlock Holmes Lewis WallaceWrote ‘Ben Hur’ Johathan SwiftWrote Gulliver’s Travels John Stafford SmithWrote the music that became the US National Anthem. Francis Scott KeyWrote U.S. National Anthem George VI Grock Famous Swiss Clown Ringling BrothersAll 7 brothers and their father were Masons.

        • Jean says:

          Randy, I posted an extraordinarily well-researched article with quotes from many of our important founders, and people like Lincoln. You really need to take the time to read it . . . please. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Randy says:

        So anyway, there is little I could possibly write here that will change your minds. There are other things that have been said here that offend me also. God of the bible is not really the God we should worship and then reincarnation…. Really Jean???? That’s Buddhism and or Hinduism and you say you have had some kind of awakening? Girl, you are so sound asleep your immortal soul is in danger.

        You guys act like your the only one’s in the world that see’s all the crap going on like the drills you mentioned Jean that have been going on in just about every major city in America. Or the bullets and body bags bought by HS. or the Fema camps in every state. The fact that the election was in the bag for Obama long before the election and the GOP was just as involved with it as the LIbs and the Dems.

        I’m just guessing but I’m pretty sure your all 911 truthers also. That’s absurd, honestly, it is. Your nuts if you believe that crap. I believe a lot of conspiracy crap but that’s right up there with those that believe that sandy hook never happened.

        Seriously, I’ve had it with this blog and your all’s Lucifer insults on my beliefs and patronizing looking down your nose that is soundly up your backside crap.

        Remove me from you blog and e-mail updates Jean, I won’t be back.

        and by the way Jean, to answer your question you had of clergy. How can you ever love anyone else if you don’t even love yourself? It would be then by necessity a concept you cannot grasp so therefor you cannot possibly do

        • Jean says:

          Randy, you must do what is right for you. It’s all good. You, however, are the one who must remove yourself from my blog. I cannot do it. I believe there is a place on each email that permits you to do so, but I do not really know. Yes, I would have to say that sadly most of us do believe those things which you find so offensive. It isn’t over yet, though, Randy, and we don’t really know the answers about many of these things. . . The truth will set us all free . . . or that’s what I have come to believe.

          Concerning loving myself, what I have discovered is that most people do not understand the meaning of love . . . and I know that will flip you out, but I am entitled to my opinion, just as I grant that you are entitled to yours.


      • MHZ says:

        What a slap in the face to get a “gift” of such low esteem! Furthermore, why keep such a “Gift” (which you claim has little value) for decades? Your dissertation invites thought and common sense dictates that all these “hundreds of thousands of copies” were kept because Masons are required to keep them. The ‘Masonic’ emblem originates in paganism, as do many of today’s symbols. You are correct about one thing though. As the “un-illuminated” became more knowledgeable about Masons and their creed, explanations were sought and found and made public in order to make the organization more “palatable” to those who found Morals and Dogma offensive.

    • MHZ says:

      I wonder if it has occurred to anyone that Mohammad, Fatima, Buddha and many, many other “saints” and “prophets” and other self-appointed lords and masters within the 6,000+ year history of this world, have come out of similar backgrounds that were, at the very least, questionable. One can put any sort of spin on as one likes. The original facts are still the same. Where am I going with this? If one studies ancient world history from a biblical point of view, one will have to admit that all of this was (and is) the result of the rebellion in Heaven, when Lucifer (the angel of light) said “I will place myself above the Most High”. This world WILL come to an end. A new world (in accordance with what God originally intended) will be created and the old WILL pass away. Some of us will be alive to see this event. And those who are asleep in the Lord WILL be raised up. It is so written.

      About your comments regarding 911. I agree with you. I happened to see the implosion created when the old Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas was demolished so that a new one could be built. You know, that implosion was virtually IDENTICAL to the implosion of the World Towers. How odd! But, aside from that, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand in the way of The New World Order. America stands in the way of The New World Order. The Middle East must come into alignment as well. Unless all nations come into line there CANNOT be a NWO. The Bible states that this WILL happen. It also states that it will not last. But to simplify everything, the Bible states that America will be the enforcing arm of the Beast (Papacy). America is described in the Bible as the “Lamb-like Beast with two horns which arises out of the “earth” (meaning a sparsely populated country) after a “deadly wound” is inflicted on the “Beast”. Is it not noteworthy that during the same year, 1798, General Berthier (under Napoleon) captured Pope Pius VI and removed him and his power from Rome until he died, in exile and beyond, (thereby inflicting the “deadly wound”)? America became a Power first acknowledged AS a power by France in that very same year. It is written that the “Deadly Wound” would be healed. This healing began in 1929 when Mussolini returned the Papacy to, not only its former position, but gave it land and the power to govern itself as well. In short, America takes its marching orders from the Papacy. There is a really good little book out called “The New World Order, What’s Behind the Headlines?” by Russell Burrill. It’s just a little 187 pg paperback book but the author has backed up EVERY news worthy catastrophe historically and of late with scripture and has supplied the biblical verses. If you study world events and history and the Bible as well, this is a book that will set you back on your heels. Astounding.

      All that is happening in this world today MUST happen and God already knows the outcome, as does Satan. Satan does not much care on which day you worship just so long as it is not on the “7th Day” as requested in Exodus 20. Neither does Satan care who or what you worship just so long is it is not Jesus.

      There really is a New World coming but it will NOT be designed by men. Maranatha! May it be soon.

  18. ClaudeA says:

    El Aku Aliha Asur High– “google “it -the joker is a substitute for common sense . . .

    go figure!

  19. Ed says:

    Now this is strange. Dr. Eugene Mallove was killed May 14, 2004. And you all are just now getting the word out? Not only that, Dr Mallove was involved with free energy research, not chemtrails. Seems you all are a little misguided and about 9 years behind the times.

  20. Si says:

    If wikipedia is a reliable source for you, you’re in trouble.

    • Rick says:

      As an awakened freeman of over 25 years, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Anyone that uses Wikipedia or just YouTube as their validated sources of information are not doing themselves or the Truth movement any justice. It does more harm than good and puts all of the movements’ credibility on the line.

      • Jean says:

        Rick, I don’t agree with your statement here. You’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Why would you do that. There are so many incredible, informative videos – and you want to throw them all out. The same for wiki . . . what about wikileaks! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      This kind of comment is really not acceptable here. You might want to rethink it. Hugs, ~Jean

  21. McInnes says:

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  22. dsk says:

    Well , we all got to go sometime.

  23. nikki says:

    HARP has scared me for years ….how do we stop it though!!! anyone?? 😦

  24. Realizing evil is in control does nothing. htttp://

    Learning to live simply so others can simply live.

  25. I’m not ‘moderated’ by anybody!


    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

    • Jean says:

      Do you understand the purpose of moderation on my blog? I doubt it. No filthy comments. No unsubstantiated opinions expressed as statements, no infiltration by trolls. I believe my blog is successful for that reason. I read each comment, but I do not necessarily keep comments from appearing just because I may not agree with them. Please consider what I’ve said and reconsider submitting your thoughts to share with everyone. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Walter M Dow says:

        Do you have any idea … are you aware who El Aku Aliha Asur High is?

      • MHZ says:

        Jean, congratulations on a job well done. I’m new here and it is by no means common for me to participate on Blog sites. This one, however, is lighting a fire under me. I respect and admire what you’ve created and feel privileged to be able to post a few comments here and there. Kindest Regards, MarGitta (MHZ).

        • Jean says:

          You’re welcome, and I find the sharing and thoughts of people is quite eye-opening. No one has the entire picture . . . and we must all come together if we are ever to get it. Let me say, though, that I do not think any prophecy is cast in stone. Human consciousness and our intention has incredible power. We as a species, I believe, are already changing the outcome!

          Will there be a shift? Yes, I do believe so, and I think we are ‘in’ it now, but the dramatic moment when we flip into the higher frequency, I’m thinking – and I’m willing to learn – can be more or less dramatic, depending on the level of our consciousness. We must do our inner work. That is not an option. If you don’t want to go ’round again, then I think that it is necessary. After all, we read over and over again, many are called, but few are chosen. Don’t mess around; get your work done! Put it first, above everything else.

          Last night, as I was reading I had an insight that I hadn’t had before, and I think it’s valid. Duality is all about fear vs. love. When you can stay in your heart all the time, or most of the time, and you don’t go into fear, or you slip into fear and can get out of it immediately, you are ready to leave duality. Some are saying this last new moon was the end of duality for those who are ready.

          Just a few thoughts to add to the conversation.


  26. Rayne Storme says:

    Has the reptilians promised them a new life ona new earth since they are ready to genocide their own planet? If not, they will simply die with the rest of us.

  27. bumbysquish says:

    They control the weather with chemtrail first big drought and then the Elite will sell us water for BIG BIG $$$

  28. Heather McKenzie says:

    By the way folks evil has been in control for millennium or how come we are slaves and dont even realize it? I can think of nothing more evil than killing ones own species for greed can you? or girls being wed when they are still children? or when families are ripped apart because someone thinks they can do a better job than the ones that gave birth to them. or people left to die for the need of fresh water or basic food? while others spend hundreds on one meal how can this not be evil? like i said evil does have control on man kind. and until you all realize this nothing will change. will it?

    • nikki says:

      Global dimming is the gradual reduction in the amount of global direct irradiance at the Earth’s surface that was observed for several decades after the start of systematic measurements in the 1950s. The effect varies by location, but worldwide it has been estimated to be of the order of a 4% reduction over the three decades from 1960–1990. However, after discounting an anomaly caused by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, a very slight reversal in the overall trend has been observed.[1]
      Global dimming is thought to have been caused by an increase in particulates such as sulfate aerosols in the atmosphere due to human action.
      It has interfered with the hydrological cycle by reducing evaporation and may have reduced rainfall in some areas. Global dimming also creates a cooling effect that may have partially masked the effect of greenhouse gases on global warming.

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  30. Bradley says:

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    scientists and researchers in some countries to receive the
    funding they need to pursue their work. Contact Information: Lawrence Kreger Address:Advanced Health Consultants P.
    The type of text books used in anatomy courses are said to account for whether many students do well or fail.

  31. Stuart says:

    Neutralise & transmute Chemtrails with ORGONE ENERGY

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  33. elpfeifer says:

    Those are not real airplanes, Guys, I hate to be the one to break it to you.

  34. Pat says:

    Read Dr. Mary’s Monkey….

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  36. Shevaun says:

    Kay, I have a little time for the biggere picture, though not much. Nothing can delay ascension, all Karmic clearing & activation are healed & cleared on schedule as all arrises from everywhere on the planet & from people. Though their is still more to come & if I am correct with interpreting the recent messages give from another, Many lightworkers are on the verge of breaking through from all Karmic clearing & healing & will just be in their light, a healing presence for any who come in contact with them. Those function on fear & power, most has been cleared & returned to the light they were clinging to for power. Planetary tools taken & used in the past. Only one that I am aware of they still have & this work is occurring as I speak. Nothing to fear, the dark as know does not win this time as they did in the past. Nothing at all to fear.

    • Kelly's Eye says:

      Yes Shevaun, you are correct, nothing to fear, but plenty to shine the light on. I am sorry to tell you that the ‘ascension’ myth is just that…a myth..another story to stop you from taking part in fighting against evil, same as the ridiculous ‘rapture’… religion has hijacked people’s minds to stop interference in their plans…they planned Armageddon and used script to convince idiot Christians and Catholics alike that it is the ‘will of God’ so that they just let it happen. New Age religion is doing the same job with ascension, it is just bollocks I am afraid. You get a form of ascension when you die…which is most likely what the plan is for those gullible enough to believe it…I know it is nice idea, I was taken in for a while myself, but it is just another escapism, no better than a drug. As it is, there are exciting things happening, the Light side is winning, driving the Dark Cabal to ever more desperate measures, it is like a race to the finish line right now. We have a Divine being on the planet for the FIRST time ever, Jesus was just a good man and maybe a prophet… We DO win this, but it takes at least fasting and prayer for us to contribute, and also good to choose one issue and put some energy into it, like Fluoride poison in water for instance, or GMO’s, vaccines, SSRI’s, Chemtrails and punitive legislation designed to further the cull we are in.Please don’t just be ‘I am allright Jack’ like many of the Rapture believing Christians, because you are likely to be sorely disappointed and feel cheated that you never did anything because you thought you has a golden ticket… New Age comes from Blavatsky et al and is pure hokum.

      • Jean says:

        Your opinion only, Kelly! I agree with many of the things you state, but I believe the planet is undergoing a huge change, and this is proven scientifically! Her vibrations are now extremely high and when humanity’s vibrations reach a certain point – since we are the only species that vibrates exactly as the earth does – this will help to kick her over into another dimension. We are at the end of more than one cosmic cycle, and this is why this is all happening. Hugs, ~Jean

      • dusty says:

        Well so much for your viewpoint, Kelly. Doesn’t make any of it fact for those who disagree, any more than you discredit those who exercise THEIR faith for a higher being who is their Creator and with whom they choose to relate to. You call those of faith “idiots” and that is not an enlightened response on your part. It is a lower vibration which you could avoid. Not all Christians or protestants, shall we call them, believe in the rapture theory, but it’s not detrimental to live as though it might occur, e.g. in that they don’t live like it didn’t matter. There are many who are fully capable of living ready, and with an open mind to something different, at the same time. If you do not, that is your decision but one which it is feasible that you could come to regret. It does sound like you are carrying a chip on your shoulder against those of the Christian faith? I never forget the tale of Dante’s wager. Peace.

      • Daryl Revok says:

        Couldn’t of said it better myself. Religion..all religion..whether monotheistic or new age..if it teaches you to be content in your miseries for the reward of some glorious “afterlife” it is assuredly a dark and sinister lie to keep you enslaved to the corruption that surrounds you.

      • Jaspen says:

        So basically Kelly is an atheist who believes that this is a war for our bodies and mind. I am one who have died for 17 minutes, declared dead and came back on the way to the cold storage for an autopsy. If you think there isn’t a wonderful place we return to after the body fails, then it is YOU who have been stooped. Alex Jones is a government asset spreading fear and hate which is a valuable tool for the Luciferians. Jean is on the right track but there is some truth about the “myth” Kelly spoke of. The ascension believers are on the right track, but the after life resembles more along the lines of religion than New Age, I’ve been there, seen Jesus, Angels, my family members and Lucifer as well. He was the most beautiful of all, the Annunaki Fallen Angel for sure, but he is very good at turning humanity against God, using his reptilian genetically engineered beings as well as AI type beings. Sitchin was right, and so is the Bible, but the truth is hidden just enough to cast doubt. Keep searching but remember this war is for your soul, the body is nothing important, fear, hate, and temptation is their weapons, love for each other is their greatest enemy.

  37. Shevaun says:

    Just curious, was Drunvalo speaking about chemtrails, I’m not familiar with his work.

    • Jean says:

      I can’t remember, although he well might have done so. Chemtrails, however, I think would not be his main agenda at all. Helping us to move to the higher dimensions is. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Shevaun says:

        I couldn’t find anything about chemtrails, haven’t seen all his work. best to only use the names of Chemtrail belivers so it’s not like the post above. As non-believers which most Ascension channellers are not. Only a tiny number of ones in the lightworkers network are chemtrail believers & teachers. Just a few. David Icke, Bill Ballard, Indian in the machine, Doreen Virtue, A few others who are happy to have their names & work used for this mission & service. Not many believe it or asscociate it with Ascension & lightwork. That’s only followers of these ones. Ones who channell their books & infomation from the Angels would not be pleased to have their work used for this. So please only use “chemtrail believers work.

      • Shevaun says:

        Very Interesting Drunvalo seems to be a spiritual researcher like Doreen Virtue who studies other peoples work & interprets them. Rather than an Ascension channeller by the looks. Still no “chemtrails” I’ll keep looking.

        • Jean says:

          Shevuan, I have worked with Drunvalo, I have sat and spoken with him personally, and it is my opinion that Drunvalo is an Ascended Master, returned here to help us through this Shift. He is not a channeler, believe me. He is a walk in, which happens as a result of a spiritual agreement made with someone who is transitioning in order to save time. Like all of us, when he entered the body he now occupies, he forgot his past, and had to discover through his life’s path, who he is and why he is here. He had to make his mistakes – and he still makes them. In other words, he had to become totally human, to walk in our shoes, in order to help us. To be an Ascended Master means that he has conquered all the possible dimensions in this Universe and can live and move in them. Instead of moving upwards, when asked, he chose to return to help us. I suggest you take the time to read his books, and that you start with his two volume book, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. His life here and study of human consciousness for the last forty years is described in that book, along with a huge amount of the ‘real’ history of humanity. He is the only Westerner who has gone through the deeply sacred Mayan Ceremony, a prerequisite for being chosen to speak for them to the world. No other Westerner is permitted to do so.

        • Jean says:

          Shevuan, I have worked with Drunvalo, I have sat and spoken with him personally, and it is my opinion that Drunvalo is an Ascended Master, returned here to help us through this Shift. He is not a channeler, believe me. He is a walk in, which happens as a result of a spiritual agreement made with someone who is transitioning in order to save time. Like all of us, when he entered the body he now occupies, he forgot his past, and had to discover through his life’s path, who he is and why he is here. He had to make his mistakes – and he still makes them. In other words, he had to become totally human, to walk in our shoes, in order to help us. To be an Ascended Master means that he has conquered all the possible dimensions in this Universe and can live and move in them. Instead of moving upwards, when asked, he chose to return to help us. I suggest you take the time to read his books, and that you start with his two volume book, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. His life here and study of human consciousness for the last forty years is described in that book, along with a huge amount of the ‘real’ history of humanity. He is the only Westerner who has gone through the deeply sacred Mayan Ceremony, a prerequisite for being chosen to speak for them to the world. No other Westerner is permitted to do so.

      • Shevaun says:

        This page & a few other chemtrail pages keeps coming up with his name linked with chemtrails. Articals are only about his studied phophesies of Mayans & American Indians. Thats all. Helps me understand how something happened a few years ago with a difference between his researched work & an Ascension channellers.

        • Jean says:

          I hope in my previous comment to you I have offered some sources of info for you. Check out Amazon’s titles. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Shevaun says:

        There is a massive difference between Doreen Virtues studies & what the Ascended masters & Angels say through channellers, in complete opposition, the opposite with most things. Its unfortunate when some dont channel their infomation & put their own Interpretaions on all they study from others. Even their own Beliefs.

    • Jaspen says:

      The poison in Chem trails can be, and are, sprayed without being seen. They can also just fly above 65,000 ft and you cannot see the planes of the trails. They just come down, dissipate and all you see is the sky very slowly start changing color from a deep blue to after a few hours a very light blue. They ALLOW you, even COUNT on you seeing them to promote fear in the minds of millions. They feed off the anger, fear and hate that is generated from them. Keep calm, call your local and state representatives and demand they call Langley and order them to stop. But do not allow yourself to be angry or live in fear or sorrow. You still have a mission here on Earth, regardless what the situation the Fallen ones have created. Do not fall with them, stay strong and focused. Your connection to our Creator, however you perceive it, is the only thing that matters. We live forever, remember that. Complete your mission here, report back to God
      when the time comes, then volunteer for another. There are countless Earths, and we are all needed somewhere.

  38. STEVE COLLIER says:


    • Thanks for setting the record straight. I knew Gene Mallove well and he did not concern himself with chemtrails, to my knowledge. Yet, there is no definitive proof his murder was DIRECTLY DUE to his work exposing Free Energy and Cold Fusion truth. I did not know about his nephew, Michael Zebhur. Any further info on that would be useful.

  39. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    There are 3 videos in this post. I cannot see videos but I recommend checking these out as this issue is very significant-whenever people are murdered for speaking out you know that what they are telling you about is A) very important and B) very likely the tip of a VERY big iceberg of hidden nastiness. We cannot count on “insiders”, the military or anyone else to solve it all for us, so the more people become aware and start speaking out against this sort of thing, the faster our world will change for the better. As always much thanks to Jean for always finding and sharing important things that are not easy to find!

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  41. It’s an amazing piece of writing in support of all the web viewers; they will take benefit from it I am sure.

  42. bman says:

    I found the video informative. However, the headline is completely misleading: As far as I can ascertain, Mr. Wiggington is alive and well. And the 3 murdered scientists were all apparently killed for reasons other than an involvement with chemtrails. This is NOT MSM is it? We really don’t need to sensationalize the truth. Just give me the facts please.

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  44. Robyn says:

    Good day! I know this is kinda off topic nevertheless I’d figured I’d ask.
    Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest
    authoring a blog article or vice-versa? My blog covers a lot of the same topics as yours and I believe
    we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you! Superb blog by the way!

    • Jean says:

      Robyn, I am so busy right now I hardly have time for the personal requirements of my own life. . . like going to the market, etc. Maybe later when we are past this. I’m honored that you would ask this of me, and I hope you will understand my response . . . it’s about loving myself. Hugs, ~Jean

  45. As a practical anti-chemtrail “Homespace Defense” matter, I think one could do far worse than to add a simple HEPA Air Flter unit to ones’ living space. These appliances are available from various manufacturers via online outlets such as and at competitive prices. Those Handy Ones of us who need to save a few sheckels for groceries and/or rent while still getting the job done might consider trusting the Universe to enable their salvaging a working “Squirrel Cage” blower from a disused heating unit or somesuch and attaching a replacement-market HEPA filter to its inlet. (That mode of trust sustains life like none other, one learns over the years.)

    Being made of less money than many, about a month back I squeezed-out twelve hard-won US bux for two of the biggest standard-grade automotive air filters I could get from the local parts house, gerry-lashing them onto just such a blower as I had on hand. Mounted the assembly with its motor downward and its inlet up, using a cylindrical Rolled Oats box as its mounting base. (I closed-off the open top of the stacked filters with a spare dinner plate.) Rigged an electric cord and plugged it in… It’s still hum-swooshing right along as I write.

    Although the $55.00 USD HEPA filter that I really want ASAP will surely do even better, a chem-sensitive friend who visited a week post-activation heartily approved of the upgrade to the breathing quality within my 600 square feet of living space. My own respiratory organs have indeed thanked me too, from the first day forward. So I heartily recommend this approach over the cabal-approved and -propagated Acquired Helplessness and subsequent hopeopelessness that all too often stops the Right Action if left unchallenged by practical, pro-active means.

    As to the killing-off of scientists and others who have glommed onto a substantial reservoir of Inconvenient Truth: As one who has been told by hospital nursing staff Exactly Once that I “Know Too Much” about my own anatomy, physiology and former morgellons-like larval-infection condition (now well on the mend due to deep Web research compounded with the appropriate as-discovered homemade medicine and treatment protocol), believe me I KNOW the feeling. Whistleblowing weapons scientist David Kelley Ph.D. is only one of all too many prime examples of what the Cabal will do to those who make the mistake of trusting the Established Order in any way while raising Red Flags within public view on the wrongdoing thereof. Oh to be sure, that kind of power CAN be trusted – but only like a scorpion: To do exactly what it WILL do.

    So: Light, Love, Clean Water, GOOD Food and Inexpensive Free Breathing to all! Also the occasional hug where called-for, safe and/or deserved… And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  46. All three were murdered but not for the chemtrails. The were activists that fought for a number of causes.and it was for other reasons. One was ‘in the face’ of drug cartels and was killed by a cartel, one was cleaning out a childhood home and was killed in a robbery and they arrested 3 for the crime, and the other was in the Amazon Basin and had previously received death threats from loggers and land owners. Sure, they are environmental activists and advocates for people but the murders were not because of opposition to chemtrails.

  47. DB says:

    Right now, the chemtrails are just too good for them. Here’s why:

    The lack of sunshine is causing an inability to produce vitamin D, which helps fight cancer and other diseases. Depopulation.

    The lack of sunshine inhibits plant growth, causing food supplies to dwindle. Depopulation.

    Increased aluminum in the soil negatively impacts plant growth and they are either weakened to the point of non-production or they die. Depopulation.

    The lack of sunshine shortens the growing season which decreases the oxygen level and increases greenhouse gases. Depopulation.

    The lack of clear skies inhibits sightings of ET craft. Ignorance.

    Skies filled with matter become giant *movie) screens where images may be displayed that cause fear (*alien invasions, *gods*, etc., spirals, unexplained phenomena). Brainwashing. Fear.

    Promotion of geoengineering as *saving* us from a volatile sun. Brainwashing.

    Increase in lung related ailments and deaths. Depopulation.

    Aluminum in bloodstreams increases dementia and Alzheimers at earlier ages. Depopulation.

    Decreased sunlight increases the amount of fuel used. More income for the cabal.

    Traps heat in the atmosphere during the summer, increasing fuel used. More income for the cabal.

    Limits sunlight in the winter, (solar panels become very ineffective and solar radiational heating is reduced) and increasing fuel used. More income for the cabal.

    Using more fossil fuels increases greenhouse gases. Depopulation.

    In regards to the *ascension* process, the sun provides certain energies to aid in DNA changes needed for a changing environment. Our DNA is not just a biological unit. It operates on all levels.

    The *fun* just doesn’t end! It’s too profitable for them in too many ways!

    They have not run out of money. They can print as much as they like. The oil companies alone make billions of dollars a second… The only time they run out of money is when their money becomes worthless. This is in the works.

  48. One more thing then I’m done. Sorry..long winded tonight. But it’s not just the clouds. Ohhh no. To make the clouds perform and make the rain, the tornados, the hurricanes…they’ve got to shoot the Silver Iodide into it. Chemicals on their own, especially these, cannot make rain. It’s the Silver Iodide that mixes with it.

    Silver Iodide was originally used to develop film – pictures, before digital came along. It’s extremely flammable, and seriously poisonous. There was a statement made by the military; they said…”We own the weather. We have the ability to set the sky on fire.” That was in the news, just as O’slummer’s permission…but quickly wiped away. Now think realistically. Why is it so imperative that NK NOT test their ballistic missiles? When you set that kind of heat to the atmosphere, what would happen?

    The integrity of this planet has been destroyed by the cabal…and it or them, need to disappear soon. Or there will be no planet. Between them and Monsanto, and now the new aggregate that wants to plant forest of Freeze tolerant, GM Eucalyptus trees, which are totally invasive and not meant for this climate, will finish off the wildlife and kill other plants and organisms that are vital to the ecosystems in the US. Eucalyptus, which grows in California, is considered an invasive species, like a bad weed. And although it does have healing properties, can you image what would happen. (I received that information today, and signed the petition against it because they are not indigenous to the US) Okay…sorry for the overflow of information; but if I have it, I always share. 🙂 Love to all

  49. BTW – the contents are aluminum, barium, strontium, magnesium, and there have been traces of beryllium. Beryllium is made from the rock, Beryl, which is what is giving the multi colored reflection, like a rainbow. It’s ‘not’ the aluminum. Beryl, in that ‘finely ground state’ is extremely corrosive to the human breathing mechanisms. There has been, since 2008, a 75% increase in upper respiratory system disease and weakness. This man is absolutely correct when he says that they knew exactly what it was going to do; one of the major things is is that it ‘weakens the immune system’ and makes a person very ripe and susceptible to contract diseases that much quicker. eg, bird flu, and anything worse. I think this is what the people of China are suffering as well… as it’s not just here in the US…this is world wide.

    In the beginning, there were also the experiments where they dropped the polyester fibers, and this is where Morgellins comes into the picture. There are hundreds of people that are still suffering, and the doctors that were trying to investigate it, were hushed. Instead they were told to tell the people to stop scratching, and that it was all in their minds. I’ve watched the videos of those living fibers moving and poking their way out of people’s skin and it’s not pretty. The earth and population is nothing more than people in a giant rat cage being experimented on…and they’re silly enough to believe their government ‘loves them.’ How naive can anyone be. There is a page on FB of Chemtrails, and the lawsuit they’re trying to put together. Let’s hope the judges don’t say there’s no proof. And never forget, the puppet that currently operates out of the WH is the one that told them in 2008 it was okay to Geo-engineer the planet. Who the H is he, that he could give authority for all the other countries? Well, I would suggest asking him how much Nathan Rothschild paid him to give the go-ahead.

    • I see chemtrails all the time, drawing criss-crosses in the sky, in multiple layers…it’s really become a hobby of mine to capture these peculiar events that seem to blanket our skies and leave us all questioning what is truly happening above us…

      I have a large, unknown aircraft, documented on a digital camera spraying it’s chemicals across a clear, morning sky. There are literally four jet-engines spewing fumes, of an unknown substance, from this aircraft. This video goes on and on and on…. I’m not sure what to make of it, but it’s definitely something to consider….

      • Jean says:

        . . . and people do not inquire as to what they are! When I made a suggestion about it, I was told I was a conspiracy theorist! Hrumph! Hugs, ~Jean

  50. This best proof I can offer is ‘reality’ of this. This is the Client list of Weather Modification Inc. The US is the biggest client…and this is only ONE of the suppliers. I will say that I have never been this allergic or sensitive to the air, the smells of fragrances and all that other stuff. Even the doctor told me 3 years ago, “It’s most definitely the air you’re breathing. It is not good, and more and more people are being affected.” He, of course is a D.O., not an M.D. Huge difference. But,I’ve seen the hazmat suits hanging on the couple of plane interiors that were across the web. Those that don’t understand, need to see the photos of the canisters lined up inside. Watch the YT video of the plane that was directly behind a chem plane…and the guy said he’s putting it up on YT.

    • Kay says:

      Yes, I’ve been on that site, scary stuff. It’s frightening whats been going on under our noses and even more so to think that so many people are unaware of this. At the moment we have very cold weather in England, unusually cold. We keep getting hail storms, it’s supposed to be Spring but it’s been so cold for so long that the trees are still not in leaf. We had 3 days free of Chemtrails, I don’t remember having such a long break from them but they were out in force again last night, shame, I thought it may be slowing down. I know we have weather modification, it’s quite clear to see when you are aware of it.

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  52. Yampah says:

    It seems fairly obvious that the political “leaders” of the G5/8/20 countries are insane, that they are psychopaths, that they have no empathy. What is less obvious is that they are not in charge of anything, other than signing their names to legislation. They are the puppets of the “dark suits” in the shadows behind them, the secret societies who put them in their positions. However, the “dark suits” aren’t in charge of anything either. They are puppets of inter-dimensional beings that control them. Human beings are being used as tools/pawns by the inter-dimensional beings to destroy ourselves–humanity–and the biosphere of our planet to suit the inter-dimensionals. The reasons given for the ongoing and expanding geo-engineering programs are simply plausible sounding lies to cover over the real agenda.

    For an in-depth explanation of this, how we got into this mess, and how to get out of it, please watch this video in its entirety:
    Almost 7 Hours David Icke Non Stop – Human Race Get Off Your Knees “The Lion Sleeps No More” – YouTube

    I found this video to be very empowering: I went from fear, confusion, and frustration to it all makes sense now, it all fits together. However, this version of the story–which is simply a very different point of view from that presented by mainstream media/politics/industry/science/education/religion–is challenging to hear, but this sense of clarity is far easier to live with and to move forward with. Remember, the truth will set you free, but first it will probably piss you off.

  53. Keffered says:

    Hello! This is published on April Fools Day. Duh!!!

  54. yabbadoody says:

    people are sick. everywhere. some doctors are so sick they can’t see patients. LOOK UP…

  55. LAF says:

    IMHO, the weather modifications caused by chem trails are a by-product. If the agenda of the PTB is depopulation, they certainly have the means to do it easier, quicker and cheaper than chem trails. And why even bother with GMO’s. I think there’s something bigger at play here, something more nefarious, unbelievable as that may be.

    The “Daniel Papers” provide some excellent data on chem trails. Not an easy read, but contains plausible theories beyond “just” poisoning us.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, LAF! As I understand it, the prime goal of chemtrails is to delay the earth’s ascension. IF we become diseased or die as a by-product, that is all fine and good with the cabal. While I do not know the specific facts of it, Ascension may be somewhat delayed, but it cannot be stopped. We have made it – by the skin of our teeth, but the fact is that we have made it. Drunvalo shared that personally with me, and my readers can do as they like: choose to believe, or otherwise. We all need very much to stop getting side-tracked by the news and continue our inner healing so we are not left behind. Remember; many are called, but few are chosen! Love and hugs, ~Jean

      • Kay says:

        How can Chemtrails delay the Earth’s ascension? Exactly.

        • Jean says:

          Kay, I’m sorry but I just don’t have time to ‘paint the picture’ for you. There was a time on the internet when this was discussed very seriously, so I’ll have to ask you to do a little research on your own. I guess you can start by Googling it. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Kay says:

            I never asked you to ‘paint a picture for me’. I asked a simple question!! I have done much research over the past 2 years regarding chemtrails and NEVER have I heard/read any mention of ascension in regards to chemtrails, not anywhere, not EVER. If you can’t answer the question then just say so, I don’t mind just leave the sarcasm out. You seem to be VERY negative and argumentative towards people. It was just a SIMPLE QUESTION. Feel free to delete my comment I know how you like to cencor your blog. FYI there is no such thing as ascension, it didn’t happen, WAKE UP!!!
            HUGS, LOL

  56. Jean,

    I’m very disappointed in your article!

    It’s old news, not factually correct, and extremely misleading.

    I usually appreciate your efforts, but this article was absolutely terrible and certainly tarnishes your credibility.

    We know there are many problems facing us these days. However, your article does NOT present a truthful or factual account of what is happening.

    Please rethink your posts before publication.

    I support your efforts almost 90% of the time, but you have really missed the boat with this article.


    Gene Langley 702-460-1539


    • Jean says:

      You know what, Gene? I’ve published almost 14,000 posts, and I can’t always get it right. I’m okay with that. Are you? Hugs, ~Jean

  57. atomcat says:

    I made this video back in 2008 “Chemtrails via the UN and the Environmentalists.” I hope it helps people understand the connection between the environment movement, elite and the UN. Not a conspiracy theory but a massive conspiracy against mankind.
    For more of my chemtrail vids use the blog search “chemtrails”

  58. Reader says:

    Jean did not create the title. She used the video’s title.
    Don’t blame Jean for not filtering all the fear that may touch your life.
    Have your own fear filter.

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  60. Vince Brown says:


  61. says:

    make no mistake as a former insider i can tel you whistleblowers are the number one target for government agencies, our own people are killing us but they are robbing us first

  62. machholz says:

    Reblogged this on Machholz's Blog and commented:
    The Irish people are one of the most sick people in the euro zone and nobody has ever been able to come up with a reason for this .I remember in the sixties and early seventies a friend of my Auntie was a Nurse in the local Hospital and I distinctly remember going through the wards of empty beds, she always had lots of free time as there were a lot less patients to take care of . To-day 30 odd years later we have hospitals with their corridors full of very sick patents as there are no beds available. To-day you are more likely to die of a hospital superbug than the sickness you arrive is one of these death traps . Message to ordinary Joe in Ireland Stay away from hospitial!

  63. MIchael Merkabaman says:

    As a Lightworker, I am working on focusing on light, love forgiveness and Joy. But lately, it has gotten difficult to find the joy when I wake up to the taste and sight of chemtrails every day. It lingers for a week and then they spray again. I called City Hall, here in San Francisco, about it but I have gotten no response. What can we do? It is very upsetting.

    • Write to Gov. Brown in Sacramento as I did Michael. Call for hearings and then regulation.

    • Kate says:

      Michael, there is a group of us who protest peacefully against chemtrails in the Bay Area. The protests are the last Wednesday of each month at 11:00 am Pacific in front of City Hall. The next one is April 24. Please join us and bring friends! For more info:

    • nadia says:

      use the light to solve them it works.Just concentrate on them solving and the sun shining again.They spray also energetic stuff which creates depression and some kind of energetic beings.Same the light solve it.And we create again a bridge to the upper grid of light

    • You should visit Thrive Solutions Hub I believe there is a Meetup group formed in your area, under the Solutions Hub guidance, that is active in Chemtrail disclosure/activism.

  64. At all times light workers must face fear with no fear it has worked for me. 40 years and going strong war Biker world old shoot im up old school biker. I have faced fear and talked my way around death it works. What is good is good and bad is even seen to the bad when shown. I have told hit men that wanted to befriend me I respected the power they they held in there hand. But did not see it as any way of life and could not be around them. They gave me respected me for standing strong as a loving biker so it works. I get pissed off at killers that are wimps like what goes on in the world. They are little worthless people that would cry facing any fear themselves. They pay people to do there evil crimes. They are weak sick and would never have the power to do any of this themselves. That the only power they can feel and it is not power at all. The power of love is power I would not be here if that was a lie.

  65. Terryl Todd says:

    Thank you for posting Dane’s radio talk which I have heard before. But where is the report on the murder of a Chemtrail Scientist.

  66. white feather says:

    I would love to post the information about chemtrails in this film but the title as well as the name of the poster makes it sound really ” out there”. It almost seems like someone named it this to make sure it would not be taken seriously .

  67. Bruce Bayer says:

    What is the real truth indeed. I really value the effort being made to expose it, but get bothered by our/my failure to find it. HELP!

    • Bob Fox says:

      It is the Agenda 21 Global Eugenics Program. And Chemical death dumps are just on facet of the program. Why they skirt around the TRUTH is very suspect. If this interview was genuine it would be concentrating on this. Sounds like dis info. Neural Linguistic Programming. Pushing people down the wrong path intentionally. They should be spelling this out. Baffling us with BS. Seek the real truth.

  68. Chemtrails are increasing over our heads daily…. Great Video links… 🙂

  69. It is understood that Jean is just tying to show us information that demonstrates just how close to the transition we are, and that’s very good. However, this headline-“N. Korea suspends access to crucial jointly-run industrial zone with South” along with the headline of this posting seem to be smacking of just a little bit of sensationalism, and, dare I say, fear-porn. I like to try and keep myself as close to a 5D mindset as I can, but I can’t really see just how these headlines are helpful to people who come to this site who are trying to do the same thing. It seems I’ve been having to do a little more “filtering” of the things that enter my mind than usual lately when I come to this site. I wonder if others feel the same way?

    • sandy says:

      I know that I often refer people to the site and for the most part, there is good solid information. I don’t like that the site or more so, Jean could be criticized for sensationalism and fear-porn.

  70. Pingback: Chemtrails – Roger M. |

  71. js says:

    Thank You !!!!

  72. Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    Sharing this around. Thanks Jean.

  73. Hutch says:

    Eugene Mallove died or killed a long time ago. But any attention to this issue is great!

  74. sandy says:

    Jean, I’m a bit confused. This title is sensationalistic. I checked the 3 persons mentioned and two were killed in the early 2000’s and one last Nov. The November death was due to Mexican drug gangs. I’ve also checked to see if Dane Wigington was killed which thankfully, I cannot find any mention of same.
    No question we need to find out who is behind chemtrails and how to stop it, but why the bang on, fearsome title of this?

    • white feather says:

      I agree Sandy. The title makes the very good content unappealing.

    • hsaive says:

      I agree….This title is misleading and is bad PR for alternative media sources. I suggest the title be qualified by a note to translate the intended meaning or change the title with an editorial retraction.

  75. hopeinri says:

    as a Light worker and Mother this is exactly what my daughter is afraid of if I continue my light work. Were they not protected and if not why not?

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