The Deactivation and Reactivation of the Earth Crystalline Grid and the Earth Ascension – by our friend, ‘Sue’

Thanks, Sue, for sharing ‘your’ story’. I hope it provides lots of food for thought and discussion. . . 


Before the fall, people living on Earth were very advanced, both inwardly and outwardly.  They had advanced outward technology that supported their inward technology.  The Earth crystalline grid was online back then.  It provided outer technology that worked with people’s spiritual connection to the Earth and to higher realms.  The grid included many huge crystals and crystal beds located around the globe.  It also included another satellite, other than our moon, which was one big crystal satellite.

Yes, it was 3D duality back then too, but without the “good / evil” control components that led to intense separation from spirit.  It might be what some call the Garden of Eden or Paradise.

There were perhaps many races, as in space species / races here along with more “indigenous” Earth human races.

Life was very good.  People were so used to everything being love and light that they were a bit overly trusting, not being used to anyone having nefarious intents.  So, they didn’t look out for themselves too well and the cabal started to take over.  This took time.  It did not happen overnight.  It may have been thousands of years in the making.  There was a war at the end.

But perhaps the “fall” could be considered to have happened when the Earth crystalline grid was taken offline.  The priest / scientist types, perhaps some might call them the Elohim, were aware that this take over was happening, that people were being tampered with genetically and being dumbed down and enslaved.  When it got to a critical point the priest / scientists deactivated the crystalline grid so that the cabal could not use it for their wicked purposes.  Some big crystals were actually removed completely from the Earth sphere and taken for safe keeping to ET worlds.  Some others were left here in place, but were deactivated.

For any of you who are unfamilar with this story, Tyberonn’s channelings of Arch Angel Metatron will give you all the details about this kind of thing.  I don’t know that Tyberonn’s own website actually contains all of his channelings, but a web search will help you find where others have reposted his work.  I know spirit library is one place that has his messages.

For perhaps a pre-history to that period of time, to see events building up to the fall, check into Michael Tsarion’s work.  Michael talks about more modern information about the cabal, similar to David Icke’s information, but he also has much info about ancient history.

As with anything, take what all these sources say, myself included, and run it past your own inner guidance and check for resonance.  Some of these other sources resonate with me but not in total.  Perhaps if this piques your interest, as you look up significant information from these sources, you could post links in comments to share with others.  I am pulling all of this out of my pea brain from memory.

So, as the fall was happening, the priest / scientists knew that Earth humans faced a dark future and would essentially be trapped here.  Earth was quarantined and no one allowed to leave for concern of contaminating other worlds with the dark energy of this new “experiment” that yes indeed had very mundane level components and yet that we, at a higher level, and Prime Creator, originally intended.  So, the priest / scientists set up a new blueprint that would allow people to escape the matrix, if you will.  And that blueprint had to do with archetypal information and sacred symbology that would be used to trigger awakenings in people and the blueprint also included the Initiate / Initiation Rites of the ascension process.  There have been many individual ascensions over time.  The Christian word might be resurrection.  And these occurrences might be what William Henry calls “Stargate Events.”

Now the Initiation Rites were at one time taught by “mystery schools.”  Symbolic initiations were performed to trigger awakenings in people.  But that blueprint is in the world at large.  Life itself will deliver the initiatory rites to you.  Astrology and such divination tools as Tarot and the archetypal information involved with both of those can help you understand the messages that Life and the Divine are sending you through your life experiences / initiations.

So, people were left with a way out, but it’s been a tough haul.  With the old crystalline grid deactivated, the cabal had basically set up a new “grid” but it was mostly just through their control of humans and was essentially an energy grid, but did not have crystals involved.  Being a different frequency than the old crystalline grid, that control grid had a different geometric shape and hence different “sacred geometry”.

So, skipping forward, in these current times, we have reactivated the Earth crystalline grid, most especially over the last 12 years and especially on the triple dates – 1/1/1, 2/2/2… Some key people / organizations involved with this have been Shelley Yates and her Fire the Grid project.  Children of the Sun I know have been key in this.  Perhaps you are aware of others that you could share with us.

I know the Fire the Grid project caught the attention of millions of people worldwide.  But over the triple dates, Earth kept moving forward, onward, upward, but many light workers plateaued.  They got to a certain place and stopped in their progression.  And the general masses of people that the light workers were attempting to awaken were even more stuck.

The original ascension plan was that most would ascend with 5D Earth and others would stay behind in 3D.  About 25% of people incarnate are young souls who actually came for the extended, future 3D experience which would be very intense, a survivalist type experience.  But the other 75% actually came with the intention of ascending with Earth.  It was hoped that people would ascend in waves, that early forerunners would do a certain amount of work, then hand the torch off to those coming up behind.  Older people had to awaken while incarnate and lay a foundation for future generations.  Then the Indigo generation would come into the world with higher frequencies and were hoped to hit the ground running and build upon the foundation laid by older people.  I consider myself an Indigo adult, not having checked in with such energies, but having “earned” them while here.  Then the Crystalline generation came in with even higher energies and they would really be flying.

Unfortunately, not as many older people awakened and it trickled down.  And the cabal picked up the pace and threw even more disempowering control tactics at people such as vaccinations, Ritalin and antidepressants and more intense dumbing down and programming in the education system, media propaganda, etc.  The younger people came into the world different and the cabal managed to get many older people thinking that there was something “wrong” with their children and forced them on drugs.

So, by 2007, we took a look around and knew there were still not significant numbers awakening, even though many intense Earth changes and alarm clock events like 9/11 and others had occurred.  On a higher level, we decided to give it 2 more years.  Toward the end of 2009, it was still not looking good, but we were on a time schedule, coordinating our Earth ascension with celestial alignments and with the Universal Ascension, as we were not the only ones ascending in these times.

So instead of having generations setting things up for the next and having those younger really going to town, and then having ascension happen in waves instead, we ended up with a very individual oriented ascension team, if you will: people of all ages, whoever was far enough along to do this intense energy work.

2010 would be the kick-off of very transformative energies.  Anyone into astrology may recall the Grand Crosses of 2010.  If we were going to get Earth ascended, which she requested, which is why we all showed up here, to help her… then those of us who were ready to move into our ascension process had to move forward so we could assist Earth with her ascension.

For myself, my own intense part of my ascension process happened over many months in 2010.  It was grueling.  It also may have included a bit of clearing for the Earth also.  I’d done healing work for many years prior, which included clearing / release and a few upgrades over the years, but 2010 was more of the same but rapid fire.  Over the years, when I’d gone through clearing and upgrade cycles, I’d kinda lose my ability to “hear” the Divine as I adjusted to the new frequencies.  But the pace of 2010 was just nuts.  I’d not get time to recover and be able to “hear” again before the next cycle started.  I was chained to Tarot and my dowsing rod and back to watching for synchronistic information for Divine guidance rather than the inner dialog I’d developed over the years.

During clearing you clear out all ego issues, fears, disempowering programs.  I’ve never been a very fearful person in this lifetime, but my God, your inner nooks and crannies feel like they’ve been scraped out with a scalpel.  You feel very “raw.”  And my sensitivities to energies had increased over the years but 2010 was off the charts.  I’d never been much of one to put energetic protection around me as I would use the sensitivities to better judge / discern my surroundings and it kept me away from trouble and bad energy.  But, even though many in the collective may not have been aware of the transformative energies of 2010, they were certainly affected by it and it was stirring up all kinds of fears in people.  I would wake up every day and just be terror struck.  And being one not used to being fearful, it was more than just a little unnerving.  One time before going to sleep, I asked the angels to put protection around me before I woke so I didn’t have to feel anyone else’s fears and issues and could better tell what I needed to work on myself.  MUCH better.  The next day was a drastic difference.

During the cycles one gets all manner of “ascension symptoms.”  It would certainly not serve one to be a hypochondriac while going through the ascension process.  You just have to know that all the aches and pains and discomforts are part of the process and not run off to the doctor and be prescribed medications that will mess with your ascension process.  And all the emotions rising to the surface are not you going completely bonkers, well, at least not permanently.   And it all comes and goes, it all passes, so you know you don’t have some chronic health issue.

Eating right and sleeping when you need to are imperative.  And yet, I’d get cravings for some junk food at times and it was best to listen to my body and give it what is was asking for.  I have drunk more coffee and eaten more pizza in the last 3 years than probably I have in all the years prior and yet that still doesn’t even approach what the average person consumes of such things.  I usually eat whole, organic food and there were sometimes, as groceries were running out, I’d go to a conventional supermarket and grab something from their deli and I often thought I’d have been better to not eat at all.  I’d feel the low quality of that fuel in no small way while doing so much energy work.  I often slept for 12 – 13 hours every day.  Some intense times it was more like 18 hours a day.  And when sleep needed to happen, it needed to happen NOW.  Drop everything.  Do I really need to tell you that I have not had a job this whole time?  There was no way I could have.  It was everything I could do to get myself something to eat most days.  Bathing hasn’t happened often, it’s too much of a chore.  Simple 3D things like trimming nails and getting one’s hair cut are just inconveniences that you really wish you didn’t have to do.  Going out for groceries has been a major adventure that I’ve had to psych myself up for.

I got a few months break in early 2011, a chance to get up off the couch and out taking long walks and getting some semblance of fitness back.  In mid-May of 2011, the Earth ascension work started in earnest.  My life hasn’t been anything approaching “normal” or conventional since then.  With every earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, etc. Mommy Earth released thousands of years of dross and we ascension forerunners transmuted it.  It was knock-down, drag-out energetic work.  And yet how kind she was in all of her release.  As structurally damaging and intense as many of these Earth change events have been, there have actually been relatively few deaths considering.  Mommy Earth and people’s Divine guidance did the best they could at keeping as many people as possible out of harm’s way.

So, by the 11/11/11, when the Earth’s crystalline grid was activated to 90-some %, the humans were lagging way behind.  By that time there were only 200,000 – 300,000 who were ready for ascension – out of 7 billion!  Well, ok, 75% of 7 billion, or 5.25 billion, who were the ones who came to ascend.  Not good.  And those following up behind were not close behind and not many at all.  So, at the 11/11/11, when it was hoped that the “first wave” would ascend and that our ascension would actually provide a big energetic light boost to those we left behind, it was decided it was just too risky to everyone else for us to leave them, having no one to hand the torch off to.  And it is very key to have a “ground crew”, people actually incarnate in human form, “inside the program” to do this channeling of energy to and fro.  The higher realms (HR) – higher dimensions and the Divine can only do so much from outside the program.  They do help but they need a ground crew to work with and through.

So, stay we did, as tired and weary as we were.  Our next task then was to assist the collective with our energy work as much as possible.  We were used as literal human antennae, in no small way.  Like the old line “many hands make light work”, well, we didn’t have many hands, we only had thousands of people doing what originally was hoped millions or billions of people would share in.  Ugh.  2012 was completely off the charts in the totally nuts and inhuman category.  Un-be-‘frickin’-lievable.  I could say so much, but I’ll spare some details at this point.  Perhaps these are stories for another day.

Around February of 2012, it was decided that no matter how much light we flooded the collective with, they were not awakening fast enough and far enough to get their own ascension process complete by year’s end.  The plan presented was to create a 4D level Earth.  So, after assisting in creating 5D Earth, now we small band of ragtag, rode-hard-and-put-to-bed-wet ascension forerunners, now set about creating yet another level of Earth.  Double-plus Ugh!

I don’t know if many of you are aware of Georgi Stankov.  He and his group have been key in creating 4D and readying for the dimensional split.  I know many take issue with Georgi.  Well, that’s too bad.  Has he had some ego issues?  Yep, sure has, he’s having a human Earthly experience like the rest of us.  I’ve observed him clearing some of that since opening his website in mid-2011.  But many things he is accused of being egotistical about are really not his issue, but the ego issues of those pointing the finger.  Georgi is very intelligent and knowledgeable and self-realized.  He doesn’t play small.  Like Marianne Williamson’s quote about not playing small.  (See here:  Georgi acknowledges the powerful creator he is.  This doesn’t sit well with the ego issues in others who have been programmed / conditioned to think that someone stepping into their true potential somehow thinks they are better than others.  No they don’t.  He and others like him set a good example.

The (composite) character of Jesus also experienced this.  He set the example of what a soul can do while incarnate in human form and yet he was either despised or worshiped.  It bothered him that others did not see him as an example, a teacher but instead a “god”.  Well, he was a god, but so was everyone else and that’s what he was trying to show them.  “Have I not said ye are gods?!  You too shall do these and greater things.”

I can relate to the challenges of both Georgi and Jesus and all the many others who have had to face such challenges over time.  It’s like the line “If you’re one step ahead you’re a genius.  If you’re two steps ahead you’re a crackpot.”  I personally look forward to a time when so many others have caught up enough that they think of us crackpots as mere geniuses.  😉

But yes, Georgi’s site is most certainly worth more than just a casual visit.  And like with any other source of information, bring your discernment skills.  Take what works / resonates, leave the rest.  Don’t throw out Georgi’s insight “baby” with his ego “bathwater.”  He is always on point.  All ascension.  All the time.  Which I really respect him for.  If he reports on the World of Outer Effects, it is only as a marker of changes.

I don’t know if I can express enough to all of you, that if we didn’tget this planet ascended, she would be destroyed, at least busted down to a rather uninhabitable level.  Well, we ascension forerunners would not have that.  Do you really grasp just how long and how much effort by how many creators at so many levels it takes to get a planet to the level Earth is at now?!!  I’ll leave you to ponder that.  It would have been such a waste if she were not ascended.  On 12/12/12, Earth’s grid came fully online.  Not long after, her portals to higher realms were fully opened and not long after that were operating at full capacity.  And we forerunners say, “Thank God and Gaia for that.’  Imminently, there will be a dimensional split between 3D and 4D to secure 4D and her people away from the destructive 3D timeline.  We did not work this hard to help almost a billion people get themselves to 4D only to have it sink with 3D.  It is time for these very different frequencies to go their own way.  From all levels, people (souls) can still work on their ascension.  They can take what time they need and have as many “opportunities” delivered to them as need be.  We ascension forerunners and the Divine have also set up a new blueprint moving forward from here.  People at all levels have had new DNA downloads, which may not be activated for a while for some.  Check the Gaia Portal messages for some details on these kinds of things.


Tyberonn / Metatron

Michael Tsarion

William Henry

Shelley Yates / Fire the Grid

Children of the Sun

Georgi Stankov – Universal Law

… and too many others to remember.  Drunvalo I do believe put out info on some of this.  If anyone would like to provide links, please do.

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107 Responses to The Deactivation and Reactivation of the Earth Crystalline Grid and the Earth Ascension – by our friend, ‘Sue’

  1. Sue says:

    (Dag nabbit – sorry if this info shows up more than once, I had it typed up then it went poof, into the ether – as if it’s needed there, we could use it here. 😉 )

    To everyone – I see Jean put up pineal gland activation info from Drunvalo.

    The Hathors (through Tom Kenyon) also have a pineal gland activation visualization and sound meditation. I did this on Halloween 2010. As I said, I am very well grounded and don’t often get dizzy / woozy, but this one got me. It took. I was downright loopy.

    The Hathors give visualization instructions and also give Tom tones to sing for the sound part.

    The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti

    And another good Hathor one is:
    The Sphere of All Possibilities

    Also Children of the Sun do audio meditations where they lead you through visualizations, working with light rays and sacred fire, etc.

    I did the Ki of Life Training over many months with C of S in 2011. I see that there is a pineal gland activation there also.

    I strongly suggest that you do some of this kind of thing if / when you are moved / guided to. Pace yourself. If you get into them and want to do more, give yourself some time between the different ones so you have some time to integrate the full energy.

    And… just to say… the Fire the Grid sites have some very beautiful music on them that is very moving. I sometimes just open a computer window to play that. Here’s their latest site.

    • Jean says:

      Just as much, Sue, as activating the pineal gland, Drunvalo’s lecture teaches about the beams of light and how to activate them, all of which are important to the merkaba. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Jeannemarie says:

    Surrendering to your very own personal evolutionary process is the WAY to go!!! Be open to the unlimited grace & loving kindness flowing to & from your own Soul/Source. There are many “authorities” re ascension, etc. Trust your own discernment & Inner Guidance. Take quiet times in the Natural World. Keep it simple…Awakening is an “inside” job…It is also a natural process of evolution. You will succeed!!! The best is yet to come!!! Here’s to the DANCE!!! Blessings & Love to ALL MY RELATIONS…

  3. divsy says:

    TY Sue for the reflections.
    I mentioned Ego Colors as my theme for the simple reason that this subject can be very taxing indeed aka unfold to infinity. This is my understanding wrt our mission and hoped you would just put on your filters – discard whatever does not resonate for I`m not comfortable engaging in this kind of ping-pong dance. I read the comments re Ego and thought I could throw in my 2cents.
    Thank you for being part of our healing.

    • Sue says:

      Thank you Divsy for being a part of our healing.

      And don’t ever shy from donating your 2 cents, not here or anywhere. Look at what has come of it. We are having a very empowering, enlightening, refining conversation and one that benefits not just you and I, but anyone else who reads it and also wants to further donate.

      You and I are doing a wonderful thing here. Thank you for participating.

      And this is why I do not shy away myself from discussions about ego. There is much misunderstanding in regards to ego and henceforth a topic well worth discussing. Many might be rather fed-up with ego ISSUES, but until we achieve true understanding about such and love each and every part of ourselves, we’re not “there” – or perhaps more precisely “here” – yet, ya know.

      Please continue to put in your 2 cents. Please yes, play ping pong as moved to. Please come on back and kick me in line if need be. 🙂 As I said in other comments, a dissenting view just might have something to teach us. I am not above learning. I am not done learning. I know as much as I do by never thinking I know it all. Those who “know it all” are not growing, they have nothing left to learn and, frankly, that’s GOT to be boring.

      I throw my perspective on out there, not to squelch others, nope, not at all, quite to the contrary. I throw it out there hoping it will stimulate more conversation, more sharing of more perspectives. I want to hear those other perspectives.

      Perhaps most importantly of all, I want each person to truly HEAR their own words, for it is their own words that are creating their reality, whether they are consciously aware of just what they are creating or not. I want them to BE consciously aware of their own creations. Only then can they truly create change for the better and not just be dumping energy into something that they claim they don’t really want.

      Thank you again Divsy. You come on back, ya hear?! 😉

      • divsy says:

        Oh dear, thank you dearly Sue for these wonderful/warm words – I feel profoundly humbled by your openness/diversity of your vista. This is our opportunity/invitation; One of my greatest joys is that I know I am not walking alone. We are embarked on this journey together, and together, with compassion and love as our guide, we can lead each other back Home.
        Abundant Blessings.

  4. Sue says:

    Hello Divsy.

    Thank you for this. I understand what you are TRYING to say and think you ARE saying and very much appreciate it.

    But Divsy, are you listening to your own words? We create through our thoughts, words and deeds. Are you sure you’re creating what you truly desire?

    I will dissent on the term “control”. People could stand to get over wanting to control everything. As I’d said before, the ego is quite willing to work with Divine Self. It’s just used to doing it all by itself. It just needs a few things explained to it and it will cooperate just fine.

    Ego has been mostly concerned with our survival. When it is explained to ego and ,more importantly, put to the test, that intuition can actually assist in the being’s survival and do so even more efficiently, then ego relaxes and takes a much deserved break. It sees how intuition can help it avoid problems before they ever become problems. It sees how things flow to the being gracefully, with little work, when the Divine Self is allowed to assist.

    But the ego is not going anywhere. Threatening it with death or control most certainly will not make it be LESS controlling itself. It will fight, as it has been conditioned to do for so many generations and millennia. But it is most certainly not beyond cooperation. As I said, all parts of our being have consciousness and henceforth seek understanding. I strongly suggest you quit “controlling” your ego and enlighten it to a new way of being, where it will receive much needed help from Divine Self and ask for its cooperation and you shall receive just that.

    Have you noticed that you can look up a word in a dictionary and there are several definitions. It really depends on context to determine which applies. But many time people don’t take the context into account and apply the definition that suits them in some manner.

    Yes, with some definitions and some uses of the word “master”, it is defined as control. (I must admit that it’s probably OVER defined that way a bit too much in all cases.)

    The kind of mastery that you are eluding to is not about control.

    One very HUGE part of “mastery” is surrender, letting go of wanting to control everything and yes, that also includes parts of one’s own being.

    How much ego ISSUE, how much “spiritual ego”, in a not flattering sense of that term, is involved in wanting to “control” your ego? Seriously. Control in and of itself is an ego ISSUE. (If you pay attention you’ll hear me speak of someone’s ego “issue” not demonize their ego itself, which has its place.)

    Here’a a dictionary definition that is more in line with personal and spiritual Mastery:

    “to become thoroughly proficient in”
    And proficient defined as:
    “Competent or skilled in doing or using something.”

    … in USING your ego, not killing it, not controlling it, not hog-tying it, not imprisoning it, not dissing it, not shunning it, not rolling your eyes at it, not burning it at the stake, not demonizing it, not deeming it as “evil” or something that “interferes” ….

    And here you are wanting to “control” ego, calling it a necessary “evil” then speaking of integration and “unified self”. You want to leave out some part of you that is always going to be a part of you as long as you are human. Do you want to be whole, integrated a “unified self” or don’t you? Do you want all parts of your being working in harmony and cooperation or are you going to stick to old 3D duality programming and have one part of you control another part of you. Make up your mind.

    When you drive on the freeway do you straddle the lane line? When you go to make a turn are you so uncommittal that you don’t turn enough and take out the building on the corner? Did you just want to be half-*ssed about this or do you want to fully commit?

    “Mastery” of the sort we are talking about here and “control” really have no business being in each other’s definitions. SURRENDER to your evolutionary process. Let go of “control”. Now THAT is Mastery!

    • Sue says:

      Make that “allude” not “elude”. Freudian slip? lol Perhaps.

      “Language of the Birds” getting me again, as it often does? Perhaps. 🙂

  5. divsy says:

    Dear Clan,
    Here we go with some Ego Colors:

    Energy in its infinite manifestation is basically neutral (the fundamental component), it just depends on the twist we give to it. In energy science, if we approach an energy field which by the way always contains positive and negative harmonics from its unity/balanced aspect, we will of course attract/perceive the predominant component we carry. It is for this simple reason that we may only operate in the band (frequencies) we vibrate on/resonate to.

    We are once more reminded from first principles/basics that the law of polarity states two types of ego colors exists in this plane; the divine ego – the positive spark of Source within us and the altered ego, the negative aspect of our personality. Taking into consideration that our universe was set aside as a planet for duality integration, we invariably exhibit both components; this is the work/assignment we came here to do – finding equanimity, clearing/balancing energies.

    One of the biggest challenges facing our present evolution today is the mastery of the ego. The Ego is our number one obstacle on this journey to reconnection. It is simply not possible to achieve enduring genuine progress until it has been well and truly brought under control to the extent that it no longer exerts any negative or detrimental influence upon the self as well as anyone else. It projects outwardly to create negativity and comes in diverse disguises, designs/configurations. We will never attain lasting peace if we do not put it under perfect control.

    The biggest problem with the altered ego is that it has the ability to camouflage, mostly by hiding within itself – a concert within a concert. The ego is highly creative (the scripture highlights this ego syndrome: The great master Jesus of immaculate blueprint sent away conditioned souls from the temple in Anger/was tempted by the `devil`/lost trust on the cross – `my lord why has thou forsaken me`)

    We should bear in mind that the ego at some point/in the beginning is necessary for our journey through life, it initially serves as a kind of protection – a necessary evil so to speak which should be brought under control/mastered as we foraged towards the finish line; this is the art of the proverbial self realization.

    It is the chief tool for the creation of the illusion we live in – life`s experience/lessons. We may use it as a boat from one shore to another, but not to carry it on our heads for ever. When the ego becomes so enlarge that all we can see is the separated self, all chances of experiencing the unified self are gone, and we become lost in the world of our illusion, and maybe for many lifetimes.

    As soon as we start integrating more and more of spiritual aspects into our lower bodies, we start operating more and more from the heart, the higher self/soul; we reduce its influence. Nevertheless, we still carry this ego energy which can interfere from time to time with our progress.
    Inthelight (divsy:

    PS: Those that have had the privilege of perusing the material re: Sananda teaches ascension –, can gracefully appreciate the role of the altered ego painted through the duality game as well as the province of our god self wrt separation.

  6. BeWise says:

    Yes Nadia, those who practice love always face the greatest difficulties, why do you think that is so? I beleive it occurs becuase love will truly change our mother earth into the paradise she is, which is why we must unite, through unity, beucase when we love all by ourselves, as individuals, then those who seek to divide and separate attack. This is what happened to Yeshuah, this is what happened to my ancestors when the invasion occured on our lands. But my people are still here, we are still strong, and no amount of persecution will stop our ideas of love and compassion. It is up to us, collectively, as a human species to unite. The path of love is always the most difficult becuase many beleive it leaves them vulnerable to those who will take your kindness as weakness. This is why unity is the key.

    Love and Unity to all,


    • nadia says:

      Is true for some people kindness is weakness while it is true strenght is difficoult to keep a balance facing these situations,I also think unity is the key and is highly necessary expecially for us lightworkers as we need to concentrate our efforts and power will in a common goal and direction to manifest it , but i cannot see how to insert in this unity the really convinced supporters of jungle law.Some people would change in different conditions,others if they could have different example but some others are very hardly minded and for me keeping them at distance was really needed to simply survive.I mean not being fisically destroyed.It is not nice but is like it is.We cannot force this people to change but we can create something different with all the others which are in my opinion the majority.But we need to use also our inner power and our minds.All parts of us are sacred and all are needed more than ever now.If we concentrate all together we will manage to create a new reality ,we are like a huge puzzle and all parts have their own role and all are necessary but we need to learn to act together,with love gratitude and respect for each other.We have been learned to competition so is not so easy but we will learn as we have not really another choice…

  7. BeWise says:

    Hello again Sue,

    There you go promoting ascension then making accusations at me. I never once called you a cabal operative as you have called me. I only carry love in my heart, how is love and unity promoting duality. Duality is the illusion, which we all must rise above, how do we rise above the illusion? Through love and unity.

    Here you are promoting your ideas, ideas which have mostly come from outside yourself because when you go deep down within your eternal heart energy, your heart will not tell you to go and ascend into some non existant 5d reality. But tell you that there is work to be done in the here and now, that work is unity and love. Ofcourse it starts with yourself, but then you must take it to the next level and apply it in the outer world by uniting with all of humanity, demonstrating your compassion and love for all living beings. It is much easier for one to go sit by themselves and meditate but its a lot harder to go out and love your fellow brothers and sisters, this is the real work. Sitting quietly is easy, but when you go out and practice love, this itself is a form of meditation and is the most difficult. For someone who alleges to be a forerunner in ascension you sure do have a lot of anger, especially with those you have different opinions from yourself. Each opinion is a diversity and consciousness of ALL THAT IS, why does diversity make you angry? Why does the idea of unity make you attack me? I love you and i will unite with you, even though you may not understand that you are being mislead.

    Also, you are promoting the Luciferian Egregore mind set, saying christianity distorted the view of Lucifer, all this new age talk stems from Alice Bailey, M. Blavatsky, all part of the Lucas Trust promoting their false light agenda. All these occultist channeled dark beings who presented themselves as a false light and have mislead humanity into the extinction we and our beautiful mother earth are facing. These occultist must do there work in the dark and secrecy becuase exposing them with true love heart energies is what they fear. They fear the unification of all of humanity. This is why the hegelian dialect is promoted every you go, from the color of your skin, your socio economic status, your nationality, whether your a light worker or not, your religious beleifs, all part of separation. All trying to keep humanity from uniting. If these channeld beings had true loving intentions, we would not have a world in the state its in now with their false teachings.

    Ofcourse I know about the council of nicea, and ofcourse I know how the bible came to be. Why is it that christianity is being attacked now more than ever, especially by new age alleged light workers? Yeshuah’s message is a very simple one, it is the ultimate law of one there is, “Love Thy Nieghbor as Thyself”, this is what you will come to find if you truly go within your eternal heart energy. All true scripture is written in the hearts of humanity and no one needs to search outside themselves to see this simple truth.

    Mother earth is in dire need of love, there is no love within the light worker community because they do not even practice this one simple selfless act all teachers have taught on this mother earth. Love, what is so difficult about this message, yet you Sue fear this simple truth. That we all must learn to love another. We must all learn to work together, compassionately, and with love in our hearts.

    These false light agendas are what is holding humanity back from the simple truth of love and unity. The false ascension is a topic that only those with interent access can come to learn about, but the true ascension is everywhere you look. Every time you look at another fellow human being, everytime you look in the mirror, this true ascension is the unity of humanity. This is why ALL THAT IS gave us the family unit. Through our families we learn the simple act of love and compassion. We do not pick our mothers and father, or our brothers and sisters, but through family we learn to love. Why is it so difficult to understand that love is the key to everything, the key to understanding that what is needed now is unity. The is the very reason that now more than ever the family unit is being attacked.

    I never even mentioned the word copywrite when I spoke about Robert Morningsky, but he was the first one to speak about Tiamat more than 20 years ago, and the Terra Papers that were released on the internet was done behind his back, changing the essence of the story, he himself spoke about this which is the reason why he left the online community becuase of the knowledge he was providing. His knowledge was being stolen and changed. Why was it being changed? Becuase it held truths that those who control through deceit did not want humanity to learn about.

    We are here to transmute the dark and false light agendas. Transmute it through acts of kindness and love. All light workers are preaching this false love and light, yet war, poverty, racism, elitism, is prevalent through out mother earth. We, humanity are not going anywhere, we are not going into some false 5d, but are here to transmute the dark, the separation, the negativity through uniting in love.

    I am here to stand up for those who have been mislead, becuase the ascension you speak of only confuses humanity, which is the goal of the false light agenda, to confuse and seperate. True ascension is the simplest knowledge there is, we all learn it as our mothers nurse us as babies, as our mother earth nurses her children. Love is the key, but humanity must unite in order to succeed.

    Michael Tsarion is a known Luciferian as well as all those who work for the cabal. The dark cabal are all Luciferians and are promoting their false agendas through the new age community. It is plain to see for those who truly look and discern for themselves. We, humanity, each one of use are the true light, we must bring the light from within out into this world and it starts with love, and the end is unity.

    Why is the message of Love and Unity being attacked when it is the most basic and simple message there is on mother earth?

    Love and Unity to all,


    • BeWise says:

      Yes Deborah, I know of Bashar, all infinite possibility realities are converging at the moment of the here and now. What these ideas do not recognize is that we must be in the present always. Here and Now are happening every second, yet humanity always seems to be trapped in the idea of past and future, when the real important truth is the here and now. I understand the idea of being parralel existing realities but the part that is difficult for me to understand is how is this going to manifest into choosing the better reality?

      I believe that we must all work on manifesting the positive reality, which I believe we have already chosen and have manifested collectively. Love and compassion is the purest and greatest frequency there is which is why I always try to teach love and unity.

      In a lot of way I do agree with Sue, and i apologies if my opinions do not agree with her but the reason being is that the ascension she speaks of alwasy confused me, when my truth is that ascension is not difficult nor complicated and is not confusing. It is love and unity.

      Love and Unity to all,


    • nadia says:

      I loved much in this life but i met people who thought that,as I loved them they could use and abuse me.Maybe this as I am a woman but maybe not just for this.For this people the more love you are the best suck they get and then after sucking all they just throw you away.As with aanimals objects and so on…This is a kind of mind that your people has maaybe seen from external but i get birth in this mind society and i had to create distance sometime from some people not to be destroyed.Christ has been killed and many others too, he said his disciples to be also careful and when not accepted clean themselves from the dust of the refusing people.he said to love other as themselves,not more and was a distortion of christian church,so useful for demons anyway, the idea of santity in martyre.Is good and necessary to love but the prime point is RESPECT.Love in respect of yourself and others.In a society which loves and respect every creature,peradise is not an ideal or something to mention ,is there.But is not something we live in it at the mooment so it is to be built all together using also our cognitive mind and self respect.Love,wisdom and power are all necessary and this your old ones know very very well….

    • Christina says:

      Dear Bewise and Sue.
      Bewise, I liked your comment and understood that you were never given a definition of dimensions. Our consciousness has a frequency and can be measured, The more you love all that is and the more your heart is giving its inner light the higher your consciousness. In her book “The light shall set you free” Norma Milanowich says that people have a consciousness frequency from 15 to 21. In the fourth dimension this frequency is from 22 to 28 and in the fifth dimension from 29 to 35. Life is like a school. The third dimension is described as a dimension of duality, where we can learn within this duality to live, think and act truthful. to serve others and to love your neighbour as yourself, as Yeshuah tought us. We also have to learn to live without fear and negativity. If you really can love this way and have cleared yourself from fear and negativity then you are ready for ascension, which means to go to the fifth dimension. In the fifth dimension there are no illnesses and people must fully live in harmony and unity with all that is.
      So many people do not know what love is and only abuse other people for their own sake. David Wilcock says the criterium to ascend is service to self or service to others.
      O.K they are not qualified for a higher dimension until they too learn to love others.
      Sue, have you read the scriptures that were found in Nag Hammadi in Egypt. They described the teachings of Yeshuah and contain so much wisdom.
      That the Bible changed a lot and forbid some scriptures and formed a religion that has hardly anything to do with the teachings of Jesus / Yeshuah is another thing. Don’t
      blame Bewise for this.

      • Sue says:

        Thanks for your info Christina.

        I have not read the Nag Hammadi texts in whole, but have seen parts of them and many of the people I researched knew them and drew on them. I’m well aware of Christianity’s honorable beginnings as I stated exactly that way to BeWise.

        You just said exactly the same thing about the Bible that I said to BeWise.

        I have not and am not “blaming” anyone for anything. Have YOU received it that way? Why would you do that? What preconceived notion did you bring with you before you started reading? Read my words again if you must.

  8. Deborah says:

    BeWise, if you wish to be wiser than you are right now, my strong suggestion is to go and watch every BASHAR/ Darryl Anka video you can find on YouTube.

    Once you have absorbed this information, all your questions will be answered and all the judgement and low frequency words such as “false” will disappear from your future comments. Your need to control others will also disappear. Your beliefs will no longer be set in stone.

    You will also learn an amazing secret, which I will quote for convenience from one of these videos:

    “And here’s the secret — there are already existing, an INFINITE NUMBER of Parallel Earths, each of a different vibration representative of a different “reality”.
    And the vibration YOU change to, will determine WHICH EARTH YOU EXPERIENCE.”

  9. nadia says:


    • Sue says:


    • Sue says:

      Nadia, do you read the Gaia Portal messages? The “dark beings” are gone. But yes indeed, just because the programmers are gone, does not mean the programs are completely gone. All is in place energetically now. At higher levels, at inner levels all is in place for a much better world. All that is left is conscious level acknowledgement and, yes indeed, we could stand to get the word out. That’s why I’m here. You spread the light too to everyone you know. And don’t forget to do so telepathically. Meanwhile, know that their Divine Selves are working on them too.

      Bless you.

      • Clara says:

        Sue, I understand BeWise because that is/was the place I am/was in. What I have taken from all that many have written here, is that this is my experience and it will go where I take it. I love deeply this earth, all people and I practice that love everyday. I try to feel with my heart before I speak with my mouth. I prefer to continue to work on myself and let what is to unfold happen however it happens. It’s wonderful to have the knowledge that everyone here brings. Ultimately, the path to ascension is one we journey alone while still being connected to the whole, and as we touch those souls, we pass a flame from our heart that may ignite their own journey. BeWise, continue to follow your heart, it’s always the right path.

        • Sue says:

          And Clara, I gave BeWise the same advice – to follow his heart, to choose his own path, to acknowledge his own creations. I just addressed his comment, point by point. And he could stand to allow others to follow their hearts. Is this difficult to understand?

          BeWise is practicing divisiveness while preaching oneness. If BeWise truly wants Unity, then BeWise’s thoughts, words and deeds must align with that Unity goal.

      • nadia says:

        Not all of them are gone,unfortunately ,and they fight hard and try their best to ensclave all of us,but the light has the power,when we work with it to overcome their plans,technologies and actions.About info I refer more to Cobra but mainly just to my own experiences and where i live the fight is still very very active we had horrible times recently,but the light is slowly conquering hearts and minds,just we have to work more and more on it and what i would like is that ligtworkers work on it all togethr in spite of differences in particoular views which are surely not the main point.We all want to live in peace love and harmony and we need to start to cooperate trying to act in this mood even if and maybe also more because the rest of reality is still in troubles.I am sure that also the people who fight us could easily enjoy a different world,and in their hearts maybe would like that like us.But there are interferences still to overcome…

        • Sue says:

          Yes nadia. Everyone now has to clear the darkness from themselves, which has always been our task, challenge and responsibility and no one else’s.

          Yes indeed our focus could stand to be on ALL of our similarities which are many and often rather wonderful, instead of being divisive. Indeed. And THAT brings Unity.

      • Clara says:

        No, it was not hard to understand once I processed the information without my own bias blocking my ability to see the message. You did give BeWise the same advice as you gave me. He’ll get it. Much love to you for your understanding and knowledge.

        • Sue says:

          Yes Clara, I empathize with you on that one. We sometimes watch ourselves have a preconceived notion, then watch that “reality” play out until we catch ourselves, then see things in a completely different light and wonder how we ever missed that in the first place. Just examples of us creating our own reality… and yet recovering and choosing again… to re-spond instead of re-act. We are so very powerful. Aren’t we just?

          Yes, we both have faith in BeWise and rightly so. BeWise will get there in BeWise’s own time and own way.

        • Sue says:

          Clara, I would assume by what you’ve said that you did indeed read my reply to your comment on another post.

          You yourself have brought so very much confirmation to me.

          Let me tell you how this thing with Jean’s site has played out with me. It’s a story of synchronicity, guidance, flowing and confirmation.

          A few months back, knowing that the Gaia Portal site has its comments closed, and knowing that others repost those comments, I went to follow out the reposts to see if anyone was saying anything about them. Hardly anything is said and what few comments I’ve seen have been about “symptoms” and some expressions of frustration.

          But it did lead me to Jean’s blog. I was aware of Jean’s blog before, but I know accidents never happen so “caught the guidance” and I took a gander. I decided to post some comments. I know I caught Jean’s attention. Then it reached a certain point where I was to give it a rest. And in the meantime, I had more energetic work and higher realm messages to receive over a period of time which were a priority to keep this collective process moving along.

          Recently, I again was moved to follow out the GP reposts. Again bringing me to Jean. But I’d already gotten Jean’s attention and laid a bit of a foundation. So I make a few comments. Then I was given the “imaginings” of Jean asking me to donate more. I also knew she needed to repost the comments I’d already made. The NEXT day, there’s Jean in my inbox asking me to donate more. I told her we’d gotten the same “hit.” I also told her to repost my comments, to which she replied, “I was going to ask if I could repost your comments.”

          Well, if there was any pea brain doubt about me being here, it was gone then. And I know this dimensional split is happening NOW. I knew I was to bring a message at a critical time. I sensed that the “undecided” were at a critical decision point. People who were truly at or beyond a 4D level and yet perhaps the reality of Earth ascension had not sunk in yet at a conscious level. Those who had done at least enough inner work to get to at least 4D. Those who were fed-up enough with the old 3D program that they just might be ready to fully release it. But the Divine wanted a conscious level choice out of them.

          And GP messages are slathering me in confirmation.

          And you Clara are confirmation of that in no small way. You had the intense emotional response I spoke of earlier. You then shared your story and it’s abundantly clear you have been going through the ascension process, but didn’t know what it was and, as I told you, I too had that experience of not understanding early in my most intense part of the process.

          I thank you for all this. I thank you for your sharing as it helps more than just yourself, it brings confirmation to others and gives a heads-up to even more.

          Bless you dear.

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  12. Lise says:

    Jean thanks so much for posting this from Sue. I SO LOVE IT!! Sue I was laughing & smiling as I read it as I so relate its as if we’re writing (eating junk food!!). You sum up so much that is me. Thanks so much. I know I am not alone where for most of my life I felt this yet reading this I know we are many & with the intensity of getting to where are right now I am so glad we made it or are making it. Live to both of you xxoo

    • Sue says:

      Hi Lise, read my response to Clara, which I’m sure you’ll relate to also.

      I’m glad it resonated with you.

      Yes, we are almost “home” in more ways than one.

      • Mhairi says:

        I’m currently carrying out planetary and human ascension work to anchor in unity c through some crystal grids on earth. All are welcome to join in on the sessions I do for free via Facebook at the following link:
        Part of this work is to to bring all soul aspects and learnings across all incarnations into the present reality aspect. Many great feedbacks so far, it’s called Galactic Heart Healing and my next session is on Sunday 14th April. With love my fellow light family xx

      • Mhairi says:

        And for my own ascension symptoms I’ve been taking calcium bentonite clay which has made me feel much ‘clearer’

      • BeWise says:

        Hello again Sue,

        Again the ascension you are advocating is still separation. Channeled information can not be trusted. Period. The Tiamat you speak of is a story told by Robert Morningsky. He told the story of Tiamat but the “Terra Papers” that were released on the Internet was done without his consent and much of the story changed.

        Sue, there is no such thing as 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, or any other d’s, this as well is false information because these ideas of ascension are promoting separation and heiarchy instead of unity. Be very careful when you use the term light, the reason i say this is a very simple question. Who is the bringer of light? If you have done your homework then you will know who the bringer of light is. Most of these light folks are promoting false synthetic light, telling you that when you meditate to focus on the light coming from the center of the galaxy. What galaxy, what light? The reason I say this is becuase every single incarnated soul must allow for the light to come from within their eternal heart energies. We must bring the light from within, not this false external light.

        Ascension is not some difficult subject that only those who claim authority over the subject can promote and teach. This is the very reason there is no unity within the light worker community. Many who preach these concepts of ascension carry no love or compassion in their hearts but instead feed their ego by promoting false ideas and hidden agendas.

        These mystery schools you speak of have always remained in secrecy and hidden. I will tell you now, ALL THAT IS, is ABSOLUTE and never does things in secret, it is always transparent and out in the open.

        Ascension is very simple and has much to do with the outer world as well as the inner world. It is not some complicated science and thise who teach it as being complicated are misleading the people away from unity. It comes down to a choice, do you choose to separate from ALL THAT IS, or do you choose to unite with ALL THAT IS? This is ascension, it is not difficult, those promoting the difficult teachings saying only some will be selected or saying you did not hear the calling are promoting separation and are feeding the ego.

        Ascension is for all of humanity, it is for every single soul incarnated in the here and now, this is the very reason ALL THAT IS has allowed billions of souls to incarnate, in order to achieve unity. Like I have said in my other comment, we come from the unified source of ALL THAT IS, united, and the goal is to create unity in the here and now. How do we create unity? We create it through love. All these teachers you mention, channels, tsar ion, drunvalo, never teach unity. Why is that?

        Unity is the key to ascension, we have not learned to walk the earth as brothers and sisters, what makes you think you can ascend with out uniting with your fellow brothers and sisters? Unity is the key. Yeshuah, one of the greatest teachers who walked this earth told us how to ascend, it is a teaching that many Christians do not follow, it was his only teaching, “love thy neighbor as thyself” in essence implying unity.

        Saying that the earth will split into 3d, 4d, or 5d is promotion of fear, and distracts from the goal of the here and now, which is uniting as one human race, one family living in love and compassion for all living things.

        Now I am not saying the astral/ethereal plane does not exist, it does. It part of the duality that is the illusion, which is why unity is the key to ascension.

        You want to learn to ascend, then learn to love all of humanity as you would love yourself. Love and unity are the key, we are here to unite, not to falsely ascend I to some not existant 5D. We must create paradise here on earth. Love and unity are the paths and only paths that lead to ascension. Now tell me what is so difficult about that? It is not, it is the most basic and simple teaching yet it eludes most light workers.

        So again Sue, what do you choose, separation or unity? It’s your choice.

        Love and Unity to all,


        • Sue says:

          BeWise, I am well aware of Robert Morningsky and appreciate him and he is not the only one in all of history to talk about Tiamat for goodness sakes. And are you implying “copyright” ideas here? Wisdom and information should not and CANNOT be “owned” any more than the Earth should be owned.

          Are you familiar with Michael Tsarion? He draws on ancient Druid texts. Did Morningsky go back in time and write those?

          You were talking 4th and 5th Sun, are those not real? Have you taken this topic up with your elders? Ya know, concerning your little hang up about semantics?

          You talk about your native heritage then talk about Lucifer the Light Bringer with the warped view that Christianity gave it. Are you aware of Constantine and the Council of Nicea and how they created the Bible from many ancient texts, but only put in what they wanted and altered some things, but the worst lie there being the lie of omission, for their control agenda? You dare to cling to the old dualistic view of Lucifer, the one that demonized him and light both and gave everyone someone to shift responsibility of their own lives onto “the devil made me do it” and then preach unity. Hello? You could stand to do your homework on Lucifer. You’ve been brainwashed and with Christian brainwashing nonetheless. The Christians’ beginnings were honorable… until the Romans and the Catholics got a strangle hold on it due to being control freaks.

          Life itself is a mystery school. It doesn’t hand you the truth on a silver platter, it expects you to seek, both within and without. And if one is not willing to do their own inner work, they could be totally handed the truth on a silver platter and they wouldn’t recognize it for what it is.

          If you are speaking of GS’ “science”, I couldn’t agree more that he has complicated what is simple. He has made it technical when it doesn’t need to be. If that works for him, terrific. If it works for other people who are more science-minded and have a tough time with “spiritual” or religious approaches, yippee. Ascension is for them also.

          BeWise, what don’t you get about – we are never NOT united with All That Is. We cannot be separate. People are in a program where they only think and feel separate. As they let go of that, they increase their frequency and ascend.

          People are not “selected” for ascension, they choose it themselves. Who would be selecting them? Goodness sakes.

          And you’re right ascension is for everyone. No disagreement there. So are you ready to choose it yet? Maybe when you get done being all over the place with no sense of purpose or direction? Can you even be consistent with yourself? Can you actually LIVE unity instead of just providing lip service?

          Are you employed by the cabal? Are you here to disrupt and create disharmony? Are you here to do everything you can to stop the ascension? Good luck with that. Ready or not, here it comes.

          Many people, while disempowered do not love themselves. Is it any wonder they have such difficulty loving their neighbor? It all starts with self. Unity starts with self. If you are not whole unto yourself, how can you find unity with other?

          Where have you been that you have not heard these people you name talk about unity?

          Ascension is reality. Dimensions are reality. You don’t have to believe it. You can think that only what you see is all there is. You can think that your body is all there is to you if you’d like. You are creating your own reality and you can have it however you’d like. You’re that powerful, whether you realize your own creative power or not. You are never not creating.

          I have created Paradise on Earth. It’s called 5D Earth. Does that make you mad? Is it because you don’t plan on going? So what if you don’t? Don’t ascend then. Are you so hell-bent on controlling others that you want them all to stay in 3D duality with you?

          When will you get over your old conditioned lower mind ideas and expand your heart enough to take in the reality of ascension?

          Does it make your ego mad, because it thought it had a grip on reality and then comes along a paradigm shifting concept, one that is real, and it rocked your world?

          Does it make you fearful to hear of others who are experiencing ascension symptoms because you are not experiencing them yourself? Are you scared you’ll miss out?

          Which do you choose BeWise? Do you want to fight what Earth / Gaia herself asked us to do for her? Are you even connected enough with her to hear her? Do you want her to be destroyed? Do you want no one to be able to come to Earth to have experiences ever again, just like the way that Tiamat went?

          You are clinging to duality. You are fighting tooth and nail to hang on to 3D duality. Let it go BeWise. Let go, let God. But ultimately, there is no one here saying you can’t have it the way you want it. You are guaranteed to have it the way you want it. You are creating your own reality. Can you let go of control enough to allow others to create what they want?

  13. marinaalbin says:

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart (even that is not enough) for everything that you have been doing. You all are so amaizing that had done the impossible :).
    Much love 🙂

  14. Christina says:

    In his book “The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life” Drunvalo Melchisedek gives his explanation of the new Unity-Cosciousness Chrystalline grid. This new grid was constructed by ascended masers after the fall of Atlatis so that people on Earth could ascend at the end of the
    new cycle, which is now. It took thousands of years to make this grid and was started with the building of the pyramid in(now) Ghiza. They built this grid first in higher dimensions, then certain temples had to be built on Earth at certain places before the new unity grid would manifest.The new grid was completed in 1989.

    • Sue says:

      Christina, we’re talking about the same thing, just different pieces of the same very long story. The cathedrals and earth mounds and yes many pyramids and other structures and also mountains, etc. are absolutely part of the grid. Indeed.

    • Sue says:

      Also Christina, are you familiar with Tyberonn’s / Metatron’s info? Construction and activation are two different things.

      And I appreciate what you said here: “They built this grid first in higher dimensions, then…” That is a different way of saying that “the blueprint has been made.” It’s “overlaid” at higher levels. It all starts at the energy level, then things eventually manifest at the physical level.

      • Christina says:

        Thank you Sue for your comment. I had only read the books of Drunvalo and knew that he had done so much to activate certain pyramids that I found it strange not to see this mentioned. I will look for Tyberonn’s info. Thanks for your wonderful article and explanation!

    • Sue says:

      Also Christina, on the grid stuff… there are the surface level structures like Drunvalo’s info you point to speaks of. It’s been a while since I watched his video info on such. He may have addressed the following also, but…

      The 3 sources I gave – Tyberonn / Metatron, Shelley Yates / Fire the Grid, and Children of the Sun speak more to the activation of the great crystal beds around the world.

      Perhaps needless to say, this has been a very big project and there have been many working on different pieces over many years.

  15. Blondie says:

    Oh dear. Georgi Stankov has written a rebuttal to your excellent summary, Sue, and his ego is definitely peeking through. I don’t know why he is feeling so defensive since you were obviously supporting him and his ideas.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read more on our true history. The rest of your summary contains ideas I’ve come across before but I like the way you put it together in simple terms. Thank you!

    • Henry says:

      I would like to propose a different perspective to your comment, Blondie. Part of George Stankov’s article, which references Sue’s article, it’s a general comment about the LW community, which is consistent with comments he has made and explained many times over the past two years. Where he addresses Sue’s article specifically, he states unambivalently what he finds right and also what he finds wrong with the article. I don’t see the point in complaining about a rebuttal, when the reasons he gives for his assessment are well stated. I have written over a dozen times to George Stankov by e-mail. He has always replied and often at considerable length. He has maintained this high committment and standard of communication with everyone who writes to him, ever since his website was opened just under two years ago. I personally found that, in addition to what his e-mail responses demonstrated, I also had to thoroughly acquaint myself with his work and website before it was possible to make any kind of judgement of him as a person. I would suggest that people who make a shallow dip into his website will not be equipped to understand his articles and discussions on the “Breaking Astral News” pages. The comments made by “sadee” (just above your posting) amply illustrates this fact. He is very generous with his support and advice but also truthful and he uses plain language, which is not necessarily flattering. I see this factor as the main reason why some LWs attack his ego. My experience has taught me that interacting with George Stankov will occasionally challenge my futile ego, when it is foolishly offended. His website is a useful mirror, which all LW self-proclaimed “gurus” could use for honest self-reflection. Instead, I mostly have seen LWs reacting to what they perceive as George Stankov’s ego, in retaliation for when they can’t deal with criticism themselves. His regular readers and “posters” do not entertain this misconception about his “ego” nor does he care much about this issue himself. This should be patently clear to anybody who reads his response to Sue’s article:

    • Sue says:

      Hello Blondie and Henry. You are like the blind men feeling different parts of the elephant and describing what that elephant is. I read both your comments and nod. Need I say more?!

    • Sue says:

      And thank you Blondie.

    • Sue says:

      And Blondie and Henry… I will say more. Ya talked me into it. 😉

      As far as information goes. ALL sources of information help you hone your discernment skills. No information can harm you.

      If you come across something that you are not currently in agreement with, it provides a test. It can either be your teacher and allow you to expand your horizons or it can challenge you to truly trust in your own inner voice and know that where you are at is just exactly where you need to be.

      In either case, you are the ultimate test for YOUR truth.

      But yes, a good test of resonance is an intense emotional response, which can run the gamut. It might be an “ah ha” moment. It might bring confirmation “Finally!” It might also trigger anger, resentment, fear, depression, denial. It is wise to pay attention to those emotions. They have much to teach you, but sometimes not in the direction that your mind first assumes.

  16. sadee says:

    So, all the reports of people feeling near to death with ‘ascension symptoms’ or is it radiation poisoning can carry on suffering for quite some time?

    Georgi Stankov is a foul pig. He refuses to advise people who are suffering and need help. So, he may be looking at the big picture, but I for one do not wish to listen to someone so far removed from the ‘dross of the ignorant, stupid, masses,’ his words, that he can only see himself as the new despotic ruler on the new planet A and this ‘cataclysmic’ 3D world.

    • Sue says:

      Hello sadee. Some people are having an illness experience and some are having an ascension experience.

      Yes Georgi is Georgi. He is right where he’s at, right in this moment. lol Yes, he does have some “world domination” fantasies doesn’t he? 😉 I saw someone on a site somewhere say he is quite the paradox. Indeed he is. He so gets it in some ways, and so not in others. I cannot and will not deny the work he has and is doing for 4D though. No doubt. The rest is just his own personal and spiritual evolution issues and that’s up to him.

      sadee, you follow your heart. It will serve you well.

      • Deborah says:

        Hello Dear Sue — “I saw someone on a site somewhere say he is quite the paradox.”

        That was me. 😀
        And since I said that, I have also noticed him working his way through some of his ego issues, in particular since the 12/21/12 opening. He seems to have softened, I’m sensing more empathy from him as the energies continue to rise like mad. He is slowly moving deeper into the Heart, not quite as mired in the Left-Brain experience.

        I did my best to help in the past 2 years, but had to do it on a very very subtle level.
        You can’t teach another person how to empathize, but what you can do is relate to that person on the exact same level that they are at — as an evolving soul, especially one who has deliberately experienced the Negative Extremes to the max, you have already been there / done that, you understand them completely — and you use that shared understanding in a gentle way of imparting your message to them.
        You share a story of yourself with them that not only does not ruffle any Ego Feathers, it presents you as an example they may wish to follow, when they are ready.

        Even so, I still shake my head in compassion when I hear of the Ascension Resistance symptoms he and some of his followers constantly suffer with, as the Higher Realms have often said that ‘all pain is resistance’, and burning heat is a sign of ‘disharmony within oneself’.

        The problem is, until you take a long look at another person’s Soul Contract, you don’t know if he deliberately put that clause in, so that he would always be experiencing the most intense confirmation of ongoing Ascension, and in so doing would never ever lose his resolve along the way. And consequently continue to keep so many others *motivated*.
        I sometimes wish that I had not cleared myself completely of all my resistance….just so I could also have such a physically palpable confirmation!

        Georgi is perfectly serving many different purposes, one of which is to lead a group of people who are not ready to take on full self-empowerment. But I am also noticing his followers evolving into their own power, lately. For the past 3 months of reading their comments I am now smiling, instead of cringing. Instead of playing Follow-the-Leader, they are becoming equals. It is beautiful to see in action.

        I’ll end with my own quote from last year’s paradox comment:
        “I love the man.
        I love him because he is so fascinating. I love that he is this walking paradox. This reality would be so much duller, without him in it.”

        • Sue says:

          Oh my God Deborah, I have made the same observations and used exactly the same words – he has softened.

          And yes exactly – ascension resistance symptoms. Yep. I had symptoms as I moved through my most intense part of ascension in 2010 and had blockages fried out of me, but yes, it does not serve to resist and prolong. And his perception on what he calls LBP having lasted ALL so many years, decades. I have had what I call more “general healing” in years before 2010 and didn’t resist that much either so moved through it rather gracefully. If I did resist, yep, just like anyone else, it creates a very “not fun” experience. Change can happen in a moment, a heartbeat, a breath, but resistance can last forever.

          And yes, I have thought the same of a higher level contract he may have had – so that he can continue to relate to others who the process is more new to. Yes indeed. We just can’t know those details can we?!

          As I have said repeatedly, I cannot and will not deny the work that he and his group have and are doing for 4D. I appreciate their work.

          Your observations and sentiments on the state of his group and their shifting are my own also.

          Yep, that was you alright whose comment I read. 😉 Thank you for this Deborah. You see with great clarity. You are quite fair in your assessments. And in that reality, you are allowing for redemption. And everyone is absolutely redeemable. That is why we do what we do and be what we be.

        • Sue says:

          Oh, and btw Deborah, to what you say here:

          “I sometimes wish that I had not cleared myself completely of all my resistance….just so I could also have such a physically palpable confirmation!”

          … well, a few things to say on that…

          I’m sure you feel it in a different way? Yes? And yes, I know it is much more subtle.

          I have had different duties, which may or may not have been “contractual” or some goal I checked in with, but are for sure, regardless of intentions before incarnation, achievable only at a certain level. We’re used as much as the Divine can use us.

          I assisted in fending off 3D timeline destructive forces in February (did you feel that also?), which I didn’t know was the case as I was experiencing it. I am connected to a fellow forerunner on the other side of the world from me and they too went through the same thing at the same time. We both have cleared our own personal blockages so we don’t get the aches and pains, but such things are still very intense and exhausting. We do this transmuting work through emotional release and what a doozy that one was. I was cussing a blue streak.

          What was REALLY odd was that we both were chewing out Mommy Earth in our rage transmutation. I can’t speak for my friend, but I know I’ve never done that before. I couldn’t help but take note. I’ve had choice words for God, for my (old) higher self, for ETs, and they’re tough and can take it. But I’ve never chewed out Mommy Earth. She is why I am here. She is the epitome of unconditional love putting up with human abuses for so very long.

          Later my friend and I had connection with higher realm sources and one question I had for them was “What was that episode in February about?” We were told we were fending off 3D timeline destructive forces. They refused to give details. And THAT is why we were chewing out Earth. We were transmuting at an emotional energetic level so that it did not have to manifest at a physical level.

          But… as I keep saying about GS and Co., they are helping 4D A LOT. I will admit that I check in there, to in effect use them as a gauge to how progress is going for 4D. The creation of 4D and getting as many people there as possible is pretty much what it’s been all about for a little over a year now.

      • MIchael Merkabaman says:

        Dear Sue !! I love you for speaking your mind and I have to agree with you that Georgi
        has a completely blind spot when it comes to his own EGO but preaches that it is other people who have the problems with ego! And, in fact, while any of us are pointing the finger, we are all unfortunately still playing with the lower dimensions. It would be best for each of us to not be tempted into commenting about these things at all and rise above into the higher dimension where we just smile and send our blessings.
        But, I DO AGREE WITH YOU . I personally cannot even look at him. And find him repulsive:)
        But, maybe this is his gift. To be a refection of our own judgements where we are still feeling what we are accusing him of being while HE is accusing us of being so !!
        I love you. I have been working with a Mantra that came to me when I was in a chamber of light releasing my 3D programs.

        I then breathe in the enormous light and love that is crashing in on our crown chakras currently, and immediately, we expand our light body. It is so easy when we get past our judgements of ourselves and others.
        Soon , we will no longer be tempted to judge and we will be vibrating the Christ template and our divine blueprint.
        LOVE, Michael

        • Sue says:

          Hi Michael, yes, to all you said, in all directions. Sometimes we just have to call a spade a spade, but we have to do it in all fairness and if it’s not fair, it’s not calling a spade a spade. You notice I did so with GS. I’ll call people on their issues, but I’ll also give credit where credit’s due. And yep, keep the baby and throw out the bathwater. And yet, yep, if ya just can’t face that then don’t. But yes “mirroring” is certainly at work, but GS doesn’t seem to be able to learn from that himself. But if someone else can use mirroring to help themselves evolve, he certainly will help them refine some things. 😉

          To be quite honest, I’ve thought that his issues serve as a filter for one thing. If someone does not understand ascension and really doesn’t want to and just wants all light and fluff, just wants to be told what their own DYSFUNCTIONALLY CONDITIONED egos want to hear, then they don’t gravitate there, don’t stick around. It certainly weeds out many who don’t take this serious. For those who do and have discernment there is some valuable information there.

          And frankly, there is a real void in the lightworker rings concerning ascension. And yet this is all I heard about years ago from LWs. And yet somehow they all got caught up in 3D again and forgot about ascension or had watered down versions of it.

          They keep looking to the World of Outer Effects and forgot that they are creators and forgot that it takes diligence to create in 3D because there is a time lag between thought and manifestation. People lack vision and commitment. They don’t know how to dream big for starters. They keep looking “out there” for what to create. They keep limiting themselves to what they already see. They keep trying to create something beyond 3D with 3D materials… ya know? Well, when you do that you just re-create, making the same thing that you already see. “If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.”

          And then everyone wants what they want RIGHT NOW. Reminds me of some Eurythmics lyrics:
          “I want it all, I want it all, don’t know what it is, but I want it all.
          I want it now, I want it now, don’t know what it is, but I want it now.”

          I’ve always said we have to sacrifice instant gratification on the way to instant manifestation.

          We have to master 3D before moving higher. And 3D most certainly requires some discipline.

          The more dense the realm, the slower the rate of manifestation. This is a good thing. There’s built-in checks and balances. If we are at a low frequency, we can create some real messes. So, by having a slow rate of manifestation, then we can get a chance to see what we are creating before it is complete and perhaps change directions. “If you keep going down the path you’re on, you’ll get to where you’re going.”

          Health issues are a good example. People keep ignoring the signs their bodies give them until the condition becomes chronic. If they would have paid attention sooner and found the natural way to get back on track they wouldn’t have to have dis-ease.

          As our frequency increases then we manifest faster so we can create our more wonderful things faster. We certainly wouldn’t want to create low-frequency crap at a fast rate.

          But I had to comment on GS’ ego side because I just knew there’d be people who had known of him and that would absolutely come up. In his comments about my article, which really for the most part were in agreement with me on most things, he acknowledges he’s human. Yep. We all are… until we aren’t.

          I will use this opportunity to talk about ego. Just like with anything else, there is nothing inherently good or evil. Ego has its place. It is part of being human. Spiritualists who talk about “death of the ego” then turn right around and talk about wholeness and integration, well… integrate what exactly? How can we demonize some part of ourselves then talk about wholeness.

          Ego is our sense of self. Where we get in trouble is when we allow that sense of self to come from outside us… in either direction. We could stand to quit worrying about what others think of us, good or bad, and instead get our sense of self from within. Ego can absolutely work with Divine Self. No doubt about it.

          Ok, so, we demonized our intuitions starting many years ago – people were burned at the stake, imprisoned, in later years institutionalized, then later called crazy or even just ridiculed or had people roll their eyes because someone dare speak of their intuitions. People just flat quit using their intuition. Well, that worked real well for us, huh?

          Ego had to go it alone without the help of intuition. It was forced to do more than it should and do things it was not designed for. And yet, it got us through. We wouldn’t even be here after all this dysfunctional mess if it wasn’t for ego. If we “kill” our ego, well, that’s the last nail in the coffin.

          Every part of us has consciousness and we can talk to our egos and tell it to let loose of the steering wheel a bit and let intuition help out more. Thank it for its work and for getting us this far, but intuition would like to unload some work from it. Ask it to get its sense of self from Divine Self and tell others “What you think of me is none of my business.”

          When I first started talking to my ego, I would visualize my ego hot tubbing in heart energy. Hey, if you can talk your ego through this, it will be on board and will appreciate a much needed rest.

      • MIchael Merkabaman says:

        SUE ! I have to apologize and I what I said in my post below about Georgi. I actually was thinking of a different Georgi . I didn’t imagine that there was more than one in the ascension circle.
        So , please disregard my negative comments. Also, I realized immediately that I feel like I can no longer comment so negatively about anyone…. EVEN THE POPE. As we are all perfectly playing out out roles in 3D duality and helping each other move into 5D!

      • Deborah says:

        Yes, I experience the ascension symptoms precisely the way you described them, with an occasional head pounding as the 3rd eye is being worked on…and I will also add that with each incoming wave I feel higher than a kite – so high I’m often dizzy.

        My worst sufferings with the Energy Waves revolve around a lifelong condition that I foolishly had added to my own higher level contract. A variety of harsh skin conditions, eczema out the yin-yang, have plagued me most of my life. Which I recently found out from Dolores Cannon’s work, that some of us chose this to keep our attention on and keep us ‘grounded’ in the BODY. Because we so did not want to be here in physical 🙂

        The energies since 12.12.12 have been so strong that my entire body for the first time in my life went up like a multi-rash torch overnight, the taser-like energies affecting crown first (of course), forehead, face, neck, chest, arms, back, stomach, legs, ass and even my ears, by god! For months my ears nearly fell off in pieces as they were conducting the energies downwards.
        There is one person of Georgi’s group who is experiencing something very similar — and as he says, the frequencies are so fast now that we “heal and peel” every single hour.

        February, wasn’t that something. I did not know it had to do with our Timeline being attacked — thank you for the insight!
        So that WAS a battle with the darksters, and not just more transmuting of the foulest negative dross of the ages from the planet…that was damn incredible.

        I recall describing it to my husband. For me it went on for nearly a week, and every single night I found myself in the middle of a gory horror-fest, as if someone had compiled the scariest/gruesome scenes from every horror flick I’ve ever seen (which runs in the hundreds)…and then tossed it at me in the astral dream state.
        I remember thinking afterwards, “So this is why I’ve been obsessed with horror films since day one, why I longed to immerse myself in the most digusting, fear-inducing, putrid, bloody gore that most people would think me crazy for watching. I unknowingly did all that, so that I could clear and transmute that kind of intense crap at this time.”
        But in actuality that was, not a transmutation, but a full-blown frontal attack. How about that. Incredible experience.

        The poor Cabal. Little did they know they were attacking someone who had been deliberately desensitized to and morbidly fascinated with their utmost malignant arsenal of fear. What a chuckle…

        As far as raging at Mommy Earth afterwards, I have not done that, and I think it’s because I was able to channel all that rage in a different direction. Instead of running all that psychotic negativity through my energy field, I dealt with it more like Kwai Chang Caine with my hand up, deflecting it all right back at the dark ones.

        Ah, and I just remembered — a few weeks later I actually got to see one of them, for the first time. How exciting that was. My 3rd Eye, which works only sporadically for me, all of sudden lit up with yellow light. This always grabs my attention because I rarely get the light show.
        Then I see a Reptilian human-shaped face appear in the light, the skin was a pretty greenish hue and showed scale-like….flat nose and brilliant yellow eyes with a definitive vertical slit for the iris….the eyes were so beautiful they seemed to be glowing.
        This being did not move. He stared at me for a good long minute, and I, in typical fashion spoke to him mentally….I said,
        “Aren’t you lovely! Beautiful eyes! Come here, I want to give you a hug.”

        At this point he couldn’t take any more and started to quickly fade out, disappearing from the center of my 3rd Eye vision. ;D

        • Sue says:

          Yes, probably my biggest clue right now is actually a lack of any energetic “load.” I have been a bit heady also, but it’s really subtle. I have always been very well grounded so very rarely do I ever get dizzy. This is kinda more like eyes being weird. Can’t say they aren’t working right, but just kinda weird, yeah, maybe like being ever so slightly high or something. I’ve noticed that I get a little bit of brief heat in my head, mostly on my right “horn” (omg, is that gonna set someone off) 😉 and also on the base of skull on left side. The “horns” are Divine connection and that’s been going on for years and I intuit it’s perhaps downloads of info that rises to a conscious level over time, kinda time-released.

          Yeah, in February, the big days were the 12th, which my friend had been given a hint about from the HR, but we didn’t know what was coming and the pope resigned the day before so I was actually feeling rather excited from that one day then dealing with rage the next. The 18th was kinda intense too, but not as much. The days around those days were not wonderful but much better than those two.

          LOL to your “horror story”. Yes, funny how we are prepared. I’m really chuckling with ya about that.

          Yeah, I wonder if we were dealing with different components of that energy.

          Your story of the Reptilian reminds me of a little poster my sister had in the ’70s of cartoonish hippy hugging and kissing a cop and hearts floating up all around and it said, “Love your enemies – it’ll drive ’em nuts.”

          I’m still laughing at your stories. Thanks for that.

      • Clara says:

        Deborah, I am so glad you described your experience. I’ve been afraid to mention this as I thought some might think I “losing it”. Again, there was a period of time, similar to your time frame that I also felt under attack. I would surround myself with God’s light when I went to bed at night and ask my angels and guardians to protect myself, my family and my home. I would visualize them standing guard over all of us and sentinels around my home, that gave me enough comfort to go to sleep. I had no idea what was attacking me but it scared the crap out of me for a while. I did see one creature as I was falling asleep, but the light I sent toward him took him/it away. Funny to think I did this with no real understanding of what was going on. When the murky fishbowl feeling went away, so did the fear and the feeling that there was something bad/evil around. Like I said, I just woke up one morning and the fish bowl feeling was gone and my heart felt lighter. I am still trying to understand what is happening. At times I wish I wasn’t quite so sensitive. The only other thing I don’t like is the feeling of vibrating sometimes, it was stronger at first but now it’s much more subtle and I can ignore it most of the time. Anyone else experiencing that? I also thought that maybe some of these symptoms might be from HAARP or EMFs. What do you think?

        • Sue says:

          Hey Clara, I could comment on a lot here, but I want Deborah to cover most of what you’ve said here.

          But on the “vibrating” thing. I have nervous twitch / jerk things at times. Our bodies are being upgraded. I mentioned glands and DNA, but yes, also brains and nervous system, etc. When I do work in the higher realms or have energetic downloads, ground in light to the planet, or even if I make a conscious telepathic connection to someone, I’ll have a quick jerk / convulsion.

          Yes, being this sensitive can be a bit unnerving (pun intended). You calm that through intention. Just ask for it.

          If you feel a message is coming to you, ask what the message is. When it reaches the conscious level, you may find that eases it.

          You can protect yourself from other’s energy so you know what is yours to deal with and what to leave alone and not be bothered by.

          You are a very powerful creator and have more influence over this than you might first assume. It’s there for a reason, just ask your Divine Self what that reason is… and… trust and flow.

      • Clara says:

        Sue, This whole dialog has helped me tremendously. Reading your’s and everyone’s responses. You all seem so educated about what’s happening and I feel like I am blind and feeling my way along this path. Somehow I find what I need to when I need it. What I have learned is to go with the flow and allow the process to be revealed when I need it. I will take your advice on dealing with the sometimes annoying vibration now if I could tackle the fatigue episodes lol. I am determined to get back to my strictly organic healthy diet and hopefully get on track with my exercise. I have a 5k to run mid may and I don’t want to let the grade school girls I coach think I can’t keep up 🙂 Besides the fact I can’t afford to buy any new larger clothes. Keep your knowledge flowing here, I’ll bet there are more out there like me.

        • Sue says:

          Clara, might I caution you on your mundane level “plans”, such as exercise and running 5Ks. Yep, I miss running, which I did since gradeschool, up until July of 2010, but when the energies come, they come. It’s best not to force the old outwardly physical activities that you’ve known in the past when there are higher priorities in the present. You’ll need to trust and flow on that too. You may not need to abandon exercise completely, but take it one day, hour, minute at a time. BE PRESENT.

        • Sue says:

          And Clara, you remind me… in my 30s, I volunteered as an assistant high school girls track coach. I wasn’t in too bad of shape then and there were only about 3 girls who could beat me on a long distance run. Well, this school had not had a track program for many years, so the self-discipline that I had when I was in school was just not there. My h.s. track couch would tell me to go do something and I did it. These girls were new to this so they needed a little outer motivation. I found nothing more motivating to these young girls than to tell them, “You’d better not let this fat, old woman beat you.” And I really wasn’t fat then. lol Our one senior and sprints stars then called me “Big’ums.” lol I called her “Mouth” and she certainly had a loud one, which also helped to motivate her fellow tracksters. 🙂

      • Clara says:

        Sue, I will keep this in mind. I’ve tried to exercise off and on despite being in fatigue mode and never lasted more then 2 minutes on the tread mill, and this while walking to warm up. I will just pray I have a good day on the day of our run. This is my 5th year volunteering for this program and I really don’t want to let the girls down by not running. Again, I will go with the flow 🙂 and sweats can be my future wardrobe if necessary lol. They seem to allow for expansion, unlike skinny jeans.

        • Sue says:

          And yeppers, you can set your intentions for that to be a great run for you that day. You might have to “make up for” it elsewhere but the Universe / Life will work with ya too. You know the deal.

        • Sue says:

          Also, you may not want to let on to the other runners about your new “super powers” or you might be disqualified. 😉

      • Clara says:

        LOL Sue. I use the same approach with my girls, who are 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. I’ll be 58 in October. I tell them I’m old enough to be their grandma and if I can do this, they can do it. They do it. Have to say, I’ve learned more from them then I’m sure they have from me. I almost didn’t do it this year because of the fatigue but my inner self told me it was necessary. Maybe it’s their energy but when I’m with them, suddenly I feel great, a little out of shape, but great 🙂 I have gotten the most joy out of it this year then all the other years. So even this feels different.

      • Clara says:

        LOL, I’ve always had a certain level of superpowers 🙂 my husband and kids call me a witch as they can’t ever get anything over on me, I just always know lol. What I have noticed, when I have been able to run, is I am sometimes joined mentally by a young black man running in his country. When I asked him how he was able to run so effortlessly, he said, release your spirit and your body will follow. 🙂 I loved that.

        • Sue says:

          Yes Clara, for many years, my running was my “meditation.” I have never been one to sit in a corner and chant “om.” And that’s just perfect, because the ultimate goal is to be a “moving meditation” so I figure you’re naturally on track by being a runner to start with.

          I’ve played a lot of slow-pitch softball, including pitching. Well, I was a pretty good pitcher and even though it was slow-pitch I could foul up many batters, but it’s still slow-pitch and you’re kinda just “dishing it up” for them. And as a pitcher, you’re not very far away. Well, sometimes that ball comes off that bat, right atcha. There is no way that your mind can respond fast enough, but your body can. It doesn’t want to get hurt. If I could get a glove on it, my glove would just fly out and end up with a ball in it. If it was flying at my lower leg and my glove couldn’t get there in time then my foot would fly up behind me, out of the way.

          All parts of our being can do what they do best if we just get out of our own way.

          On the vibrating thing, give these techniques a whirl:

          Stay calm, centered and grounded.

          Calm – breathe into you center of mass, which is 2 inches below your belly button.
          Centered – imagine your prana tube running up your back, about the same size as a fluorescent tube, connecting Heaven and Earth through you.
          Grounded – imagine roots coming out of your feet sinking deep into Mommy Earth.

          Get plenty of water and sea salt. For every 50 lbs of body weight, you need 1 quart of water per day. So if you weigh 150 lbs, you need AT LEAST 3 quarts of water per day. More if playing, exercising or working hard or if it’s hot out. And caffeine and alcohol will suck the water out of you, so you’ll need even more if you indulge.

          For every quart of water you consume, you need to get 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt.

          What I just said here applies to everyone, but when this process is putting even more challenge on you, it makes it even more imperative that you support your body.

          Ok, you “witch”, do you have a vertical line on your face, in front of one or both ears? Ya know, a crease or wrinkle. (I’ll wait while you run to a mirror. We’ll all hum the theme song from Jeopardy, while we’re waiting.)

      • Clara says:

        ROTFL, I didn’t need a mirror to know that I have vertical lines in front of both ears. One of my girlfriends asked if I had a face lift (guess that was a topic of discussion among my old group of friends) and when I asked her why she would think that, she pointed out the lines in front of my ears. I looked in the mirror when I got home lol. Geeez, I thought every person as they aged had those. Doesn’t everyone have those? No, I haven’t had a face lift, I always figured I had good genes. I don’t look my age and I haven’t had “work” done. I thought good nutrition, exercise, taking care of myself and the belief that I could choose to mindfully age gracefully 🙂 was the reason I wasn’t aging as fast as everyone else. As far as my family joking about me being a witch 🙂 lol, I was told by my great Aunt (apparently she had the “sight”) when I was about 6 that I had the sight, I didn’t know what that meant. When I asked my mother, she said ” that I knew things”. Well, I still didn’t know what that meant. Growing up I was always told I was too “sensitive” and as I grew older I realized I was, what would be considered intuitive. I never talked about it, and I ignored it for a long time, not wanting to believe the stuff I got, always questioning myself. What I have learned for sure is that we do not need to fear death because we don’t die, we transform and it is all love. A picture cannot be painted of the beauty of what lies on the other side. It’s taken me a long time to accept that I am what I am and to listen to myself. So, Sue, am I a witch ROFL. Now, about the slow pitch, loves the game, my daughter plays and I love watching her catch. Yes, the body knows and moves accordingly, no thought till after the fact. I love seeing the look on my daughters face when she catches a ball, it’s almost a look of surprise, her mind one step behind. I will definitely start watching my water and salt intake, good to know. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to help me understand what exactly I have been dealing with. I feel like I am in Kindergarden again and I can’t read lol and everyone else learned in preschool so I have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

      • Clara says:

        I went to bed last night laughing and now I’m starting my day with a good laugh. I love it, “bull s**t detectors”. I also laughed when I realized I told you I coached 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls. LOL. Yes I read the article yesterday (and a reread this morning) and it confirmed much of what has changed in my life over the last few years. As difficult as it’s been at times, I feel like I’ve gotten though the hardest part of the journey, now I’m just flowing with it. I have always been the type of person to ask “why?” then go in search of the answers. In this instance there are no answers, no guidelines, no printed instructions. Like my runner friend so eloquently said “let your spirit run and your body will follow”. I am so happy you found me here Sue. One more question. What is a prana tube? I told you I was in kindergarden 🙂

        • Sue says:

          On prana tube… that’s one of those things I know plenty well enough… for myself, but defining it in words… I wouldn’t do it justice, or in other words, I’d mangle it. 🙂 Take that to the big G’s – God, Gaia and Google.

        • Sue says:

          And Clara, when it comes to getting to 5D, take your runner friend’s advice a step further and let your spirit FLY and the rest of your being will follow. I am implying DREAM BIG. If your dreams have anything resembling a “limit” on them, you’re not dreaming big enough.

          As I said, I used running as meditation. I was very good at setting a pace. Most especially when I was in really good shape and running a very familiar course, I would literally close my eyes and felt like I could have fallen asleep while running. Non-runners hear that and it fries their circuits – “does not compute”.

      • Clara says:

        I will practice flying from now on Sue 🙂 I understand what your saying about meditation during running. I didn’t realize that that was what I was doing but now that you describe it, I realize it was/is a form of meditation for me as well. Not as often on the tread mill but when I’m outside in the park, I really feel free, in two places at once, the here and now and the all. I just thought everyone felt/did that. I will Google and also check out the links you posted, they looked interesting. Bless you my friend, you have been such a great help.

        • Sue says:

          Here Clara is a book suggestion to help you “get out of kindergarten.” It’s not kindergarten level per se, but more a holistic view of our Earth situation. It gives enough detail to paint the big picture and enough references to allow you to follow out the details as far down the rabbit hole as you would like to go. I suggest you check out those references early and often. Even after you’ve read the book, look back to its references to keep you headed down your path.

          Bless you dear. Thanks for what you do and be.

      • Clara says:

        I will get the book and start my flight training 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be available if the need arises. Blessings Sue

    • DWH says:

      I’m sorry to say that I agree. My recent attempt to converse with that arrogance would have been a bust,even if I had been female and washed his feet with my hair.

      • Sue says:

        Yeah, well being female and washing his feet only goes so far. You’re in like Flynn there as long as you never have a dissenting view. You most certainly would not want to be a “menopausal trash lady” as he likes to say. 😉 He cannot learn from hags / crones, and those two terms literally mean “old wise woman.”

  17. Sharon Pearson says:

    Good Morning Jean,   This is Sharon Pearson.  I am not sure if you have received any of my emails but I surely hope you respond to this one.  I read the article you recently sent me regarding the above.  I REALLY, REALLY need to get in contact with Sue.  However, I really have no idea where to begin, other than through you.  I KNOW (from my own awakening) of the contents of her article to be OUR TRUTH and where we are moving towards.  Could you please pass along my contact information and request that Sue contact me.  This is REALLY important, as I believe I can put more of the pieces of the puzzle together with her understanding to date.  I believe that if we had an opportunity to start a dialogue, we would be able to spark certain “memories” within each of us.  Our own Divine Spark must be aligned with the Crystal Grid/Mother Earth and the Cosmos before we can “fully awaken” to all of the Blessings earned, equal to our current level of awareness (this would be a complete compilation of ALL life experiences-past lives).  Then we are to move to the “pre-planned positions” in order to assist others coming to their own realizations/awakening.  This information comes to me, timed precisely after a rather difficult and intense weekend of activity (spiritual) and left with a request of the Divine to show me the Way and Divine Will.  This morning I receive your email and now I am guided to contact Sue.  Please help me.  [I’ve removed your personal information here, ~J] I look forward to hearing from you, Sue or both.  Thank you very much for your time.  Namaste,   Love and Blessings, Sharon


    • Sue says:

      Sharon, I’m not taking on email correspondence now, there’s no way, but you’re welcome to share here, then everyone else can exchange with you also. Thanks.

  18. Hi Jean & Sue,
    If I may, I would like to share “The unauthorized history of mankind” derived from my ‘hyper memory’, accessible on my blogsite at the foillowing link

    • Sue says:

      Old China Man, thank you so very much for sharing that. Your story so resonates with me.

      Michael Tsarion shares the story of Tiamat also, but with some different time periods, although he gives great detail and I didn’t get too far into it, but yes the trauma of that and then the following genetics, which initially was to provide a new being for those souls to inhabit and yet we’ve had to do healing for that ever since.

      I’d fantasized about writing a novel about Tiamat and had names and other information ready to go, waiting in the back of my mind, but this ascension work took priority. I always love to hear about her. I feel a connection with that planet also. A water planet. When I was working with an astrologer years ago, who was my best mentor, I questioned her on how the destruction of Tiamat changed the astrological energies of the solar system. She wanted to go into a long elaboration, but we just never got to it. But her short answer was that Tiamat was the “Life Giver”. Venus, Earth and our Moon had to take on the feminine aspects in the solar system that Tiamat once carried. The implication of a “fractured” and divided feminine quality.

      Just to share some humor with you. This astrologer had once said, in an open forum group we were in, that she had memories of being here millions of years ago. I joked with her, “So, just how old IS dirt?” Everyone laughed and that became the comic relief of the evening. Someone else had said, “There she was and then the next day they hauled in the dirt.” lol

      Thanks again. Your story has given me “perma-grin.”

  19. Ilex says:

    There is a Starseed Crystal Quest event in Hot Springs Arkansas I believe in May 2013. You have to have the “Rites of Passage” to attend, they will do your chart for you to determine if you have starseed bloodlines. I have the mark of the Crystal Grid in both my moon and Saturn which gives me the Rites of Passage to attend. Persons with the Rites of Passage will be digging for crystals of their family. Here is the link if you would like more information. This of course is to increase the vibrations of the ones that are not awake yet.

    • Sue says:

      Ilex, could you give me an energy transfusion so I can go do that? 😉 lol

      And, just to say… we are all ultimately starseeds and yet I have never identified with that because I am here for Earth, I have an old, deep connection with her and have been “on task.” My cousins elsewhere can catch up with me later. 🙂

      Thanks for providing the info for those interested.

      • Ilex says:

        Sue do you have any quartz crystals? If not I would strongly recommend one or two, I can provide a site that she had some very nice quartz crystals. They add a lot of energy!!!!! They are powerful to a extreme measure, however, that being said they also absorb any negative energy and that you need to watch very carefully. I HAD four in my home but because of taking in one feral baby and one adult Siamese to foster, things got way out of control and the energy within them/me was heightened/aggressive so I had to put them outside in my vehicle. I’ve now got the Amethyst and Rose Quart for healing working on both and it is much better. The Quartz Crystal Quest would be a great event to attend, however, a bit on the expensive side >2,000 dollars, I’m out!!! I have spoken with James Gilliland and he will be there, a good opportunity to meet him if you can afford to go. Citrine is a very good crystal to have and it never needs to have the negative energies purged, actually it’s an excellent crystal to have.

        I too have a very deep connection with Gaia and always wondered why I was adamant about a green burial, well now I know.

        The more we work together in groups, the stronger we are, so we need to take advantage of our power collectively.

        • Sue says:

          Ilex, with all due respect. I have several crystals but I’m long past the use of crystals. But yes, they will help you along the way. Work with them as you are moved to. They are amplifiers. Don’t get too attached to them though. They are helping you hone your own abilities, but it is always about you, not the crystals.

      • Sue says:

        Ilex, btw, speaking of James Gilliland, I myself have met him years ago, mid to late ’90s.

        Again, thanks for the info you bring here for others. Very valuable crystal info.

    • Clara says:

      I don’t know anything about this (starseeds) although I did have my chart done years ago. I do remember, I’m a Libra with Cancer as my rising sign and Moon in Scorpio. Saturn in the 5th house (I think there were 1 or 2 other planets there also. I have no planets in earth signs in my chart. They say that is unusual. Two of my girls are born under the sign of Capricorn so I guess I got the earth I needed to ground me. I’d like to learn more about this, thanks for the link.

  20. Nicholas Fowler says:

    excellent excellent article, pretty much summing up what all this is about. thanking you for it. I will share it amongst my little email group, two who are contactees and fully into the Ascension thing.

    • Sue says:

      And thank you Nicholas for spreading the light. For quite some time now there is nothing that I do without guidance to do so. I lay in bed earlier today and the thought of the crystalline grid came to mind. I certainly could have slept more, but the urging to get this out today was too overwhelming to ignore. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      • Clara says:

        I really appreciate that you were moved to write this article. I feel like it was written specifically for me. I have been struggling to understand what ascension was, how it is to be achieved and I have no one here to talk to about it. All I know is what I’ve found on the internet. This last year has been spent reading everything I could, spending most of the day and night researching and reading. I feel like my life has been put on hold and I’ve been driven to keep looking. A year ago I found this site and it has helped me in many ways. I am understanding more of what I’m going though. Much of what you have been feeling physically, I have also been experiencing. I’ve been struggling with energy levels the last three years they kept getting lower and lower. This last year my energy levels have been so low, I did go to the Doctor, (I went through cancer treatment 10 years ago and have a risk of reoccurrence, so thought I should make sure I was ok there) I was fine. The aches and pains come and go, this year I’ve almost completely quit exercising, my clean diet is now not so clean, cravings for things I haven’t eaten in years and constant hunger. I felt like I was in a dirty fish bowl up until around Christmas. A couple of weeks after Christmas I woke up and the fish bowl was gone and I felt unburdened and joyful. I’m not really sure what happened. I felt a profound change. A couple of week to a month later I woke up in the middle of the night because something in my head exploded (that is the only word that describes what I felt), then extreme pain, I didn’t panic just told myself to let it go and go back to sleep. My head hurt a little for a few days and then I felt fine. The only effect seems to be my lack of dreams. I have always had intermittent premonition dreams or dreams in which a person is soon to be deceased, in the process or has passed, this for most of my life and always just with those I was close to. This last year or two I’ve had some very cryptic prophetic dreams always symbols that I felt compelled to decode, some have come to pass. Now I no longer have any dreams or at least none that I can remember. I’m not sure why but I suspect it has to do with frequency as you said and I am relieved. I did recently experience the passing of a friends father at the time he passed and I wasn’t asleep. Anyway, it’s been hard for me to try to figure this out and not be able to talk to anyone about what I’m experiencing. It’s been a lot of work for me, I can’t imagine what your experience must be. Thank you for all you’ve done for humanity. Writing is not my strong point, my brain just doesn’t seem to work that way 🙂

        • Sue says:

          Clara, I am so glad that gave you some clarity on things. And I know the feeling. In early 2010, there was no question that things had changed for me. I had outer circumstance changes , but there was more to it than that.

          I’d had an email list of lightworker friends for years and I would write them emails about how we were then (in 2010) being urged to create at a much higher level. No one said peep about what I’d said. And the stuff they were sending me was nothing similar. I finally realized they were just flat not going through what I was.

          After already going through much of it, I was finally guided to some sites that talked about ascension symptoms, etc. Well, hallelujah!

          And when it comes to hearing the higher realms, well, I heard better years ago. I do what I have to like Tarot, which often just jump starts the conversation. But by God, if someone up there has something to communicate to me, I get claircognizant downloads of whole stories and just flat KNOW. Stories I could tell.

          Yes, Georgi Stankov (GS) calls it the Light Body Process (LBP) which is really a misnomer. We always have light bodies. We are creating our new physical crystalline bodies and we are also upgrading our old 3D carbon-based bodies so that they can serve us better to receive downloads / upgrades until we ascend. Our glands are our physical connection to our chakras and you can bet our glands are getting a workout and changing also.

          Yeah the term “couch potato” is not a strong enough term for what I’ve been since May of 2011. I’ve been athletic all my life and this sucks frankly. I have flat told people that my exhaustion levels at times are like a terminal AIDS or cancer patient without the illness. And like I’ve said elsewhere, when I’m not being used as a human antenna the energy differences are just wow. I’m like a new person again.

          And from what I’ve seen from your writing right here, it seems fine to me.

          Thanks Clara for giving details of your own experience because they will be slightly different for everyone, so you help others with your input.

  21. Soul Agenda says:

    Dear Sue, thank you for this wonderful effort to summarise something that is near-impossible to summarise 🙂

    Shortly after the 2012 Solstice (when the “diluted” dawn arrived), I began to feel very strongly that we were on a timeline loop. We didn’t succeed in the previous time-loops (foiled in every way by the Dark to keep us from Ascending), but we finally succeeded this time, albeit with yet another altered Ascension scenario. If we step back and look at it, what we’re doing is phenomenal and practically impossible — ascending with Mother Earth while still embodied in physicality (without going through the death cycle). Never done before in Cosmic history. It’s no wonder that we have felt like we’ve been taking one small step forwards only to be knocked two steps back. 2012 was like swimming in tar, but it was our last chance. WE MADE IT!! 🙂

    • Sue says:

      Hello Grace, thanks for your additions of yet more significant details. Yes, volumes can and have been written on this, but I just wanted an article for now.

      Tell me this, as so many have concerns…. What is your intuition on the state of future 3D? And what I’m getting at is that I sense their plight will not be as challenging as it may have been at one point. Do you get that sense?

      • Soul Agenda says:

        Sue, this is what I “get” (and my “truth” at this point in time…). This 3D-Free-Will Experiment is O.V.E.R. Done. Period. When Mother eventually anchors fully into the 5th, those who have decided that they need some more time before going that direction will be “housed” in a different planet. Not 3D, but perhaps lower 4D. So yes, I agree with you that they won’t be suffering in perpetual torment as we’ve had to in this 3D-Free-Will scenario. Things will be better, but they will still have their Life experiences so that their Soul can complete the syllabus 🙂

        From what I understand, alternate Planet(s) have already been prepared for these Souls’ on-going experience until they are ready to ascend to the 5th. Mother won’t wait indefinitely for all to be ready — she’ll move on when it’s time.

        • Sue says:

          Well, I know (as opposed to believe) that there will be 3 versions of Earth moving forward – 3D, 4D, 5D. But yes, some people will go elsewhere also as many will fall in a ‘tweener state between 3D and 4D frequencies. But I still sense that 3D is not going to be as bad as it once could have been. Gaia Portal messages indicate the DNA downloads for everyone, at every level and I know we put the blueprint in place for future awakenings.

          We may disagreed on details, but you did provide the confirmation on what I asked – that it won’t be as challenging for 3D as it once could of been.

          And yes indeed, energetically this old experience is most certainly over. Some people just aren’t quite aware of that yet. But yes, new energetic blueprints are in place and energy removed from feeding old programs.

          Thanks Grace.

    • Sue says:

      Grace, I don’t now if you’re still following this post, but the new Gaia Portal message brings more confirmation that things won’t turn out so bad on any level. Now, getting there for some people, releasing those negative timelines may still present a challenge depending on how hard they resist.

      • Sue says:

        And… that message also says that those destined to 4D will be more energetically supported in letting go of 3D level things. I’m jazzed about all that is happening at all levels.

  22. Sue says:

    Just posting to get notifications.

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