UFOs, aliens topic of congressional-style hearing

By Viviane Vo-Duc
Source: KSL.com – Utah
April 9th, 2013 @ 4:45pm
Thanks to J.

25063854SALT LAKE CITY — Are UFOs real? Do extraterrestrials exist?

Five former legislators, including former Utah Congressman Merrill Cook, are about to open a congressional-style hearing and listen to testimony from 40 researchers, military personnel and witnesses to try and uncover the truth about extraterrestrial life and to address allegations of the government’s lack of transparency with regards to UFOs.

The meeting called Citizen Hearing on Disclosure will be held in Washington, D.C., at the National Press Club from April 29 to May 3. The hearing committee is composed of former congressmen and congresswomen, including Cook, Darlene Hooley of Oregon, Carolyn Kilpatrick of Michigan, Lynn Woolsey of California, and Sen. Mike Gravel from Alaska.

Cook said he was asked to be on the panel and is approaching it with an open mind. Paradigm Research Group is paying him to be there, but Cook said that won’t influence him to think one way or the other.


US accused of UFO cover-up by former USAF colonel
A former colonel with the United States Air Force has accused the U.S. of covering up evidence related to extraterrestrial visitations.

“I’m very interested in finding out what these witnesses have to say,” Cook told KSL NewsRadio’s Doug Wright on Tuesday. “I’m keeping an open mind. I told them if you’re going to pay me and if you’re going to pay the expenses in addition, don’t expect me to just fall in line with what you’d like.”

He started his conversation Tuesday by defining what UFOs are.

“The word UFO, unidentified flying object, if you just consider what it means to be an unidentified flying object, I think it’s pretty clear that they do exist,” he said.

He said he does believe that there are unidentified flying objects that have not been explained by the government, by the military, by scientists, or by people who have credibly reported on such things.

While he said UFOs exist, he called it a “real leap” to say it’s an alien life form from outer space.

“It is still a leap to be saying that a UFO is extraterrestrial or that it’s being manned by people from outer space or intelligent life or even artificial life that might have been created by intelligent life,” he said.

“It is still a leap to be saying that a UFO is extraterrestrial or that it’s being manned by people from outer space or intelligent life or even artificial life that might have been created by intelligent life.”

The hearing is organized by Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group. According to its website, Bassett is a “leading advocate for ending the 65-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.”

The hearing will be recorded and released as a documentary. Cook said he believes the rules used in congressional hearings will be followed during this hearing.

“What I would expect (at the hearing) would be credible evidence that there are objects in the sky that were maneuvering in very strange ways, unearthly ways so to speak, and that there’s enough evidence that would warrant a sober assessment of what that is,” Cook said.

He said he would be surprised to hear credible evidence of a person witnessing intelligent life.

“One thing I don’t expect, but it would be just phenomenal if it came,” he said with a laugh, “the idea that one of these witnesses or that there’s any credible evidence, not just of an object in the sky, but of anything extraterrestrial — be it intelligent life, or what I would more likely expect, and that’s artificial intelligent life.”

He also shared religious beliefs that would indicate that this universe does have intelligent life beyond this planet.

“I don’t know that. I can’t prove that,” he said. “It’s a matter of faith, sort of speak. It’s not something I would go out and try to scientifically prove, but I think we should stay open-minded, because some of the most unbelievable things that are now so commonplace were not believed 500,000 years ago.”

While there are reasonable national security reasons for secrets, the government at the national level has gone far beyond that, he said.

“There should be very few (secrets) and only if there is a compelling national interest at the national level and a compelling law enforcement interest at the local level,” he said.

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24 Responses to UFOs, aliens topic of congressional-style hearing

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  7. LECOX: Ascension is moving to a higher vibration to 4d 5d and who is in 4d and 5d ? That is what ET’s and Ascension have in grouping you call it. Can we be trusted to use this technology for the good of man kind? The Galactics are here to teach us how to use it for the good of the Planet and us. Believe me they are here very soon all will see for them selves . We have to let things fall as that is going on at this time. Once this plays out then and only then we will meet and the real history of the Planet will change. We are related to 22 races in space and will be told who I know of many of them but not all. This is a few Lyren from Vega star system the Capelellans from Ursa minor,The Pleiadians, the Antarians,the Andromadons,the Capellans,the Sagitarians and beings from Sirus A . In 2001 there where a little over a 100 star systems here watching us and now it is over 300. WHY to watch us evolve to 5d. and see it happen they say it is the first time. If you where to have a family dinner after it happens you should plan on a lot of family showing up.

    • lecox says:

      I am well aware of the ET presence. But are they really pro-Mankind, as most of them try so painfully to convince us? And what is “4d” and “5d” really, anyway? Right now we are mainly depending on what they are telling us for this data, aren’t we? Well: Why should we depend on them to sort all this out? I don’t think we should. ET does not really have that good a record in this sector, and anyone who can remember a good chunk of their track can attest to that; many of us were with them in the past!

      Mankind is notorious for swallowing tall tales hook line and sinker. Shouldn’t a part of “waking up” be to question that old habit? I think it should be. I think we can find our own way, and that, indeed, we must find our own way.

      • mkb says:

        I think the most compelling evidence that ETs are not out to get us is the fact that we are still here…
        Seriously! There may be negative interactions, as there are among our own species, but we still seem to be our own worst enemies. This must be hugely perplexing to off world races…

        • lecox says:

          That’s what Greer says, too. But you don’t judge an enemy by whether you are dead or not! After all, that would leave the enemy with no game. Just as epidemic diseases, wars, and natural disasters never kill everybody, that doesn’t mean that such occurrences are benign!

          As the slave master is not good for the slave, so any group seeking enslavement of another could be considered an “enemy” of that group. Yet what you get is various degrees of coercion and attempts to control; you don’t get total genocide. And if you look at the “spiritual health” of this planet, perhaps you can get a better idea of what these boys possibly have in mind for us. They might be, after all, only our spiritual enemies, not our mortal enemies. But who is to say which is more dangerous in the long run?

          • mkb says:

            Yes AND … the situation is most likely complex with various species having various desired intentions….somewhat like the human race itself. Your point about ‘spiritual enemies’ is well founded although….is it “enemies” or “teachers”? After all, didn’t we allow this systematic abuse and participate in it as well? I think some personal accountability is in order here — on the part of all human beings.

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  9. lecox says:

    Bassett and Greer have been working on this project for years and years and years. Greer wants the energy technology data to be released, too. But I still wonder: What is all of this about?
    Why are ET and ascension getting grouped together so much? What do they really have to do with each other? Greer and others think ET is standing by ready to help us. This I am not so sure of. But someone wants us to believe this. Who?

    • Lenore says:

      Why doesn’t he just join forces with the over 500 military and agency personal that are on Dr. Greer’s staff and are Disclosure Project Witnesses, if he’s sincere, unless he has a alien invasion agenda hidden in all the lofty talk, as Dr. Carol Rosin warned us…

      And BTW…Dr. Greer does NOT believe the above statement…he’s way to savvy to believe that….he’s aware that in the future there could be diplomatic exchanges…but he also is extremely clear about the differences between our race and visiting races
      They will support us, I would imagine as they have in previous epochs, if we stop trying to kill them… :))
      In the meantime they stay scarce and appear very quickly an disappear so they’re not vaporized….
      If you seen a ship hangin’ around, then it’s not one of theirs, it’s one of ours…….because the platform Death Star(advanced form of SDI) is still up and running and tracks anything quickly for the kill…

      What Dr, Greer is most interested in is the technology that has been recovered inside ships by crash teams, developed and sequester for private interests….this alone if released thru this awareness and movement he’s created, could and would transform the face of civilization almost over night…most of the environmental calamities and tragedies we’d be able to clean up within months. This is his primary concern, working on developing a center for scientific development and he’s already started on that, with a team of scientist lined up….

      Don’t confuse him with all the ascension channeling hopeful’s out there, because he’s not focused on that at all, even though he’s an advanced meditator and remote viewer…He’s a medical doctor that approaches this subject in a highly professional way with the hopes that it will be absorb on a large collective scale….power in numbers…..and power to the people…

      • lecox says:

        I hope all this data is accurate. But, Lenore, how do you know all this? Who did you learn it from?

        I have seen several interviews with Dr. Greer, followed the development of his new film, and wish him all the best. He seems very sincere, but the fact that his is a doctor does not impress me that much, nor does his insistence that ET is well-meaning. It is a good positive postulate, but I don’t know that it is a practical assumption to make.

  10. And I LOVE YOU. We will bring love back to this Planet and maziemiles you are needed thankyou.

  11. maziemiles Thankyou and that dam war opened my eyes to all this shit.

  12. I watched the news today and they talked about the loss of bees 10 years to late. The Planet is dying from all the shit are they that dumb? Media a funny show so back to just nascar or football and back to off weekly. I don’t believe the liberal Media and thats no shit.

  13. queenvictrola says:

    Even Huffington Post is treating this subject with a 10-foot pole and using the word “alleged” regarding the existence of UFO’s and sightings. I am really beginning to hate that word. Like Fauci says, “It’s no longer about lights in the sky, it’s about lies on the ground.”

  14. India has known that life came here from outer space more them 2000 years ago. We know the Planet knows the US has never told the truth about anything. They lie we know that so many lies they have told us.They now know we know all the truth and they are about knee deep in shit and they know that also. I don’t care what they have to say they are up a shit creek and they know this. The time to come clean has passed and they can not make up for there shit. It is to bad I do feel sorry for the dumb ass holes but they did it to themselves. So the ? is how are they planing to get out of the hole they dug for themselves?

    • maziemiles says:

      I’m sure Huggie that someone will tell them where to go and how to get there! They have been doing it to us from the beginning, but the difference is we are going to do it out of love and from our hearts! Thanks for being a Vietnam VET! I love you!

  15. I certainly hope that this won’t be a “Project Blue Book” whitewash. As mkb indicated, we should get on with the important ascension stuff (i.e. unlimited, free energy to go along with the higher consciousness, for example). What NEEDS to happen on a planet-wide scale for people to wake up faster is mass education. The education that we REALLY are not alone in the universe. The education that there really is a Cabal out there that wants to kill 90 percent of the population of this world. Also, the fact that mainstream religion was created as a means of controlling the masses. This, if it is for real, is a good STARTING place, at least for the sheeple.

  16. mkb says:

    Of course it’s a cover up! Sheesh… well the cover is now blown. How do we want to proceed with this? The obvious and most immediate issue is technology and namely, energy. Let us get on to planning and organizing for the rapid assimilation of new technologies, a greater awareness of our place in the universe and how we would like to be involved in the universal community. Enough with this playing dumb or being shocked and appalled that we are not alone. GET ON WITH IT!!!! It’s not like we have time to waste…

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