Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Potter Please

Published on Apr 17, 2013

Listen UP
Mirroring him –

Boston Black Ops Operatives… [see below]

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20 Responses to Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Potter Please

  1. Miriam A. Sarmiento says:

    I am very concerned but not surprised.

  2. Kerri Lake says:

    There is such a huge population of people who will awaken through activities of battle rather than stepping straight into light. Many require a rock-bottom. It doesn’t matter how we all get there, we’re all going! As those of us who are aware of the expansion of light continue to notice the beautiful expansion of awareness and consciousness, we are clearing the way for those to see, as soon as they are ready to peek out from behind their hands. Each of us is beloved!

    And when I look at it, there is already an amazing alternative infrastructure being built across the globe. Can you feel it?

    We each have the capacity to create, on a grand scale, the space for more and more people to step into clear space rather than be swept back up into the magnetics of judgment. Help me to love and not to judge.

    Humanity has unanimously said YES to ascension. Fear not when the structures of power and greed flail around as they are exposed. There is no option anymore, it will all be exposed! To serve those who leave their bodies, by natural disaster, by force, by choice, can we continue to open our hearts to the light, to see the light in all of these unfoldments, even if it requires us to expand our perspective, to step back and look from a broader view, to look again and again? The light is there. The lightness is there, and all of the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single flame.

    We are all this light, we are all this big. Let’s stop pretending we are smaller than we are. Our hearts have enough free space to share with every single individual, and it is this heart space, absent of judgment, that guides all of humanity into a new paradigm. And that’s what we’re watching unfold here – a new paradigm where fighting is simply no longer effective.

    This is all the dissolving of the old structures that just don’t work anymore, and as they dissolve, it reveals open space. We can fill that space with more judgments, or we can fill that space with the light of a new paradigm. Not “peace” specifically, but communion. The communion of our collective hearts, the sense and communication that guides us toward “no harm to any other.” It is our natural state.

    Lots of love to you and all you touch!

  3. Deb says:

    the April 17th video skips and freezes every couple of words, can you fix it? Or is it the same as the 18th video, which does play

    • Jean says:

      They are actually both the same video. I posted them both, because they were taking down videos, and I wanted to be sure all possibilities were out there. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Megan Reid says:

    Huggie, I really hope your right! I hope they not only blow his shorts off
    but that they also singe his sorry ass too!

    Best regards


  5. The galactics will step up the shit is about to hit them watch and see. Something the assholes can’t change. Keep your eye’s open Oboma is going to get his shorts blown off when the event happens cant wait. It is in a Divine plan in the making this is going blow there minds the elite not us.

  6. W Wilson says:

    . We should have done something about this shit when Kennedy warned us. Now it’s just too fucking late.

  7. Lenore says:

    Oh and one more thing for Lt. Col Potter….not sure if he know’s he’s check in here, or knows his video is posted….but….I took a look at the INFOWARS page on this subject….and it occurred to me, that I recently read, Eric Prince was back in town….you may remember him…he and his contractors were, Blackwater, then they became Zee, now they’re called Acadami…..all the while he said he wasn’t part of it….but he’s really never left….bla bla bla….and when the shit hit the fan about Blackwater a few years ago, he left the country for awhile…..first to Dubai….then I read he set up his training center in Africa….training contractors from around the world as well as retired us military…….
    Well….I recently read not only is he back….he’s in talks with HSD…he’s sick of the middle east and wants to come home….he left in a bit of disgrace with the whole Blackwater thing……but now he want to be back here…..if you go INFOWARS that Jean posted and take a look at the “contractors” in the pictures posted….I would bet my bottom dollars, those are Eric’s boys….they’ve identified the logo on their coats and shirts as a Seal logo….what’s interesting about that is……Eric Prince was a Seal in his military service and therefore attracts many of them into his ranks……..Ahh….the blot thickens……..

  8. I REALLY don’t know what to make of this guy. Obviously, he has no idea as to what the real deal is in reference to our space family, ascension, etc… He evidently likes to say things that awake and aware people already know about (at least I hope they do). First of all, this guy talks like it’s a new thing that whistle-blowers put their lives on the line (anyone ask how David Wilcock is feeling, lately?). He also talked about how elements of the Government want to control the general populous. Gee, how long have awake and aware people known about that? He also said things like we (the people of this country) are all in terrible danger, and if we don’t wake up, we’re not worth anyone’s time or trouble and we need to be fire-bombed. Pardon me, but doesn’t that sound just the slightest bit like fear-mongering? Now, this guy may be saying these things because he knows that he’s speaking to a general audience that may or may not be awake. However, might I bring up the fact that when Drake first made himself known (interviewed by David Wilcock), A LOT of people thought he was credible. Now, that enough time has gone by, I believe it is safe to say that Drake’s credibility is not what it used to be. This guy is gutsy enough to come out with the fear-porn right away. Drake just waited a while. We don’t even know if this guy is aligned with the Cabal or not. This guy sounds to me like he’s mixing truth with fiction, which is a typical Cabal tactic.

  9. Zee says:

    This is ALL about using plain old LOGIC and COMMON SENSE, that’s what this guy is really saying. If we ALL just used our GOD-GIVEN SENSE OF LOGIC, then we would ALWAYS see right through these sorts of things! It’s not like we haven’t been subjected to these black-ops OVER AND OVER AGAIN….there is a SET PATTERN that they use! And thank GOD for BRAVE MEN and WOMEN like this man….I am newly heartened to KNOW that not all people are asleep, or falling back asleep. WE HAVE NO LUXURY TO SLEEP anymore! I hope this gets spread to the farthest corners of the EARTH, so that ALL can use this as an example of what has been going on ALL OVER THE WORLD….how we have been used, misused and ABUSED by these bastards, these “demons”, as he says….and WE WILL NOT BE TAKING THIS LYING DOWN. God BLESS this man, and ALL OF US.

  10. Lenore says:

    I feel so grateful for brave Americans like Lt. Col Potter who put themselves on the line to let us know what’s really going on….and who have the credentials to do so….it takes real guts to be Paul Revere…..

  11. Rhonda says:

    Sending prayers and light to those putting themselves in danger to bring the truth out. Blessings to you all! Thank you!

  12. Raine says:

    Very important messages…..God help our country…..

  13. calie says:

    Thanks Jean for posting this information…Never heard of Lt. Col. Potter Please but he really knows his stuff…Please continue to post his updates…We appreciate you! Nameste’

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  15. Ilex says:

    The people need to form posses and protect those that are disclosing. The Boston false flag is number 2000……………………..+. We can not allow this to continue, this is getting just as bad as sending out troops off to war. As he said, “make it go viral!”

  16. DrinkDeep says:

    update today

    • Jean says:

      I’m not sure of which video you are speaking, but they are blocking it, so you need to watch what I have posted – all of them, before they block it. . . Hugs, ~Jean

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