The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence – from Heart Math Institute

I’ve known about this organization for many years; it had a lot to do with my healing from the prenatal and sexual abuse I suffered (I was conceived in a very painful toxic womb, and my mother tried to abort me; my father and uncle abused me sexually). If you are truly interested in ascending, this is an institution that has all kinds of help. Please note the Related Articles listed below. Hugs, ~Jean

Published on Apr 22, 2013

The Spiritual Heart — is in a way a little like a smart phone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. It is through an unseen energy that the heart emits that humans are profoundly connected to all living things. The energy of the heart literally links us to each other. Every person’s heart contributes to a ‘collective field environment.’ This short video explains the importance of this connection and how we each add to this collective energy field. The energetic field of the heart even connects us with the earth itself.

The Institute of HeartMath ( is helping provide a more comprehensive picture of this connection between all living things through a special science-based project called the Global Coherence Initiative (http:/// They hope to help explain the mysteries of this connection between people and the earth…and even the sun.

Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) have already conducted extensive research on the power of heart, the heart/brain connection, heart intelligence and practical intuition.

Whether personal relationships, social connections, or even the global community – we are all connected through a field of electromagnetic energy. Increasing individual awareness of what we bring to this field environment could be the key to creating a sustainable future, a future that we can be proud to have helped create. Learn more about this research,…, scroll to bottom of the page.

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5 Responses to The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence – from Heart Math Institute

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Heartmath is often mentioned by the NVC folks. Win-Win outcomes are the new way of things, imho. No more will conflict and “dog eat dog” attitudes rule the day. When we act from the heart we heal ourselves, one another, our communities and the Earth. We are all learning step by step, new ways of relating to one another, to ourselves and to community and other living things. Don’t worry if it is all new to you-it is mostly new to everyone, but at the same time it is as old as life itself. Love is the root of all things, so acting from the heart comes naturally once we remove the overlays of (colonized) cultural programming.

  2. This is excellent! I truly appreciate the work the Institute of Heart Math does, and thank you for putting it here on your blog!

  3. thanks for the pingback, Jean!

  4. susan says:

    Hi Jean
    For those of you who love HeartMath and are psychotherapists/healers, etc., they have a wonderful training that you can take in the comfort of your home. I was trained in HeartMath last year and use this method all the time with my clients. They have a couple of biofeedback tools (one handheld, the other on computer) that shows when you are in coherence. Wonderful tools to use in meditation, too! Many of my clients have been really helped with HeartMath. I am a HUGE advocate of their work! Thanks for posting this! ❤

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