Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland, and Abroad: An Eyewitness Comes Forward and Names her Torturers – An Exclusive Breaking News Report from ITCCS Central Office and its Dutch Affiliates

Posted on May 08, 2013 by itccs
Thanks to V.
Zwolle, Holland:

A survivor of a high-level ring involving child sacrifice, torture and trafficking went public today in an exclusive disclosure and interview with Freedom Central’s Mel Ve and ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett.

Toos Nijenhuis, a fifty four year old physiotherapist and mother of five from Holland, was tortured, raped and used experimentally from the age of four years old by wealthy and powerful men around the world, including top officials of churches and governments.

And, Nijenhuis claims, these crimes are continuing today, including the ritual sacrifice of children in rural Holland.

Toos Nijenhuis points out child sacrifice site, near Zwolle, Holland

On May 7, Ms. Nijenhuis accompanied Kevin Annett, Mel Ve and other investigators to a forested site near to Zwolle where such child murders took place as recently as November, 2010, according to Ms. Nijenhuis.

Among the perpetrators who are named in these crimes and who allegedly assaulted Toos Nijenhuis are Prince Bernhard of Holland, who was the grandfather of the newly-crowned Dutch King Alexander, and a founder of the Bilderberger Group; Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, and members of the British Royal Family.

These assaults occurred in Holland, Scotland, and a military experimental base in Melbourne, Australia, where Toos was subjected to what appears to be pain threshold and behaviour modification experiments. She also witnessed the torture and murder of other children.

In response to Toos Nijenhuis’ horrific revelations, a Dutch-based group was formed on May 7 in Zwolle to investigate and prosecute child traffickers and ritual child sacrifice.

In conjunction with Ms. Nijenhuis, Freedom Central, the ITCCS and others, this new group will launch a Common Law Court case into these crimes during the coming year. Key alleged perpetrators will be publicly named and issued a Summons to appear before the Court.

Stay tuned for more information on this campaign.

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69 Responses to Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland, and Abroad: An Eyewitness Comes Forward and Names her Torturers – An Exclusive Breaking News Report from ITCCS Central Office and its Dutch Affiliates

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  4. It may be relevant to add information to your excellent blog about a Satanic cult which is abducting and killing children around the world called the Order of Nine Angles. I have written more on them here:

  5. Ian T. MacLeod says:


    Let me add something to that last post if I may. I’m NOT just talking through my hat, here. While I most certainly do NOT claim to be familiar with her kind and quality of suffering, I DO have some familiarity with it. I’ve been a Chronic Pain Patient for 30 years. In fact, I just had my 7th low back operation on Friday, September 13th. Now I’m looking at a C-spine operation, and hopefully the VA will get to it in less than a year and a half. The longer they wait, the worse it gets and the more likely the neuropathy and numbness is permanent. Among other things, I was a lifelong martial artist and a rock climber; also an amateur mycologist with my (late) wife. We were volunteers for the Poison Control Center at Central Oregon Hospitals in cases of mushroom poisoning. I love mushrooming, i.e. roaming the woods with a perfectly legitimate excuse, and sometimes even getting a great meal out of it! I also sing, play almost anything with strings or keys plus some other instruments, and I write music. I hope to get enough of my chops back to perform somewhat again. And I hope the neck operation happens in time to stop my fingers from being permanently numbed to where I CAN’T play. At any rate, I’ve been in pain for 30 years. Sometimes they’d give me meds for it, sometimes not. The off-on-off-on bit, however, made it infinitely worse. There have been long periods in which I could only lie on the couch, or the floor, or sometimes in a culvert or wherever if I was homeless, and hurt. Little or no sleep, so my cognition wasn’t good, or my emotions. Sometimes a doctor who knew what he was doing would actually prescribe enough of the correct med (the W.H.O. says, “The correct dose is the one that works”). After a time with that, I got up off the couch. or crawled out of the culvert, and gained back most of the weight I’d lost. That time.

    I was left alone in caring for my dying wife of 13 years a few years ago. That was when ole’ Brainless Bush defunded everything. I had to lift the woman I loved off her bed, onto the potty chair and back after cleaning her up. All required bending, sometimes with twisting, and LIFTING – that is, P A I N !!! I did all the cooking, cleaning, etc. And that was when a doctor at the VA, after misreading a prescription, decided that I was abusing a mild muscle relaxer, so he labeled me a Drug Abuser and took it away. Then I got two packages of bandages instead of one each of bandages and Fentanyl. The doctor refused to replace a script he’s already written and said “Go to the ER if you have withdrawals.” ER would do nothing at all for me, I knew. The head Pharmacist said, “That can’t happen! You’re scamming for more drugs, and I’m not going to do it without another prescription!” So I went without – without pain relief, without food (wouldn’t stay down, and Fentanyl withdrawals are HORRIBLE! It’s called “catastrophic withdrawals” and I’ll not even try to tell anyone about that part). Meanwhile, my wife was dying. I thought I might be too. My usual weight is 210 lbs at 6’2″ tall. I went down to 143 lbs.

    She finally died in my arms, having remained in this house she’d grown up in, as she’d wanted to do. Then I sat down in front of the computer and tried to decide what to do with my life – or my death if that was how it worked out. In time I met the sweet and lovely (and also abused) lady I married out in a magical place I know in the woods – she just showed up at my back door looking for some mutual friends she’d seen staying here. Now – well, we’re having problems, but we love each other, and we’ll work them out. I realized at some point that I was sitting there waiting to die. Because of her and her kids I decided not to.

    I also forgot to mention that my LATE wife and I had decided on a mutual suicide. We were BOTH suffering so much, I couldn’t clean the house and it stank and was falling apart because I could barely move, and I looked like an Auschwitz escape; she looked no better. A local doctor decided he could help out a LITTLE BIT and gave me about 1/6 of the dose of morphine required to allow me enough pain control to function at least SOMEWHAT. We had decided to die together in the beautiful place I mentioned above where my new wife and I were wed, her children all around us (6 kids, in fact, all amazingly intelligent and talented). So obviously, we didn’t kill ourselves; we would have, though, a week from when that doctor offered the right help, even if inadequate. It was just barely enough. Since then I’ve found a real specialist, and had the operation I was desperately needing as it got worse and worse faster and faster. *sigh* And that kind of medical abuse has been my life for 30 years, together with EXTREME poverty and occasional homelessness. I’ve met cops and street people who really enjoy being able to bully a big guy; I know the mentality well. I remember it from grade school and from high school, and from the military… And my step father had a temper and believed FIRMLY in physical punishment – with a belt, or a willow switch, or whatever.

    So I DO know something about suffering. Making the asshat who makes YOU suffer is NOT a good thing, and it rarely teaches them anything; that’s generally how they GOT that way I suspect. Defend yourself and others as you must and can, and let it go at that. With the warped “elites” we’re talking about, I just want them off my planet! I have no need to see them suffer; I get no pleasure from it at ALL. Why? Because whoever it is, whatever they did, IT’S STILL SUFFERING! It CAN’T do any good! SO how about we just boot their sorry asses OFF this plane, or imprison them until they dry up and blow away, and that’s that. Torture is an EVIL thing; I’ve BEEN tortured, and I’d not wish it on anyone, not even them. Honest – it DOES. NO. GOOD. Don’t try to love them; that does no good either. It would be like trying to love a rattlesnake. A friend of mine did that once. He’d pet them, hold them as I did an 8 foot boa, but those were rattlesnakes. Reptiles do not have a cerebral cortex, and so don’t have the physical machinery with which to feel love, affection, appreciation – NONE of that. Sure enough, one of his beloved snakes casually turned and bit him on the finger. His arm was swelled up to five times its natural diameter and they had to slice open his skin so it didn’t rip.

    Don’t offer love to what has no use for it, can’t either feel or appreciate it. That’s a waste. Protect yourself and those you love (everyone on the planet if you can!), and you’re doing what you should.

    Enough. I hope this help a little? Ah – my closing above was Ani Yunwya (Cherokee) for “Peace to you!” So:



    • Jean says:

      Ian, every single person who comes to my blog needs to read your comment! You express in such a graphic way exactly what the cabal is about. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us all here. We all need to understand this really happens to good people . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

  6. misty53 says:

    Reblogged this on NO MORE SHAME and commented:
    I hope and pray that even more victims will come forward, of which I am sure there are many

  7. chicklet says:

    Jean, I saw this last night and did not want to watch it before going to bed. My prayers are with this very strong courageous women. I am thankful she found her voice. It is the guilt of remaining silent that does more harm to us than the acts done to us. She is now free!! She is protected!! her voice has saved many… AMEN

  8. byron says:

    Five years ago I started searching the net for where the children were disappearing to and it took me to a thousand place, most of which were very evil, Jay Parker confirmed everything I ever read and more. When I got to the Alien connection I was sickened to no end. After a couple months I never went back until today. Lenore is very much on track with the truth. No one listened to me when I told them where the children were going so I walked away from it. I have 4 grandchildren that I wanted to be safe and that is why I went there in the first place. I almost lost contact with my children because I told them the truth.

    • Jean says:

      It’s soon going to be okay, Byron, and thanks for being a truth seeker. Is there any other way? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Lenore says:

      Byron…..this is the deepest darkest most unfathomable reality one can imagine….worse than any horror story we’ve heard in modern history…and if I hadn’t heard it directly from a real victim(and you can never forget it when you do), I might not have taken it in completely…but I did…..then I heard much more…
      Jay talked about retired FBI station chief Ted Gunderson, who before he died got on a campaign against this as a private citizen….if you have the stomach, search youtube for his videos, and listen to women he gathered to provide testimony on what happen to their children who were taken for these demonic rituals…let me just say, at times what I heard was worse than what either Jay or Toos said here.
      I listened to every one of them…because in my heart I’m a mother of this world, a mother connect to the great mother and also mother earth…these are my children too….that’s how I feel…..
      I as well became completely versed in the reptilian alien connection to all this and why……I also heard two audio testimonies, gone now, taken off…still I heard them….one was a very demonic Rabbi(so he identified himself, giving exact details) who was involved with the Molech, God of EL(Saturn) dark covens connect to the elite….
      He had a slaughter house in NY, Long Island……talked about how these children were brought to his slaughter house and after the rituals and deaths were performed by the covens, the children were ground into the meat….and sent out to the fast food burger chains…..It gave him great pleasure to know he was feeding, as he put it, “the goyim back they own children, to eat”…he felt that his race and group were superior and that the goyim were a lower sub race and had no use for them except for this….I heard it….he was not joking, it was a real testimony….
      Another audio I hear was similar to Jay’s but a women who was raised in an illuminati family…..she spoke of the same monarch torture training during her youngest childhood, and when she was a little older, early teens, she was flown to the Vatican and taken below, down under the buildings, which she said were the catacombs…she was escorted into a large room and told to stand in a certain place…she became aware that others were there standing along side her in a circle….all kinds of people, young and old…..there was a large obsidian slab in the center…and the rest that followings you’ve heard here….very young drugged boy….didn’t even know where he was…..and then what they did to him….after it was all over….everyone was approached and told…if they say a word about what they have seen here….the exact same thing will happen to them….
      Jean said everything I would have to Wade about getting angry….Anger is something we must use productively…..I know it’s not easy….but it’s a natural propulsion tool…given to use to keep moving in our lives….it’s only bad when one stews in anger and doesn’t move forward…
      For me…speaking here is moving forward….if I can write something that effects or opens a dialogue about this subject…then I’ve used my anger….
      The brave strong warrior souls that can bring an end these activities, have to be in close proximity of them…those that have suffered telling their stories and those that lead for justice close to them….
      We can hold our prayerful intentions for this to occur…..not forgetting…..
      My commanding heart prayer was loud and clear to the heavens last night…..I go out into my back yard late at night and talk to the heavens, the Mother Earth, and the positive ET’s watching… intentions were very strong last night…..
      And as I said below in one of my posts…..
      Thanks for letting me share here…… and to Jean most of all, for creating this forum…..

      • Jean says:

        Again, I hear you and I do like your words about anger. Isn’t it time the American population got angry enough to eject this bunch of criminals from our country? It is anger that will give us the impetus, but you can believe that with the drugs, all the chemicals in our food, the television, etc., etc., etc., they’ve carefully dumbed us down. One day, though, and I hope it is soon, our anger will erupt, as it should . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  9. This is so very interesting, I’m extremely interested in knowing more about the experimental military base in Melbourne, Australia that is mentioned. Could it be Swan Island? Please if anyone knows more about this let me know.

    I’ve written about this exact thing and my experiences of it here in Australia on this post: Origin of the idea subsequently named Wikileaks:,15411.0.html

    The connection to Melbourne must be the same group as I have written about and it was also interesting to hear a Cardinal from Utrecht was involved, as I was befriended by someone who originally came from Utrecht in 2003, whilst employed at SASR (Australian SAS, who occupy Swan Island military bases along with ASIS near Melbourne). This Dutch person had knowledge of the practices involved in creating “slaves” through these exact methods and I’m certain also knew that I was a victim of it.

  10. Doreen Agostino says:

    I will ask Kevin Annett if he is a transcript of the interview and get back to you.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Doreen. You might suggest that he post it, as well. Her English is often difficult to comprehend, obviously because of the terrible stress she is under. For those many people for whom English is a second language, a transcript would be very helpful. Hugs, ~Jean

  11. I am from the UK and to think we have just had the opening of parliament and the queen’s speech. It makes me ashamed and unproud to be british any longer. I can forgive with love for the sake of myself the suffering in this world and for the love of mother earth. May the truth come out real soon.

    • Nobody Special says:

      Don’t be ashamed to be British. Be proud that the Universe saw fit to put you into position to fight to destroy the evil ‘elites’ in your country. This vile abuse of innocents, of us all, in one way or another (debt, disease, war, poison food/air/water/soil/medicine, surveillance), is not confined to the British Isles and Europe. The U.S., certainly, is right in the thick of it – Bohemian Grove, pedophiliac clergy, endless war, drones,… spreading death, destruction, and misery world-wide.

  12. Pam says:

    David Icke interviewed a woman named Arizona Wilder who has a story similar to this woman’s. The video (on YouTube) was hard to watch but it was very, very informative. People need to know that this is happening – that indeed it has been happening for a long time now. I am so happy that the truth is finally starting to show itself.

    • Lenore says:

      Forgive me, I know I’ve had a lot to say here on this subject…but I was just made aware of this new interview on the exacting details of what we’ve been discussing here…Please have a look…..

  13. Stan Sierz says:

    Please read about Cathy O’Brien on Youtube (Transformation of America) seven parts….It is about MK Ultra mind control…Please everyone awaken your consciousness to the world in which we live. To all those who have suffered and to those who are suffering let truth and justice prevail.

  14. Andrea Ford says:

    I know I want everyone in the world to understand who these secret society leaders are and what they are about. I am so frustrated how most people turn a deaf ear to this. i also know that many of the ones involved in these rituals as perpetrators were turned into these kinds of monsters by their parents and superiors, so who do you blame. I’m just as mad at the people who refuse to see the truth that this is happening and put a stop to it

  15. I can’t wait to have are Planet back from the sick Humans we have here. Where did the sick ones come from. I am not rich but if I have $5.00 I give $3.00 to a homeless so I can not understand the sick ones.

    • bkk says:

      dear huggie, those aren’t Humans, by definition, Human Beings do not do those things, only monsters do… the sick ones come from below…. and after they waste all their ‘merit’ doing evil deeds in this lifetime, they will return to the suffering realms….

  16. Lenore says:

    Why have you not posted my comment as well?…I spent a lot of time writing it from the heart…

    • Jean says:

      I have posted it Lenore . . . and I forwarded it to Neil Keenan, as well, for his info . . . Beautifully said from the heart!! Hugs, ~Jean

  17. Ian T. MacLeod says:

    This kind of thing, it has been made clear over the years, is a common and integral part of the lives of the Luciferian “elites”, who are clearly psychotic sociopaths who see us as something less than most of us see animals as being. They prove what they are to each other by cruelly murdering those who are most precious to us: children. Then they do the next abhorrent thing, and consume their blood and/or cooked bodies like the sacrifices in other religions. It’s my personal belief as well that over the centuries these people have altered the books of other religions to make those religions easier to corrupt into becoming their tools, subjugating people and driving the wars that the “elites” so profit from. They are a disease that has invaded humanity, and their tools are the symptoms, deadly all too often.


    • Lenore says:

      I’d like to post here a response I wrote to a young man who asked me after watching this video why it went on…were they into the dark arts?….this is what I told this young man…and also in response to your comment above…..

      “Exactly……they are extracting energy…….The conclusion I have come to is this…….

      Those humans participating are serving either as a HOST body or they’re in transition which eventually leads to a complete take over of their body and termination of the soul that was previously present……..

      They are lock in first and foremost to evil astrally entities(who ever where ever), that are using them or in some cases what you see isn’t human at all standing in front of you, even though they look human…..
      They are also lock into a finite reality….they can never ascend, that’s the deal…..can’t phone home, cause they gave the big F**K YOU to the CREATOR/CREATION…… they can’t tap into the unlimited love field….think of them as energetic VAMPIRES….
      Kinda make you think why all those vampire movies did so well…..

      I always wanted to write about this……. I have a title for it……..I call the concept “THE GLASS CEILING”…….the have cut themselves off from source, yet they exist in the multiplex universe…..they do not serve the whole…..they are in essence, renegade creatures that have banded together…..not unlike the biblical stories of the Fallen……..

      Because of that, the need to secure “JUICE”……..
      And from what I have gathered……small children are the purest….cleanest find…….the energy that comes off them is untainted………and most importantly the terror levels they experience provide levels of energy that would be like mainlining Crack or Cocaine to these demonic underlings………

      This is why they go after children…………that’s just how EVIL IT IS…………..

      That’s why they need to be found….no questions asked… formal procedures
      “MONO E MONO”…….they need to be trapped like vicious animals, rounded up, and dropped into maximum security facilities ALL AROUND THE WORLD as I’ve said……..

      Once the inmates hear what they have done to children…. 🙂

      • Jean says:

        I’m not going to comment on this, Lenore. What else cay I say? Love and hugs, ~Jean

      • Nobody Special says:

        We can conjecture about the “why” this evil happens/what is controlling it from now until our rapidly approaching Doomsday (if we don’t stop ‘them’.) The truth of “why” will make itself known, or it won’t – that does not change the fact that we have to rid the planet of this infestation, whatever the “why”! Wondering and conjecture just waste time and energy that can be put to better use against the enemies of humanity. [I think you meant to say, “MANO A MANO”… hand-to-hand? If so, it may come to that. ‘They’ DO control the courts/’justice’ system.]

      • bkk says:

        Please allow me to comment respectfully I agree except one clarification we all need to know according to very ancient and virtuous spiritual traditions, Human Beings are born of good deeds, not killing, not stealing, not sex abuse, not false speech, intoxicated, these are the true virtues of Humanity which leads us to happiness in this lifetime and Heaven and Nirvana in the future. As for those evil persons who inhabit the human body form but insist of doing evil karma deeds, these are not truly Human and they will lose any human qualities they do have as they continue to destroy themselves and others. We Human Beings are wise to discern this and to preserve and uplift our Humanity. With truthful clarity the collective wisdom and virtue can expose these evil doers for what they truly are…. and we can prevent them from returning… we need to rejoice in our goodness and protect and teach out children also!

      • Franz Glaus says:

        Nicely said and described. That is my own experience of the fallen ones as well.

  18. Richard says:

    Jean,This new group is really struggling somewhat, to bringing anyone to court,thus far!. One thing for sure, a lot of them are being exposed!. And only they themself(s) will answer for what they’d done!.

  19. Lauraidh says:

    Can someone please make a transcription of this interview? Some parts are quite difficult to understand. Thanks a million!

  20. js says:

    Transparency is on the rise everywhere-

  21. pete says:

    Why cant this wonderful flower of a lady who has been through so much in her life, particularly her young life, be vindicated by petitioning the MSM and PTB to finally bring this story to the world stage! I know humanity takes small steps to show any progress with these sacrifices however, isn’t enough is enough already! Let’s bring down the dark once and for all time to show the true cloak of deceit among one of our most reverent organizations: The Roman Catholic Scurge! Until this story and many like it make it into the homes of all citizens of planet earth through the use of the truth in media, i’m afraid we are and will continued to be CONTROLLED!

    • Jean says:

      It will get there, Pete, and I think sooner than people realize. I’m praying I’m right about this. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Peter Burnejko says:

        Thank You Jean……I understand the part of reincarnation that expresses how we have all been both the victims as well as the perpurtators in the SOUP so to speak hence duality is balanced but with the coming of the end of this age I truly wonder if the evil bestowed on humanity is for the overall growth through the paths we choose or if in fact we are infultrated with satanists who portend to speak the truth while their agenda is being achieved! I think the latter with this thought on the dark side of humanity! Light and Love Always and in All Ways Pete.

        • Jean says:

          Pete, we’ve been in a school – that got way out of hand, I think, and we are the ones bringing it to an end. Not the ETs. who I believe are keeping nuclear war from happening – not really because of us, but because of the energetic damage the destruction of this planet would cause to our universe and beyond. We have been resolving our own karma, Pete! We were invited to be here because we are the strongest of the strong – and we’re getting the job done. Graduation is just about here. Personally, I can’t wait! Hugs, ~Jena

          • Peter Burnejko says:

            Hugs with Joy back at you Jean! Pete

          • Jean says:

            🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Nobody Special says:

            Jean, I agree that the destruction of planet earth would cause “energetic” damage to the entire solar system; but, personally, I don’t think that’s why the E.T.s deter nukes. I believe they want our natural resources for themselves. They don’t want our biological and mineral material blown into useless smithereens. Are you familiar with the “Allies of Humanity” material?

          • Jean says:

            No, I am not familiar with that material, but I also do not believe they need our natural resources. They have the entire Universe to work with – and maybe other Universes, as well. Hugs, ~Jean

  22. nan says:

    Brave, beautiful woman, words fail me. how anyone survives that is a miracle. my heart goes out to you ms Nijenhuis you are so brave i hope you get some justice for your terrible suffering. Love to all

  23. Lenore says:

    ONE OF THE BRAVEST WOMEN I’VE EVER SEEN…..I have first hand knowledge of this….I had a client, who went thru almost the identical situation…born into it….parents leaders in the community, HERE IN AMERICA, yes it goes on here too….all the parents friends in government, police, church, all of them raping and torturing her, passed her around, complicit in all of it…..and for her it was the same, they started with her as an infant and continued….she was aware they were confirmed Luciferians when she got a little older because she was forced to attend the formal rituals….saw the children drugged, raped and executed ritualistically…she told me this in secrecy. She was on the run, moved and no one knew where she was…I have no idea where she is now…..hopefully surviving somewhere…..




    • Jean says:

      I, too, knew a similar woman, a friend, and it was impossible to believe how she has survived with such diginity. . . years and years of healing work. . . and I don’t think it will ever be finished. Awful, awful, awful!!! Hugs and thanks, ~Jean

      • Lenore says: posted it!… never mind….I think my computer is acting weird….thanks for responding….this subject is intensely heavy in my heart….

        • Jean says:

          Mine, too, I was a victim of sexual abuse as a three-year-old, but it was nothing compared to what this woman suffered. i also mention that i had a friend who was born into this sick, sick, sick kind of a situation. An incredible human being who has survived so well. I don’t know how she has done it, but I know it has taken years and years of deep inner work. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Wade says:

      Don’t you realize you are wanting to do the same thing that these evil people have done. Your violent reaction only feeds the negative entities. I know they have done horrible things but their evil masters are laughing as you yourself are falling into their clutches by your anger and fear.

      • Jean says:

        Yes, Wade, people are angry now, but are they afraid anymore? Are they going to be able to feed off our fear, or are we finally experiencing righteous anger, like Jesus felt when he threw the moneychangers out of the Temple? There is a good kind of anger, Wade, that gives us the energy to move forward and do what we have to do to make things right. I’m thinking that is what people here are feeling. . . and if they are not, maybe they will consider my words. Hugs, ~Jean

        • Wade says:

          Yes Jean but irrational anger only feeds negativity. This has to be exposed and dealt with in a rational manner otherwise using all caps and blind fury only makes them stronger. The dark is much more organized than the light. For some reason light workers seem to argue with other light workers. We should learn to spot and ignore the trolls who divide and conquer. Every time a story like this surfaces it usually gets swept under the rug. Lets make sure this does not and these evil people are exposed and punished!! Thanks Jean for reporting this.

          • Jean says:

            Wade, in many ways I agree with you, but from my own healing process, I understand this anger cannot be kept in our bodies. If we store such anger, it blocks the flow of our energy, and we will become ill. We are human, Wade, and anger is one of the feelings we must deal with. Instead of repressing it, or going around it, we need to go through it – safely, of course. I usually ask mother earth to transmute my anger into something of value. This is a spiritual practice that I find to be of great value.

            Do you find this suggestion helpful – and realistic?


          • Wade says:

            Perhaps I should put it this way: We should express anger but not become it. You are right anger should not be bottled up inside, it will damage the emotional body. But if we allow ourselves to be consumed by anger we become tools of the dark

          • Jean says:

            I’m agreed on this! Hugs, ~Jean

          • Nobody Special says:

            Anger and fear are two sides of one ‘coin’, each capable of inciting the other. Anger is the positive aspect. Our ability to feel anger gives us (humans) the impetus to rise in defense of ourselves and others. Fear of anger-fueled reprisal from us is what has kept these filthy beasts operating in secret for ages. I join Lenore in her righteous anger. My hope is that we can use this good anger energy to make the needed changes, to wipe these parasites from our planet.

        • Ian T. MacLeod says:


          I believe what Wade (I think) was talking about was Lenore’s desire to burn these creatures at the stake and send them into death suffering as horrendously as they made the innocents suffer. I understand the desire – I’ve felt it myself against other destroyers, but I believe it’s counter-productive.I think the best thing that could be done is to simply remove them from existence, quickly, without fear, or pain, without suffering. I see no reason to make them suffer; if they are destroyed, or just removed from the planet or this existence (we CAN block them out I hope?), that is sufficient, is it not? Find them, identify, and remove them, period. After all, what would they learn? Nothing. And I’m simply incapable of enjoying the suffering of others – ANY others. If I thought it might teach them something, then it might be useful, but you KNOW they’d learn nothing even if they were to survive the treatment! So let’s just remove them and get on with cleaning up the rest of this mess!



    • Ian MacLeod says:

      Lenore – “THIS WOULD BE JUSTICE”

      I truly DO understand how you feel – I worked ambulance off and on for a decade, with a year in a bad part of a very large city. I’ve seen some REAL horrors! Over the decades since, though, I’ve come to the conclusion that suffering – even THEIR suffering – if it teaches nothing good is NOT Good. Personally I’d rather see a fast execution, or see them physically SEALED into a prison that can never again be opened, and that should be TOTALLY sealed when they’re dead – of natural causes. This is for the healing of our OWN souls, however – not theirs. They are, as far as I can determine, beyond healing. You’d have better luck trying to heal a spirochete!

      I’ve been a martial artist almost since I could first think, and there was a time that I felt as you do. There is SO much suffering just on this one little speck of interstellar dust we live on, I would not be surprised to learn that there is a HUGE ET contingent here, near here, and/or watching what’s happening here BECAUSE of all that suffering, which is, I suspect, ALL out of proportion to the size of this world and its populace. I wouldn’t want to add so much as a stubbed toe to it if I could avoid it! I will also VERY MUCH agree that creatures (I REFUSE to call them “human”!) MUST be removed from this place, but any and all power they have over any living thing must be removed first and foremost, and as soon as possible!

      And just so you know, I’m NOT “just a destroyer”, which I’ve been called due to the martial arts. They are NOT just about destruction, for one thing. I am also a professional singer, multi-instrumental musician and songwriter as well as other kinds of artist, I help with “trap,neuter, immunize and release” with feral cats (a few of whom have adopted me – two are curled up on my bed waiting for me to finish typing and come snuggle), and just trap and release – elsewhere! – with skunks, none of whom have zapped me – yet, anyway. I like to cook, do massage when I’m able; I’m a chronic pain patient of 30 years duration with “massive nerve damage and arthritis,” and my 7th low back operation this last September, Friday 13th *grin* and maybe another operation coming (something wrong back there again, blast it!), I love gardening, I was a vegetarian for 12 years and am tending that way again, and so on. I’m also a disabled vet (Clarification: I DID join in wartime, like all my family, Mom included, but the only war zone they sent me to was East Oakland *s*); I’m former Hospital Corps. Being what and where we are, sometimes we must cause harm, or even kill – though only in uttermost need, and always as mercifully as possible. We are true children of the Creator, and we are responsible in ALL ways for what we create. Sometimes destruction is a necessary precursor or adjunct to creation, but NEVER more than necessary! It makes us less than we are, and lessens the Universe around us by that much.

      Jean – thank you for your gentle wisdom! Take care, all, and please pardon the length of this post; can’t seem to write short comments these days…

      • Jean says:

        What you say is important, Ian. I value your words, and I think it’s important that others hear them, as well. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Lenore says:

        Well Ian….seeing you’re a marshal artist…(I dabbled for awhile myself) you might want to watch a little movie call “The One” starring Jet Li….if you haven’t already seen it…
        Not that it’s a great movie…but….it’s the perfect solution to what we’re discussing here….
        Nice hearing your story….all the very best… L

  24. Nobody Special says:

    Over the past few years, I have read testimonies and watched videos of eyewitness accounts of ritual abuse, rape, torture, and human sacrifice that occur all over our world. The venues are those that the uninformed/naive would be thrilled and honored at being invited to – the Vatican, Bohemian Grove, numerous British ‘royal’ palaces… I thought I was inured to these horrors, that I could read/listen to them without ‘losing it’. I was wrong. This lady’s obviously truthful recounting of her experiences left me sobbing and retching, desperate to think of a way to stop the evil that rules our world. In all that their revelations have rocked our world, I am enduringly grateful to ITCCS for its courageous work, and for giving a platform from which the victims can expose the true evil nature of those who govern us. Now, what can we do about it? How do we get about the business of disposing with the trash who are the perpetrators/their complacent, compliant minions? A Judge Roy Bean for every community…?

    • Jean says:

      I knew a woman personally who was a victime of this. She has struggled for years with it, trying to heal. I am so glad we are closing in on them! I can’t wait until we’ve got them so they have no place to run, no place to hide. Hugs, ~Jean

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