5/20/2013 — Oklahoma City, Massive tornado damage — RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” / Scalar Square confirmation – by sincedutch!!!

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Late PM May 18, 2013 going into early AM May 19, 2013 — A series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” / Scalar Squares appeared over Oklahoma City.. South across the state.. and East to Tulsa.

Move forward 36 hours, and we see a MASSIVE devastating tornadoes form and hit the pulsed areas.


Here is the Scalar Square from late PM on May 18th going into the 19th… see the Oklahoma portion at about the 6minute mark:


Here is a screenshot of the before and after for the area in question:

Oklahoma city may 20 2013 tornadoes


With heart felt sorrow , I offer condolences to all those effected by this tragic turn of events.

Here are several posts explaining the basics behind the theory of radio frequency modification of the weather, more specifically an explanation on how I believe RADAR is playing a role :








Past RADAR pulse / HAARP ring / Scalar Square confirmations :


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7 Responses to 5/20/2013 — Oklahoma City, Massive tornado damage — RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” / Scalar Square confirmation – by sincedutch!!!

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  2. pupma says:

    It is so sad to me that we are onto the games and the devastation being purposely planned and carried out against US citizens. I thought yesterday, that immediately today when I checked, sure enough our government is continuing to take down this country. I believe this will not stop or slow down. The dark are truly going to make things wicked until we all wake up as we have been told. I wonder if MSM will ever catch up with current events and the purposeful destruction of the USA and the world. What will it take for them to finally wake up and do their jobs of investigative reporting? We need to nail these evil people to the wall, put them in a cage and send them off planet as soon as possible. The pain, torture and terror they are inflecting is unconscionable. To do this to schools full of children is most dark and the desperately unrelenting in the pursuit of ultimate devastation must be stopped. Cowards the lot of them! Praying for them, to have a change of heart and join us on our march toward a brand new world filled with love and compassion is the only way I can help move us forward. I pray daily, join me!

  3. Lenore says:

    Even here in Hawaii we’re in that 48 hour loop of stagnation, and chem seeding, then into cloud build up, then massive rain storm(yesterday)strange temperature drop (last night)…..then today weird sic-fi looking defused cloud aftermath with haarp signatures in the high clouds……….

    It occurred to me….that this is all about the build up to the 25th of May, which is a big energetic portal……be sure to hold your positive prayer intentions on Sat. the 25th Full Moon…..
    If you’d like look, on the Portal 2012 site for a formal meditation being done around the world………
    The dark side will attempt to derail this incoming energy shift on the full moon…so it’s up to us to hold strong……

  4. And don’t you find it rather ODD that the weatherman put that entire area in a basic SQUARE? I think they’re trying to tell people something, don’t you? Blessings, Jean.

  5. Watch THIS ONE!! They’re sayings it’s because of electrical lines are being hit…I SAY…HAARP waves. What do you think?

  6. Ilex says:

    Scalar has been busier this year than the last three years that we have been watching. The central US has been under attack for 3-4 days now of both scalar and haarp and after you see it on the screen, events may take place 24-48 hours after. Would sure like to know who’s operating these WMD. My heart goes out to all involved with this devastation. Much love, Ilex

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