PressTV: ‘Obama surprise admissions in terror talk’ . . . more thoughts about Obama’s surprising speech the other day. . . ~J

US President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign event at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California, on May 23, 2012. US President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign event at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California, on May 23, 2012.

Sat May 25, 2013 4:56AM GMT

It’s a shame that no American president can speak openly without “wrapping” their words in hyperbole. Thus, Obama’s key speech, making startling admissions of American wrongdoing and mistakes, will be misunderstood and mischaracterized, either because it was incomprehensibly written or purposefully misconstrued.

One key failure of the Obama administration has been his failure to close the illegal detention facility at Guantanamo, Cuba.

However, his statement below and other key areas of his May 23, 2013 policy address may well indicate, not just a final fulfillment of that promise but a beginning to redress some of America’s behaviors that have led to so much suffering.

In order to hold someone to account, it is necessary to actually know what has been said. Toward that end, we will look at what President Obama has promised. We will also examine those critical areas that represent a real policy change and, either give credit where credit is due, or if these initiatives are not followed up on, have a rational basis for criticism.

President Obama addresses the issue of Guantanamo:
“So we bring law of war detention to an end, and we are committed to prosecuting terrorists whenever we can.

The glaring exception to this time-tested approach is the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. The original premise for opening GTMO – that detainees would not be able to challenge their detention – was found unconstitutional five years ago. In the meantime, GTMO has become a symbol around the world for an America that flouts the rule of law. Our allies won’t cooperate with us if they think a terrorist will end up at GTMO…

As President, I have tried to close GTMO. I transferred 67 detainees to other countries before Congress imposed restrictions to effectively prevent us from either transferring detainees to other countries or imprisoning them here in the United States.

These restrictions make no sense. After all, under President Bush, some 530 detainees were transferred from GTMO with Congress’s support… there is no justification beyond politics for Congress to prevent us from closing a facility that should never have been opened.

Today, I once again call on Congress to lift the restrictions on detainee transfers from GTMO.

Even after we take these steps, one issue will remain: how to deal with those GTMO detainees who we know have participated in dangerous plots or attacks, but who cannot be prosecuted – for example because the evidence against them has been compromised or is inadmissible in a court of law. But once we commit to a process of closing GTMO, I am confident that this legacy problem can be resolved, consistent with our commitment to the rule of law.”

As there have been no denials as to the accuracy of key aspects of the statement above, congress, long cited as “in thrall” to the AIPAC lobby, is exposed for its active and continuing role in constitutional abuses.

The media, though airing a speech few listened to, purposefully and systematically chose to censor and edit what was actually said.

Were they to have done their job in a manner consistent with free speech and journalistic ethics, the following points would have been paramount:

• President Obama admitted that the United States had backed groups in Syria that are terrorist led and that he believes, if that aid continues, would lead Syria to a period of sectarian slaughter. He didn’t vow to end aid to rebels but admitted that rebel military groups are both extremist and radicalized and represent a danger to the world.

• President Obama clearly stated that the United States and engaged in torture in direct violation of international law. No attempt was made to justify American acts nor was any attempt made to describe “waterboarding” as other than torture or attempt to mischaracterize America’s illegal acts as limited to waterboarding only. No promise was made, we note, to turn those who took part in such acts or authorized their use, over to the International Criminal Court at The Hague, as is required.

• President Obama clearly pointed out that America’s rendition program is illegal; that military tribunals are a violation of both US law and international convention and that the United States has been operating outside the law continually.

• Many who listened to Obama’s speech believed drone strikes were being defended. This is far from the case. What we did learn is that the American congress has been briefed and has been fully complicit in all drone strikes other than those inside Iraq and Afghanistan, which are done under direct military command. We did learn that President Obama sees drone strikes as an element of radicalization. What was there to be heard, were one to wade through misdirection and obfuscation, was an admission that drone polices have been illegal and that oversight is needed.

• President Obama admitted that the incursion into Pakistan to murder Osama bin Laden was a political disaster for the United States and an abuse of Pakistan’s sovereignty. Obama acknowledged, not just that Muslims are the primary victims of terrorism but that Pakistan has lost thousands of troops in support of the United States. These facts have been kept from the American public for years.

• President Obama clearly stated that no armed drones could legally be used over American territory. As of his making that statement, any requests by law enforcement to use armed drones is now a criminal act, constituting not just “conspiracy” but “terrorism” as well.

• A key admission, one stated twice during Obama’s speech, involved the issue of fighting an unending war, even a “drone only” war. Obama was clear, political changes in the US tied to a decade of war have led to constitutional abuses, illegal laws, police state tactics and that no democratic government can survive during war. Such a statement would never have been made unless it was meant to convey and admission that America’s constitution has not survived and that American rights are being violated on a daily basis.

• A major component on President Obama’s policy statement covered issues of surveillance and abuses of individual privacy. Of late, “legal opinions” have backed warrantless interception of almost all private communications. As there is no longer a widely used “wire backbone” for telephone service, with mobile, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and Skype-like services now the norm, “Federalists,” the right wing extremist group now controlling America’s legal system, see an opportunity to intercept everything, not just email and “chat.” It is the hope of many that Obama’s promises will help curtail those broad assaults on American’s lives that have intensified over the past few weeks.

• Perhaps the most important policy change is Obama’s admission that the broad congressional authorization of the use of military force both no longer needed and has, in itself, become a threat. What is clearly stated and missed by the media is that the constitutional basis for continuous warfare has to be ended. This is a powerful issue, one that would declare an end to the ability to send troops into any theatre of operations, one often abused and one that those cynical of America’s intentions now belief has been driven more by economic issues than those of security. The most critical admission made was that American presidents should not have wartime powers in perpetuity. Obama has promised to enact policies to rein in his own ability to fight discretionary and admittedly “unnecessary wars.”

• Toward that end, the President has asked that the AUMF (Authorized Use of Military Force) be ended, that expansion of that mandate be curtailed and that tighter controls be put in place for any future authorizations of that type. What is not being said, but may well be read into this, is that special interest groups that seek to push America into wars have become such a threat that the United States has to curtail its ability to go to war. There would be no reason for Obama to make such a move unless he feared that “sinister forces” are, and have, used the American military for their own gain.

There are key issues of perception. If what is said is unreported or lied about, is the press also lying about other more basis things? Are they lying about the simple issues of “who, what, when and where?”

In fact, is nothing the mainstream media reports to be believed, except sports scores and weather?

Can we even believe that?


Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. More Press TV articles by Gordon Duff

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12 Responses to PressTV: ‘Obama surprise admissions in terror talk’ . . . more thoughts about Obama’s surprising speech the other day. . . ~J

  1. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    This is the most heartening post about a President, or Presidential speech I have seen since Jimmy Carter was in office! With much thanks to Jean for finding and posting this. To everyone who like me had great faith in Obama and not too long ago started to feel very confused and unsure, this is a real shot of Hope that the Change we worked so hard to bring about by electing and re-electing this President is still Possible and maybe even currently in process behind the scenes. That he could even SAY the things Duff discusses here is a very strong sign that the people who assassinated a President a generation ago to gain incredible power over our country have lost at least some of that blood bought control. I want to add also much thanks to Creator for hearing our prayers and answering even if the process is slower and more confusing than we might have wished for-it does appear to BE a process, not a static state of fascism any more. When the Supreme Court made a bloodless coup of my government by appointing a President who had not won the election, even this slow process of change did not seem probable to me, so this is a great blessing for which I am very grateful.

  2. ohnwentsya says:

    Thank you Jean! My heart has been hurting that I had misjudged with my faith in Obama’s intentions, that the world has simply become too complex, confusing and trickery based for me to figure ANYTHING out. This article appears that just maybe some of our earlier faith was justified and maybe things really are moving behind the scenes in the positive directions we have all been praying for.
    I always have faith that Creator and Gaia know what they are doing, but it would be nice if things are starting to change visibly as this article appears they are.

  3. Yes listen to JEAN I think she is right on with this one. Rockefellers have shifted knowing they are done. Is this a sign I think so it may just be.We can only wait to see and yes we have family upstairs.Are people in the east is being watched by them as we do wish them safety do as Kaya says it will be helpful.

  4. Nancy C says:

    Medea Benjamin, the woman who disrupted the speech with her outbursts on drones, is a long term left wing, well known, anti-war community organizer as was President Obama and the team around him pre-politics. Medea said afterwards that someone, who she wouldn’t identify, sneaked her into the speech. Huh? Someone sneaks Medea, the woman who founded Code Pink into what in my opinion was Obama’s speech announcing he is moving himself & the US out from out from under Israeli/Zionist control of US.

    In short, I think Media was planted to highlight the issue of drones because in doing so Obama connected military use of drones with planned local police force use of drones. In previous articles Duff has pointed out that Bush’s first appointee to fascistic Homeland Security was Israeli dual citizen Chertnoff who then gave training contracts to American police forces to Israeli private companies. Duff has pointed out the result has been the increased brutalization of America’s police forces setting up the planned police state.

    In my opinion these two statements in Duff’s analysis along with the rest of Obama’s admissions are announcements to Israel/Aipac/”them” that “It’s over” and Obama is going to use global public opinion to help free us.

    **President Obama clearly stated that no armed drones could legally be used over American territory. As of his making that statement, any requests by law enforcement to use armed drones is now a criminal act, constituting not just “conspiracy” but “terrorism” as well.**

    **What is not being said, but may well be read into this, is that special interest groups that seek to push America into wars have become such a threat that the United States has to curtail its ability to go to war.** There would be no reason for Obama to make such a move unless he feared that “sinister forces” are, and have, used the American military for their own gain.*

    Duff states the media deliberately didn’t highlight the points in Obama’s speech but I don’t think ordinary Americans were the targets of the speech. Both Duff & Drake have been pointing out for some time there is a battle for control going on at the top with the “good guys” in America’s institutions. I think this speech is a kind of hybrid “disclosure / warrior cry”.

  5. mkb says:

    Last night I thought about Memorial Day and I cried and cried, bitter tears for all the good people who have tried to serve their country, their ideals, their honor. Such times are these! This article is so baffling; could it be an indication of a wrestling match taking place behind closed doors? As someone who can’t really tell, I know that I can only try to stay informed of events and make my own personal choices in honor of what I hold dear, and if not for this blog, I would feel so alone in this….
    At the very least we can surmise that there are others high in rank who struggle to exert authority over this darkness. We don’t know exactly who they are and, subsequently, it seems best to reserve judgments but also good to be ready for anything. We must stay strong and guide our thoughts now as never before. This open sign of struggle up in the ranks may be a huge blessing…

  6. Nine says:

    Dearest Jean,

    I read that Gordon Duff article and came away from watching our president speak and how the woman was allowed to protest what many of us think right to the highest power in the world….

    It was a powerful speech at least for me admitting many wrong policy’s and how if war goes on indefinitely that then there can be no republican constitutional government and that Mr. Duff is indeed aligned with some very powerful players in our shadow government….

    The President went on to say how drone use would be unconstitutional upon American soil which through reason of such a concept would mean that there will be no marshal law nor any foreign troops upon our American soil….

    I will go further here….it would seem to me that many on the internet who say such things might just have a different agenda as I might have….a peaceful life….from a long career with the feds and am now on the bench as it were…

    I know this might be hard to believe for some but government work in those agency bureaucracies is about relationships and relationships form and factions arise yet our Federal Government in many areas has lost there ideals or I might mean why do you even bother to come to work every day?

    There are limits to pure power based upon our dear flawed constitution and I would suggest that anyone in any of these bureaucracies please consider why you do indeed show up for work….

    This speech in my opinion by President Obama was indeed a powerful policy speech for many needed changes to come….

    I am not for any dismantling of our current system or society which would make most Americans pay a huge price….I am for a level playing field leveled for the loyal to take action against the thieves in our society….

    Of course many many on the internet talk of how republican/Democrat matters not however there was a faction which wanted that fascist Romney in as our president and is now openly grooming men like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker who is a fascist and who I saw nearly destroy my dear State of Wisconsin….

    Beware of folks that wave the flag and talk openly of a Christian nation or who condemn those who might have or want open discussions on human sexuality or rights for all….and some in the Christian community in America openly talk of Christian Theocracy….

    I am glad to be on the bench but however sometimes while sitting on the bench one reflects and sees in to the future and how things were or can be and can maybe advise those currently in power towards a different course which will include many more people…

    This dearest Jean was a powerful article and needs to be read by many….


    • Jean says:

      Nine, we are all hopeful, but dare I say that I see it as a Rockefeller policy change? and why? I’m not sure, but maybe they are beginning to see the writing on the wall and are trying to figure a way out for themselves? Dunno, but we’re going to see . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Lezli says:

    All this time I’ve been hatin’ on Obama. Could this be true? Could he actually be able to bring us back from the brink? Could he care or is it too little too late.

    Still hopeful…

    • Jean says:

      Lezil, we don’t really know . . . We must wait and see. . . I suspect that for some reason the Rockefellers are shifting their scorched earth policy, and I can only guess why that might be . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  8. RW says:

    Things are not always what they appear to be, and if you believe in the Cabal, then there is always the possibility that Obama had to “obey” certain orders that could have gone against his own wishes.

  9. kaya says:

    I voted for him. I thought he.was the.lesser of two …. But we need a peaceful revolution…. It is my belief that we all have family upstairs, in the stars…. If we all connect with them…. HoweverHowever they they appear, benevolent, and varying in appearances as we….We can ask our star families to assist us. We each are all so very powerful and have the back-up to protect each….Let us maximize this MEDITATE facing the East

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