Banker Saves a Dozen Ducklings From a Ledge—ABC News . . . in case you haven’t seen this :) ~J

Published on Apr 27, 2012
Thanks to B.

all copyrights belong to ABC news. i own nothing. this was uploaded for entertainment only.

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9 Responses to Banker Saves a Dozen Ducklings From a Ledge—ABC News . . . in case you haven’t seen this :) ~J

  1. Bless his heart for saving them.

  2. Keymaker says:

    Beautiful. Rothschilds take a lesson!

  3. Nancy C says:

    I loved that. Brought tears to my eyes but then “What a Wonderful World” often does. We are becoming one.

  4. Clara says:

    This was heart warming to watch and it didn’t hurt hearing a few notes of Nat King Cole’s “What a wonderful world” My daughters choice for her father daughter dance at her wedding. Got two feel good moments from this one. 🙂

    • kibitzer3 says:

      That was Satchmo, Clara. I trust that you’re of a vintage to know who that was…

      And to rain on everybody else’s parade just a little bit; but for accuracy’s sake: There has to be some question as to whether the mother would raise them, with the human scent on them. Nature is, well, funny sometimes; and not as in ha-ha. An example that comes directly to mind, from watching this admittedly heart-warming story: A nature documentary showing a mother duck leading her obviously newly-hatched brood, of ab. 8 ducklings, in a line in a stream, and the last one is having a hard time keeping up. The mother went back and gave him a peck; but it didn’t do the job. There was obviously something wrong with the little tyke. Mom wasn’t going to have anything to do with it: She went back again and gave the duckling a few more pecks, and harder this time. I think this went on for another crack at the problem, before she really gave it to the unfortunate little being; letting Li’l Straddler know that he wasn’t welcome in her care. She swam back to the front of the train, and took off, with the others in tow; leaving Li’l Straddler dead in the water. Not literally. Yet…

      My heart broke for the little tyke when I watched it. But that’s Nature. She knew what she could do, and what she couldn’t do. And trying to include Li’l Straddler wasn’t in her picture.

      Not nice. Not furry little ball cute. But that’s life.

      And I’m not one to wait for every one of us li’l human tykes to ‘get it’, and move up with the rest of us. We’ve got work to do; our contracts with ourselves to fulfill, and the whole galaxy to shed its downy stage. If you’re not ready to move up, you have another place to go to. Your choice.

      That’s life.

      • Clara says:

        Well, no I’m not of that vintage but thank your for the correction. I’m also well aware of nature and the hard truths of the world so there’s no need to educate me. With so much ugliness in the world it’s important to take a moment to see the beauty. This was my moment. We each have our own path and eventually we all get there, it’s not my job to try to push them along, all and everything moves at the right pace. I choose to enjoy the journey nor judge those who wish to take another route. I know where I’m going.

  5. Gayle says:

    At last a banker with a good heart! Great Job! I love it.

  6. js says:

    Thanks Jean 🙂
    Good Man, Good Heart !!

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