We’re In The Midst of A Global Currency Reset

Suddenly, I’m hearing about a possible global currency reset from many sources. Remember as you read below that what is listed is a collection of rumors. My reading tells me, for instance, that Basel III is only as good as the individual bank’s regulators. So what else is new?

Yes, something is about to happen, and we all sense it. Many financial talking heads cannot conceive of the reality of what Neil Keenan is about to accomplish, and I’ve come to the conclusion it is because they cannot think out of their collective box: the Federal Reserve will continue to exist, simply because they say it will and they have made that statement stick through fear and sometimes terrible, terrible intimidation. Many are saying we will not return to a precious metals based currency. Say what? In what reality are they living? These people simply cannot seem to get outside of their ‘box’ to see that another reality truly does exist and is about to manifest in the blink of an eye. 

I’m watching to see how it all unfolds, and I will try to report it. If you have listened to Neil’s interview, published yesterday, one of the first things he will do is to take down the euro, which is anyway, hanging by a thread. He also fully intends to refile his case against the Federal Reserve. When the Global Accounts are audited, and those who stole from them are asked to repay with ‘real’ money – and with interest, do you think from your own knowledge that they can repay those stolen funds? (We all know know they’ve been printing and printing and printing money with nothing at all behind it!) How will all this play into a global currency reset? I think we all must wait and watch.

As always, I will appreciate your comments, thoughts, and input in this regard. When it starts, it will likely happen very rapidly.

June 22nd, 2013
Source: investmentwatchblog
Thanks to W.

Let’s examine the rumors that are floating around.

1. The Fed Reserve will merge or absorb into the UST

2. There IS a global event that has been unfolding during the past ten-plus years. The Basel III Protocols (which includes the Global Currency Reset) have required the cooperation of many nations — 198, to be exact.

3. What gets in the way from time to time with regard to this Global Currency Reset (as has just happened in the past few days) is political maneuvering and disagreements that delay things.

4. Fiat currency is becoming a thing of the past due to ongoing pervasive fraud and devaluation of paper currency – now it will have to be backed by assets (precious metals, oil, etc.) China would like to take over the US’s position as holding the world’s reserve currency in hopes to have their currency backed by gold. However, Clinton mentioned in one of her speeches that Iraq will become the richest nation in the world due to its oil reserves. Thereby, numerous nations that hold the Iraqi Dinar are looking to the IQD becoming the global reserve currency.

Basel III (or the Third Basel Accord) is a global, voluntary regulatory standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk. It was agreed upon by the members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010–11, and was scheduled to be introduced from 2013 until 2015; Basel III was supposed to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and bank leverage.

5. Precious metals (gold and silver) prices are manipulated. Currently the price is dropping. Why? Something big is about to happen. What?

The Global Currency Reset will take those 198 nations currency and revalue it up or down based upon that country’s assets. For example, Canada will go up about 20 cents, along with the Dong and IQD going up. The USD may go down or not depending upon how much IQD they have in reserve – and because O had all the other nations that owe the US moneyagree to pay back what they owe when the reset happens taking the US out of debt.

Since the US has billions worth of UQD they can do several things. Exchange the IQD for gold thus taking the USD back to the gold standard. Hence the current USD will be collected and replace by the new currency. New currency expected to be distributed in the fall.

6. At the G-8 summit this year the talk among nations was how to collect taxes from tax dodgers. Basically the global banking system is tightening up its agreements between nations and will identify those who have been slipping through the current tax holes. Thus more tax return money for the nations who track down their tax dodgers.

So instead of a crash – which is inevitable given the current fiscal structure, there will be a Global Currency Reset which is in the works.

This aired on Bloomberg TV on July 25th, 2012. It is the FIRST time it has EVER been mentioned in the mainstream media…

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33 Responses to We’re In The Midst of A Global Currency Reset

  1. Heathenlady says:

    Ha ha, I laughed and laughed and….ok, maybe not.

    Maybe I’m living in a different timeline or time-space reality to you positive dreamers out there, so let me know when the dream comes true across the ethers to my earthy reality, won’t you – but my feeling is that this ‘currency reset’ is just another red herring among many we’ve been tempted with over the years. Sorry if that pees on anyone’s fire. If there is a reset of some kind, which I very much doubt, who’s favor do you think it will be in? Of course. What they want is more mayhem and austerity, because that allows them to bring in the police state so that it won’t matter who disagrees. They want a good old scrap, and to set the dogs (the police/security) on us because that’s more fun for them, and more profitable in the long run. They’re not cowering in the corner crapping their pants.

    Take action. Don’t wait around for some hero like Keenan to bail you out. It ain’t gonna happen because you’re the only hero in the room (with the lights off, only really you WERE scared an depressed deep down, which is why you were enticed by the red fishy in the first place.)

    And sorry, with all due respect but dreams are not automatic ‘validations’ of anything ‘objective’ except the process of validation itself, so you can argue about the implications of that within a quantum reality if you want. But we’re not living in ancient shamanic cultures steeped in the purity of untamed nature, where our subconscious has no cabal borne matrix to inform it. We’re living within an electomagnetic soup that’s intentionally not geared in our favor.
    Within this matrix there are of course pockets of pure alignment with the Source Field, but the appreciation of that is inevitably tainted with contents of the matrix and personal egotism or psychic processes, wave upon wave. This is why we need to cultivate discernment, and not the sham kind encouraged by chanellers and the like that aims to create a sheep-like mentality, but one which tries to think holistically and critically at the same time, which is what our brains are actually for.
    A dream in this respect then, is also a validation of memes whether objectively ‘real’ or ‘imaginary’ because that’s how our subconscious works, which in this case is to validate the central need for positivity and encouragement based upon the Keenan meme. All very nice and good for morale, tally ho – we all want a better world but 3+3 don’t =5. This leads me back to why the mention of memes is particularly important here. Memes are circularity constructs fuelled by belief and social acceptability, which in turn feed back into a collective social matrix, whether psychic or empiric, and so it goes on until more socially appropriate or acceptable ones are created which supercede them. This then is how most dreams are informed and co- created, in combination with fragments from our own personal issues which need to be recognised or resolved. Only rarely will a precognitive dream inform waking reality because it’s status is usually only revealed in retrospect- unless the dreamer is a known seer, of course. But the quality of such dreams differ.
    But my message really is, come on, don’t believe, just DO. You’ve probably already switched off the t.v., so now why not switch off the psy ops?

    • Jean says:

      Escuse me, but as I see it, you have a lot of ‘head’ information, but your heart hasn’t yet clicked in! What would you have people do that they aren’t yet doing? We are totally ignored! No one thinks ‘Keenan’ is going to work miracles, least of all him. He isn’t promising any free money, etc. He’s got a job to do, and he is doing it – with a great deal of focus at this point in time. Do you really understand the situation in any depth? It doesn’t seem that you do . . . It takes years to understand it in all its complexity, so all your nay-saying appears to me to be just that. Most people who come to my blog have already switched off the psy-ops. . . wake up, please!!

      If you were at all connected, you wouldn’t make fun of a dream and speak of it as if only someone ‘special’, someone out of our league, can receive this kind of info . . . c’mon, if you can’t offer some facts – tell us precisely what we should do, suggest how to organize against a government that is hell bent on doing what it wants to do no matter how the people feel, etc., please don’t return here.


      • Heathenlady says:

        Not at all ‘connected’? Heck, I’m not in with the in crowd! But truthfully, I’m not offended by your judgement at all because you’re entitled to your own opinion of course, just as I freely exercise the right to mine. I admit I can come across as harsh sometimes but it’s usually not meant to be personal. But whether it is or not people should rise above it and not shoot the messenger, as the tone doesn’t change the points I wanted to make. However, I hold my hands up. I was mean, so I apologise.
        To be honest I used the angle I did to get attention, in part because my previous comment about local money was ignored, partly because I felt frustrated by the presence of the propaganda undercurrent which was winding it’s way through the subtext of everything, and in part because I wanted to raise the bar of enquiry into the theme of truth and awareness which underlies all.

        There are many valid forms of awareness, not just the implied exclusivity of ‘thinking with the heart’ by your perception of it alone, and by extension, this as the only means to be ‘connected’.

        But there is another more sinister side to this stance which is that it can and often is (mis)used as a whitewashing technique which means that anyone who is different or takes a different view is socially exiled until they conform, should they be persuaded, that is, like you’ve done with me by your words ‘not being connected’ (not part of the ‘in’ crowd ) and lastly your final words of ‘don’t return here’ sandwiched between ‘tell us precisely what to do…’ before the ‘Hugs’. Subtext ‘I don’t like you but I’m curious to see what you’ve got’. So in light of your own statements, what does ‘thinking with the heart’ really mean in terms of how we treat people, which is your real point in this regard, is it not? Not always easy, is it?

        To answer your rhetorical question with a non rhetorical answer, you don’t organise AGAINST a government. You organise IN SPITE of a government. That is the power of the people taking action. Like I said before, Jean – on my earlier post – LOCAL CURRENCY SCHEMES. We all have the power to organise and get involved in their creation; they don’t have to be elaborate, they just have to exist in some form, even if you have monopoly money as currency. The currency itself is arbitrary, it’s the goods and services that have value. And if the central banks should fail or let us down, meanwhile what we have created is the core of a thriving grass roots economy based around common themes and values like home grown food and local services based on trust and reliability from personal knowledge and experience, not corporatocacy. All lasting change has and will come from the grass roots up, and the inside out, not the other way around, just as necessity is the mother of invention.

        Of course I don’t know all the ins and outs because none of us do, we’re only told what we’re being drip fed, which puts it all in the realm of belief or faith ‘out there’, rather than constructive action starting from ‘here’. That is my core point. In the process you’ve neglected yourself with this outward focus, the part of you that has the discernment to see what is going on and do what is appropriate. That is also a manifestation of being ‘connected’. Actually we are all connected, but we don’t manifest it in the same way as our awareness differs so much.

        The psy ops in my opinion is the sideshow of Keenan itself, like reading channellings instead of being informed by your own higher self and allowing yourself that freedom of being, and rather than be just another distraction from who you really are. This doesn’t mean they are necessarily fake, since all things are real in some capacity, but that measured against the weight of what is needed, they are often inappropriate because they seem to embody the concept of trying to bolt the stable doors after the horse has bolted.

        If I am being overly critical, then that’s because the scene I’ve entered lacks critique in my opinion. Critique is not ‘evil’, but to eschew it is just as arrogant as anything you perceive I might have said as it implies only you have that right and you call the shots based on your own ‘connection’ but not mine, which is a self deception. I believe that the need to express the truth as we see it comes essentially from love and compassion, not malice. If I were full of malice, why would I want to say anything that might help you in your own quest for the truth and to raise your awareness?

        So, more facts. I never inferred that only someone ‘special’ would be able to have a precognitive dream – after all, I’ve had them, just as I’ve studied dreams and symbology for many years which is how I know so much about them, and I’m not ‘special’, either. No one is ‘special’. That’s such an outworn term that belongs to dated Americana movies that patronise young kiddies or the underprivelidged. What we all are is all equal. I wanted to challenge what I see as an unconscious mechanism of making assumptions about something because its what we want to believe. Because in turn it masks the deeper sense of disempowerment of “well what should we do then?” – which you aptly hit the nail on the head with. What I essentially offer is a solution to that underlying disempowerment, not a temporary bandaid. There is a huge difference.

        Sometimes truth or information doesn’t come in the form you most want, because you can block it from it’s other avenues, like intelligent debate or critique. But if it is what you really want, then the universe will find a way to reveal it eventually. Whether you appreciate it is a different matter. Namaste.

        • Jean says:

          Heatherlady, instead of trying to present something in a certain calculated way, perhaps you should just try presenting it. Period! It’s my opinion that when you are so abrasive, you are off-putting and I think you lose people, who don’t want to deal with your prickly words. Why don’t you just present your ideas straight, without calculation. You might be more successful. It’s a lesson well-learned.


          • Heathenlady says:

            Jean, you’ve just confirmed how much of an ignorant, petty, false, pretentious, hypocritical, and controlling bully you really are -and in full view of your sycophantic followers! Heck, what will this do to your ‘love and light’ persona? At least I don’t pretend to be something I’ve not. You not liking my style and being so overly offended by it is nothing, because I’m indifferent to you, but blocking me from offering support to someone interested in social enterprise just takes the biscuit and pisses over everything you’re supposed to stand for in a humanitarian sense. Where’s your heart Jean? Hidden it behind the ‘Hugs’? Hope you’re proud of yourself. Adios, but you’ll get no ‘hug’ from me, because unlike you I actually value the word for what it means.

    • Nicki Tompkins says:

      I felt compelled to interject some thoughts here. Heathenlady, first of all, your internet name struck me because I’ve been considered a heathen probably longer than I wish to recount.

      Secondly, I felt that you had some valid points because I too, wish to be out of this monetary system, in a bad way. I know I was NOT created to make money in any shape or form. Now, knowing that, I feel my purpose here is to pave the way to NO money or exchange in anyway, and I would love some ideas to create that happening, as I have a few..

      Yes, I’ve read other comments about purchases and some type of energy exchange, and I realize we are all on different paths and thinking. Most of the time, I feel and think I’m on my own, yet there are many of us who know money has expired and it’s been not only a lie but an enslavement to think you have to have some amount of energetic exchange–Really? Who said so?

      Jean, I pray you see my words, for I know you Know my heart. We must meet each other where we are even if we are to disagree, for how can we move forward as ONE if we leave another behind who has the audacity to speak their mind?

      I offer much love and respect to you, Neil and team, and to all who share their hearts here, including my soul mates who are striving to co-create a better world for all of us, I just don’t happen to believe it revolves around money.

      Love you all very much,

      • Jean says:

        Nicki, I know well how you feel, and as far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree. As we approach a point of singularity, I’m thinking we’re all going to come closer in our understanding of what at least the near future will look like. I don’t see any sense in getting upset over something like this. After all, we may both be wrong:) Hugs, ~Jean

  2. pete spencer says:

    Hi Jean
    You really are a model to us all. Thank you for your continued vigilance and discernment please keep doing what your doing. I was sad with the latest Zap, I also felt the fact that poof has truly gone and that sadly zap does not talk to me either.

    You may be aware of Red Dragon, if not please check the following link, it might be of interest,


    Send my sincere thanks to Neil and his team, I’m looking forward to the fireworks and a chance to do something. Bless you.

  3. Daysailor says:

    Jean, I was in error with my post. Your post was sent to me by “Barb” not you. I have both Barb and (a) Jean as contributors. I confused you with (my) Jean.

  4. Daysailor says:

    Jean, 1st time coming your blog instead of you sending to me. Today i left questions on two blogs and await answers. The question is not being asked or answered so far.
    1. If these changes to government and banks are real, will we now be permitted to “OWN” our accounts and corporations? We currently do not. All accounts are held by a pro se person (a straw man, an ALL CAPS name person, and against whom the US Department of Commerce holds a (FAKE) lien. That lien is against “our” pro se birth certificate, and is “our share” of the national debt. If these changes are more than window dressing, then we will be able to open accounts as persons in proper persona.

    To see if you OWN your accounts, check the signature line on your checks and with draw forms. Use a magnifying glass. If the “line” is actually micro text that reads,”AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE”, YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER.
    About electronic currency, no more coins are to be made after August 2013. In 2014 we will need Smart Cards(R).

    • Jean says:

      Daysailor, I think these questions will be moot. When the Global Accounts are out of the hands of those who are stealing from and trying now to maintain control over them, the entire system will be a brand new ballgame. The Global Accounts, to my mind, are the key, and they have always been the key. Without money, the banksters can do nothing. Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Heathenlady says:

    Isn’t a One World Currency what the Old World Order intended from the start as part of the New World Order agenda? Only it will be a cashless system because only an electronic one can be centrally controlled without any real fuss, whether it is backed by anything ‘real’ like gold or not. Our best solution lies in local currency creations that interchange with the larger system, whatever that may be. Never mind the Gold Standard, we need to introduce the Local Standard!

    • “Our best solution lies in local currency creations that interchange with the larger system, whatever that may be.”

      Um, ole Tinypic dot com ain’t what she used to be (the site has ads now) but (as if I did not grok it) do you maybe mean like we see on http://tinypic.com/r/2mydeu9/5 ?

      Yup. Local currency of genuine intrinsic value – hand-crafted of raw material that is within ‘most everyone’s reach, price-wise, somewhat unlike the conventionally “precious” metals. On this level, I daresay, making money can literally become a cottage industry! 😉

      Field experience: Most folk tend to agree with a notional value of a “buck-a-bar” at this moment; the exchange rate is of course negotiable over the counter at the point of sale. (I for one carefully avoid the use of the word “Dollar” when trading with this currency in-hand, just to stay on the safest of all safe sides per the von Nothaus “Liberty Dollar” debacle.) Since introducing the product in support of Mr. Ron Paul’s and Bernard von Nothaus’ common cause with the Rest of Us nearly a year ago, I have exchanged those bars on that sweet Mutual Consent basis (as per the label instructions) for an impressive spectrum of goods and services all throughout my region. Everything from machine tools and related shop gear to good homegrown food has now changed hands in this manner with full mutual satisfaction.

      Except for the one poor fool who took his paltry four bars straight to the scrapyard… Even then, the look on his face when informed of the sheer number of others whom he KNOWS who Just Use It as-is and keep it circulating instead of selling-off as “scrap” was priceless. (He’s still hooked on greenbacks but there sure is coming a Day, as we know.)

      Fact: Even when the raw material must be bought with “Folding Money” instead of salvaged for No Money at All (as the bar in the photo was), it turns out that at 12 Troy Ounces to the pound (31.105 grams per ozt, fwiw) there is PLENTY room for honest material gain – even if one pays the one-off Small Quantity Price for full 8-foot lengths of the raw .330″ OFHC Copper bar stock over the industrial metals supplier’s counter. (.250″ stock makes for an overlong Troy Ounce but does OK for halves and quarters fwiw.)

      Site and tooling: Any lockable well-lighted garage, backyard shed or similar sheltered spot with a little electric juice installed, sited where the neighbors won’t complain of the noise, is just fine for location. Tools for the manufacturing includes a table saw with a rip fence (set Just So for the cut length that makes the Troy Ounce) and equipped with a carbide-tipped narrow-kerf blade from the hardware store. A high-speed rotary wire brush plus an inexpensive digital scale with 10-milligram resolution complete the key tooling requirements for making the raw bars. The labels require a paper cutter for the sake of a uniform finished appearance; the tape that covers those Commercial Speech-compliant labels is a heavy-gauge “knockoff” of Scotch® Magic® office tape from the local dollar store. (I turn the roll upside-down in its weighted office-grade dispenser so’s to ease the labeling phase on the bench fwiw.)

      Efficiency in the cutting and accurate finished weight are key to success; thus I weigh my bars twice – once after the rough cut and again following the finishing touches to the cut ends with the rotary wire brush, just before the labels go on. A few milligrams over-weight for the neighbors’ sake is always OK (but don’t cheat yourself); the occasional underweight slug goes to the remake bin for re-cutting into trade-convenient fractionals. In this way the product-to-scrap ratio is kept quite favorable. Average production rate readily exceeds sixty an hour by a healthy margin once the process is fine-tuned and the operator gains full proficiency in their new Economic Activity.

      Safety: Eye shield goggles and ear protection are a MUST for cutting and finishing, of course. Also leather work (NOT dress!) gloves for the finishing at the wire-brush. Mentioned last but NOT least – safety in the production shop always comes first!

      People who are (as per convention) trapped and living under the present media-driven tyranny do just routinely piss ‘n’ moan about being unable to make any money at all; even this homegrown approach of note just might just be “Too Much Like Work” for some few, of course. Nonetheless, by such means as this, I think, ANY honest person can add to their reputation in the community while literally making money every day. Except when they just don’t want nor need to on any given day, of course.

      Now THAT’s *genuine* LIBERTY gained at last, ain’t it? And that is all. 0{;-)o[

      • Oh heck – that first-go URL worked just fine, pre-posting, but now seems to lead to a blank page(!). http://i44.tinypic.com/2mydeu9.jpg just might work better fwiw. (I sure hope so – testing now.)

      • So upon persistent and clever perusal (plus opening a new Photobucket account that I didn’t really want but what the heck) the URL


        at LAST redirects to the image on Photobucket AND the pic displays correctly, even for ME. Never EVER had such a problem with hoisting any other image anywhere else at all, EVER afore… TinyPic WAS a mainstay for me, once.

        Must be a Ko$mik $ign or sumpin’.

        But now it is all done but for the Moderator’s gracious approval, so that really IS is all. (Sorry for the trouble, Jean; please feel free to delete that prior attempt-as-reply-to-myself at convenient leisure in your own copiously allotted spare time.) 0{:-\o[

  6. Ilex says:

    We should understand why Neil is an “internet legend” in these people’s minds. They don’t have a clue or if they do they surely are doing a great acting job!!!!!!!! They not only can’t think outside the box, they can’t think, period.

  7. Chris says:

    We’ll see Monday…

  8. Blondie says:

    Thanks, Jean – this sound like good news??? I can’t say I understand all of it. I read Charles Hugh Smith’s blog from time to time and he had an interesting post yesterday: http://www.oftwominds.com/blogjun13/extraordinary-time6-13.html – This Is an Extraordinary Time (June 22, 2013)
    I think his observations and intuitions are fitting in with yours very nicely.

  9. Nicki Tompkins says:

    Jean, I don’t understand the big emphasis on gold/silver backed currency. We’re the ones who put value on the Federal Reserve Notes in our pockets/purses. I think we will be much better off when money no longer exists, add to that governments, corporate governments, corporations, the alphabet soups, just to get started.

    In the meantime, I’m sending much love and energy to Neil and team, also for Nelu’s release. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to be incarcerated when innocent. Thanks for keeping us informed. Love you much!

    • Jean says:

      Nicki, I realize you don’t understand it. If goods are sold from the US to somewhere in Central Europe, how is the US to be paid – in practical terms, now. What is the US to take in payment, particularly if they haven’t bought anything from that country, and at the moment don’t want/need to do so? There has to be something of ‘real’ value that stands for the energy and labor of the people who have produced these goods/purchased them. Gold/silver are only symbols of positive energy input of human beings, Nicki.

      Fiat currency is not backed right now with anything.

      It doesn’t need to be gold/silver, Nicki. It only needs to be something that the world sees of value and agrees upon, because after all it is only a symbol.

      If you want to read further on this, I’m sure there is much written about it . . .


      • DavidG says:

        “how is the US to be paid” In energetic terms shouldn’t that question be reversed to ‘How can US pay’ for the energy extracted globally, not only in minerals but in life and suffering. Good luck paying that debt!

        “There has to be something of ‘real’ value that stands for the energy and labor” – The real value is YOU and ME. I can look at your paintings and then look at a bar of gold. I will look back at your paintings and forget the gold. Your paintings are an expression of human soul that is intriguing and inspires my participation to decipher what it means; the gold is the same every time I look at it. Which is more valuable?

        Keep looking for ways to ‘PAY’ value and so suffer a long path of slaveship. That energy is dissolving.

        • Jean says:

          David, I don’t think you understood what I said . . . I’m talking about the future of exchange between people at a distance. If I send one of my paintings half way ’round the world, how do I get some form of energetic payment for it. There has to be something that I can receive in an uncomplicated fashion that I can then use in a practical way because everyone recognizes that it has an energetic value. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  10. WooHoo! Super exciting! Thanks, Jean!

  11. Pat says:

    Thank you for posting this Jean. My goodness! I had a dream 2 days ago that was well, too funny but now after reading this; it makes a lot more sense to me. I was in this dark room (not alone and not scared either) I knew whomever was with me was of the light. A few dim lights went on and I saw this screen (it was blank, no images) It didn’t have a key board only this big white button looking thing. I was too far away to see what was written on the button. Whoever was in the room with me said to me “its ok, come closer”. So I did and I saw in big black bold letters
    “RESET”. I had no idea what this was about; so I said “what is that and why show me and who or what is this all about “? I heard a voice say “Kneel” . So I did !!!! OMG the voice said……..not THAT “Kneel”…!!!
    LOL ! I woke up laughing and didn’t even know why I was laughing ! So yeah ! Maybe it’s happening now ! ???
    Hugs to you and to “Kneel” lol !!!!!!!!

    • Jean says:

      OMG!!! How wonderful!!! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Pat says:

        Thanks Jean,
        Thanks for posting my crazy dream and for all you do. Dee is absolutely correct; without your site here; that dream would have never made any sense to me. I’ve seen this ‘RESET’ button before in other dreams, and it’s never made sense to me. In 3-D I’m not in the ‘in crowd’. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes; so a lot of my dream time messages go over my head. Thanks to you dear Jean, I understand now. I’m also wondering that in the past, when I did dream about this ‘reset button’; someone or thing prevented it from being pushed and now it’s time again to try again. Hopefully nothing will prevent it from being pushed and the “RESET” will go on schedule. After reading Nancy C’s reply, about ‘validations’ I’m feeling sorta confident this just might be the time that everything will finally be ‘reset’.

        This is a little off topic but I just want to state that I’m “not” the “Pat” that questioned your decision to stop posting “Poof” messages. I have a hard time trusting my own intuition lol. I never trusted all those Poof/Casper/ and other articles. I’m just an ‘observer’ and ‘dreamer’ type…and I question everything and then take a wait, observe and see attitude.

        I’ll be observing things and coming here with positive thoughts about Neil and the ‘Button’ .
        Again, a big thank you for all you do !
        Hugs to you and all
        Pat (dreaming and observing)

    • Dee says:

      Lol…that was great !!! How often do we assume or question our own intuition? Only Pat caught on because Jeanie keeps us all so well informed! Godspeed dear Neil and be safe. Thank you for your courage and tenacity. With love xoxo

    • Nancy C says:

      Thank you for posting your awesome dream. Validations and confirmations are coming from so many different sources.

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