The Daily Bell: Con of Public Banking – Review of Ellen Brown’s new book, The Public Bank Solution

I think the critique here is based on a faulty premise: If the government controls the banking, it will automatically wind up being controlled by the Cabal, or central banking system. This is not necessarily so. The world’s collective wealth is largely in the Global Accounts, and it is from those Global Accounts that the cabal routinely steals money and uses it to their advantage and our disadvantage. If someone else controls those Accounts and no stealing is permitted, no governmental use is permitted, and they are used for humanitarian projects around the planet as originally intended, does it then follow that the Cabal will be able automatically able to control a country’s banking system?

In the United States, if our money system is returned to the Treasury, where our Constitution says it should be, and if the money in the Treasury is based on the energy and good credit of the American people, how can the Cabal and Central Banking ever get in the door? With honesty about our illegal tax system, etc., as a nation, we can easily pay our bills.

Many will argue this point with me, and they are free to do so, but I happen to believe that is the way it is all going to work – along with the complete reorganization of those now running the government of the United States, both visibly and behind the scenes. ~J

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Benito Mussolini

Ellen Brown has written what will become one of THE most important books of our time. She eloquently educates us on how the democratization of money is the very foundation of a free society. Ellen brilliantly shows how money can be the current or currency that facilitates the spiritual experience of manifesting our collective intentions for a better world. Her book is an absolute game-changer and a must read for all those interested in having a world that works for everyone. Buy it, read it, and tell everyone you know to do. – The Public Bank Solution

Dominant Social Theme: If the people control monopoly central banking instead of the bankers, then everything will be okay.

Free-Market Analysis: Ellen Brown has written another statist hagiography called The Public Bank Solution. As a libertarian-oriented website promoting free-market economic approaches, we obviously disagree with her premise.

We don’t mind disagreeing with her because she is a nice person and she doesn’t do what some allied “neo-Nazi” websites do when confronted with their faulty analyses, which is to immediately launch vicious animadversions in place of logical rebuttals (because they have none).

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12 Responses to The Daily Bell: Con of Public Banking – Review of Ellen Brown’s new book, The Public Bank Solution

  1. Damon says:

    The very idea of statism, being Governed without consent will always lead to darkness. Force is force. Freedom is freedom to choose how you live your life. Government is the antithesis to peace, they are opposites.

    Please be wise with that word OUR. Our constitution did not apply to women, Indians, or africans and hence does not apply to me. So when people talk about our, I always wonder if they actuality asked anyone before they forced OUR constitution on them. I want to control my own energy.

    The best indicator that the new age has arrived is when we can live together without having a monopoly on force in the hands of a minority (government).

    • Jean says:

      Damon, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I long for the time when politically correct use of words no longer matters. I long for the time when 51% of the population doesn’t control the other 49% . . . I’m with you on this all the way. . . Thanks for making your point Loud and Clear. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Brilliant words Damon

  2. Vla says:

    Jean, the treasury is controled by congress ,the problems we are having right now is because
    in 1913 congress and the scum pres.wilson sign off the system of the fed. reserve to the Cabal
    right before Christmas dec.23 1913 and then took us into false flag ww 1 also the cabal had
    two 20 year terms total 40 years in the 1800 s so why could that happen again?
    The best thing to do is not have a federal goverment at all . only sorveng people and states .
    we are all learning and not from the goverment controled dum dum public schools, that is one of the biggest tools the cabal has over us and the world Hugs VLa

    • Jean says:

      Vla, I understand all this . . . It could happen again, and it might, but not to those who move into the higher dimensions. . . I think we need a federal government, but maybe my view is not clear . . . if we have an honest one – and that is the point, of course, but who is supposed to keep it honest? Who is supposed to be awake and watching?

      I agree totally with you about the education system. It is contrived to dumb us down and simply be a cog in the corporate wheel, whose intention is to run the planet – NOT! Education needs to come to a screeching halt, students need to be given time to decompress and get in touch with their inner voice, because – and I will scream it loudly for all to hear – education must be inner directed!!!!!!


  3. Nick says:

    Your readers will find this quite In-lightening! ,,,and it applies to all nations that register their newborns!!!Come on People,,,this is not rocket science!!! ask Winston Shrout, Dean Clifford and many others who have paved the way to this wave or awakening now washing over the Planet, The Great Mother,,,There are no accidents in the Divine Plan!!!

  4. Nick says:

    Jean,,,the true value / wealth of the collective of humanity on the planet is not in the Collateral Accounts! The True value is the collective, embodied in each individual, stolen through the registration of a Bond/Birth certificate and corporat-ized so that OUR value can be controlled, stolen, traded and devalued in the “reality” of useless “FRN’s”. We all need to understand that money was only ever about slavery,,,and an understanding of these facts will lead to our eventual Freedom from this system of control!!!

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