North Carolina Abortion Bill: State Senate Votes On Restrictive Measure . . . this is a State that is clearly under attack! ~J

The Huffington Post
by Mollie Reilly
Posted: 07/02/2013 8:12 pm EDT
Updated: 07/03/2013 9:43 am EDT

North Carolina’s state Senate voted Tuesday to pass a second reading of a measure placing tougher restrictions on abortion after Republicans in the legislature tackedthe abortion regulations on to a bill targeting Sharia law.

The state Senate passed the second reading of the omnibus bill by 27-14. A final vote will be held Wednesday.

The bill, according to the News & Observer, would require abortion clinics to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgery centers. Just one clinic in the state currently meets that standard, according to staffers in the state legislature. The sweeping legislation would also place limits on health care coverage for abortion procedures, require clinics to have “transfer agreements” with hospitals, and require doctors to be present when women take RU486, the drug that induces abortions.

The bill cleared a Senate committtee earlier Tuesday. WRAL reports:

The measure was unveiled unexpectedly during an unusual late-day committee meeting Tuesday. It combines several bills in different stages of the legislative process into one omnibus measure….

Until 5:30 p.m., the measure on the committee’s calendar only reflected a bill that dealt with the family law provisions of the bill. That measure itself was controversial when it cleared the House, with opponents fearing it could interfere with recognition of U.S. law in foreign courts.

However, almost immediately, the committee took up an amendment to the bill that dealt with abortion.

The decision to attach the abortion bill to the measure banning “foreign laws” drew fire from pro-choice advocates.

“It seems to me that they’re trying to pass under cover of darkness legislation that would not otherwise be passed,” NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina executive director Suzanne Buckley said. “They’re trying to pull a Texas.”

[The following video did not appear on Huffington Post. . . ~J]

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6 Responses to North Carolina Abortion Bill: State Senate Votes On Restrictive Measure . . . this is a State that is clearly under attack! ~J

  1. Ilex says:

    HI Jean, I know you do not put out fear anything, however, this is fear that may actually come to fruition. The only part I may not agree with is using nuclear anything because of the ET’s saying “no, you will not hurt Gaia anymore.” I’ll let you decide. If this were to happen, I feel all of Florida would be washed, at our highest point we are only 50 feet above water level and that’s only at one location in the whole state. Where I live is 10 feet above sea level, which is high. Thanks, Ilex

  2. Annette kessler says:

    Try living here when we are sitting on the front porch on Sunday mornings I have to hide my granddaughter because the church buses roll through trolling for children and these people are mind controlled scarey very scarey! and are extremely aggressive in their tactics.

    • susan says:

      I lived there for almost 10 years as a northerner. Wasn’t easy. Sending love Annette; NC has a LONG way to go regarding tolerance for just about anyone or anything. Very happy I am no longer living there

  3. DrinkDeep says:

    confused by your comment “under attack”, Jean – are you saying that you support unregulated, unlimited access to abortion?

    • Jean says:

      DD, if you’ve followed my articles concerning Moral Mondays you will see that the State of North Carolina is clearly under attack like other States have been – Wisconsin is a good example – and not just through this piece of legislation that was pushed through late last night. No matter what they may say about it, IMO, this legislation has nothing to do with unregulated, unlimited access to abortion. Hugs, ~Jean

      • DrinkDeep says:

        ok – I’m not sure what the legislation does either (I’d have to read the bill…a novel activity in most legislatures :). Thanks for the clarification, and taken in the greater context I now see what you meant –
        I’m a little wary of anything that comes out as ‘news’ lately – here we have Egypt in total blowout, and the news channels in the northwest have big lead stories like “only 3 air conditioners were still available for sale by the end of Tuesday!!!” lol…no matter how convinced I am that “darpa-net” was given to us to invade our lives, it’s awfully nice to have the additional options for news viewing!

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