MUST WATCH!!! Gerald Celente Unleashed

Published on Jul 3, 2013
Thanks to DD and T! 

This is the most powerful Gerald Celente Video ever. He talks about what is facing our nation and some of the biggest solutions that you can use in your life.

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5 Responses to MUST WATCH!!! Gerald Celente Unleashed

  1. Megan Reid says:

    I love Gerald Celente! Here is a man who truly speaks from his heart! America is very lucky to have this man of great wisdom and passion for freedom and what is right. The path to restoring this wonderful country does not have to be complicated, if, like Gerald suggests, everyone gets back to grass roots supporting and working together in their communities. If we all get back to being good neighbours, loving and supportive families, we will soon build a much happier and more loving world. That done so called governments would be obsolete. This is not just America’s problem, but the problem of every man, woman an child on this planet.

  2. diqiuren says:

    I wish to point out some thing. Where is America? I can’t find it? When did the USA become America? USA was built on one of the biggest genocides ever, prior to that time, against the already occupied lands. So that’s why you are you are in big trouble. Until you face the genocide of your forefathers you will be just accessories to crime against the original inhabitants. What is happening to you is what was done by your “founding fathers” inflicted up the original owners. Australia made amends with the original owners, so you can too!

    • Bill says:

      I cannot believe that the problems this nation is having now can be attributed solely to the treatment of the native population that was here when the White settlers arrived. We’re talking about people (there were hundreds of different tribes) who had not progressed out of the so called Stone Age. At the latter part of the 19th century while the Anglos and other races were building structures that still stand, the natives had not discovered the wheel, a method of repeatedly creating fire, a written language and no system of simple mathematics. Domestication of animals was almost non-existent and cannibalism was rather common. The various tribes were constantly in warring situations among themselves. Wanton killing was prevalent as was slavery and human sacrifice. I suggest you read Mark Twain’s article “The Red Man.”
      The influx of White men into America can be traced back to dispersion of the Northern Tribes of Israel in the 7th century BC. Their movement from Europe and England was well organized and accomplished in search of a land of religious freedom. At that time they were the only people on earth that had the knowledge and ability to convert the vast open country into the greatest nation on earth. In the past century there is another group that has arisen to destroy Christian America as well as all the other Christian nations in Europe. They have the control of our nation from the ground up, through the government, politics, finance and the media. Their devastating grip will probably be cast off soon and the America we once had can be revised to the benefit of all the people in the nation – including the natives.

      • Jean says:

        Bill, I sense you are new to the general topic of my blog and that you do not realize our history as we know it has been very much a false story, part of the matrix created to enslave us. The indigenous people are far from being Stone Age peoples, but that is what we have been led to believe. For instance, they understand – and have understood – much more about the science of the heart than we have. I think it is fair to say that those at Heart Math are just now beginning to catch up with what the indigenous already know. The indigenous people carry with them the information of how to get through the coming shift, and it has been kept from us by our Western leaders, who have educated us to believe in the ignorance of these grand people who are already in sync with our planet. An indigenous guide to whom I spoke when in the Canyon Lands in Arizona described his lessons at his grandmother’s knee, and I felt sick at the understanding that he was taught/given as a child what I had so painfully to learn very late in life with a therapist!

        A very good description of a generic shift is given by Drunvalo in Chapter 18 of his Flower of Life books, and all things that you so much admire that have been created with our left brain simply disappear in the shift. Before you go wild with this idea, I suggest you investigate the why and wherefore of this – what is the reason for it. One good reason is that all our left-brained technology is immensely polluting of the earth and causes medical problems. We are simply not going to need it in another dimension. There is much, much more to be said on this topic, and you will find it fascinating if you are prepared to take an extraordinary adventure down the rabbit hole. . . I did, and it was mind-blowing, but it was also the most exciting adventure I could ever have imagined. If you decide to go on such an adventure, please stay in touch with my blog, because I think you will find lots of people who will more than willingly support your efforts. I believe your efforts will lead you into the new reality.

        A couple of books that might open your eyes: 1) A People’s History of the United States (P.S.) by Howard Zinn (Nov 2, 2010) link:

        2) The Wisdom of the Native Americans by Kent Nerburn
        3) Neither Wolf nor Dog: On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder by Kent Nerburn (a wonderful story that describes beautifully how we left the Native Americans without their culture. . . left them neither wolf nor dog . . .

        link for both books:


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