Irish people issue warning to banks by shutting down repossession auction

Published on Jul 6, 2013
Thanks to V.
Allsop Space is an English Company who had no involvement with Ireland until after the Banking Crisis and resulting attack on struggling homeowners and small business people. They are here for one purpose and one purpose only, to cash in on the misery and misfortune of Irish people who have been let down by Banks and betrayed by politicians.…

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26 Responses to Irish people issue warning to banks by shutting down repossession auction

  1. sallycercrow says:

    There’s only so much the Irish public will take! Check out this vid of the Vincent Browne show to see the guy who tried to put some of these guys in their place!

  2. Observation: The Alsop Man from London is operating under the aegis of Statute Law – the ONLY law Corporate Operations EVER willingly recognize. AND he is going ‘WAY beyond what the “law” would allow IF it were appropriately and accurately invoked. (But they must work on contract to Bankster-Land, poor lads, so “We Have Instructions” is the operative phrase. Nuremberg Principles nor common decency nevveryoumind.)

    BUT: The Gentleman from the Audience is enunciating clear and *ancient* principles of Common Law. To change the terms of ANY purchase-and-sale agreement after the fact is COMMON FRAUD. To sell ANY property without consent of the owner is COMMON THEFT. To sudden-force the hard-pressed residents and an owner in mid-negotiation with any Mortgagor Bank off the lot, out of their business and out of their homes with zero notice, same-day, is JUST PLAIN UGLY, GREEDY and RUDE.

    Fact: Under the fundamental First Principles of the Uniform Commercial Code (which holds sway in all real estate activity), NO provision of Common Law is EVER to be abrogated by the statutes.

    Opinion: The ONLY reason the statutes are used with impunity as weapons of mass abuse under “color of Law” all day long while Common Law is shredded, spat-on and burned in our faces every day has to do with the sheer GALL of the “Ownership Class” now dominating the Mammonite Culture of the City of London etc etc ad naus etc.

    Rumination: It would be impolitic, of course, to ever suggest that the Tavistock “Sheeple Compliance” Institute (oh no I surely must have meant to say “Human Relations” oopsie-‘scuseme) AND all its academic compliance-induction spawn AND every Media Outlet that serves the Top-Down Exploitation Agenda formulated and propagated from Up There should ever</i be burnt to the ground AND every Director thereof hanged from lamp-posts except for one (kept captive but left alive like Albert Speer) to tell the tale, of course. Terribly impolitic indeed! Why, even THINKING such a thing might already be illegal in certain jurisdictions. But if the present top-down “Zero Prosecution Growth” agenda with regard to these crimes and worse should continue much longer, I shall not be the only one to notice. Not all folks are dedicated non-violent nor entirely powerless types, y’know? So is THAT what the Tavistock Crowd REALLY WANTS?

    Analysis: Erm, actually it seems the answer is “yes”. Plays the rest of us right into their zero-tolerance police-state apparatus and grubby pink little control-freak hands, it does. All that for them and what for US? Ergo the greedy bums MUST be defeated by Other Means.

    Fact: Instructions are hard-coded into every human’s Pineal Gland: “To restore Liberty, REMOVE SHACKLES”. Also: “To think Outside the Box, First EXIT the BOX”. Also, “When nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES”. And much more; too much to fully quote here. But every Pineal Gland has one as Standard Equipment – therefore, I say, the old “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary…” still applies.

    But it’s a GREAT book that EVERYONE should read, not just the reverends in our midst! (Tavistockers do just HATE it – AND those of us who are well-read in its ancient Liberation Content. Apparently all of Human Development counts as the Prime Enemy on those twisted institutioners’ home ground.)

    There’s a countermeasure app for that: “Illegitimi Non Carborundum”, it goes. Don’t let the Inbred Class put YOU down. Just don’t do it. DEVELOP YOURSELF instead!

    Even if a select few just might hate you badly for doing that. And that is all. 0{;-|o[

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  4. gdazer says:

    Well said Doreen.

  5. 1oddpapa says:

    Reblogged this on Blakow! and commented:
    The banks are wreaking havoc on the citizens of the world right now. The global economy is in shambles and it’s the very essence of capitalism that has caused this problem. It’s wonderful to see the passion of the people igniting the flames of discontent. I wish I could see more of this in America, but instead, my fellow citizens sit on their couches and eat their Doritos and laugh about the failures of the people on their favorite reality game show.
    Well done, Ireland. I salute you.

    • Jean says:

      All I have is a bit of a bitter smile to your comment, because, yes, that is the way it seems right now. God willing, they will soon wake up! Hugs, ~Jean

  6. 1oddpapa says:

    This is fantastic! If only I could find this kind of passion in my fellow Americans, but too many are busy watching reality game shows while our rights to fight this kind of tyranny are being stripped from us

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  8. Jose Valdes says:

    In the spirit of the glorius “Batallon de San Patricio” 1847, Mexico, may we follow suit. Gracias Irlanda!

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  10. for more information about the London bankster elite, like the British Crown and their Rotschilds Banksters and David Rockefeller! Ireland, the people of Ireland and Sinn Fein, please give out international arrest warrants for these criminal bankster elite and organise fair trail in court immediately, because the Irish people is being robbed of their freedom and property!

  11. Well done Ireland!

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  13. Ben W says:

    good on these courageous Irish folk! I wish people in Australia weren’t so apathetic, they might just put down their beer, turn the footy off and get off the couch

  14. middy says:

    This is happening all over the world! You’ve been sold out, The Rothchilds own the banks and they control them. The governments were sold out, worldwide! The Queen of England is a puppet, the Jesuits, The Rothchilds, The Vatican are all evil!

    • Dennis says:

      Don’t kid yourself about the Queen of England. She is no puppet. Find out what goes on behind closed doors. See David Icke interview with Arizona Wilder on You Tube.

  15. hawkeyewatching says:

    And so it begins… God Bless the Irish.

  16. WHO IS SICK AND “”£%$£^%&^% TIRED OF THIS CRAP??? It’s all been exposed, and yet this economic RAPE CONTINUES!!! For godsake, it’s time to tear these places down. When will enough be enough? Why are these people not hanging by their $300 ties? Why are the people even allowing these kangaroo auctions to still continue?
    You’re invited to share your sentiments with these tossing wankers – here are all their email addresses:,,,,,,,,
    You can also tweet it up their ass over here:
    arseholes, the lot of them

  17. Megan Reid says:

    This is a lesson to us all! GOD BLESS IRELAND!! People everywhere need to follow suit to stop tyranny in it’s tracks. This is an example of what we can achieve when we all stand together!

    • Cliff says:

      Well said Megan. Too many “sheeple” in the UK, we just allow the Government, of whatever party, to treat us like peasants. And, little wonder the Irish hate the British…

  18. saiorse says:

    Brilliant, Thank god for the few who are prepared to make a stand. Let the revolution begin. Its time we took back our earth from these global elites.

  19. Wysiwyg says:

    Awesome! Well done Ireland!!


  20. Ethyl says:

    GO IRELAND!!! Monty has to be loving this!!!!

  21. Doreen Agostino says:

    Globalists do not control humans we the people empower globalists through ignoring evidence, denial, apathy, and inaction. Bless all citizens waking up to evidence of deception, linking up for collective good, and rising up to preserve life!

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