Posted on July 14, 2011

Secrets In Plain Sight is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skillfully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy, and world history.
Exploring key monuments and their positions in Egypt, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco brings to light a secret obsession shared by pharaohs, philosophers and kings; templars and freemasons; great artists and architects; popes and presidents, spanning the whole of recorded history up to the present time.

As the series of videos reveals how profound ancient knowledge inherited from Egypt has been encoded in units of measurement, in famous works of art, in the design of major buildings, in the layout of city streets and public spaces, and in the precise placement of obelisks and other important monuments upon the Earth, the viewer is led to perceive an elegant harmonic system linking the human body with the architectural, urban, planetary, solar, and galactic scales.

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  1. Greater Arcana says:

    I agree with you and the commenters. This is an absolute must watch. We need to ascend our bodies and minds through our efforts of thought, emotion, and action, each have been dumbed down by the use of poisons, malnutrition, and corrupt education systems to enslave us in addition to the dark luciferian’s external efforts of war (human sacrifice) and false flags (fear sorcery). Re-learning our past and the correct laws of the Universe, Natural Law, and the ancient mystery traditions will physiologically reshape our brains to ascend and remember what we really are. It’s simple to grasp. Just imagine if you were taught Spanish and let loose in China. You’d be ill-equiped until you retrained your Spanish language skills into the proper Chinese dialect. Put on your thinking caps and let’s ascend already. It can only be done in aggregate. No one can ascend alone.

  2. Zany Mystic says:

    Good one! All cities are “Sacred Geometry Cities”, designed to control people and interrupt shared dreamtime. Thanks!

  3. Gert says:

    Yay! Scott Onstotts work is fantastic. Vol. 2 is also highly recommended, especially the opening chapter on metrology. And I just found Scotts blog:


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