Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

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July 7, 2013
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July 7, 2013. Washington. In case readers missed it with all the coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder trial and the Supreme Court’s rulings on gay marriage and the Voting Rights Act, the US Supreme Court also made a ruling on lawsuits against drug companies for fraud, mislabeling, side effects and accidental death. From now on, 80 percent of all drugs are exempt from legal liability.

Drug companies failed to warn patients that toxic epidermal necrolysis was a side effect. But the Supreme Court ruled they’re still not liable for damages.

In a 5-4 vote, the US Supreme Court struck down a lower court’s ruling and award for the victim of a pharmaceutical drug’s adverse reaction. According to the victim and the state courts, the drug caused a flesh-eating side effect that left the patient permanently disfigured over most of her body. The adverse reaction was hidden by the drug maker and later forced to be included on all warning labels. But the highest court in the land ruled that the victim had no legal grounds to sue the corporation because its drugs are exempt from lawsuits.

Karen Bartlett vs. Mutual Pharmaceutical Company

In 2004, Karen Bartlett was prescribed the generic anti-inflammatory drug Sulindac, manufactured by Mutual Pharmaceutical, for her sore shoulder. Three weeks after taking the drug, Bartlett began suffering from a disease called, ‘toxic epidermal necrolysis’. The condition is extremely painful and causes the victim’s skin to peel off, exposing raw flesh in the same manner as a third degree burn victim.

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7 Responses to Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

  1. DB says:

    My rule is STAY AWAY FROM ALL DRUGS! People think the drugs they take are improving their quality of lives or saving their lives, but in fact, they’re are probably killing them and enriching the cabal in the process! EVERY drug has some side effect. Nature provides the answer and the cure. SEARCH for it!

  2. kibitzer3 says:

    The law is an ass.

    Justice denied is injustice.

    I’m fuming.

  3. Bill says:

    Maybe the real question would be, why would anybody take any of these drugs in the first place as obviously the hollow science behind it is bogus! So if their drugs are so good then why do they need government protection?

  4. Martha says:

    I’m wanting to comment as did Gilda Radner of SNL “Isn’t that Special!” Who’s on first with this whole shooting match? It is so incredible that (pardon all the cliches but they fit) “Truth truly is stranger than fiction.”

  5. We need a complete rebuild of the way the system works.It is so broken it can’t go on any more the way it is.

  6. big mouth says:

    Why was that in there in the first place???

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