BREAKING: Michael Hastings Body Cremated, Now Missing!

Published on Jul 11, 2013
Thanks to DD.

SSG Joe Biggs, close friend of Michael Hastings, delivers more bombshell revelations regarding the obvious assassination of the Rolling Stone journalist.
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7 Responses to BREAKING: Michael Hastings Body Cremated, Now Missing!

  1. Galway says:

    Hi Jean,

    I came across this interesting thread on Above Top Secret:

    Hastings Death And The Snowden Leaks – Is There A Connection?

    This thread is no doubt just getting started but I found this chronology of events so far from the thread interesting:

    A Timeline of Hastings NSA Snowden Related Events v. 3.1

    May 20 – Hastings states on TV: “…government, ‘we declare war on you’…”

    May 20 – Snowden arrives in Hong Kong with 4 laptops giving him access to top-classified US secrets

    Jun 5 – Greenwald breaks the NSA story in an exclusive on the Guardian

    Jun 7 – Hastings LAST article: Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans – LAST SENTENCE of this article is:

    Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming.

    Jun 8 – “Intelligence officials overheard joking about how NSA leaker should be ‘disappeared’ after handing classified documents to press”

    Jun 9 – Snowden is identified as the NSA-whistleblower behind Glenn Greenwald’s story in the Guardian

    Jun 12 – Hastings twitter feed goes silent

    Jun 17 – Snowden: “Government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.”

    Jun 17 – Hastings mails a friend: “I’m on a big story, and need to go off the radar for a bit”

    Jun 18 – Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Robinson, saying that the FBI was investigating him.

    Jun 18 – Michael Hastings dies disappears in car accident

    • Jean says:

      Galway, if you read David Wilcock’s post, I think he is saying that Disclosure is now being made as fast as possible, and it’s not just about ETs, but about the ‘real’ truth – as much as the public can handle. It is all planned, managed, and done by some very good people. You might want to have a look. Hugs, ~Jean

      Here is a quote from that article:


      The pattern that disclosure will take has now become obvious.

      You can extrapolate from what is already happening and have a good idea of where this is going.

      “New” information comes out… and the public then realizes the truth was there all along, waiting to be appreciated.

      “New” whistleblowers come out… and the public then realizes many other whistleblowers risked their lives to tell us the same things, years ago — and were ignored.

      It is natural for the human ego to deploy the full arsenal of “defense mechanisms” against the truth — including the all-time favorite method of attacking the messenger.

      Unless you are “completely brand-new to all of this,” you have undoubtedly suffered these sarcastic, belittling attacks yourself. Many times.

      Now, you are finally starting to be vindicated — for having known and discussed things that are quickly becoming common knowledge.

      Your vindication has only just begun. 2013 is indeed the year of the “I-told-ya-so party” — and we’re only halfway through it so far.

      • Galway says:

        No disrespect intended to anyone, but I just can’t get behind Wilcock as a solid source of info. He has a lot of puzzle pieces no doubt, but there are many other aspects of his “philosophy” that I don’t resonate with. Discernment required, especially with someone like DW.

        Mega-Hugs 🙂


    Jean, here is an excerpt of part of an email I sent to SSG Joe Biggs FYI. I am on the other side of the world in Australia, and whilst cant do anything physically to help I have offered Joe a few suggestions in which one was the possibility of contacting you. As you would be aware that this is not just about the tragic passing of a brave soul, it highlights the injustices and corruption in this world. I am passionate about many causes during these times however generally just observe, share with those around me and keep informed, however feel very compelled to respond and provide my thoughts in this instance.
    Here is the excerpt………… Another thought I had was I have been following this story on jhaines6wordpress blog (which is American site) and the readers of this made a big change in the Keenan lawsuit in Indonesia. A few months ago readers bombarded an Indonesian courthouse with calls that actually shut it down for the day and reversed an important decision in this case. This has never happened before in their legal system!!!! It maybe an idea to also get in touch with jean to ask that her readers do the same to the LAPD and the fire dept demanding release of information you require. If the majority of her readers which are American citizens are willing to do this in another country I imagine they would be equally supportive to you. End of excerpt.

    I don’t know if you actually want to publish my comment to you, thqt is entirely your choice being mindful that this is part of a communication I have had with someone else who I have no idea as to how he feels as have just sent. I just wished to let you know I had thrown your name in the ring as a possible help to this man as my respect and sincere gratitude for your work is unlimited.

    with love rachel

    • Jean says:

      I’ll publish your comment, Rachel, and let’s see how people respond. I’m not sure what or if I could do anything. For sure, at this moment in time, I cannot dilute my efforts to help Neil, and I feel certain you can understand that. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Annette kessler says:

    Only 15 people posted this to face book??!!!!!!!! REALLY???!!!!!

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