PressTV: US warns Russia against “giving platform” to Snowden

Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:59PM GMT

The United States has warned Russia against giving US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden a platform by allowing him to stay in the country.

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One Response to PressTV: US warns Russia against “giving platform” to Snowden

  1. DrinkDeep says:

    pardon my vulgarity, but this white house is nothing but a media circle jerk – it’s like they’re saying anything they can to get people riled up…much like the trial in Florida, where the judge Clearly provided grounds for appeal this week with her strange behavior.

    I’m pretty much hitting tilt on all this baloney – if anyone else feels like me, may I suggest that you spend some time listening to Mae Brussell’s analysis from the 1970s-80s (!) which clearly points out that we are dutifully playing out the part that she saw back then – her broadcasts are available on youtube or at her .com website. With nothing but multiple newspapers and a phenomenal filing/indexing system, she nailed the facts about numerous assassinations and false flags, the ongoing Nazi operations in the U.S., CIA mind control, the fact that Mark David Chapman traveled the World (including Beirut, home of the mind control camps), the murders of so many musicians in the 70s – just phenomenal. Between Brussell and Corbett, there are thousands of hours of deep analysis and remarkable insight. Enjoy ~

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