SaS responds at length to a comment by Tertius, and I think it is worth sharing with everyone. . . ~J

It might be too late to post this comment from SaS, which I just found in my Drafts. I thought I’d published it, but someone I missed it. The news has been flowing very rapidly, almost too rapidly at time for me, and I’m sorry that although it did appear in the Comments section, somehow I didn’t get this post out. It has value. ~J

The following is a response of SaS to Tertius’ long comment written here.

Dearest brother Ulrich,

I read your post with some trepidation because I recognized the pattern to which this information is connected. I guess we can now safely assume the reason for all of this activity now, can’t we?

from the information you provided, I was able to secure this video:

and this:

Very educational. What have the “movies” always portrayed a “Zombie” to be?

A zombie [Haitian Creole: zonbi; North Mbundu: nzumbe] is an animated corpse raised by “magical” means, such as witchcraft. [read: Sabbatean, Satanical, Dark, Orion Group] The term is often figuratively applied to describe a “hypnotized person” bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli [i.e., Sheeple]. In modern times [i.e., theater, movies], the term “zombie” has been applied to an “undead being” in horror fiction [read: fear, loathing, terror], often drawing from the depiction of zombies in George A. Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. They have appeared as plot devices in various books, films, television shows, video games and comics [read: social desensitization]. [Wikipedia; (clarifications mine)]

How is this “living death” administered? Well, we can start here:

This is a lengthy video but if you’re going to tell yourself that you don’t have time to watch it then one would assume that you don’t have time to take control of your life:

and this:


Before I go much farther, I would recommend that you watch this video by Max Igan. Please pay very close attention to “the old man” providing the introduction; he later appears in a black and white interview. This person is one of the most important luminaries that our race has ever produced. His name was Carl Jung and he was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud. The video is presented in seven parts here:

Afterwards, go here to listen to Dr. Jung’s clarification of “Life and Death” as an experience:

Please note the importance of “believing” that he places on the capacity for us to “accept” the articles of our reality.

In Max Igan’s presentation, Dr. Jung is represented to say:

“The only real danger that exists … is man himself! He is the great danger! And, we are pitifully unaware of it!”

Here is where our “collective mind,” our “group mind,” resides—in the darkened recesses of our unfathomably sick psychology. We are a disturbed race of beings “deficient civilization builders” as the WingMaker “James” is wont to say and we are on a race toward the end of this system of things. Our brothers and sisters will continue to “prescribe” solutions that attempt to “repair” or “fix” the world of which we have become aware through our five senses but, it is our sixth sense that will confirm to us that an entirely new paradigm is required to release us from the secret framework for the suppression of the human mind system [read: the Group Mind] of the Sovereign Integral. Here is where you can learn the metaphysics behind this aspect of our reality.

All of this is unsettling, I understand, but my opinion is that it will do us no good to react to these externalized threats to our existence and human experience with “externalized” responses—that is, with actions intended to “project” our Will upon “the other” engaged in destructive agendas that make no sense of the Universal understanding [metaphysical, philosophical, rational] of our current, dynamic human experience—our voyage into the unknown territory we identify to our consciousness as “our awareness;” that of the human condition.

There are many of us who continually clamor for something called “Justice” but this concept is subjective as its definition to those of us who share feelings of revulsion, in the presence of so much profound brutality, might be considered an outrage by those of us who’s abnormal and unnatural cravings for domination have become psychotic and irreparable.

And so, dearest brother, we have millions upon millions of human beings accommodating that primordial beast exhibited in so many different ways by us as we occupy the space and time that surrounds us: indifference, gratuitous skepticism, insatiable greed, vehemence, violence, lust, depravity, and savagery just to name a few. We fascinate each other with achievements that demonstrate our propensity toward cruelty and degeneracy in ways that no longer can be rationalized by the view that humans acquire all or almost all of their behavioral responses from that tabula rasa [the “blank slate”] as John Locke proposed.

Given what we now know, such a point of view may represent an outdated mindset—an antiquated state of understanding. It would seem then, that these aberrant abilities are “native” or a consequence of how we have been cultivated by the biological process that forms our brain at birth. And given the fact that we’ve a tendency to employ left-brain thinking over right-brain intuition, we all exhibit the same tendencies. There are those who represent this attitudinal anathema by subjecting “the other” to profound acts of cruelty and seething hatred. In the same manner, there are those of us who give energy and credibility to this human hallmark by our collective accommodation of this aberrant behavior—its threads of vicious, viperous vitriol wound so intricately throughout the fabric of our engineered, organizational societies. From the imposition of capital punishment at one end of that hideous spectrum of human depravity, to the innocuous trivialization of human value at the other—that unsettling feeling of remorse and despondency we “experience” whenever we are subjected to an expression of loathing and ridicule by our parents, our siblings, and our friends and neighbors.

We have occupied this niche of evolutionary development as a species peculiar to its environment, wrestling with its “morality,” in conflict with the ethics that define its presence as an article of our common reality. What can I say, dearest brother Ulrich? We are our own physicians and must heal ourselves first. We must accept the irrefutable nature of our current circumstance and think in terms of a more exemplary archetype for our existence as sentient, sovereign integrals of The One Creator/God. When we make such laborious and exhausting attempts to “right a wrong” or “fix the world,” we are deceiving ourselves. These wrongs can never be made right because the paradigm under which they now operate was conceived as a fabrication. The laws of the Prime Creator, as Its illuminating reasonableness dictates, must be followed for anything that any sovereign integral might wish to manifest as a product of its infinitely powerful, eternal, and immortal state of mind. We can’t fix this “thing” that wrestles with our flesh as we struggle with both its origins and its attendance within the lap of our discontent—as though it were a living thing; a child of our procreative ability to extend our human expression indefinitely.

And so, our “champions” continue to carry their cause through “the courts,” our scientists continue to believe themselves gods expressed in separation from The Whole, our leaders continue to demand fealty as a consequence of our birth, our parents require our obedience, our lovers our fidelity, and our children our unconditional love. All the while, our Cosmos moves about as a most exquisite clock and our time for all of this horseplay is running out. There is “Change” in the very solar winds that buffet our biosphere and we have lost control of this illusion because our Creator has made a decision to move our collective consciousness to its next level of experiential development. What do any of “the other” who struggle to dominate think that they can do? Our human aptitude is slowly telling us that nothing can be done to repair this paradigm—to “fix” the world; nothing.

We will be compelled by our Prime Creator to understand that we just have to let this “thing” go—that It no longer wishes to experience the pointlessness of it all as our One Creator/God is more than capable of comparing Its wholesome Creation to anything that we might have “conjured” up in the space of time so generously allotted to us. For eons we’ve been “gods in training” and, it would appear, we’ve failed the present curriculum. So now, we who are beginning to understand must sit patiently and watch “The Flower of Life” unfold. It would have been so easy for all of us to just start living life. “Life” gave us the circle of understanding but we all chose the Cross of Reformation and what hell we’ll have to pay for having made that decision—as we defend our lives; as we project our moral resentment; as we carry on in empathy, compassion, and unconditional love. Our actions do us credit but, I am afraid that only the One Creator/God can bring us “Change”—and It will, dearest brother, It will. That “New World,” that “Change” will be wonderful and it will be something that we will realize at its advent, we could have never conceived on our own—here, trapped in this wretched paradigm of existence, naked and all alone; exploring the “wisdom” of separation. Wouldn’t you agree?

Love and Light,

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4 Responses to SaS responds at length to a comment by Tertius, and I think it is worth sharing with everyone. . . ~J

  1. Sue says:

    It’s up to God but God works THROUGH us… but only if we let Him. I’ll leave you with Jewel’s lyrics to “Hands”. You all can look up the video for the song yourselves.

    If I could tell the world just one thing
    It would be that we’re all OK
    And not to worry ’cause worry is wasteful
    And useless in times like these
    I won’t be made useless
    I won’t be idle with despair
    I will gather myself around my faith
    For light does the darkness most fear
    My hands are small, I know
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    And I am never broken
    Poverty stole your golden shoes
    It didn’t steal your laughter
    And heartache came to visit me
    But I knew it wasn’t ever after
    We’ll fight, not out of spite
    For someone must stand up for what’s right
    ‘Cause where there’s a man who has no voice
    There ours shall go singing
    My hands are small I know
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    I am never broken
    In the end only kindness matters
    In the end only kindness matters
    I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
    I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
    I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
    My hands are small I know
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    And I am never broken
    My hands are small I know
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    But they’re not yours, they are my own
    And I am never broken
    We are never broken
    We are God’s eyes
    God’s hands
    God’s mind
    We are God’s eyes
    God’s hands
    God’s heart
    We are God’s eyes
    God’s hands
    God’s eyes
    We are God’s hands
    We are God’s hands

    We change the world by changing ourselves. If we attempt to change the world but NOT by changing ourselves, we are doing what David Icke calls “combing the mirror”, trying to change our reflection, like changing our hair style by combing the mirror. We will only change “out there” by changing “in here”. The real work is done inwardly by healing ourselves at every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

  2. Todd Horner says:

    The ideas and concepts left here are articulate and worth pondering. It is true that we are caught up in the 3D paradigm, and I know that it is also true that this paradigm is shifting. This knowledge is becoming more and more apparent to millions of us weekly, thereby reinforcing, and even creating this shift in consciousness ourselves in sync with our ‘Creator’. It is in my heart a concerted effort, and indeed meant to Be. Woo-hoo!!

    With Love, Todd.

  3. Tertiusgaudens says:

    Yes, I do…I feel exactly what you set in front of my screen thus inducing a flow of thoughts and revelations. The unfolding of the flower of life… It remindes me of Malvina Reynold`s old song which moves me deeply even after more than 40 years:

    Thank you so much for such vivid kind of words and language, dearest SaS!


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