Map of Consciousness from David Hawkins

Doreen Agostino shared this as a Comment: “The vibratory frequency of anger is 150 hertz. Courage is 200 hertz and the threshold to enlightenment [unveiled]. When humans transform anger/revenge into heart intelligent courage for our collective good, best possible solutions are empowered to set us free.”

The chart below, also suggested by Doreen comes from It is David Hawkins Map of Consciousness. 

David Hawkins Books are also interesting. My favorite is Power vs. Force.


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7 Responses to Map of Consciousness from David Hawkins

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  3. Gina says:

    I love this consciousness map. I’ve emailed it to quite a few of my friends, especially those who get depressed periodically. It’s makes one take a good look at oneself and ask “where am I at in this grid, and how is my frame of mind or emotion affecting others?” I hope it does that for others too. I’ve printed it and pasted it where I’m most likely to see it often so I can often do the soul-search. Thank you.

    • Jean says:

      :) Yes, it certainly gives us a clue about how much work we have done, or how much we may have to do . . . I find it never ending. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  4. lecox says:

    Why not also publish (or excerpt) Hubbard’s Chart of Human Evaluation from Science of Survival (1951)? It’s structure is very similar, and some of its levels use exactly the same words.

    In fact, I will name a few here (from a 1971 version, giving just the emotional levels):
    40 – Serenity of Beingness.
    3.5 – Cheerfulness (as a reference point)
    2.0 – Antagonism
    1.5 – Anger
    1.4 – Hate
    1.02 – Anxiety
    1.0 – Fear
    .98 – Despair
    0.5 – Grief
    .07 – Hopeless
    .05 – Apathy
    0.0 – Body Death
    -0.2 – Shame
    -1.0 – Blame (Punishing other bodies)
    -1.3 – Regret
    -20 – Being Nothing
    Many people have learned and use this scale. It should be more widely referred to.

  5. veraiconica says:

    Reblogged this on Veraiconica's Blog and commented:
    This map shows us clearly to stay out of anger and any other negative emotion. It does have a great influence on our health.

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