Ben Fulford: Chaos and panic spreading amongst cabalists, more heads to roll soon, July 16, 2013

The cabal that illegally and surreptitiously seized power in the West knows it has lost the war for planetary control. The result is spreading chaos and panic amongst the cabal elite. The signs of this are everywhere now both in the public realm and in the still secret world of military, spy and gangster agencies.

On the public side, the head of Homeland Security and 15 top Sabbatean agents within that department were fired last week, joining the 26 generals, CIA head David Petraeus, Senate Intelligence Committee Chief J. Rockefeller, Pope Maledict, Queen Beatrix of Holland, Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia, King Albert II of Belgium and many others in a purge of cabalist operators. Only Eric Holder now stands, and probably not for long, between President Obama and the legal moves to remove him from office.

On the yet to be made public side of things, Italian P2 freemason lodge members say former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy is planning to seek political refugee status, maybe in Russia. In Japan, public security police sources say that cancer-stricken Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has only a few months left to live and that a replacement has already been chosen from within the current ruling clique.

There are also ongoing secret negotiations between representatives of the Gnostic Illuminati, the heads of the world’s martial arts societies, the White Dragon Society, the government of Russia, the dragon family and the Green and Blue among others. According to several key negotiators there is a broad agreement on the need to replace the current ruling structure of the planet with something more benevolent. There is disagreement however between hardliners, mostly in the Western military intelligence apparatus, who want to completely eliminate the 13 Sabbatean bloodlines and the moderates, including the White Dragon Society and various Asian groups, who favour a truth and reconciliation committee, a jubilee and a general amnesty.

In any case, discussions about what comes next are still taking a back seat to the ongoing efforts to remove the cabal from power in the G7 countries.

The cabal has been fighting tooth and nail to keep that power. In the US, the firing of DHS head Napolitano helped derail a plot to use the highly propagandized Zimmerman trial to trigger race riots as an excuse to declare martial law in the US. The involvement of US Attorney General Eric Holder in attempts to stir up race turmoil is now being investigated.

In other cabal moves, a bombing attack on a Russian naval base in Syria is being reported as having involved Israeli planes flying out of Turkey. This is a clear attempt to provoke a Russian military reprisal against NATO member Turkey, triggering World War 3 and thus the Sabbateans’ long awaited “Armageddon.” Of course nobody is being fooled any more by such false flag operations.

Russia responded by holding emergency military drills in the Far East, on the opposite side of Russia from Turkey, sending the signal that “we will retaliate but not when and where you think.” Instead of being fooled into war, Russian and Gnostic Illuminati agents say they will be targeting Sabbatean mafia leaders and top family members in Europe.

Credible threats were also received from MI6 sources of another nuclear terror attack against Japan. In the latest plot, a nuclear device is supposed to be smuggled into Tokyo through a network of secret underground canals via the US airbase in Yokota in Western Tokyo. The source for this warning is the same one that told the Japanese before March 11, 2011 that Japan was about to be hit with a nuclear attack.

The cabal is also trying desperately to stave off bankruptcy in the face of a growing global boycott of cabal income sources. In Japan, they have bribed Shunichi Tanaka, the head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, to prevent the re-opening of Japan’s nuclear power plants, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. Reopening the plants would mean Japan would import $35 billion less oil per month from cabal controlled oil exporting countries.

As a part of this campaign, various gangsters and agents have been spreading radioactive cesium around Fukushima, according to Japanese police sources. The cesium is mostly industrial waste from the oil and medical industries. The public relations office of the Nuclear Regulation Authority refused to comment on these allegations when called by this reporter.

Despite such moves, cabal control of the oil industry is ending. For example, Australia has announced it has discovered more oil than in Iran, Iraq and Venezuala combined.

Combined with Canada and Russia, it means the world will no longer have to go to the volatile Middle East for oil.

Meanwhile, a boycott aimed at bankrupting the cabal government in the United States is gathering momentum. Purchases of US wheat, rice, beef and other commodities are being curtailed by multiple countries including China, Russia, South Korea and Japan. In addition, the ongoing fires and crashes of Boeing jetliners is apparently part of a successful campaign to shut down the exports of largest US exporter.

The death of US financial criminal Mark Rich has also exposed him as the head of an operation started in the 1990’s during the Clinton administration that has been replacing US gold supplies with tungsten coated bars, according to MI5 sources. Most US gold supplies have already left the country meaning the US dollar has no gold backing inside the US. The gold was apparently stolen by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board in order to stave off bankruptcy.

The Chinese communist government, meanwhile, has bailed out Goldman Sachs in South Korea, according to an executive of a Japanese securities company. In return for continued bail outs of this sort, US corporate government spokesperson Obama informally offered the Sandwich Islands to China, according to a source close to the US/China economic negotiations that took place last week. The Sandwich Islands were renamed Hawaii shortly after the US invaded and took them over in 1900. Russia has also been offered the Aleutian Islands, according to FSB sources.

Needless to say, once the criminal corporate government in the US is bankrupted and removed, the restored Republic of the United States of America will declare all such agreements null and void.

Meanwhile Russia’s move to control the Middle East and thus European energy supplies, combined with the pentagon’s refusal to intervene, has sent shock-waves through European corridors of power. President Obama called Russian President Putin about this issue last week but all Obama can do is wring his hands. The Germans have taken a more robust response to Russian oil power politics by vastly increasing solar power generation and allowing the sale of 200 mile per gallon vehicles.

In any case, expect pressure on the cabal to increase steadily until humanity is finally freed.

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33 Responses to Ben Fulford: Chaos and panic spreading amongst cabalists, more heads to roll soon, July 16, 2013

  1. stumay says:

    Well, let’s hope! Nothing is concrete until we smell the Coffee. All is talk until then.

  2. tom says:

    why didn’t you post my comment? can’t handle the truth i see.

    • Jean says:

      Tom, it was an angry, nasty comment that would only cause trouble. To make a comment like that I need proof, and you gave me none. Hugs, ~Jean

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  4. Those who wish to gain perspective with regard to Mr. Fulford and his journalism may wish to open a tab to lurk on and maybe even join in with the lively and (rare!) reality-based debate they will find @ URL

    and meet some more truthfinder-grade neighbor-folk living in the ole ‘hood.

    Those who wish to comment there may do so anonymously (with some restrictions). Those registering can expect to be asked exactly WHY they want to do so – the operator (apparently one DEEPLY dedicated and entirely NON-FAULTY Intelligence Man now separated from the NSA for reasons of Excessive Honesty and expatriated for reasons of self-preservation) “checks out” to my own practiced eyes and open-though-forensically-inclined heart as being someone who just MIGHT prove considerably more informative than Mr. Fulford tends to be, especially in the long run as ther Blank Spaces emertge and beg to be filled with more precisely-fitting pieces of the Real Deal.

    Aside: Jean, the above-mentioned forum plus the wide-ranging hardcore investigative reportage you will find @ just might be worth your time spent in vetting if these two spots on the Web are new to you. I must say, Mr. Stone certainly does know his Nuclear Stuff and his Electrical Stuff; those two fields are right up my own career-alley. I tell you true, ma’am, that he has made not even Error Zero in his reportage and analyses on those two vital National Security topics.

    He’s not exactly the world’s greatest archivist; his earliest analyses were not dated. (oops.) Referenced key viddys and such that are hosted on other sites sometimes are “pulled” by the Bad Guys (too common across the Web to comment on), leaving his published material somewhat fenestrated on occasion. (He apparently hosts such material first-hand on his own server now whenever possible.)

    He commits erors of English phrasing typical of a career professional whose top field simply is not that of English Composition. In tone and effect, he does not come across like, say, ole “Sorcha Faal” (a known pwn’d US Naval Intelligence disinfo officer in service to the cabal by best accounts) or any of the others whose presentations are occasionally “too perfect by half”. In short, I tend to think his Genuine-ness Rating (so to term it) scores a darn impressive 100% – quite unlike many others, dear old Ben included. (HE rates about 70%, tops, in my own book – more allegations than cross-checkable facts, whereas Stone’s work is packed chuck-full with the fully verifiable Strong Meat we all tend to recognize even if (especially when, really) the topic is not pleasant.

    No fear porn – he ain’t Alex Jones at all. No “Unicorn Factor” either and No Princess Sparklepony to be found at all, over there – what a refreshingly intelligent upgrade!

    That’s my own “take” on the authorage and the operation, at any rate. Your turn to have a peek, if you will when you can, now, Ma’am. (This blog’s mission-relevant headline-posting rate just does seem to have gone to doubletime over the last few days; *I* can hardly keep up with the flow myself and I am a lifelong speed-reader.)

    Prayer: Heaven bless and preserve the troubleshooters and truthfinders of this world! Fear is failure – and the forerunner of failure. Fear not and fail not, Beloveds!

    MUCH less often, at any rate. With hugs a-plenty: And that is all. 0{:-)o[

    • Jean says:

      Rev., thanks for the recommendations. As time permits I will check Jim out again . . . I’ve published him in the past, but not extensively, and frankly right now I can’t remember exactly why I wasn’t ‘sold’ on him. . . I’ll check again . . .Hugs, ~Jean

  5. Kathleen says:

    I would suggest, that everyone read the recent posts on, I have been reading this kind of info (Fulford, White Hats, Wilcox) since the late 80’s and it is now time to really get clear as to what is really going on. It could mean the difference in bring in the new world, without having to go through another round of “dark ages” with the same controllers, just different countries, different faces. Thanks Jean for posting what matters! Hugs!


  7. jon says:

    I read all this and have to laugh. what’s changed in the years we have been reading this? nothing, that’s what ! all these people left their jobs including HLS J.N.. IT’S NOT LIKE THESE PLACES HAVE FOLDED UP. now, you just have a different person or name carrying on the same jobs. it’s like the big story that harrp has been shut down because the navy no longer has money to operate the place. well that sounds good until you keep reading and find out a privet contractor or darpa is going to take it over. the evil that’s been in this world for 10,000 years is in control. they buy souls for money then operate these soulless men and woman like puppets. if the forces of good were in this world , evil would not be. so, who is this us against them we keep reading about ?that’s what you have to ask yourselves. I know 1 thing when the real forces of good come here , you won’t need to read anything to find out about it!

    • recalcitrant.patriot says:

      You’re right. . .more truth in my horoscope!

    • mhenrydunn says:

      “If the forces of good were in this world, evil would not be…”

      I don’t know who you are, Jon. You may simply be a tired soul, fed up and disgusted and weary, and sick of reading updates about how it’s all almost over while the world seems to continue in an irreversible death-spiral. Or you may be one of the hundreds (or thousands) of paid cabal shills, who make their living by lurking on influential websites to discourage people by assuming the point of view of a worn-out lightworker. If you are the former (a genuinely weary lightworker), I would simply observe that your post perfectly fits the agenda of the latter (the cabal shill) – for it is a metaphysically ill-informed, spiritually immature, and essentially bleak message that our world is ruled by evil and we might as well give up – I imagine they’d be pretty pleased with you at Bohemian Grove. If you are the former – just a weary truth-seeker – I would suggest that you might want to take a spiritual retreat somewhere pleasant, enjoy sunlight, silence, and pure foods for a few days, and practice some gratitude – things aren’t nearly so bad as you say, and there’s massive change afoot….give yourself a break. Your statement above ignores the basic structure of free will and duality, and only a little reflection is needed, I believe, to demonstrate that hope exists in abundance, that the forces of good are enthusiastically engaged on Earth, as personified by millions of lightworkers, and as evidenced by massive revelations of heretofore suppressed information.

      If, on the other hand, you’re actually just a cabal shill, I suggest you polish up your resume, and try to highlight the last gig you might have had doing something more benevolent that spreading bile among lightworkers. I have a feeling you’ll be looking for work soon.

      Michael Henry Dunn

  8. Tom Widlar says:

    The most encouraging part of Ben’s report is the decision by Russia (and by others I hope) not to react to provocations meant to distract us at that level but to track the provokers back to the source of the funding and intent and take them out by bankrupting them.

  9. Lee says:

    Reading Fulford’s writing brings my energy DOWN. Just like Montague Keen, for those who read channeled material.

    Thus, I tend to look elsewhere. Maybe Ben is for some, but he’s not for me anymore. But these kind of “low vibration” writings have a positive use. Some people have a lower vibe, and might be drawn to Ben because of that. And in searching for more material from him, they may find a website like this where information of a “higher” kind is offered. They can be weaned off of the “Us vs. Them” type stuff, and gain some greater understanding and growth.

    We tend to ascend spiritually the same way we ascend a flight of stairs – you begin on the lowest step first, and then progressively work your way higher. I honor the lower stairs (and lower vibrations) because they are great stepping stones to reach higher.

    (Although some may have long legs and be able to skip a step or two!)

    • nicholas Fowler says:

      well, the Galactic Federation of Planets and Andromeda Council outlaw channeling. it has been described as a form of possesion. possesion by whom? that is the question. leave channeling alone, good entertainment thats about all.

    • Teasy says:

      thanks for sharing, Lee.
      i recognize what you are saying.
      i find that reading authentically “truth” filled texts
      makes me feel good 🙂

  10. Jonny Advantal says:

    Can we believe all this? Not much what as been said seems to be happening, besides some followups that anyone that spend some time listening to news could come up with,

  11. Lilly says:

    I’m not buying into any of this anymore. Sure, I still read it, but only because I’ve been doing just that for so long. Kind of a habit. One that I intend to completely break. Quite frankly, I don’t buy into the whole Snowden thing either. I think all of this has just been created to distract us from something else. Something much more damaging for some big wig in the white house I would presume. If all of this BS has done nothing more, I will say it has made me highly sceptical of every blog, every channeler, and every fluffy website out there that preaches to us that everything is going to be ok. That all of this has been created to enable us to live in a higher dimension. Whatever. I hope everyone attached to these sites can take a moment and pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for twisting peoples thoughts and driving what was once sane individuals completely crazy with all of the promises of rainbows and unicorns. And by the way, before you start all your “trolll” BS, let me just say that I am not. I used to be one of you before I woke up and had the ability to see through deception.

    • Peter says:

      hello lilly i could not agree more

    • mhenrydunn says:

      Ok, Lilly – you’re not a troll. Care to be more specific? “Everyone attached to these sites…” are “twisting people’s thoughts and driving…sane individuals completely crazy”? That’s a fairly blanket indictment – any chance there might be some sincere investigative journalists and spiritually mature souls amongst the entire movement which you have just blithely dismissed? Or is it all – yes, all – just BS?

      I gotta tell you – when it comes to statements that sound like BS, this one by you stating that the whole truth movement is BS smells like the turdiest little pile of BS around.

      If you’re not a troll, Lilly, you’re doing a fair imitation of one. One does have to ask – if you’re not a troll, but just someone who’s given up and has seen through all the BS, but have just got this Fulford-reading habit you can’t seem to break…why are you going to all the trouble of posting a bleak and discouraging and very troll-like comment?

      Fine, you’re not a troll. I’ll take you at your word – even though all you are to me is a cyber-name at this point. If you really want to prove you’re not a troll, let’s try engaging in a reasonable and mutually respectful exchange of information about the facts of the shift. If you respond with some specifics, then maybe you’re not a troll. If you disappear from the site, well….case closed.

      Michael Henry Dunn

  12. TheLuddite says:

    I can point to instances where every point he claims can be proven and cooperated. Ben usually supplies the glue for the pieces I possess. A lot of info to digest, but as I read it everything is clicking together.

  13. Christina says:

    Sounds like things are progressing well. I can never understand the role of Germany (Merkel).
    On some sites you read Merkel made a deal with Putin that Germany will take a leading role within Europe, here Fulford says Germany has taken a more robust response to Russian oil politics; many Greeks consider Germany’s politics as being the main course of the ongoing crisis in Southern Europe. What role does the recent German government play Ben?

  14. nicholas Fowler says:

    I think he’s on the right lines, some of it sems conjecture, but as regards thre cabal, well if rabid and hungry dogs are backed into a canyon, how do we expect them to behave?
    The energies are seriously strong right now, I was feeling very bad indeed yesterday, really affected by what’s coming. I wonder how much these increasing Ascension energes are having an affect on the negatve personaities of the cabal?

  15. Don Graham says:

    I love reading fiction. Ben is by far one of the best fiction writers out there. Point in fact:
    “US corporate government spokesperson Obama informally offered the Sandwich Islands to China.”
    Who out there thinks the president has that kind of authority? How dose a manager of one corporation give away another corporation, he dose not own?

  16. Ethyl says:

    WOW! Lots of info here! So we just give away islands do we? Somehow, that would not surprise me at all! Shinzo Abe needs to have a conference call with Michio Kushi and go on macrobiotics!

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