!!! A Comment from a reader, Kerri about the New Paradigm: Thank you for bringing things to a head so that they may now change.

Kerr’s commented on the following post: RT: ‘Sorry is not enough’: Bolivia demands EU find culprits behind aerial hijack

Punishment is just another battle. More judgments. More adversity. It creates and maintains separation. Looking a bully right in the eye takes his power away.

Dear Fearful Leaders,

Your predatory actions to ground an airplane based only on your suspicions were not complementary to the health and wellness of the entire planet and all of its citizens. While an apology does outwardly acknowledge that you did actually do what we all know you did, there is no evidence that you will not repeat your actions if you feel fearful and threatened again in the future.

Dominance through force has been very effective in the past but will no longer be tolerated. We have no desire to battle you, to punish you, to make you change. But we will expose you to all who wish to see the truth of your motivations, your arrogance, and your lack of consideration for the well-being of humanity as a whole. What you had been told about protecting your country and yourselves, and your lack of courage to stand up to bigger bully-governments or factions no longer complements or serves the heart of the people. Aggression, domination and war no longer serve the heart of humanity.

As you continue to use your resources for arrogant, misguided, predatory aggression, you will be seen by all of humanity. Your actions will be seen for what they are, no punishment will be necessary. You will become obsolete. There is a new order in the world, already well-established, and its communication is circulating among the people of the world through heart-based connection, sharing the open-hearted desire to be free from oppressive domination. Its governance is founded in the heart, the collective knowing of “do no harm.” Aggressive actions will take you further away from the hearts of the people. Your fear and dominance motivations are and will be exposed further, and you will lose your power, simply by being seen for what you are – emissaries of fear. No thank you.

If you would like to be more in alignment with service to the people, there are several resources available to you to restructure your thinking, your motivation, your perspective. You will know these resources through the recognition of motivation that is absent of battle, carries no exclusion of any facet of humanity, requires no conquering or dominance, and sees space for fluid evolution of communication throughout humanity absent of judgment and punishment. You will find the people leading such groups quite willing to guide you into a new paradigm without making you wrong for what you have done. In fact, they may be grateful for your service to bring this low integrity into plain view. Dissolving the fear-based dominance and re-creating yourselves in this light opens new doors for your continued opportunity to serve humanity’s evolution into a higher state of consciousness.

Each of your fear-based actions will now be exposed for the world to see. Please continue forward in whatever way you feel will work for you.

Thank you for bringing things to a head so that they may now change.

In light,
A New Paradigm

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4 Responses to !!! A Comment from a reader, Kerri about the New Paradigm: Thank you for bringing things to a head so that they may now change.

  1. kibitzer3 says:

    Well put, and responded, Kerri.

    The ‘New Paradigm’ at work.

  2. What a outstanding message Kerri well done and put the point out to the You know who and if they can not get it so be it.

  3. Wysiwyg says:

    What beautiful, thought provoking, powerful and uplifting words. Thank you Kerri and Jean.

  4. Bill says:

    The true meaning of “repent” is to turn around and go the other way! If a child blurts out “I’m sorry” for breaking a dish and then immediately breaks another, the apology is worthless – same with the regime acting in the position of our government – which it aint! ( I meant to use “aint!”

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