RT: Judge refuses to drop charge of aiding the enemy against Manning

Published time: July 18, 2013 14:10
Edited time: July 18, 2013 16:30

People gather on June 1, 2013 during a demonstration in support of Wikileaks whistleblower US Army Private Bradley Manning at Fort Meade in Maryland (AFP Photo)People gather on June 1, 2013 during a demonstration in support of Wikileaks whistleblower US Army Private Bradley Manning at Fort Meade in Maryland (AFP Photo)

Army Private first class Bradley Manning will continue to be tried for aiding the enemy, a military judge ruled Thursday morning, leaving open the possibility of life in prison for the admitted source of a major intelligence leak.

Despite an attempt from the defense to have the most serious of charges against Pfc. Manning dropped, Col. Denise Lind ruled from a Ft. Meade, Maryland courtroom early Thursday that the former Army intelligence analyst will continue to be tried for aiding the enemy.

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15 Responses to RT: Judge refuses to drop charge of aiding the enemy against Manning

  1. Paulino says:

    And he who is the moderator…..is he not the creator of democracy………

  2. Paulino says:

    Is not information crucial to democracy…..for without Mr Manning…..democracy cannot exist…..and in your admiration of Mr Manning….so too shall you create democracy….

  3. Paulino says:

    Be afraid not of yourself……the enemy is not of yourself…..but a creation of the mind…..
    Turn off the media which infiltrates your mind,

  4. Paulino says:

    We are co creators of our own enemies……we have none but ourselves to turn to.

  5. Paulino says:

    A Corporation has no jurisdiction in the eye of the Light……

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  7. The Judge said it so if Maning is waking the people in the U.S. and the World then we the people are the enemy and the judge work’s for someone else.

  8. Brother Asa says:

    Private Bradley Manning will have to stand trial for aiding the enemy as he was well aware that the laws under which he functioned in the military states that you need not know that your actions actually aid the enemy but that your actions may aid the enemy. There is no way that judge could have ruled any other way. The defense was claiming that he shouldn’t be tried on that charge because he “didn’t know” that the release of the information would aid the enemy.

    No one should deny there are enemies of this country that would like to see its government fall and its citizens subjected to the rule of foreign powers. When you receive your training to handle classified information you seriously trained in how your actions may and can aid the enemy whether you think they will or not.

    Manning choose his course. He is no different than the two border agents who were charged, tried, and sent to prison for shooting a known drug dealer who also was known to always be heavily armed.

    • nan says:

      And that is how they keep us under control, that is why all the people in the know are scared to come forward, so while you are saying that he knew the score, well maybe, but this paradym of secrecy, lies, toture, war crimes, spying, Corrupt polittcions, judges, police, and all the other shit that is going on the world will never change if we are all scared to come forward and keep on doing as we are told. The enemy is the top brass in each country playing power Games at our expense. While our soldiers Die or go rogue by torturing and raping people of the countries we invade. Its just mind games to our leaders they dont give a shit about your son dying in afganistan Power and Money is all they care about but god forbid should any of you little no marks open your mouths we (they) will throw the book at you, There that ought to keep the little blighters quiet make them sign something oh you know like oaths of SECRECY.

    • Tom Widlar says:

      The enemy the government is worried about is us, not any imagined enemy like the fraudulent war on “terrorism”. The corporate government is the terrorist, we are the enemy and the corporate government is terrified that we will figure that out.

  9. jacqlynsmith says:

    This judge is NO different than the rest of our government…they are all SCUMBAGS!

  10. Warren Nelson says:

    if they continue to try and convict this man, they need to try and hang Obama, for he has done the same thing ever since he took office.and worse

  11. Tom Widlar says:

    Who’s the enemy?

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