WOWOW!!!!!: Words from Street Prophet, a reader – Frustration with the Fiasco of the Trayvon Martin case

Wanted to share some words with you Jean, which came to me through my frustration with this world,specifically, the fiasco of the Trayvon Martin case.

Listen up humans,
y’all in trouble
Unless you pull your heads
out of the bubble.
There’s a battle for your minds takin’ place.
The goal – depopulation of the human race.
Kidnapping us from our deepest truth
and leading us towards
man made laws.
That say murder is good and sound,
long as you STAND YOUR GROUND.

Into the media,
they push this thinking,
who repeat it as gospel,
without even blinking.
Lawyers liberals and goo ol’ boys
flapping away, just making noise
Telling us how to think
about what we just witnessed.
Stirring the pot for more mental sickness.
Self defense, racism, right to bear arms
Blah, blah blah
I’m right, you’re wrong.
Different day, same song.

But I know Trayvon and I know George
They are everywhere in different forms.
As fear and suspicion, authoritative jurisdiction,
Lost communication, pride and indignation.
As ignorance, violence and hate.
Is that all we choose to create?
Little guns follow big guns
It’s all the same
Pitting man against man,
nation against nation
Until we destroy an entire population.

So before you start thinking,
about standing your ground,
because research has found
and the law shows,
if you get punched in the nose
That it is within your right
To not admit, I lost a fight
But pull out a gun
and take the life of another one.

Know this all cowards,
who live by this creed.
And let bullets settle
Everything disputable.
The Laws of the Universe are immutable.
You are watched by a Higher Court and a Supreme Judge.
The verdict is in.

So do not be led by societal norms
or leaders disguised
to hide the Devil’s form.
They are liars and spyers
who have run afoul and know nothing of Truth.

We as a people must dig deep.
Past the insecurity, past the fear,
and the righteous hate.
Tuning out the unending debate
Past our pain to a silence deep in the heart.
A softer place of compassion and grace.
To the only truth.
Sent down through the Sages,
in all of Earth’s Ages.

“So as you do unto each other, so it is you do unto yourself”

So if you think
that man you just killed.
brought only discussion,
and that village you bombed
without repercussion
has left you emboldened,
your fate left to slide.
You are unaware
of your own suicide.

Wake up Humans- it’s time to stop killing each other.
That’s exactly what they want.

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17 Responses to WOWOW!!!!!: Words from Street Prophet, a reader – Frustration with the Fiasco of the Trayvon Martin case

  1. Doreen Agostino says:

    Busted! Trayvon Martin’s Father is “Illuminati Grand Master Mason” of the Boule Society!

    I repeat. While people are busy with life, false flags, Whistle-blowers, Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman, Middle East, UFOs, GMOs, Chemtrails, a multi-tentacle beast that aims to get its hooks into our minds [transhumanism] and local communities across the globe by stealth, to phase out war, phase in peace, and one World Government SILENTLY advances.

    Note well: 2045 A new Era For Humanity; the ultimate goal is to transfer human individual consciousness to an artificial carrier.

  2. pupma says:

    Amen. Well Done article.

  3. Alex says:

    Time to stop killing each other. I can’t comment on the Martin, Zimmerman case.

    As far as stand your ground… everyone has a right to defend themselves. I abhor violence. I won’t harm anyone. You come to my home, workplace with the intent to kill or harm me or those I love or those that cannot protect themselves… diffent story.

    Never let tyrants… big or small… trample your rights.

  4. Anna says:

    Hi Jean,
    Here’s a story out of the Vatican:
    Pope Criminalizes the Reporting of Sex Crimes

    Transparency at its finest. Let’s spread this information around and bring those walls of power and abuse down, once and for all.


  5. Marilyn says:

    What a fantastic “rap” to get the “message” through to the younger generations. Hope folks post this everywhere.

  6. kibitzer3 says:

    Along this line – of an alternative to all of us being forced to carry a Conceal Carry Weapon, as the world that was collapses around us – there is another CCW that we can employ: the Truth. If someone threatens you, engage in the following conversation with ‘them’/that part of you:

    ‘Do you know who I am?
    ‘I am you.
    ‘And you are me.
    ‘We are both aspects of our common Source, our mutual Creator. We are, then, One.
    ‘And right now, this part of Us is not too happy with the part of me that is threatening this part of me the way that part of me is.
    ‘Do you understand?’

    Let’s hope that we can get to that level of understanding. And soon. Tempus fugit.

    • (Here is a message I just mass-emailed)…

      Subject: “Supreme Court: Labor Taxes and Bank Foreclosures Illegal, only commercial drivers need licenses…”

      — Forsaking knowledge is the greatest sin which causes the most harm, but THESE truths will set you free…
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      Apparently every court and police in the country is registered as a business, which is an entity whos purpose is to generate profits for its shareholders/owners (the highest bidders). You should check on your local police and court, at: (Use EXACT name and SPELLING as you see on legal forms, and official seal).

      There is no statute of limitations on challenging jurisdiction, so you can sue for everything these ‘usurpers’ have ever done to you! For a judge to act without jurisdiction is ‘treason’, which you can prosecute for by filing Grand Jury charges. ‘Insurrection’ = denying us our Constitutional protections. Practicing law is a right which the states cannot require a license for. A monopoly is illegal, so the BAR cannot be the only way to practice law.

      — In legal documents, CAPITALIZATION HAS MEANING!!!! — Dont be fooled!!!!

      According to the US Govt. Style Printing manual (at:, all divisions of our Constitutional (De Jure) government are to be written in all English and with ‘Proper Nouns’ in all cases. The use of ALL CAPITALS can denote ONLY an acronym by the gpo manual, or it is a ‘legal fiction’ which is a name ‘meant to deceive’, which can represent only a ‘fictional character’, like a corporation, or your Birth Certificate itself (if the name on it is in ALL CAPS). The ALL CAPITALS seal is in violation of the exact law of the State Constitution for Arizona, which demonstrates a lack or lawful jurisdiction, and an act of fraud, usurpation, extortion, larceny, insurrection, treason, crimes against humanity, and other high crimes, felonies, and misdemeanors!!! Any officer must be removed from office for even a misdemeanor conviction.

      Do not submit to the words ‘person’ which can mean a human or a fictional character, and do not say you ‘understand’ because that means you consent to a contract in legalese (by definitions from the Supreme Court, whom defines our laws and legal words). “Income” means ‘profit’, and NOT ‘compensation’ like ‘salaries’ or ‘wages’. A ‘driver’ is one hired to transport people or property which requires a ‘drivers license’, but American ‘citizens’ have the ‘right of free travel’ as ‘operators’ of ‘personal automobiles’ on ‘public’ roads which we all equally own.

      Stop paying taxes on labor (only on profits), and stop submitting to ‘drivers licenses’ for non-commercial purposes.
      And stop selling your children to the Privately owned federal reserve be getting ‘Birth Certificates’! Keep the original with your childs foot print in a safe or credit union safe, or an other safe place!! Use hospital records, but stop submitting to and paying money to the corporations usurping (posing as) our government! Stop registering your cars and firearms, as these violate our privacy rights, and cause all of us harm. DONT BE A NAZI, nor an enabler! This is America darned it, the ‘land of the free, and home of the brave’, or is it? Are YOU brave enough to ‘fight the power’? Or will YOU keep ‘giving the bully your lunch money’, and ‘enabling’ him (the IRS for example) to keep taking from the rest of us?

      ALL our city, county, state, and federal agencies and departments are registered as businesses, which means they are not parts of the Constitutional government. Our Govt. should be owned by the citizens equally, but it is a traded business controlled by the highest bidder or largest shareholder instead.

      These names include: Rothschild, Warburg, Lehman – Lazard Bros., Goldman and Sachs, Morgan and Rockefeller.

      There is no statute of limitations on challenging jurisdiction, and all contracts based on fraud or without full disclosure are nullities (they are null and void as if never written, they are not ‘law’, but are tyrannically imposed ‘rules’ from a foreign power, under international/’admiralty’ law: Part of or the ‘Beast’ from Revelations).

      This ‘de facto’ system of privately owned businesses, which have usurped our lawful or ‘de jure’ system of government, exists only through our foolish and ignorant consent, which we can simply void out when we become aware of the fraud.

      THIS is the truth that Jesus said will set you free, and it is through THIS system that all humans have been bought and sold as ‘debt slaves’ via the ‘Babylonian Slave Driving Techniques’ devised 4,000 years ago. THIS is why the present selling of peoples Birth Certificates as property is happening, and how it was predicted by the Bible 2,000 years ago.

      All ‘We the People’ have to do is “WAKE UP” (Revelations 3:2), Do not fear (10) days in jail (Revelations), ‘fight for the good fight’, sever yourself from this system, withdrawal your consent, and declare your sovereignty under the laws of Equity and Common law (the laws of God, based on reason and logic), and the Supreme written laws of our Land in our Constitutions. The ability to do this, and to comprehend our own existence, are examples of how we were created in the Image of Gods mind (not body, since He is Omega/All energy and matter), and why we are superior to all other animals we know of on Earth.

      We are all supposed to pursue knowledge, expose the corruption, and remove ourselves from it, as the Bible teaches us (Revelations, John, Peter, Hosea, Gospel of Judas in “I, Judas”, a novel, etc..). This is the example that Jesus set, and this is what all good Christians are supposed to do (Christian means those who believe in Jesus and his teachings, which includes all righteous religious people actually).


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      Here you will find the proof that: taxes on labor are not legal and dont go to our public needs, drivers license and registration are only required for those using the roads for profit or who are hired to drive on them but the rest of us have the right to free travel, basically all foreclosures on homes are conducted illegally (the judge that ruled that died of poison several months later, btw), you can make a judge order you a reward for damages for an unlawful arrest whenever you are brought to court for any case where you harmed no one….
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      Btw, I did the math, and humans only have to work one day a week or one or two hours a week day to cover their living expenses once a ‘critical mass’ of people learns these facts (such as how all our city, state, federal agencies, police and courts have been replaced by companies owned by shareholders -just by using ALL CAPS names called ‘legal fictions’ in legal documents).

      Enjoy! And share it with everyone you know, and then as many others as you can.
      This will make the world a better place for us all to live.


    If you have legal issues, and want to have a lawyer and 24/7 phone advice for only $17/month, I can help you with that, AND, even better, Legal citations you wont believe, to help you manage your lawyer, and get your case dismissed (as long as you harmed no one).
    Taxes on labor are illegal, as are all home foreclosures…
    Driving licenses are required ONLY for commercial drivers, not the rest of us…

    Also you will find:
    The worlds best “Free” energy generators you can build yourself…
    The cause and cure for all disease…
    A theory that might explain and prove God,
    And much, much more.

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  8. VERY WELL SAID AND IT IS THE TRUTH SO WAKE UP.The first thing to do is turn off the TV go outside and look around. The people you meet and talk to are part of this one we are part of this one. Be part of this one it is time to live it again it is the new age not the old age we are leaving behind leave it it does not work it has never worked.Be the change live the change we have all the power.

  9. nan says:


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