Note from ~Jean . . .

I’m not ‘home’ right now, but I’m getting the message that the piece DEVELOPING: Top NSA and DOJ Officials Have Fled the U.S. – Obama Admin. Files Espionage Charges is satire.

I do not have time to check it now, but if you have sent me an email, I’m just going to discard it.  

Thanks and hugs,

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11 Responses to Note from ~Jean . . .

  1. Nine says:


    I am with SaS on this one….

    And as you say….



  2. Yeah, well, Jeanie … it was really GREAT satire!


  3. Helene says:

    Jean, have you seen the story which broke a couple of days ago about how at least 1,500 Aboriginal kids across Canada, who were forced into residential schools, were selected for experiments and nearly starved to death and not given proper med care to assess nutritional results? This includes the father of Shawn Atleo who is the head of the AFN. This sounds to me like Nazi drs etc who were allowed into Canada post WWII continued with their sick projects except this time instead of Jews, Gypsies, political enemies etc they did it to First Nations children. Chief Atleo has told Harper to turn over all the documents from the residential schools which they requested a long time ago and have not received. Articles will be found in all major newspapers including Globe & Mail and Huff Post…cheers, Helene

    • Jean says:

      I replied to you, Helene, but apparently lost it . . . check out . . they’ve done incredible work in this area, and I’ve done my best to cover it. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. clsprs says:

    Jean, don’t worry about this supposed “satire” article. I saw some of the bashing another blogger received , so I went back to the original post to look at the article again ( I read it from the original post the first time). You had to go to the very bottom of the page where they listed 4 or 5 search catagories for the article. I saw no other clue that would let you know it was possible this article could be satire. You do a great job bringing relevant information to your readers.

    Much Love,

  5. LAF says:

    I hope you’re up in the Hills, enjoying a flower bath. 🙂

  6. DrinkDeep says:

    since you’re out, other breaking news 😉

    Judge rules Detroit bankruptcy unconstitutional –

    LANSING — An Ingham County judge says Thursday’s historic Detroit bankruptcy filing violates the Michigan Constitution and state law and must be withdrawn.

    But Attorney General Bill Schuette said he will appeal Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s Friday rulings and seek emergency consideration by the Michigan Court of Appeals. He wants her orders stayed pending the appeals, he said in a news release.

    In a spate of orders today arising from three separate lawsuits, Aquilina said Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr must take no further actions that threaten to diminish the pension benefits of City of Detroit retirees.

    “I have some very serious concerns because there was this rush to bankruptcy court that didn’t have to occur and shouldn’t have occurred,” Aquilina said.

    “Plaintiffs shouldn’t have been blindsided,” and “this process shouldn’t have been ignored.”

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