Trayvon Fake – ‘Trayvon Martin’ Never Existed – An Agitation Propaganda Exercise

This video fits right in with my post yesterday, Busted! Trayvon Martin’s Father is “Illuminati Grand Master Mason” of the Boule Society! Someone sent it to me as a Comment, and I lost it. Sorry, but I cannot recall who sent it. It’s just turned up again from another source. ~J

Published on Jul 14, 2013

Did a “Trayvon Martin” live in Florida? In the United States? According to the official records, no. As is usual with many dramatic stories distrubuted to the press, no one has bothered to check the most basic facts. Could it be that the “Trayvon Martin Shooting Drama” is yet another engineered agitation propaganda media hoax? An increasing array of direct and indirect evidence suggests that the answer to this is yes. Even the protests are engineered –……

Who authorized this propaganda? Who designed it? What is the REAL identity and origin of the people (actors) involved? Has anyone bothered to investigate their backgrounds or even their identities?

This video is not the last word, but it is a beginning for those who wish to get a fresh start on a path to the truth. The “press” has been complicit and even helpful in cultivating ignorance and disinformation. Start with the real facts that every ‘journalist’ should have obtained before repackaging the press kit propaganda releases.

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35 Responses to Trayvon Fake – ‘Trayvon Martin’ Never Existed – An Agitation Propaganda Exercise

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  2. Brad says:

    I would lean towards the theory that this was a staged event. It ties in with the many other staged events like the rise of stage actor Adolf Hitler, The Holocaust, the fake invention of the nuclear bomb, the faked landing on the moon, the faked RFK, JFK, JK junior deaths, Princess Diana’s faked death, WAKO, 9/11, Aurora, Boston Bombings, the faked Chinese landing on the moon… the list continues. We have a world government in place. Its run by the so called Free Masons but more appropriately they are the Jesuit Order of Rome. Rome never fell folks. They rule our asses and have been doing it a long time. I don’t know how they have kept their power but they must possess a power that is almost outer worldly.

  3. Katie says:

    This is irresponsible and dangerous blogging. We know now that no violent protests happened after this and that everyone involved (except the attorneys!) behaved with class, regardless of the bogus outcome. The State’s Attorney threw the case and Zimmerman continues to get away with his irresponsible and violent behavior. So many are thrown in jail for having a joint on them or stealing a loaf of bread to feed their family, yet a murderer walks. That’s the truth, not this conspiracy theory nonsense fostered by right-wing nuts.

  4. DB says:

    Though I don’t hold a lot of stock in snopes any more, this is interesting:

    Also when I used the pipl website for Trayvon Martin in Florida, this is what came up:

  5. Ethyl says:

    Things like this video should NEVER be dismissed out of hand. That is EXACTLY what sheeple do! You have to research things and see what you come up with. My GOSH that’s what we have brains for! We may not be able to come to the exact correct conclusion, but we’ll sure be a lot closer than people that say this is ridiculous and dismiss it!

    Jean, it’s important to bring things out like this, research them and discuss them. Different people sometimes have different parts of a puzzle.

    and don’t always believe everything someone says, even if you’re convinced they are truthful. sometimes they are giving out disinfo, whether on purpose or accidentally.

    and it is very important to ME to know if Trayvon was real or not. As of now, I am assuming he was but I am really starting to question it. The REASON it is important to me, is that if he was NOT real, I will be really glad that his life was not ended in this way. Not to mention, IF this was made up it needs to get out what is being done here. So consequently it is very important to know this. If Sandy Hook and the Boston Massacre are any example, there definitely are lots of people working on this trying to find out the truth. They spend their own time trying to find out the answers for all of us. I really appreciate the time they spend, as well as the people who try to get information out. As we all should.

  6. Ilex says:

    Regardless if this is real or not, the mouthpieces that are trying to incite violence are still at it. Does it matter if this event/false flag really happened – no, it’s done and over. If one died they either went to 4th or reincarnated back to 3rd and are already here. Does it matter that they are still trying to incite violence – yes. We need to go deep inside and turn the mouthpieces actions into positive action not negative action. We do not need martial law or people – old and young getting hurt. Please pray/meditate that no chaos comes of this.

  7. togettothetopx says:

    If this is another false flag event, the people of Florida should be irate. (not very 4th dimensional, I know). Can you imagine the amount of taxes it took for this display of corruption. The media hammered this 24/7 so they are complicit as well.

  8. Blondie says:

    Jean, I posted a link to the video in the comment section of your July 15 blog entry –

    I think that article is worth rereading. Gordon Duff showed a CRS travel expense document that Judicial Watch published but forgot to redact. The document proves that the CRS (Community Relations Service unit) in the Justice Department was actually a different CRS (the Congressional Research Service) which reports to the Republican majority in the House. By trying to implicate the Justice Department in organizing race protests, Duff accuses GOP, Judicial Watch and the Heritage Foundation of “falsifying, redacting and misrepresenting government documents to rig a murder trial, to smear the Justice Department and forward a “police state” agenda”.

    They are so many layers to this psyop that it is getting more and more difficult to keep it all straight.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, Blondie, I’m aware of this, and I’m also hoping people are following enough to put the puzzle pieces together. I’m almost over my head right now just trying to keep us . . . and live something of a normal life. Hugs, ~Jean

  9. I personally would not bet the farm right now on whether the Trayvon /.Zimmerman event is real or not. We know what is real is the need to generate fear and division by entitled elements in our society to slow down the gathering momentum of social change and marginalization of their privileged status wrung from previously conveniently steerable masses.

    The bounce back risk factor of such aspirations – given the explosion of non-mainstream vetted news via social media and user friendly technology – is huge and inevitable. Witness bounce back factor Bob Seay, an average College music instructor from Lamar, Colorado who posted a simple but heartful piece this week on Facebook that is resonating with so many of us and is spreading virally with 100,000+ likes and 50,000+ shares already. HuffPo Blog and HuffPo Live (video) has picked up the story as has USA Today . Bob Seay has created a national audience and support for his convictions and this is a stand-alone whether this tragic matter has been manipulated or not. This positive and unifying outcome certainly was not the intended direction of this matter for those who might want to have used this event for its destabilizing potential or even helped set it in motion.

    Of course the CIA has masterminded an effective campaign over the past 50 years to brand all challengers to a minority covert dark agenda as delusional “conspiracy theorists”. Of course ritual child abuse for sinister recruitment and catastrophic food, climate and seismic engineering is ongoing as is officially global financial gangsterism. Of course the sane majority of Americans may be branded “conspiracy theorists” for not believing the official Washington and major media version of 9:11 even though, 2:1, the rest of America and engaged world agrees with them.

    The point, however is that man cannot live on conspiracy theories alone and those of us who try to do so become – guess what? – “Conspiracy Theorists”….seeking perhaps to feed a rampant “pain body” or offset our own inability or unwillingness to carve out a game plan and belief system for positive action.

    I have personally found that feeding on the adrenalin of the next devoured conspiracy report is like a diet of pure sugar, never satisfying or nourishing with attendant serious corollary complications, like being a sensational bore with family and friends. (Check out Foster and Kim Gamble on How to Share Difficult Information with Friends Without Losing Friendships: .

    I suggest you take a moment and read Bob Seay’s post here: and that you be mindful of your personal balance for a pursuit of of what is thrillingly, disgusting and seriously wrong with our world versus your opportunity and responsibility to light a unique candle to welcome the beautiful world now arriving on our doorstep.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, you speak so well! Thank you! I sat on this video for about a week, but when a source sent it to me and suggested I get it out there, because there is validity to it, I decided to publish it. There is an awful lot of pain out there among all people, and black people surely have their fair share. If Obama is cabal, as he now appears to be, it is really a punch in the gut to them, as it may have been meant to be all along. I just hope rather than let this case divide us, which is what they would like so perhaps they can institute martial law, people will come together instead.

      If you don’t mind, I’m going to publish your Comment as a post. . .

      Hugs, ~Jean

      • I do not mind at all. Just one typo …should read “official global financial gangsterism.”
        Thanks for all you do Jean. Your dedication and love is bringing so much light to all of us and is a constant source of breaking news material particularly for my tweets and news commentary.

        Hugs, back,


  10. Whether engineered or not, I choose to see the circumstances surrounding Trayvon Martin as a catalyst for good. A way for society to come together and have a thoughtful national conversation about how we treat each other. A way to fit our own personal struggles with pain and separation into the larger societal struggles that depend on all of us in order to move forward into a unified world of peace, Love and cooperation. Namaste! 🙂

    • Jean says:

      P13L, Yes it might be good, but I don’t think that is the intention here. Please read the other comments I have made. If people allow themselves to be drawn up into this, it might be a very dark day indeed. I’m aware that they are trying to create a situation in which they can declare martial law. Is this fact? I don’t really have a clue. I’m just putting this info out there. I sat on the video for about a week, but when it came to me from a very good source, who suggested it needs to be in the public domain, I decided to post it. Hugs,~Jean

      • I can appreciate your position Miss Jean in wanting to shine a Light on what is potentially another so called “false flag”. To be sure, I have seen the darkness that has come out of the woodwork in response to this situation. But…I have also seen people reaching out to each other to comfort, and to re-direct energy towards unification rather than division. As part of the Lightworker community, I choose to focus my attention on the positive aspects, and put out of my mind the possibility that something or someone with less than honorable intentions may have engineered the event for less than altruistic purposes. It doesn’t matter to me what the purposes were…if we can respond with LOVE than we can use their catalyst against them to create a positive outcome instead! {{HUGS}} right back! ❤

  11. Anne Randall says:

    This is more crap! I will not even try to repudiate it. So much disinformation/misinformation on the web these days that you will need to use extra discernment because they have real doozies out there like this crap and, of course, when I went to view the video, I was told “an error occurred. Try again later”. I rest my case.

    • Jean says:

      Anne, I don’t know if this is true, but I do know it came from a good source. I don’t just publish ‘anything.’ Sometimes evil is so terrible that good people refuse to look at it, and that’s what they expect. People here are already checking it out and finding some of the info is correct, so don’t be sure that your decision is the right one. I believe that it’s quite possible they are setting us up for martial law. They will continue to incite this situation – after all, Zimmerman is NOT a white man, but it happened in Florida, where things can be controlled. . . at this point in time, nothing would surprise me. I’m keeping my mind open . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Ethyl says:

    Sigh! (This is what fluoride and chemtrails do to you!)

  13. Ethyl says:

    This is an extremely good interview. I know it’s long, but I’ve listened to it 3 times. If you want to hear the part relevant to this, go to minute 113 and listen to what they have to say. Bear in mind, that this was recorded on May 19, 2013.

  14. Ethyl says:

    I just checked his name in the SSI and did not find it. However, it IS on Find a Grave! Quaint!

    I also checked the Florida Bar for Robert John Zimmerman. I am familiar with these searches for the Florida Bar, I do them at times. The video is totally correct. There is no Robert John Zimmerman. There is a Robert Alan and a Robert Nathan Jr.

    This is really starting to share shades of Adam Lanza and Robert Holmes.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Ethyl! My source on this is good, but it could still be a plant. I think they would like to set us up for martial law, and it may have gotten to the point where it is too late to turn back . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  15. Ethyl says:

    Some of this is over my head. Does anyone know how to investigate this and see if it is all true? I’m going to check what I can and I understood

  16. Tom Widlar says:

    If what this guy says is true, this should not be difficult to check out, but it would probably be time consuming and dangerous if you were to obvious about it. Of all the phony “crisis events” we have been subjected to, this might be the easiest one to expose.

  17. Clara says:

    Jean, there are many things wrong with this video. Most seventeen year olds don’t have fingerprint records unless they were jailed, entered the military, applied for a government job, that type of thing. Many adults in this country do not have fingerprints on file. How many still unidentified remains still sitting in morgues all over the country. Birth and death records from ancestry sites are incomplete so I would not give any weight to this type of search. Bodies brought to a morgue without identification have to be identified even if someone tells them the name of the person when they are bought in. There are many reasons a family member chooses to not look at the dead body of a loved one. Many parents send another family member instead. Pictures are less traumatic. Yes this was certainly an opportunity to create racial tensions among the masses by the media and government. They will create as many distractions as they can whether manufactured or not. This presented an opportunity butt it didn’t raise the tensions to the level they desired. The event was real. The hype is not. This is just a great tragedy to both families involved and now we need to step back and figure out how we can heal a country that’s been programed for self destruction of it’s soul. The last thing they want is for this country, all races, religions, communities to come together united.

    • Jean says:

      Clara, I don’t know about all the things you mention. I don’t know about the truth of this video, but combined with the video about his father, it seems important – especially, because it came to me from a good source. Is it a plant? Maybe. I don’t know. I’m just putting it out there. It seems to give some credence to the fact that we are being set up for possible martial law – if demonstrations get out of hand. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Clara says:

        It seems to give some credence to the fact that we are being set up for possible martial law – if demonstrations get out of hand.

        Jean, I don’t see this happening, it’s already losing it’s steam and just like an over risen loaf of bread, it will fall flat.

  18. susan says:

    Oye, I am getting ready to go for a long hike into the rockies today. I need to get out in Nature and just connect with our Mother in all her beauty. Will this stuff ever end? I could use some uplifting today. This Lightworker has done had it 😦

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